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Chris Mannix, SI, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Discuss the Possible End of an Era for the C's and Where They Go From Here

May 4, 2013|

The knowledgable and talented Chris Mannix calls in to Mustard and Johnson to talk to the boys about the Celts/Knicks series and where things went off the rails for the C's. Chris helps with a breakdown of the salary cap, the amnesty rule and the CBA rules and just how the Celts can try to improve or "blow it up". Mannix feels that Pierce is most definitely tradeable but that Rondo is here to stay. After his C's analysis, Chris also gives the guys a little info about his other passion - boxing and the "Money" Mayweather fight tonight in Las Vegas.

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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI. Celtics go down in six mated interest staying. Getting the Ed Nixon overtime in game four surviving -- styling them at the garden Madison Square Garden in game five Wednesday. Coming out completely flat last night another bad game six here. Dissect and analyze provide a few more post more runs on the Celtic 2012. Tooth there 1013 season is Sports Illustrated zone. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- to bridge you're a star rise you could get a couple appearances on rush -- couple years the hour now you've you're -- a national stop media wrong -- the place -- -- now your job to thank Larry for everything. That's -- -- Why do you like I can't believe you don't -- the daily tweets that I put out there or you guys for. For launching. Any success that I had. -- art before we get into. I DTL discussion about that you know the series in the playoffs. Chris maybe you can help us out because the national basketball. Leak has the most different call to our rules and regulations and collective bargaining agreement as to what teams can do. In can't do with the rosters from year to year can you walk us through. That in terms of what can the Celtics do bout with this roster if they wanted to make certain moves him what can't they do. Well -- You know I mean it's an -- that cap flexibility at the room. I don't know the exact numbers certainly they can spend up to the the cap threshold which is -- closed seventy million dollars that the differed publicly is. That it's -- out their own free agent they can go over that cap personal and spend as much money they want to block that it would potato punitive luxury tax and and that luxury tax get -- -- this year in the summer guys win. Those tax penalty. There were negotiated during the lockout that and they really kicking and that's why you're hearing now about the lakers making a significant move. The freedoms so some of their tax burden on the team. During the same being I think one of the biggest. Differences this year on beyond that that -- -- -- back freak and he is acting better over the luxury tax threshold. They -- you -- rates and that's a big factor because. Usually seem like Brooklyn topic for example you know it in that does not care about money it would find a way. Go get another star player simply by adding on their payroll like treating. Some ability at a cheaper contract -- somewhat longer a term contract that no longer became -- -- any more -- under the tax threshold. Two QA cited straight so it becomes much more complicated this year I -- that's where acquitted because of all the new rule that could put in during the lockout. -- and I believe the Celtics a little bit over the cap right now. Okay they say that they can buy here's how if they wanted to. Or you know retain -- paid a sixteen point whatever it is million. In my guy net they can either keep arm for a couple more years or he can retire or trade him. How difficult is it to do that now -- you just said don't have to match salaries -- be close to a salary with another team. Many and that salary I don't think it would be difficult trade appears if you really want to let me look. -- -- -- and was motivated Buick the last couple years leading up the street deadline that they spoke to Brooklyn based spoke to Atlanta they spoke to Dallas. They were actively looking to deal Paul Pierce -- conversations with the you know with the clippers about Kevin Garnett. And we're trying to figure a way to get a deal done for your -- Jordan. -- Eric Bledsoe Aminu looked at they they were trying to. To make the -- would be to -- who bought the issue what the financial. In that they want a lot in return. I remember talking to people who nets organization about how much. That bought the water or a combination of a draft picks -- and and young count the net at stashed overseas. And the talent right now. Yeah I don't think it's going to be a financial issue but it doesn't believe the -- -- it to motivate you so. I think it's going to be just how much. Are how lest there would take back in return. From a basketball point of view Chris if you can put the salary cap aside and now it's difficult to do that going to be taken out of the discussion for a second. If you -- Any games. Do you stay put do you try to get another year round of these two aging guys 3637. Years old. Or you didn't what do you try to get creative. Move them somewhere and try to start -- if you work the general manager what would you do. As you contemplate this offseason. Honestly guys I would do exactly what they'd been doing. To this point of anybody you could trade one of them and yet a lot in return get something that you know he's going to help reboot your franchise -- Buick. It's not a whole lot of them and just play this whole thing outweigh their contracts to expire. And play with the flexibility that we go back. People like you argue with that people at an LA which would Dwight Howard where they say -- you Garrett like Howard and and you know pick somebody else. Well problem is you can't go get somebody out who don't have the money to go get somebody else important point it's not like they're a lot of great freak -- out there right now Lamar. That could be different maker -- Chris Paul is Dwight Howard but you know what those guys are coming to Boston at this moment. You're -- Garnett scored despite their age despite the fact that they slowed down obviously considerably. At this point of their career there's still people player and you can't tell me. That if bought -- Rondo and yeah Art Sellinger and they got don't think we're Darko military this year that boxer wouldn't be beating New York right now and -- not. I firmly believe that I don't think it nick. Aren't they advertise that they dispel the post players. Would have moved on it probably would have been a great and -- move on. The second round as well I mean I I think any delete -- I think equal up there he shot pierce shot Garnett. You if you can get a Bledsoe Jordan pipe off her or them. That you could pull the trigger on Nick -- would worldly except. As you do that but -- up barring an act. You bring these guys back halt Rondo it helped beat each -- add Iraq to the draft picks good draft -- -- been pretty good at the last couple years. And the track at the minor create it would get done with Jason Terry. And according lead in going back to James Posey after you do it that way in any -- can make another run great something more out of direct these guys. Now is each team. Another cup of that that it cannot do it by the amnesty. Clause could you explain that. YE and that the player that you've had on your roster at the time of the lockout which you say you know the lakers it and the you know Gasol -- Dwight Howard but they couldn't and -- match beside him. After -- at one -- exception -- -- bought you to get -- -- exception that you can -- forever really all the players on Iraq to block a you -- amnesty here Rondo Garnett. You know certainly a few other guys -- roster executive right now you can only do one though right. The only 21 -- one time right did it in depth player and that their money can walk the luxury tax debate with the art of the big thing. Because they keep -- waive a player they want absorb but muddied its case you've got to pay the money but it comes up the salary cap. Now you're out there in La La -- -- they -- contemplating similar problems too with Kobe correct. Well they have massive problems at this point you know that the idea of amnesty -- Has been loaded but -- they'll never do that because -- where they would -- -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna play at all this season or medical play in Europe -- seat in play in Italy or something and -- come back -- you guys. The next year Kobe took -- -- to do that you want to play in the NBA next he's acting the -- -- -- the lakers and beat him. And you you know Japan a couple of middle finger goes out there are some pretty like adamant that is that Kobe style. You know they could and the the and it probably look at it is somebody and I think it more likely. To become really matter world peace who's gonna pick up a player option here -- ticket around 89 million dollars. And what he does that I think the lately -- him. Obsolete they're a little bit of money up back up. Think -- in this has been floated around and maybe this may not be the time to do and after the Celtic guard tandem had such a difficult time. Taking over for Rondo after the injury. Was there any thought at all. In order to retool for the future of treating Rondo in spite of the units by the ACL is that something that. You think Danny Ainge might consider doing obviously try to outlays youngest and best chip. Now to be honest with you guys I don't think he's going to a lot of trading Rhonda Rhonda too valuable at this point that he's. And yet -- -- you know entering the 48 you know in its contract to meet. What was the best thing about Rajon Rondo and yeah makes considerably less money. And the other LB players at his position talking about Westbrook -- -- And some of the other guys -- -- he set the head of state here too valuable. This franchise whose organization. Even consider trading let you get an all star caliber player. In return and right now you're -- -- -- better get that little round of proves that he's healthy coming back -- yell interim I think we saw. During the playoffs. Just how valuable Rajon Rondo should be at -- he manufactures topic on the zone. He's an elite defender strong defender anyway when -- -- at any point guards -- individually at his position. I'd just think that if he he's such a big that you value the franchise to give away -- -- getting something optional or are. Are you surprised that -- Bradley struggled so much at the other end of the floor that's his calling card is it the best part of his game his defense was it. The the responsibility of handling the point so overwhelming that he let his defense laps he surprised at that happening. Did you mean you may at the great point and that that is exactly what I want that you know the responsibility. Up being the primary playmaker -- the point guard up being the guy at all that responsibility. On the shoulders and it took away from him and me in let position on the defensive and really leading all -- -- the fourth quarter. A game against New York. Last night and I think it. If you put Bradley in a position that he's simply not ready to do it may not ever be ready to do you mean is that position. It's great that you guard spot Opteron -- -- -- spot up upstream occasionally you do not need to be focused on the defensive end of the floor being. That there's no question that Avery Bradley is a pop like defender. And his position went away in east you know and exceed that no -- he'll come back. And optional and at that spot -- he is simply can't handle. That responsibility nor should either you get the project that would be a point guard in the future and I think is. It will roll gonna beat you that first guy out -- -- on a good team are great team or anything you know -- -- situation is starter. All looks like LeBron. Is giving his fourth MVP is there anybody gonna stop her winning the finals MVP as well. But I tell you what the most interesting thing to me about LeBron MVP candidacy Apple iPhone or the -- this year. It is is he going to be unanimous MVP and that that's a pretty it big distinction are pretty -- not that -- -- Because no player in NBA history had ever been. Unanimous MVP in the closest Shaq technical -- thirteen years ago he got -- up like a 119220. Votes. And Iverson what -- wanna pick up. Let alone one in the LeBron it's critical for automatic -- is. You don't legacy I think he definitely want to be unanimous MVP I'd be hard pressed to find any reason. For anyone but not to vote for of this season and -- -- finals you know be injured Westbrook it's just been has really opened up the field at a pick whoever comes out -- Western Conference. What it -- -- what they can villages in. San Antonio I just think that that Miami right now on their healthy. Wanted to wait wait is on or. Hit envision a scenario that's what you have to look at it I can't division scenario -- anyone beating them in four games and if you haven't taken a lot of I'm seven game series I just don't examine -- for. Chris says the NBA have a problem. That teams like the Celtics and the lakers and -- reached that point. Where they can't fix. What ails them without dropping down to the bottom again. Well I mean I don't think they they have that problem Larry because you know Smart he'd do it without doing that I -- -- -- to Antonio and Antonio yet -- had. But consistent -- in -- it being there but they've reinvented himself around Dunkin'. -- over the last fifteen years whether it was with Avery Johnson and Dave Robinson Tony Parker and Ginobili. Now you pointing out what coli Leonard -- the -- I really think that you expected drafting well and you look at disbursed. They trapped -- early in the first round draft notably in the background they got splitter cut back in the first round. Polite letter was not considered -- a a big time player coming out of a college they got him ideally awake -- George Hill picked up in the draft. Years ago I mean you know it's pretty simple formula if you're Smart team in your Smart executives around you that it's doubtful that don't count well. You can reinvent yourself on the fly. You know it's more difficult to do it. You create it in the cap restrictions that you find ways that the draft well you were going to be successful the. Hey I just retire or Floyd -- -- Mayweather that's all I care about 32 million for a fight tonight he's managed his career well. Well I'm sitting next year and they get right now that the -- like the night. Cover for a -- -- the it to the largest guarantees that there are two billion dollars that he's lightning got a person -- the bomb and you know like the -- In this life and it's it it's completely. Crazy and there you can make an argument. He can be pretty bad yup and all that meant to -- It's. Like this are mothers children. But it's part of the business model there is open or visit -- let me let me 85 billion dollars last year -- thirty million tonight. And his next fight probably make you know what Matt beyond even more against Uga. The great business model that seeing millions of aipac PO. Now it at that point of the matter anymore because you know two years ago that speak site. -- -- got knocked out by a woman while right at September -- career it's range -- -- But I think they would like to run around and eat it all time. The fact that you pointed degree you know the other great fighter generation. Always on him and we'll always be gastric on the -- -- I don't -- never be. Considered that truly great along the -- the in all the other -- the rest of his letter electorate electorate and at that ought that we collapsed. You know Adler earned in those guys on each other and the guy could care a lot figure out who they -- and flipped it right in doing that and I think at all. All right you are truly a man for all seasons ago she -- boxing. And it all possible because Larry Johnson started off on this little weekend show years ago in if you see Mike Adams -- out our did you step program afterward governor got a -- If hectic in the lobby of the hotel sum it up like crap that -- Chris -- ex Vermont Sports Illustrated thanks for joining us bank -- got to get -- -- -- he's 6177797937. Back to your calls coming up.

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