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Dale and Rob Discuss the Future of the C's -- Should Danny Bring the "Old Guard" Back?

May 5, 2013|

Dale and Rob get on the topic of the future of this current Celtics team and if Ainge should just bring the vets back for yet another run. If not, then what are his options? Dale and Rob think that bringing back Pierce and KG may be the best way to stay competitive for now, especially since Pierce may not be as valuable on the trade market as he once was.

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Number two sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold rob Bradford from WE DI -- dot com is. Right across the table he's getting ready for the Brad fall marathon. Brad Rocha the Brad -- -- comes up at 1 o'clock today takes you up until the -- yeah for a stock 120 men Robert Stearns will be on tonight in -- -- Derek Sanderson time. -- -- So I should be all the always entertaining haven't seen a little while most him on TV few times and -- personal while. The risk of being an insufferable. Name dropper. I I will say that the Bobby -- came by to visit the this studio the other night or game one and I was asking him how Derek was doing cities doing great in and looking great and he of course keeps in close contact and it. -- a little bit off off the track here in regards to that specific former Bruin. You -- in the Christmas Island documentary I have not yet but I've heard great things about there was it was to meet its fastest guy -- really really did. They cut it. He kind of -- delves into the hold -- and read the whole little hockey fighting thing. But senators on Christmas Island and his career and one thing you get out of it really wise whose door I get out of it was his time when he came to Boston a local kid coming back to Boston and how much he still blighted. The Montreal Canadians dollars. And really he was torn he denied ever wanna leave Montreal and you know what violence has never took to mean now I -- and that may have some of that -- And how it Stanley didn't really like that dynamic it's really really good I would recommend. You know it is everybody says all all if if he was wearing your laundry you'd love them Bruins fans never loved them they never they never forgave him for the hit on Middleton. They always had that in the back of their minds and -- -- obviously they always had the Canadians years in the back of their minds. And despite the fact that Bruins fans generally embrace tough guys and have you know from way back when. And you know guys like PJ stock with limited hockey skills become fan favorites because -- -- journalists. They never took an island in this town and. It what makes a good documentary asked to be honest and ended in an island is unbelievably high quality about -- -- brutally honest about his drug addiction out about his problems after -- about his. The getting into hockey game going through his career it's really really it. Text direct on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says going move by the bees putting -- now the last shift. Okay fine. I I I will say this I think that it probably had more to do with the fact that in the last shift of game one. It was the Maple Leafs -- Brought some of that stuff to the table and I think that that. My guess is Claude -- wanted to make sure that if they wanted to do what again at the end of the game like they didn't game one there would be people on the ice other than Chris Kelly to respond to. And as -- said Frazier has taken some liberties yes. It's up oh would you take liberties that could only answer for and we were debating who won the fight in our guys I agree -- you I think Orton won the fight. But I think that might might wanna make favor. Sites is hockey fights dot com. And they always vote on these fight to people vote on him right Orton won 50%. I think that's representative. I -- did that it was a fairly one sided match between two very tough guys -- am I mean ratio is gonna. Gonna be in any fight like that just because he's one of the tougher guys in the league but I thought Orton. Handle himself very well like you said it doesn't make any difference going into game not a bet there I in my opinion there's none of the carry over. In the same way that the fight at the end of game one didn't carry over for the Maple -- it's not why they played -- game to him because of you know the fight at the end of game 16177797937. As telephone number -- on the cellphone hey nick I don't. -- fine I that it feels good thank. Not quite -- -- -- great -- I don't wanna talk about little off topic column Red Sox but specifically the picture. I'll want to Lackey last night put into the game and it's specifically and noticed. I don't know the rule any motor spirit or the letter of the law on electric. And that is good risk -- on the uniform like. Then his control and awful. Walk the couple met a couple of -- that was more leg game and then rubbing on the left for our. From Toronto I have never seen his much talked about pitchers cheating is I just Jack Morris. Might not want it anymore. Right it make it good or whether it's commuting and it just added one more thing -- what -- It's the way it's luck Adam Opel and -- And I I and I know there was a lot made of -- comments and speaking more as I guess more us and talk about it to John Ferrell in Toronto. Before the final game of the series I don't know what was said but I guess that there was a discussion between them. I'm I mean frankly I. I think well well edited in hired John and Jerry talked about this in terms the letter of the law. And belittle loss says that you can't put rise in on your uniform. And -- -- that are on their forearm all the -- that is not your uniform right doubted you your bare skin. So. Pick up all the I mean there's more cosmetic available now than -- 4056 seed in the NC it'll home. Who knows what the -- on him and it's all legal -- that's not written up as illegal. -- Rick I wouldn't let this. Color you're how you're trying to punish you if you can just enjoy the game of baseball. What he -- joy it gave a very. Delicate and there was so much talk at this week. And it came about primarily because clay buckles was the American League pitcher of the month for the month of April. Is practically unhittable know at this point I mean easy array of right one basically. He he's been remarkable in how he's throwing the ball. And then you see you know look it's clear that he touches his his non pitching arm his glove and more. Put pictures put rocks in there exactly for that -- right so that they can get a grip on the baseball. As Buchholz that sometimes it's like trying to prolong a pool ball up there you know a ball awful pool table -- so -- when they get them. And they just want some tacking this. That's why the -- bags this year. Boys unit and obviously this was brought to light by Jack Morrison in their caters which is -- former. -- league -- kind of Major League pitcher who's a radio personality up there now. By as you -- this happens a lot and that the I love Toronto I love Toronto. But -- apart isn't a bad place right now baseball wise they might be a good plays hockey wise but they aren't very bad plays baseball wise and bring to the light this up. I'm short conversation going I'm sure got people sort of riled up. But really. I I distance he would call -- you know what they should be worried about. What was amazing to me is why this got all kind of conversation from what the trilateral announcers said nobody talked in Toronto about. They're shortstop. What is the key members of their team Jose Reyes. Tweeting about his tattoos. In the ninth inning of game that they're down by nine runs. Nobody said anything about that if that happened in Boston forget about it. I was -- look at might have roots. In the ninth inning of a game you're down at night -- and around the team does not now so I mean why you know what you get that better. A Gallup that say this -- my Abbott and Boston in the dugout. Doing it it -- doesn't matter if you have a better he's not even around the he's got to have better common sense especially when the team is going like it has been and it. All -- this. It happens in Bosnia if that happened in Boston. If a player don't care there across the country if Jacoby Ellsbury when he -- At athletes performance on my rookie last year -- -- caveat if they were doing it were to team is going his status they have down by nine runs. Britain who wasn't even mentioned. So I think they should worry more about things like that. I I'm not -- offended by it as you as you are now I am offended and and at the reason I say that is that he's obviously injured he's out long term he's not even. Sitting in the dugout uniform I don't know where he is at this point Rory watches the games from federal -- in the clubhouse -- repeat Olmert -- I don't even know. So in that regard I don't really care all that much. But I can see where if your Toronto Blue Jays fan and as you said they're not a good baseball place right now that I can see where you'd go crazy over. Every single -- you imagine. And then it that is this is -- nothing might compared to what the Red Sox went through a year and a half there. But this is about as bad as it has been for the Toronto Blue Jays a long line time because -- the expectations more than anything. So every little thing should be shouldn't matter and I think that should matter. Text or on the AT&T text line at 3793 sevens is dale stopped defending it you don't know for sure he could be cheating you just don't know. Of course I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- In the same way Jack Morris was giving his opinion that Buchholz was cheating I'm giving my opinion I don't believe he has. Yes it's all I have is an opinion here and and I am not defending anything I'm telling you based on. What I saw now more -- looked at the same footage Andrew a completely different inference from a I looked at a -- icy pitchers all the time bounce that resin bag on their on their glove hand forearm that that's it that's the. Perfect. Example of why the shouldn't have been big deal because of that image Judith said. You see all the every U series seats so much where you balance the resin bag on your forearm or on the back DVR. You -- you're not pitching used to yes you see all the time. So. -- it -- -- in -- it it amazes me. That Jack Morris would go down this road but if nothing else they get act fired up and I love that. At all so I might I should probably point out is another text here from the 978 says. I read the text a year earlier about you know the typical -- move by the Bruins putting for now in the closing seconds. May be that the text -- doesn't know this maybe he's he or she is not up a hockey Canada and understand that. The visiting team always puts their line up on the ice first and and that. McLaren was put out on the ice by Randy Carlyle. And then. Claude -- seeing that. Put -- Orton out and again I go back to the closing minute of game one where Chris Kelly got bounced around out it's at -- rice. Once McLaren went out on the ice -- and saying look not to let this happen a second game in a row showing you one out there. Now I'm not saying that Orton didn't arrive with the idea of doing you know some damage John Frazier McLaren. But it was the leafs who put that guy out on the ice first and then Julian was. On it with with John -- and it with the -- get too caught up in this whole -- important fight to the end of the game thing because when we really should focus on is. What happened why did the Bruins lose steam too and we've already gone down this road in case people in here earlier on macro. You'll you'll look at it is -- while you know what dating come to play as much as they did and beat the previous game micro. View of the defense is the real problem without interference. And badly different. Tomorrow night up at the Air -- set 6177797937. Craig since August morning -- -- I think -- your ability to secure until I appreciate Kia group supports a thank you -- -- And not your. I I kept the same illusion that is to buckle shot don't presumed guilty to you know what factional and I can actually completely blocked out eco. I read about the bags the -- All I'm doing is giving an opinion based on what icy pitchers do every single game. And then touch their well or not pitching arm to get credit Craig to Dale's point why do pitchers do that when you all these years when you see pitchers. Take the resin bag and put on their forearm why would they doing that if not to do exactly what buckle was to. They get a better -- exactly and then -- are. You know and I think that's for some reason for some stranger and there might be trying to get in there and that debacle and almost all of great sought the web. We don't we go along. The -- -- a great job. You know. Is 88 if you -- formed open and shut them all I'm saying hey it's ridiculous but beside that point. What do you guys stick broke free agency terms of the celtics' eight each of which is to create -- -- but what jettisoned. You guys could hear about that U -- Al Jefferson -- Al Jefferson because if if if if he did decide to put aside up there -- -- the Celtics. He would be coming back here with really not a -- shot at winning the championship. This like when he left. Al Jefferson would not be getting the best Celtic experience he could possibly beginning I listen he's a good player. Is he gonna turn things around and make him change championship contending team now. At this point I think we need. People up and and I hate to say it but you know what. I think he really. Did a great job and obviously a lot of injuries. But. If we don't get done that fact courtship current president come back just facilities. He in this company in the middle hopefully won't -- you -- not. Our -- my idea. In among the position say but I like the idea. Oh sure who and I want to look -- the competition by that I really to a lot of people collapsed on this night. I think there's a couple more more -- that he can beat 212. Batteries came. Into attitude. Mid range. By. I think all of them I really would and I don't think Paul I think all the free agent. And if they couldn't walk want somebody out get a big and that's I'm Paul will be yet and yet. I'm natural that he's available yeah I don't know if you can two. I'll come back Craig. I'll come back to my original point about what you do with the with the Celtics visit. The value -- Paul -- Just isn't there anymore isn't there to the extent that you're gonna get something so good units trade him I think that time is coming aren't so. He means more to the Celtics I think that he doesn't any trade in that being said. If you look at this team right now if you look at what you have if you look at soldier and Rondo. It gave green continues to play the the -- does. Even diminished pierce Garnett. That makes the conversation interesting much more interesting that any other college team could I think put together. Well the other part of this and I know it was a it was a a lot of happy talk around here when Rajon Rondo first got hurt -- and the Celtic -- that workout and order a Celtics played you know pretty well for a little while. And there was that whole goofy talk around here about how the Celtics are better off without Rajon Rondo. The think they were better off without Rajon Rondo got the New York Knicks. -- -- think that that a guy who is. One of the best point guards in the NBA I won't save the best but I'll say one of the 345 best point guards in the NBA. You think you're better off if he's not playing but -- it's just still. You know I think he did bill I think it they were not a better team without Rondo is no question about it we saw that and X here's. But I think one of the by products all of Rondo being out was green Jeff green is that that might have made him a better player in figured some things out so now when Rondo comes back. May be can be able to translate that maybe he goes right back to where he once before and feel awkward about where his positioning on the court. But maybe this is the byproduct of Rondo being the best thing to come out of it which is you got a better Jeff tree. I'm not sure that it. If Rondo had been playing you wouldn't have gotten better Jeff I don't know I'm not sure that -- mutual hill without dale when that was that was obviously they want some games when Rondo -- by. That to your point I don't think they were better team but the one thing was is it Jeff Green start playing different. And maybe it's just figuring things out a little bit more and maybe that's finding the aggression that everyone want him to have I don't know. I do know a -- have a better Jeff Green right there's no doubt about that idea and that going forward Rajon Rondo with a better Jeff Green. And again I'm I'm talking about the premise that that Danny -- brings -- pierce and Garnett back for one last year. Which is really that one of the two options once you blow up. And you start over and -- back to the bottom of the pack and and you take your lumps for however lotteries and bring them back. Under the premise that one last chance maybe get to Eastern Conference final. I don't think you can beat the Miami and his team. Even if your health but it makes the conversation a whole lot more interesting I look to in the first I thought that I like this team if you had all the particulars that we talked about. All these guys how that's a big gift because you don't know what you're so I can be healthy India but it's an interesting team to me. Then. Yeah so I think that. The Garnett situation it will be interesting. If they try to do something with yours or do something with -- I do think that's gonna leave Garnett probably down a different path. And that's -- gets dangerous it is. You know what as we said before. Fining a player like Kevin Garnett has won the hearts things that you would ask you one more guys like that he -- to get rid of a guy like that now in the hundred jordin. I understand what they're trying to do. By the you know listen that that is taking three steps back. I I I mean I said it's as I watched the series against the knicks thought pierce looked older and connected oh no there's no question I mean I've got Paul Pierce looked more worn down. Less energetic. And I'm not knocking Paul Pierce I love the guy. I mean I loved everything about Paul Pierce's game. He looked like he was warned of pretzel the and that series and it looked like he still had energy he can still pierce can still could be. Very good player on a winning team. By with a problem they fell into was that at the moments when they needed -- to take over. That's asking a lot of them. And unfortunately he tried to take over at times when I wished he -- right there were other alternatives. I mean I was there for the at the end of the overtime win at the garden. And I was shocked Jason Terry got to score the last nine points. Because I just kind of expected Paul Pierce was going to be fog in and out. By it and that's where Rondo comes him. Rondo you have pierce you don't have to do the the Jim O'Brien we're gonna isolate Paul Pierce the last five minutes than every single game yeah offense if you have Rondell on the court. 6177797937. Is the telephone number. -- the AT&T text line is always available to you at 37937. It's -- -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah. -- former -- us. When started last couple years offensively which you're familiar -- within within the defense. A lot of -- They go. It's. Very. Forced most of us we will take your time forcing turnovers and. The as a model -- Celtics captain Paul Pierce. After being defeated by the New York Knicks in the first round of the NBA playoffs. A -- texture on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says. I think that previous caller was talking about trading Rondo and signing Chris Paul is a free agent on nobody was talking about one. Why would Chris Paul signed here it is a free agent okay. Why would Chris Paul signed an -- I mean in a best case scenario best place to Paul. You've got pierce and Garnett for one more season one more try at it and you are looking at what is likely going to be a rather lengthy rebuilding process here. Why would Chris Paul coming I don't think the rebuilding. -- clipper land. The good doing okay. Now the go winning but I like -- lottery further along nobody has a white boy. Blake Griffin on its own on his own I take him over what the Celtics have probably having Jeff Green. He's made some nice for it here with Griffin I mean I understood what color man I just don't. Had we we always think that free agents can't wait for the opportunity to come to Boston because we love Boston so much we love our team so much. That that we just that well of course they wanna come I I can't picture a scenario where Chris Paul. Would decide that this is an opportunity that he just can't pass up and dale you bring up an excellent point when it comes to the MBA that we forgot here in Boston. Which is when you're talking about free agency in the NBA. Is going going to be a select group a teams the elite players wanna go to and guess why. If not Boston which is something that we forgot. Because we had a couple key guys choose Boston and that made it and you you really had to get them both agree or neither one exactly the only way you could get Garnett to come here was that you had to convince Ray Allen. And the only way -- that is because well you know if you come will get Garnett I mean. It had to be a tool it was the perfect storm of get you leave free agents now people say -- look -- got Jason Terry well. First of all week -- say Jason Terry's -- -- in second ball Jason Terry is even thinking about coming here. Unless the other guys are still here. And if you don't have the other guys here -- the Boston we're back right square one free agency which people should be reminded about what it was like a few years ago. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text -- you guys are using it we appreciated. 37937. And as always by the way in -- good idea you should just go Brad. Just the one name like Madonna like greens like jail and just go. Why do it sits on aren't yet. Maybe ebitda from river from one to 220 today it will that will be the springboard for my Brad well. While I'm gonna work on at -- You couldn't reach out to us off by way of Twitter -- Brad for act dale. Is perfectly valid and we respond to both Jeffs in Rhode Island Europe next and Sports Radio sports Sunday. I Larry -- corporate contact until that. But that we're gonna talk about Paul -- that he was painful watching game six the people forget resplendent to spot it -- out and guard. He's still. Evil -- appetite but he can still score and a guy has an unbelievable competitor I mean if you keep the pedal will win. I love Paul did you go to Jeff that's exactly why I'm saying keep the band yet. I'm not saying that he's a bad player but but I think that he can still help you win. And then you know and I want to play rhythm and Garnett is still probably one of the best defensive big men in the leak. I mean people forget how important it is defense -- -- the floor at your -- We're really get to replace him. Nobody I think people could defensively he anchored our whole team and and I've not -- the natural for. Now and then -- I thought I'd give green a little while ago I think. The reason Jeff Green flourished. When Randle went down is because green played really well would abolish it and. And when I want to without a court about a week and Rondo and these greens but in the corner yet have a role and I hope I'm big open that they bring the team back and that -- don't watch it even realizes. We can score. You know give a look where it went green gets the ball on offense -- let him bring -- Obama court pick I don't stop global movement of the ball. I agree I I I'm I'm on -- been like I absolutely agree. But I do think that that's one of the by products of what happened. Not that they became a better team that maybe Jeff Greene became a better player on this team. And I think over the years that -- those game kind of got away from the game east Atlanta won the championship. He was so it was a very good point guard but he wasn't the entire offense. And the last conceived in the ball was in his hands 90% of the time and the ball to Scott -- And I think that when he went down they had no choice but to move the ball around everybody got to touch it and that the offense -- But you know -- When we got into crunch time with the playoffs what happened. Which is doing. Well yeah you need a point guard because all signed you'd need to rely on the I called the Jim O'Brien Paul Pierce isolation the last five minutes of the game. But you've got to have the right if that's not working you have to have other alternatives. Ball movement. In the playoffs isn't always going to be one it is in February and march. I agree on everything and what been mixed notices that the knicks really stepped up their defense. In the playoffs. They were trapped and all over the court. And an outgoing guy we're there all the difference in the world but I think that -- happy medium I think there are times -- runoff had the ball and the ball stops moving. But it kind of I think that maybe I know watching the way Jeff Greene played. Actually a lot of guys played without the ball. Outlaw and one guy's hand that maybe they can come back with a big group of guys had a little bit of luck and even better than. Or a lot let's get fret if they might be more than a little bit off there -- to get to the podiums they are right this is the plan little -- a -- the same guys.

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