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A great night for Boston sports

May 2, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show basking in the glow of a great night in Boston sports with the Bruins, Celtics and Sox all winning. The three were most stunned by the performance of the Celtics in New York.

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-- four hours ago I asked a yeah rather simple question and want to -- only watch one game last night which one that would would be. Today I posed a much more difficult question. Having watched all three games last night which in your estimation was the most. Impressive. Winning performance now just to start off. Buchholz -- two hit shut out. And the Red Sox five runs -- would -- I didn't watch that and -- that the borrowers however the Bruins complete sixty minutes not domination. Of Toronto. Which proved at least for Toronto at least proved for 1 evening that you can flip the switch but I tell you. I think the laurel wreath on the -- true. Go to the age old. Hired Celtics who everybody pretty much left for dead on the road. And -- I'm thinking that the grit and balls launcher carried the day and the next aren't quite so cocky this morning. It's not even close it was amazing you know home tomorrow I'll still remember what -- did in New York yes and and you know what it is is we said yesterday we know they balls we know that -- that we know that go to their efforts they won't choke. And but I still thought that lose. He's what I didn't consider in January on the same -- -- -- was man and saying that the knicks just the overall rate I disagree Wally Szczerbiak picked her idol contenders. You know we forgot that they could melt at home button I mean just because they're home doesn't mean there's still a lot of pressure on them I thought. Be home in front of spike in front of Ben Stiller in the rest any holes down their. And they feel comfortable. But you know what. I didn't consider when when I made my prediction they would get spank itself with its bank that. If the selfish it's got a little lead of the Celtics -- second quarter leader halftime lead. The cut that it would get tight it would get it would it would be difficult for -- they choked the knicks are choking and I choked at all. It was clear to me and -- the -- great -- wrong but the knicks lost more in the celtics' one. Outsiders would look at the knicks and say maybe there is this choking DNA. In this franchise and until last night I would say the -- -- pooh -- that said there's a choking DNA with this particular team the big thing about that this morning yeah I think so -- I think the sultry when the series to. I do believe that now I do I thought they won last night we get to game seven and I don't think this -- team is going to win that game seven. At home with that kind of pro or not they're not that kind the team so particularly the series again today there's not enough rest here for me say that like Garnett it appears that. They're still -- it appears the and they got to get back in and into tomorrow night and home and then Sunday. On the road that's equipped fail in this day and age is a quick turnaround completed the first. Four game measure the pressure -- New York Sunday night talking away I hope it happens just gimme game seven because they're going to be it's under so much pressure. I'm I don't not sure Jeff Smith can hit the rim -- -- at the -- I -- seven -- seven you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they were as as as Michael Robertson live by the three die by the three when the pressure is on a three point shooting team he'd jump shooting team. Is much more likely to fail as much more likely to choke if you're not post and up and get into the rim. You know in line and defense and fast break you're you're -- pull up threes I mean JR Smith. He kept picket them and and that because you know shooters two pages they shoot each Anthony when he's called. It pretty in last two games from three point land. -- for -- and hall hole as well all of their main guy and what happens when your main guys your main two guys offensively. Our gag and the rest the -- whole wheat crop. We could lose we could failure because Carmelo Anthony is on the pressure answer which via Smith I mean he was watching. In his hand at their best player in the series been felt that by know what I feel -- what an amazing I don't care and says I was wrong about this game this prediction last night anyone. Thought well would take it to them when the Celtics have Avery Bradley and -- that have the best on ball defender in the world had. -- had it in and he can't. Do anything -- it out of his own way and understandably offensive and they still needs someone explain that to me how organic and loose on the defensive end and this. Means a good point guard but this is not Chris Paul just take it to over and over again. With the -- this series could be over the next said you know Carmelo he had his -- habit you know what Jeff Smith. He just don't have let's get the ball to other guys beginning with Raymond felt that. And I have not performing in the big games and I think the -- -- organization chairs and I'm not sure how much coming forward that is historically it's something that certainly Carmelo Anthony has has had to deal with in the past -- kind of big game -- you know fall apart especially eight or nine times that he's -- that yet first round right -- -- and without question I think the most interesting line inject human Malone's piece this morning is -- late in the piece. Carmelo Anthony. Missed sixteen of his 24 shot and went an astounding report. 23 minutes and five seconds without a field goal rate heard of time that included the final 840 of the second quarter. The entire third corner. And the first 305 of the fourth quarter that's your superstar when you needed him the most absolutely checked out at the end of the second all of the third in the beginning of the -- In this series. This from chose 137. Shots six assists. There's. Here's the problem and you guys play the wanna game you get sick as -- last night. Six assist those like accidents. I mean honest to god when JR Smith of the -- the back pass -- Chandler is and if you're Mike Woodson and sent. I did. But -- the Reagan ball -- choke on bossier in your home court watching new drugs and you can't. Buying your teammates. Easily. Mean it there and the run defense is a run you that W Hamachi give it up but when you get guys like Jeff Smith and these guys have played movement picked up like this. Don't care whether they're winning or losing just wanna have a shot it's about them. Jeff Smith has not taken were gonna lose this game -- -- the synergistic and I'm all for nine. I have to hit the shot right that's the mindset deep and Carmelo Anthony could be and I was Cisco scored championing could be an MVP contender. But do you think it is mice they can we lose in the -- that these -- I'm. Bailing out looking bad here -- look back I got to got to recover here and some I'll save face right yeah that that the work was hurt in the lot after the game. Wish trust and don't you get the sense they're opposite ends of the spectrum you think the next trust each other very much right now and docks at for the first time maybe a long long time. The Celtics were trusting each other thus the open shots -- the open looks and thus the shooting of 2% from three point land. And I thought in this series for us that's the first thing that we can we trust and the ball found the open guy that we didn't you think in the stretches where we try to force is we stroke. In the stretches where we just trust pass put the ball find the open guy we're really good. The knicks trust JR the canal trust Carmelo right now now now known in the and they know that they can't win these guys don't hit it there. Crazy. -- -- -- -- Peace cold he's choking and yet he still taken these crazy stupid ball away galleries. And I guess this -- -- that's what he that's how he. But when you're cold torture acknowledge that recognize it and say. I gotta let someone else -- well it started that way with Paul Pierce horrible first quarter of all for -- and yet somehow they find themselves just down to a 21 Graham Pearce did nothing green did nothing Garnett did nothing and they were up. In the second quarter when -- the first basket between either. Mr. Garnett was with 950 left in the second and it was -- back pass -- great last Brandon Bass carry in them and I would tell him that the turning point to me was in the second quarter. The Celtics got within two not even -- and got within two in the addicted to that first quarter. But you could sense that the -- -- thank oh. While I was yeah it was a -- feeling at halftime of this game as opposed the other games the -- played bad at halftime last night. They were up by Banco at six points the Celtics the other 4539. They were to win the game as opposed to -- previous games you thought well I -- I think that. Because the knicks were right choking the knicks were feeling the pressure and you keep saying that that Milan line. But don't let -- and that I I think today. Amended that -- was don't let us get a lead on your court and put that. Instill that that doubt your mind. And you -- sense that the knicks I mean what happens if Anthony in two years mr. -- what happens they lose they lose and JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony. Are cold and Felton was great. Guys coming -- and was trying to play well he's doing his job right he's doing his job but Anthony. Doesn't care you know that he's cold he's gonna keep jacking them up. Again is that the two of them were eleven for 38 net 2.0 -- to with a Margot it's correct now or Jason Kidd thinks that privately. I -- the way he played for years years years he watches this underwear maybe Bob May be talks these guys feel. With a high volume shooting. At high volumes they bring it you know what I thought the I thought the juxtaposition of the contrast I should say what happened in the second quarter. In terms of Carmelo shooting and shooting in shooting and as opposed to Paul Pierce whose cold the first quarter. I understand the best had a lot to do with the turnaround and I gave him full marks full high marks for this but from my mind. When Paul Pierce -- Oprah six in the first quarter look at some of the notion about a ticket in the second quarter the Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett Alley oop dunk. Which made it 3837 -- their first lead but that was their lead for good I believe and then right after that up Paul Pierce bulk pass which about it in the past he's ever thrown and all of a lawyer you know it'll look away Barry vast country spun around to KG for another. Dunk and a lot of six nothing grunt so walk Carmelo trying to shoot his way out of the -- all -- so I got a better idea let me get the big -- Paul Pierce. Was four for rate on trees yes. Anthony again over twelve on threes I mean those. Threes from -- were back -- she just felt like we're crazy shots and fairness the Celtics and a couple of green -- pretty good idea right agreement and a terrific last night too and and Hillary is the anti Richard you know Terry is -- rising -- that encourages -- Rising occasion you know he's feeling out better because of the pressure he likes it he probably prefer to be in new York and Boston. And it was legit thing by Spike Lee there are certain guys you look at and say -- they liked this moment they'd like when they wake up Friday morning. Jason there's going to be smile on its excellent we get game six. What does JR Smith and -- -- -- Friday morning these music just -- division I level white suit I can Wear. We're black suit anymore and that was that was brilliant the black the black yes and the funeral that it wasn't. This game died the Tulsa seemed all right eleven nothing I don't know what happened after that a what did you think eleven nothing thirteen to formally well guess you know by Obama and Battier mean that's what they needed they didn't pick a big lead in the second quarter at halftime they weren't comfortable and Celtics could make them uncomfortable and they have done that. Knew then that separates the the clutch guys you know -- separates Paul is from JR Smith separated right Jason Terry from from everybody else -- -- from. -- the same Avery Bradley. Bad I'm -- lead to no one's told me that know every good -- -- -- but most of the second half on the potential he he earned him that -- east penalties when -- for Bradley Effect what the mixes his next couple games like this going to be this sudden philosophical change good or bad this is how they're gonna go down -- and win this series at these can score. Thirty eight's miss this -- 26 for the gonna stink. And you know there there's bulletin board material and I know and I -- whoever was described last night that is not bulletin board material anymore when it cut out the newspaper and stick it up on media because it's on Twitter it's all over the line. All on line. But a little recognized. In peaceable board material on the court for my money was Kenyon Martin and -- personal flagrant one on KG. And that took a long time and KG had a on the sidelines I think that's sort of assault on KG sort of galvanized and that was the middle of the second quarter when they just really went on their run part of that six nothing around. But he seemed to take control and put the -- back on their heels came immediately after Kenyon Martin Roddy. That garbage call I didn't think that was a big deal. And a Yankee Stadium wasn't a flagrant -- -- -- all -- left -- right got a mission area wouldn't they got a ride put him right and the big -- to detect it doesn't Garnett he's he's beautiful he really is -- pleasure to watch because. It's all about the game with him in mean he he's not like after the game when Jordan Crawford. Of the bench is yet an embarrassment. And he said Garnett just looks at that is what he can what does that have to do to gain and he might. Well hard he might yet be might say he would taste like Cheerios and -- in -- what it's all about the game right now. It's a bug in the guys' heads. Notes about given his team -- -- it's about you know galvanizes you say galvanizes teammates. It's all about the game with with the other guys it's old style playground macho BS yeah. It seems like this BS with Garnett but there isn't it's about that game. You don't panicked and overreacted. Smart and execute and do things we talked about on first first couple minutes I don't want some of them do them. You know Garnett I -- Kmart. And help them. And him him and Anthony no you know when they look at they look at it they know that he's just trying to get there and mess with them. They know that toy -- in them. Kenyon Martin's laugh some walks away rookies in the it's you know like or as rookies young guys Andy Fletcher Smith -- Or or Jordan Crawford if they don't want -- -- for anymore tattoos as I Ellison does this face tunnels -- Tom zarrella is in his tongue and eleven know maybe he's cut it in these primaries play all -- that are aren't covered I think that big big the Celtics think that when the sooners. I think they -- did what they set out to do well you know here. I would say as you try to assess what happens in six and seven if that takes place don't have to decide what carries the day and visit visit visit the choking DNA that would be the New York ticker blockers. Or is. The fatigue becomes -- law right game six and game seven foot guys -- economists they -- Jeff -- played 43 that's -- -- -- Paul Pierce played 44 and Kevin Garnett had thirty not all the difficult -- And and with gone off the floor regardless of -- no problem last night you were rivers and that's his number one worry yeah Parker -- as. When you get Garnett breast and how will we survive without -- mean they don't have. A big man they don't if they don't have a public -- -- and there are and they beat the knicks on the road. And -- on their home court Celtics had struggled on the road every thing was working against them. John Edwards world but what you really I mean they're gonna probably you know -- maybe they lose Friday maybe Sunday maybe they'll that we lose the next years whatever. But don't you just enjoy watching them no one that they that they ago that -- ball on that yet I got that kinda. You know that attitude. And they sort of shut up the Nixon made next dealt themselves there was no doubt part of tap off last night there was no no longer doubted eleven nothing thirteen to four out of all the great things that the Celtics did last night at all impressive things -- -- better word. -- may be first and foremost with what they did at the very end when they had went on seven nothing run New York on a seven nothing run. Roddy was at fifteen point lead was at the biggest got down eight. A five. My -- all of the very very and it doesn't start at 883 with -- seismic that the three era that that the real target wasn't quite meaningless right how they respond on two separate occasions in that fourth quarter. -- look at the knicks were making a run in the Celtic could -- the next folded in that situation the Celtics almost two separate occasions which -- the run. Made a couple of jumpers and Jeff Green jet hit a couple and it was very very impressive to me. Well a couple lead. -- this -- up fifteen in the knicks cut it to 7567. About six minutes left but of the biggest shot of the game -- the games that. -- turnaround bank shot he made India is feeling things are getting little unsettled right out pointed the basket anybody that big -- at first -- they need a basket real bad all the plays cursed for -- -- amateur scene you watch current -- in which -- in New York Tom is get absurd last. -- -- moving pick on Garnett at the start of the fourth hole is a great call a right doesn't Tommy was but some real and -- in nine years I knew they were arguing about. I can get Tommy was he's Tommy gets in the way sometimes yes I think I was where it's likely that -- known the knicks were winning games and spike was. Running with games in the go funeral breathless spike you know we dressed like a traffic cone that it needed all of you Syracuse -- it is. It's just the most obnoxious fan gathering that the agency India -- relentlessly that and that they. Steve is I don't believe she got fat a at all if I've that he got elbow looks miserable lives there. And I hate Ben Stiller you know why -- we get sources things were or related sleep or watch the heights and broadcast of the they have a closeup of his hat. -- at a -- so they were -- TNT feed but they were -- put them back and forth it's it was a different -- You look back and forth would you be -- and two channels. Well at the Bruins well. -- -- the Bruins but I watched a second police didn't deviate tweet things right is -- -- these -- things you can't watch of the third -- watching a second television. At the TV the other room while going back and forth into the Buehrle who are running back of -- -- -- go back to Iran and if it's hard at my watch the Bruins some of it but what's the Bruins after the so. When the other way around I went. -- I didn't -- that it was gonna do what's the first two -- of the -- game and then it went to the felt I did that I first period rooms and then with the -- -- Bruins is easier because the -- the -- break right that's true it almost happened and artists wanna stay with the rest of the action in the intensity. And period comes to -- -- ago between peers -- for yourself. You -- between entered -- my radio dead I -- and we all of dale -- I didn't watch halftime with Gary paying way -- Donny Marshall I -- there -- -- -- -- to -- -- unfortunately I didn't read it it's like one of the biggest news days of the year on top of at all thank -- -- to throw a no hitter something last night in your attention that was perfect it's -- game or just watch -- highlights and a computer. Ups and that's perfect blow everyone's happy yeah you know we can focus on the Bruins who was. Quite -- night. I was hoping you'd tie together the three wins -- maggots. Do its uneasy uneasy being good at that picture thing you're good at that we -- issues here you think we can do that -- in the three wins regrets that the Celtics with the three. Kids. Three he has Hazmat and -- -- we will work to do those -- by the way -- -- the first -- it's much easier than last allies said that yesterday I need you to come up with a nickname -- -- -- somebody -- our listeners. But. Only one -- student yes right one of them as the students to stop the students that maggots low lights and -- really wanna watch this close that we know we note that news. Bebo and this -- -- don't do it almost. A ship stay right. Is going to prison for through these go right province of Forbes -- -- unfortunately we will not at least relax he has no no oil for that it's LO well. I think this is at eleven made to feel like us as has. Ate test about little deceived we put these. Kids away for the Max. The -- from Cambridge. Pass to get eight years he asked to get the Mac mind the past. It. He's a good -- Good point yeah but I don't care as a society we have to make sure. That these three -- case if the Macs in the maximum product I -- a good and I know we get more into this and that introduces we go one -- I would just say that that seems like a light maximum and that's my point is -- -- -- -- -- -- will be thirty years something -- ever -- I don't -- -- they've admitted already that we've we've -- the statements they've admitted to -- yes but the -- It Skid -- bell is just charged with misleading information -- live via hi guys repeatedly doesn't that sound to me I don't know -- emblems on the things I knew I knew this would -- -- -- -- -- -- it could be should be more but but isn't taking evidence and hiding. Blob upping it dearly and -- worst and say yeah I don't let him about that guy I know -- well everybody ever when you get confront it is very natural ally. But to actively the wind was -- and take your computer and take. A knapsack and well and making the -- make -- your -- which I need to know what that was for big -- that we thought. Now I I and I don't mention the worst doesn't. Yes suspicion let him keep that haven't returned that sort of evidence to them before the New Delhi later -- need that next five years right but so they get the two. That's expanding guys yes five years each but that's -- five years solid five years -- and the other kid gets its Ayers he's nineteen will be open at times 27 that's too soon but still it's a double should be put on sixteen. It should be a a lesson should be a message that we take this seriously if they get a year or six months or eight months. I don't know what they can give now like in trade for plea. Well who wouldn't give up somebody else or give opening bell there's -- there's nothing to give up wouldn't think so let's make sure they do the Max. 677757937. AT&T text like 3790. Recently got a a lot of the show for you here today. I'm very man in our legal -- will -- in the from 8 o'clock hour we'll talk Bruins hockey you think Harry will know how these two can afford lawyers and why they would for an important campaign. -- -- For the orders in all -- so sure that's -- we can afford it for lawyers why don't these kids excuse except that adds a lot of these -- -- helpers. While they get public defenders Tesla chips Barry Melrose -- the 9 o'clock hour and a marathon bomber survivor di Martino earlier the Mets sometime around seven. Quick timeout your phone calls next PepsiCo and.

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