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Daily Planet Wednesday May 8th

May 8, 2013|

Daily Planet Wednesday May 8th

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I'm no going to live from -- He's somewhere around playing with my game -- stood there a -- it brought -- you -- high fidelity -- them sound with your. Got -- I hate that term in Fenway faithful. And David say that. I don't know a -- start again I would but I want to great April Red Sox have become the meant Saxon men. Three three out of three and four round of this month losers of four of the last fight now Dempster was okay. But the defense with a big -- late as did the open and the young Scott diamond. Pitched a gem. Gem. Scott diamond cut through the glass bats for the Red Sox. It. Diamond didn't about the affair a -- Paid hundreds to be their last night Sox lose 62 wondered target tonight -- amidst the rate dropped possibly. Young Alan Webster gets -- not been. Against one of the 37 Major League pitchers named Fernando is actually the young. Actually the young lefty Pedro Hernandez who hails from. Mark has he met tell Venezuela and at 510208. Pounds reminds -- beyond Fernando Valenzuela who of course from Mexico. Well today game time at 710 on the W the -- Red Sox radio network coverage begins immediately following this program. Toronto Canada Ontario a diverse metropolis were dollar Canadians worth about a dollar American but it seems just like so much more no word on whether the leafs will be handing out parades to match the -- guards they gave out to their -- Couple days ago one thing's for sure though. The bees have home ice advantage back and it will try to night to take the stranglehold 31 advantage elsewhere. The sharks won in overtime to -- Vancouver Ottawa beat Montreal. To take a 31 series lead. The islanders. All leave it up for the penguins after a 64 win in that 18 matchup. And Chicago leads the wild Minnesota three games to one after shut out win. Last night. Miami Florida that's God's country of by god you -- LBJ became. Brian James let's all take a moment accuses the game to be a decade -- some ugly feet there. But LeBron is gonna have to move those feet quickly to cover the five foot nine Nate Robinson tonight. And it may happen. As the bulls since 2010 of the best record in the entire NBA against the heat they're nine and eight against the heat since Tony -- And LeBron James actually down in a playoff series. There is a guy. Tonight news San Antonio host Golden State. We have series one game and former NBA star Dennis rod uses tapping his friendship. With the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. To ask for the release of a Korean American man sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in the north. Here's the quote. I'm calling on the supreme leader of North Korea or is I call him cam. To do me a solid. And cut -- bay loops. Robinson on Twitter. They Seattle times editorial had dared him to ask him for the release of the tour really buddies as they say. Rodman visited north Koreans to back in February sat next to Kim as they watched an exhibition basketball game together. I don't look at all the right guys understand what he's doing it I don't condone net. I hate the fact that he's doing that for the faculty is that you know what that's a human being dealt. Let's arsenal could you went into me and a friend I think talk about that understand I understand that. Now reportedly this year it's -- special moments after that game including a blow by blow account of the sexual exploits of Madonna and the world some years back. A tickle fight at an all -- game naked twister in Kim's play. Buffalo Bills Mario Williams is set entering the second year six year 96 million dollar contract right now. He's more worried about 785000. Dollars according to the it's Buffalo News -- -- -- Williams has filed a lawsuit against his ex fiance Erin Mars and keep. In Houston to obtain a ten year a ten carat engagement ring he gave her in the proposal. Cole and Nike and carrots. Even Bugs Bunny would love that. Williams alleges that Mars -- he never wanted to marry him and only used him for reserve money. Williams' suit also alleges Mars rookie ran a 408000. Bucks on an American Express card that he gave -- Along with another 230 grand in quote additional. Luxurious. Items at an all -- -- -- them. Titus Young is an idiot. What you're saying -- -- -- repeat myself Titus Young is an idiot is vanity. According to a report from Paula passion he of the Oakland Michigan press. Young was arrested twice in a fifteen hour period last Sunday he was. First pulled over at 1201 in the morning by police in Southern California for suspicion of drunk driving subsequently arrested for do you line. He was booked at a local detention center issued a citation was released. Out of weight at 2:22 PM that very same day. Police responded to a tow yard it where young had been seen jumping over the fence trying to find his black mustang. You must let the good stuff from the car. This card been impounded of course young was. Taken to the very same detention center in booked for trying to steal his own car giving you a video yet. Young in the second round pick. It's 111 that a -- drive out of Boise State there -- 42 offseason are you ready for news this guy's an idiot. He sucker punched his teammate Lewis -- must practice. Wind up in the wrong place during a game to protest his lack of playing time. He'd been sent home on three different occasions for in subordination. And he let loose some very bizarre stuff on Twitter all during this process force that's being a jackass. And all of it was that time he claimed to be better and Calvin Johnson. That is young. Is an idiot. Today's birthdays Ronnie Lott is pretty good Mike the end Tony or Dan Tony -- 62 today. Ronnie Lott did before bill power 56. Sunny listed Warner -- in 81 dead bodies dead. Lovie Smith is 55. Alex Van Halen that's right Van Halen frame. Sixty years old today. Adrian Gonzales. 31. And is better off the Dodgers. Former UConn start -- current NBA star Kemba Walker 23. Don Rickles 87 years old today. Enrique Iglesias 38. And Harry S Truman what are beer and a 140 what are areas true it is that bad. Also today this -- 69 years old. I guess let me. Hi everybody -- I get five more seconds. That's right -- perverted rocker. -- -- -- Gary glitter sixty now rain. Today I am est 1945 both Great -- In the United States celebrate victory in Europe day. Series in both nations as well as formerly occupied cities in Western Europe put up flags and banners rejoice in the defeat. Of the Nazi war machine something we should still celebrate this every day. On May eighth 1970. -- New York Knicks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the seventh game of the NBA finals to win their first. NBA championship. That's on this date 43 years ago May Day. And that's the daily planet I'm -- data daily -- brought you by doctor Robert -- the greatest there risen hair restoration process called Leonard trader -- -- associates -- what 800 get here you look younger. You'll feel younger. No luck you'll you'll lacked younger everything will be younger -- day 1800 get care.

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