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M&M's Voice Activated Texts: Where's Lou edition

May 8, 2013|

Mut and Tom Caron listen to text messages from listeners wondering what Lou is doing on his day off and also listeners welcoming Tom Caron to the show.

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It. Even Tom get emotional as the data stuff not Q when you hear that -- Whatever the job. LaMont Butler 937 WEEI Tom Karen in for -- so my guess is the techsters I think my home today like. Why I don't know I hope these patted on the general front -- listen. Yard work he's got that huge show mention over there in March field -- a yard work to do -- food and help and around the house may be just. -- spot -- delighted to come out for launch long lunch somewhere on my guess the techsters. Joey had some guesses on where row Lewis that I. Everybody was ranked blooming in the -- never or will never be intriguing player. That's not really fair to your most days. Not today -- that marriage counseling. You got treated to Seattle for suck. He's back with Eric Wedge sipping Starbucks and listening to Pearl Jam he does love legend that is always -- and Adriano -- Loves. -- away from home so much is -- getting a DNA tests to make sure Mason is he has enough. Partners. Oh that is stuff. Again could be true the texture is usually I write about this we get -- weeks before trade is made. I wouldn't before Michael Jenkins became a patriot we here at -- -- Michael Jenkins for patriots are trust us trust us and does -- know what's going on. It may be lose at home doing something you haven't done since your baby was born. -- -- -- And this house -- home. Manu is having a midlife crisis he is feeling nostalgic and his -- 95 headed towards code talkers and then back to Boston I thought I'd love and now none of the best ones. Are you kidding me -- Maloney hung over again this is ridiculous. With the humble before -- toys or something I don't know. Who is getting his ass waxed. My -- genitals. Not sure and also doesn't -- -- posting a sports show only in America. Great idea having Tom on the show. I remember about when I was in middle school watching any -- in the morning with him and only the big breasted Hazel Mae. Thank you have got to get help shape your youth. Tommy Boy is rocking this. Hasn't been this on the ball since he called the nice cats teams. That's what's at a low and what the guys I was surprised guests before the was the sharks who have Lewis right. I remember that you did you -- games. A few. Just a few filled in one of the guys they play by play kind of pull the plug late season so these Summers did a playoff with that went before it's called -- -- a civil Worcester centrum Centre maybe pass a New Kids On The Block back in the day with centrum. Tremendous home serious question up physically I was -- group has the gives viewers. And as the head grow his biggest line. Just done it does. -- have to TC needs. And under 73 quarters so sometimes squeeze into a seven and five eighths sometime but it cuts the -- At the circulation -- that is until the storm before the walk of shame I did many times the league you know it was a -- we all have our own fears the helmets like begins today yeah yeah -- three or four and a bag. And there was only one. That was extra large there was only one element that would fit me and some little. In the slot the debate on it and head and walk up for the play report. All of the kids -- all batting helmet now the idea I'm sure -- good so I mean we liked it sharing elements that we chill argued at the -- carry the big bag held out of the out of coach Russian rivals. Pickup truck right -- bringing you share helmets and yet the crap when he got the crappy one -- -- another girl now I'm like it's got to help as much else on the back seven bucks. That they might get god -- you bond themselves. I don't help them get I don't care your money teach me how to do that and fragment in my kid to do that what he wealth joints are. Speaking at the committee's amendments and does that have to be repent and bring to the game. -- don't listen I didn't hear any of atoms are to please don't. -- The MC Mika -- highlight that we have it up there all the time on the -- -- Tom Karen yes there is something about your face that every time I see it. I want to punch you right in the suck hole wolf thank you I'm glad we don't see each other person very confident. Was there really was that necessary. -- I don't know how we deal bless you what's on tap -- It's time for movement on these mile its own. Well I gotta tell you folks. Everyone gets nominee for C -- kids that you -- brownies here at my age when I was ten and I was very very young at the time. But I was taken to a concert new family goes to a concert you go. -- brownie you're promised sale of certain but it does get better by the minute you let this New Kids On The -- with your family and -- parents like surprise element of -- you know like this is a long time ago with events today's -- -- -- I think they were kids -- about why can't I got a I got it may have particular home -- as part of accounts it was a bunch of these. These pop band that I must've been like 678 years old -- very little longer I'm boy band festival long time ago it's made from tiger what -- got snap forced DC it's good question can you go first. Well first and play on tap tonight -- double header on NASA coming up plug you guys nice. NASA and as the Bruins game mess and plus as the Red Sox game. You got bruins' playoff games forty Al Webster why do we talked about this earlier. Now Lester pitches well tonight and gets another start on Saturday pitches well then he gets another one I think is a real possibility the field -- brought for the next an X amount of weeks months days whatever. Ends up the channel bullpen for it and that if you brought bullpen Webster started. I'll also might be on tap today is is there roster move in place for the Red Sox is will little Brooke's going to be injured in the units of time David Ross. Could move his knee and admitted after the game -- and kept trigger probably play but. You might make it tough to catch so you might be on the DL we'll wanna -- coming up through Sutton. Going to be up peerless and John Ferrell with assault and holly and about 230 today and find out all that is those guys alive that we park. We will find out what that whatever remaining in the NASA and doesn't plots to find that out -- -- you shot a real quick to some friends on in Southfield Connecticut. This week we all look great pan mass challenge that's going on. In the summer. But this weekend is the annual itself feel PNC kids ride on Saturday such as Taylor McAllister school. You've got to kids dot EMC dot -- 100% of the proceeds. Go to the Jimmy Fund it's a great local efforts to help a great cause so get on line help now what's the website again. Kids dot PMC dot org yet. Action. That -- -- to him and it was fun but busy day for you we'll double -- back to work tonight. Now we'll do it again maybe -- inexplicably dull so. And out of the again I don't know you know people it's what they do there's there's the dance is happening negotiations are all here we go say -- -- part of -- OK another text message I've got to say part of negotiations John Kerry saying got no more voice activated text regarding my beer might be -- guy like on Karen. There is something about your face that every time I see it. I wanted to punch you right in the stuck at home I could live without valid we got to get out of here salt and all live -- John Farrell and hopefully -- explains what to do with a beer during the day at Fenway Park tomorrow -- is back. Jackie McMullen to recap the celtics' season and we talk Celtics Bruins and Red Sox sultan -- next open. This is John Farrell and you're tuned into the home of Red Sox Nation Sports Radio -- 93 point seven W you guys FM.

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