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Can Doc and Danny still co-exist? What does the future of the Boston Celtics hold?

May 8, 2013|

We talk about the Stephen A. Smith rumors that Doc and Danny may no longer want to work together and the entirety of the rumored Clippers trade, and discuss whether there's any truth to it, and ultimately what the future for Celtics fans will hold.

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So try to figure out what the future is for the Celtics is impossible. Well before we -- it's it's not possible it may -- impulse buys ads weren't as -- make sure we get this out away and heard. I heard a lot of things I heard a lot of things. I didn't see this one. We're talking trash talking trash to -- Or about you about me you are much less than what happened -- you about last night on tees are on the TV on the team what happened last night. Ali we did the nest and debating segment on -- -- and daily last nine. And mocked edged me out of acute 5860%. Of the vote at a lower -- -- gave me 58 to 42 day I gotta be registered 240 all right whatever. Relax he was talking a lot of trash that he was the Victor asked and I daily between us that well -- He pulled out us and accusations that were little and -- referred to me is an empty suit. Said I was just a politician. Who had an idea of it didn't have a plan as to how to actually fulfill the goal you. You sort Republican -- also put it there -- -- it's poetic and that was our guys sons I was not suspecting him at the time. All right so so much but -- dirty. Little -- I now. -- the little guys that are always the ones that get you like you don't think too much of them you don't worry about a -- taken for granted to trap game. You know you get up for Indy prickly finer a prickly I'm ready for what you are ready for -- her trap game with my -- there and I think that. Guys are debating the future of the Celtic yeah. Which by the way there's no good answer to and that's the biggest problem what should the Celtics do rebuild or stick with the same guys both answers to. Both say it's a stake. That's the that is the the fundamental flaw with this argument -- -- Stephen -- Smith -- a minute. Because it it brings a whole new dimension to this conversation. But Michael that's the -- were talking about it in the nest and office last night -- which society what do you think. In my real answer is. Both sides think. I don't like either option bring all those guys back Watson that you can come in third fourth place and lose the heat again great but doesn't get any closer to a championship just delays the inevitable. Vs. OK get rid of just pierce and Garnett well right now you still middle of the road team well you haven't you haven't stripped all the way down to the studs and gotten -- eight top three panic. But you're still not good enough to beat the Williams. Killed that way when you feel that way if they heat. Are upset. At around two. So let's say you're not now you don't have to beat the Miami Heat let's say -- Eastern Conference champion is the next. Pacers assistant knicks cannot even better -- you look at the mix and look at the -- people said hey the knicks are better in the Celtics OK true. What we saw the Celtics at the end of the year and exit in the year the knicks were better. But you look at the knicks. As -- as this unattainable. Unbeatable team I don't think you'd know I don't. If the bulls went. Without Derrick Rose. Do you look at the bulldogs say you know the Celtic -- but they he'd like art show. And I think you're gonna win so I don't think any of those things are gonna happen but it's nice to talk about -- and what they hit it could happen because I lost one game could have because they lost one game get what I'm saying is is gonna happen they could get -- it will happen it's gonna happen -- going to need to get the the -- are going to the -- are gonna lose to the ball will stop I think. Hard not consider adding here that's not gonna happen blood still stop records and so often. Not gonna. I'm not gonna happen what they're -- Even if it was tonight I think the I think the heat win art even if they lose tonight which I don't think they will the equal -- So you feel like art the Celtics bring it to basketball bringing the -- back its basketball that you got seven game series one side has LeBron James Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh and others and the other side doesn't they're going to -- bring the band back that's not so good views you you have limited options that limited possibilities and then if you break it out. Then you know particular long time to get it back again yeah -- -- in particular long and then you got to decide how far down you're -- -- -- you wanna go all the way down of the -- trade Rondo trade green or or trade -- global one of those guys in the -- bottom tier team for a few years or do you wanna try to rebuild around Rondo in green but you're moving on from the older guys. I don't like any of the answers Michael that's the problem and and that's why it's so difficult to figure out what to do with the Celtics so now enter Stephen A Smith. OK we talked to him last week he was on the -- bandwagon he's excited about his next right but then you ask -- what's gonna happen with the Celtics and what the future's going to be. And regardless of what he says about KG we can play some of that sound as well whether Gigi will end up going in the clippers or whatever. His comments on Doc Rivers and Haney -- were at the very least. Interest. But I would say that you about Doc Rivers that are removed under contract with the book that opens the -- to -- it. Absolutely love and respect Doc Rivers but there have been some question the NBA circles. As to whether or not be any age adopt from his desire to continue to cool would it. They have respect with one another there's no and -- could be a ball -- anything like that it's just that when you're working with. Body everyday you do tend to get tired of looking at if they -- -- -- -- what they did that make you know and a lot. You anything like that it's not -- that going on the table wobble the -- about the break up acute and one of them that's not what I'm thing. You do reach a point however. We -- you would like to embrace new challenges. We you're thinking about -- will be -- Doc Rivers have tremendous level of love and loyalty of those plays that he'd been coaching and that takes -- -- No doubt. But in the event at the -- -- that are looking to move forward with a difference that I'll play it. Who's to say that Doc Rivers who want to stick around to coach. New guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which -- You get never know. Meaning that. There's a lot to him Angela. Let's start of the fact that. He says there's no animosity but you get tired of seeing their bases here in their voices are infinitely -- -- voice. -- animosity. That makes you feel that way about somebody. You work with them -- tired -- -- their face and voice yeah there's probably animosity. Obama is is it is possible that these guys who work together for a long time. Could be hired a working together I'm sure. That Danny Ainge has. Annoyed Doc Rivers. Over the course of their relationship I'm sure doc has -- -- to the point where it's time for them separate. I don't think so. And I guess which NBA circles are we talking about he said -- is that talking NBA -- yeah and I can look I know reporters not gonna give up resources and I'm not gonna ask you that definitely amassed. Stephen -- Smith did do when I'm saying is the the phrase NBA circles is important. Because it is coming from somebody. Who's looking at the organization. From the outside and say while these guys -- get a for a long time I wonder. If there at this point that's one type of conversation but if it's happening -- and I'm not doubting I'm just wondering. If it's happening from somebody in the organization if he's got. He's got an assistant coach if he's got a player he's got somebody. In ownership management whatever who was saying. This is the story. Then I wanna give it much more credence and much more -- Well he was clear here MBA serves he was clear to say that he wouldn't bring up a source unless he had he really strongly believe in the credibility of that source OK fine. Fine all all sources that the sources have. -- and this source is not credible if it's outside organization. I just look at get out of course I agree with -- we're doing a spot like this and we'll open it up and and ask you guys what you make of what Stephen A Smith said 617. 7797937. Do you are you buying east -- of some sort at the top of the Celtics between Danny Ainge and and and Doc Rivers. It is situation like this -- -- we obviously don't know the answer where we are not inundated with them every day we don't know exactly what's going on. I would try to write movie scripts and figure out which one like itself. The makes sense but what movie script and I rights. And and and sell that would be believable would it be believable movie script that Doc Rivers and -- any change. While they like each other are just sort of ready to move on to different projects and sees somebody else. That maybe one guys worried about the other guy get too much credit or vice Versa. Or they're just simply. Don't get bored we be doing the same thing for a long time it's time to move on to believable movie script right. It's believable -- into -- board the current. Because of your board. You've been doing the same thing well about you something different now. Because your team our team has changed SharePoint so now let's let's challenge got the new challenger already great point to let's go to that wanna balance not a believable enough movie script because they're about to enter something completely different why would you be bored at this point this could be your chance to completely change the game OK so let's throw that went. How about this movie script. Doc Rivers loves coaching Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce -- loves coaching a couple of veterans. And dean means looks -- from a GM perspective and just says. -- I'm sorry. I know you love coaching them but like I can't justify it I don't think we're good enough to win a championship. And I think the best way to get back to championship contention is to move on from these guys built around Rondo or whomever gather some chips. Go through rebuilding process and doctor says. I now but that's not fun for me it was fun for me to coach KG and pierce in the veterans. I am tired. After the last few years I'm exhausted and I don't want to to be there for the whole rebuilding process and maybe I don't believe that -- on Ron -- -- or Jeff green is the right guy yet. I would -- -- That's that's that's believable as more believable in the than the first scenario. Only problem with that there's no perfect script by the way maybe if you. The godfather. -- That only only problem with that. Is that Doc Rivers on this contract. He signed a long contract. Knowing. That. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce would not be with him. Through that contract. It was. That maybe maybe they would be there -- only guarantee is that maybe one year one more year two more years of of Garnett. And Paul Pierce and then it will be time to do something else. And also don't believe it because I remembered picking combatants that changed my mind have a right to you that. I remember him saying I'm a Celtics. This is why am. And so he wasn't coming back just because. KG and Paul Pierce coming back because he has fallen in love with the city in the organization. So that that that script doesn't that the only flaw that script. The guy who says on just the coach of. You're not the coach KG and Paul Pritchard OK you're the go to the so that's island let's tweak the script one more time to say that that's a big part of it and that he -- -- that's what he thought when he signed the deal. But maybe change his mind along the way. Let's now go back and bring in a few other comments gaining just need to us and see how they fit in and -- Danny's -- it will play both parts of this. But the first is from a few weeks ago after get down to nothing to the next we asks Danny about the problems in the fourth quarter and he said this thing double. Speak your lead in -- in the fourth quarter game. Is not something that is just happen this -- been going on for you know three or four years. And I wish I knew you know sometimes I think we put such an effort -- in the emphasis on defense that. You know our guys there you know don't have the energy to keep cutting and moving and so forth without all of fourth quarter. I don't know what it is but it's not the -- it's not just the wrong position. So that was a couple of weeks ago my reaction Michael right off the bat we both raised our eyebrows and I say well it sure sounds as if there's a difference of opinion. On how the game should be played between Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge Danny came home with us this past Thursday and we'll talk to him again tomorrow but he came -- with a six days ago. And without even being asked to clarify his remarks by saying that's. Few things that you can establish over like my eight. He plus here's the doctors. And that is that are all. Happened back. And so -- and I say you know -- you know we'd have this problem for a few years scoring. It's not about coaching. And that's never the point I'm just simply stating facts class by going the last point gain in the second half lead before games which shot 30%. That's just an issue that we got last night we shot much that at least 30%. We were able to get a win and lose the players some as a coaching job we're all together. On in the end -- elected do a really good job -- never throwing. Coaches or players under the bus. Are supposed Danny Ainge saying he's got Doc Rivers he's got his back at all times in India and he has. And the entire time that he's been working with -- Other the only other thing you've forgotten. The believable scenario. Maybe it's Doc Rivers putting together his own team. Where he's the he's generally an actor. He's easing -- at the de facto general manager. And head coach. And you can do that you could wanna do that and still have no problem with your boss -- a matter of fact. It could be working with the boss. That gives you -- little more confidence. Then this could be done in giving the Gregg Popovich situation in San Antonio is Gregg Popovich and general manager of the San Antonio Spurs technically no he's not. But -- anything happened -- that organization. That he's not on board with. Now a doctor reached that point now where he is considered to be one of the top one to three coaches in the NBA. Would you agree. -- Phil Jackson's mind in the NBA right now are so other than Popovich who else would you even consider to be in the same. In the same realm -- because shock hitting coach you guys gonna lose in the -- -- air balls okay. But he didn't have any do you have any got a championship anonymity -- friend please he's wearing he's a pop Betsy tells his team go to to remain totally safe. Please think Pat Riley I don't wanna hear you do not get to -- arraignment this. -- now I'm not linemen and our countries is definitely -- top -- I -- so coaches look at coaches that you have a lot of respect for. A Popovich is one of them so Doc Rivers Rick Carlisle at the they'd make the playoffs he's an outstanding coach but it's happening one of those got canceled. And if you are among the most respected coaches in the NBA and maybe start thinking all right it's time for me to go out of my own and do my own thing right. Expert Michael I just reading your book last I was just reading war room last night a case from a 50% through your book -- to -- -- the it's das told us apps on on my. My stats on the Kendall tells him halfway through. Scott Pioli eventually wanted to go out there and run his own shop right right it didn't mean there was no ski -- with him in Bill Belichick didn't start to -- each other and they got out of that work. Now and start to hate each other but they start to see some things differently and it got that point they made it that as separation needed to happen. Could Doc Rivers and Danny -- -- the same spot I I think it's possible for any. For any intelligent. You know functional human beings helping human beings to reach a point after working together for for many years and I think is very possible implausible. That they would wanna do something else I would be surprised if Danny and doc are at that point right now I don't think they're there now. Just because of what I said earlier. Because of the challenges that are before them. Right now this is something different they've they've been doing the same thing for a while a team that had that is led by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And that's been their reality for six years. Maybe that's not going to be the case anymore and I don't think that this is the time where they're saying. Let's do something else where you're going to -- about to do something. Well open to new ideas I'd like to know people think what what do you think is going on in the celtics' front office right now Danny Ainge. Doc Rivers Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Rajon Rondo and Stephen A Smith saying that. Maybe the guys are looking at things the same way maybe there is maybe there are rumblings that are legitimate that Doc Rivers it would like to go somewhere else and -- thing it. In a another city. What do you make of it would you want to see that happen do you think it's believable or Steve today making a mountain out of a mole -- -- I know their -- out there who believe that as well 6177797937. -- grab some your calls next -- and holly. W media.

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