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Can the Sox sustain their early season success?

Apr 30, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the first place Red Sox 25 games into the season and talk about whether they are capable of still being the best team in baseball after 162 games.

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Start with the Boston Red Sox though because -- couple the project point that you can have when it comes to baseball season comic out of hammers morial day. That's too long to wait for me I can play 2160. Q. A lot of so look at where team is right if -- like 25 games well -- back you do that the one. I think one inning is a good typical act at at at. I feel like you give a couple get a -- let's say for example a shortstop but tuck it in all run last weeks it might have always invite a third day years I would say kind of bring him up. And why Stephen Drew the line up and take your calls on that but it triples but to take a step back and say you know close I was -- really glad games and when that. Two -- Tripoli -- dated just a retreat again it's real fired. Big triple big hick couple RBIs the player they wanna go to Africa attempting yet and I want -- to start tweeting out every time Stephen Drew did something bad either strike -- a bad play in the field -- I didn't want over -- I wanna fill people's time ones I have respect for people couldn't feel the thing with Stephen Drew -- does something good it's like once a week yeah tweet it's bad it's everyday report -- Last year at this time. I'm looking at the Major League standings. Not eight parole since April 20 ninth the year ago -- April 30 that idea that states at thirtieth and interest. I screwed that up. On April 30 a year ago if you have the Tampa Bay Rays. And Baltimore Orioles won Q in the east. You had the Cleveland indians' number that eleven in -- start how good that looked joins over can they sustain it. Out west he had done Texas in Seattle one to -- Oakland aids. -- six and a half games back at this point -- qualifying for the playoffs. In the National League you have Washington up top yet Saint Louis company had the not LA Dodgers. Still up top in the yet NL west. A year ago and the Sampras Cisco giants were still four games back at that time. So there were teams get up to good starts last year 20/20 five games and and he said other electing a playoff team that she saw the Dodgers sixteen and seven a year ago the Dodgers sixteen and seven what do turnaround from the Cleveland Indians. Eleven tonight of course the Dodgers and it needs to make the playoffs. Red Sox eighteen and seven best record in Major League Baseball. You feel OK buying into the sustainability of this team unlike some teams at this time last year now there were playoff teams -- answer no OK -- don't mind Joey. Yes yes I do the right now there are eighteen and seven in the best record in baseball and threw 25 games they've been the best team in baseball and we are talking about. Sustainability. They've -- the same issues that every other team in baseball and its economic this guy can stay healthy on the deck I can stay healthy. Maybe there's a track record are you concerned with David Ortiz shore is -- and have a 11 ERA now. Not gonna that's gonna go up -- -- no question embodies not -- been steered the iron the recent hiccups. And then you know they'll. The get no raw but maybe they'll they'll lose a couple series at three series in a role whatever might be you know the sustained an injury you're too. But I think everybody in baseball as they've shown now that I think that there's some question marks committed -- season that. Have turned a corner a little bit -- you know 45 starts in for all these guys. I think more -- what they've shown as the going to be in this thing. You know one's -- run away with anything but they're gonna be in this thing because so many other -- to flawed. So many of the teams. There's a couple good teams I think there'll be going in in in May and may mid may June July though. They'll pick up a little bit but I think more important than just pictures shown they're gonna be an ethic that's all you want because a lot of questions coming into the year. Evidence and -- like itself let's go to some of those questions real quick when -- start with the question -- we have start Lester buckles. Now the questions are no question you start the rotation. Jon Lester was -- jury fluke. Or was he the guy that he was four years running before last year checked. I Clay Buchholz. Awful start of the season last year can come out of the gate but it does he did pretty well at that first month. Any commodity -- -- sustain it can give you innings. -- Ryan Dempster can adapt the American League but one. -- Right John Lackey what's gonna look like since he came back from that from Tommy John surgery. Are we gonna see an uptick in stuff. Legacy -- guy on the mound I'd say check. Now let's again. The questions in the future of health of -- -- likely buckles of a guy like John Lackey I think a lot of teams in the team event. -- -- -- -- down we'll wait and seeing the -- to get off to a good look good against Toronto at the -- not serious comes back to last out in the current. It's funny how willing to add one more in two the pitching part of it and put a check mark ports that that the symbol C when a guy goes down. Al Webster came up made a believer out of me if you told me today Alan Webster. Was gonna start the rest the way it if black you're due brought went down. I'd be OK with that so your ball to the pitching staff and go check check check check no -- was an issue for you. Again I'd say check mark there -- yeah I put a check mark no -- Pitching staff no doubt the bullpen. Is interesting because guys that pitched well when him and asked to close -- Hanrahan. I can't go full check mark on hand and we wonder what he would make the adjustment from the from the Pittsburgh. Pittsburg pirates to the Boston Red Sox and have no mic up well. There -- some pick ups in terms of is. On the mound and with the injury. So even if you don't go check mark there. Which for better money Andrew Bailey -- -- -- -- -- they help you get that question mark terms of the help he can ever check off hell. But the idea that daily weather clothes or an eight inning guys can accept that role. I feel better about that -- -- -- -- into the year I love a better course target closer with a bullpen high on a list of what his team might. Be better than people think then but -- was a guided you I wavered on. There is I mean granted questions about the -- ago a lot of arms Specter a lot of guys that can finish it is -- one guy step up but in -- was the guy. We'll see if he still is the guy when he comes back but Bailey has in their closing position has been good for them so. On Texas what herbal Felix who brought -- Question marks about you know Felix what was the question with him though was it in spring training didn't like what I saw. Looked out of shape it was talked about Romney people weren't happy about Wimbledon comes out so far. I'd -- pretty good. You know I mean -- in four starts point during the third innings that the deal -- more than that 424 ERA but he's three you know. Teams winning when he's out there an amount let's face it you look at him as. I know lackeys. In order your fifth guy but I think to brought you look as -- -- starter. So. Strike guys out. Ethic the rotation I think the arms. All checked out so for. In terms of offense you look at the overall picture. And -- runs scored. They are. Number four Major League Baseball that is a huge surprise to me. When you look at Oakland Colorado those guys be 12 in terms of runs scored surprise anyway. But then Baltimore and Boston my issues that they scored affronts. They're top four right now what 25 games played their game back of the 12345. Teams around in the runs scored. Offensively so far put a check mark there. That I didn't think they would -- put these many runs together like top five BC boy you're you do what you wanna do. As an -- individually step further Mike Napoli. Could he play would he be healthy could he be the middle the order guy check check check he's RBI machine the first month of. Yeah -- -- we Utah remote last year in April the strategy citi's -- schedule. By the -- eleven and fourteen to fifteen or 25 games and so eleven and fourteen you sit there and eighteen -- Took a big difference but yet didn't -- that line. -- Napoli question marks. -- -- I'll shedding question health you know I didn't question -- health and finally found some in his deal. You know I got a lot of a three year contract in new who knows and I don't know maybe at the first month you wish it did among her three year contract. Bynum pushed to help me it was defensively. Any you know time will tell their you know there was an -- about meadowbrook symbolic -- publisher picked. Ethnic forget for the pitcher was there was originally charged with the -- that in -- giving it to Napoli -- off the bag just pretty much missed that. I think overall. He's played well you know defensively. No more better and I thought in -- we forget about looking guys -- what seventh the Texas. You know hasn't had regular at -- Kitty coming here in it for a while David is out can he hit fifth and and actually be protection for David. At Etsy has he done that. The ice he's been a -- come. Logical wheels bring what raising. You know I think you look at the power numbers to one home run right now at 2783. You run a little bit but. Running is still last year over the last year I mean even in the do we when he came back you can have a great year. What's the happy with what you've seen from inching Victor Reno your question contract. He's come out of the gate well. Thought. David Ortiz helped when he's gonna come back when does come back what's he going to be this the reason why haven't an 85 wins a lot of people had him wherever. Once I'm at 79. Does that thing it could wrap my head around was how the hell all 1213. Fourteen question marks gonna click. -- freed has the they had that it down years that you come and hopefully pick it up. A relief pitcher that's pitched in the National League how many guys on this team that you needed to reverse their seasons from a year ago or stay healthy or remain healthy. That's rice they're eighteen and seven. The performing on the field all a lot of most of those things have checked it's amazing that you go to Downey could say outside of a handful you're right. Most of the things we've checked out and again it's 25 games the first time we can sort of in my opinion look back you were fourteen and eleven. A year ago the 25 games last place in the American League east seven -- back this year 25 games in. You have the best record in baseball and look I don't care how optimistic you were about the Boston Red Sox. There is nobody else there that we heard from. The popular got that this start to begin the season nobody would have said they'll be eighteen and seven or they will be forget forget that fifteen and -- MBA at the top of the division and be competing for the best record bass player and not blow it actually are right now. Nobody thought that they have surprised Major League Baseball -- -- all the you'll join us tomorrow. Does his weekly -- rankings every week on its podcast. Number one yesterday but Boston break in Red Sox. Who people dead and buried to begin the year they have been these surprise of Major League Baseball -- I look at -- look appreciate prognostications. And the results 25 games in -- you're Red -- other surprise Major League Baseball. The question I have for you -- Red Sox fans today is it sustainable. And it'll be winning at 700 clip but the idea that you are going to be not just cut competitive playoff team. Best team in the division. In maybe it can't basketball -- is -- wild card but get -- and not worry about that one yeah that's what we are right now. Is the 25 game start. Is that sustainable for this Boston Red Sox team into. And -- and -- techsters says Lou you're hypocrite. This time lest he kept on telling everyone at the judge my big key apparently Youkilis. Across ever been my big game. I've ever been have been Wagoner respect as a player when it does you know those -- -- -- continued. Too early to judge Youkilis. It when you look at -- but but now. This team it's the whole hearted joke given up the dinner and obviously it is work -- again you know yes yesterday was a nice break didn't have enough at bats -- -- ready to start the duck boats at the point five games. I will continue with the individual play of a hitter I am not gonna judge eight hitter. On fifty at bats. Not gonna judge a pitcher. On and you know who goes out their slow start great start a set anything could happen but as eighteen. We look at this team. Okaying the playing a different level. None of the dig deeper than I thought. Yeah when it comes to individual hitters -- a judge -- -- fifty everybody else can. Over else to tell me a greater player of best golfer and -- organizations -- Bradley at the fifty spring training events. Double listened when Jerry look in his eyes and everybody else to tell me that new Stephen Drew of the cricket bats is a waste. Dollar I would suggest you go to go to go to diesels favorite go to espn.com. You do not literally we got to account will not go their go to batting end -- -- -- -- month -- and then go to Yahoo! there then go to the bottom. Yep okay and tell me. I don't know -- -- a list of the bottom. Fifteen hitters in the American League. -- that. Can do that week what it would -- give me some of the some of the names that are hidden. A two out drive. Adam LaRoche I go to bottom immediately -- look at the list right now -- -- at 143 of -- is mixed and he he wanted to -- and at 143. Adam Dunn won 43 BJ Upton 146 Josh Redick 147. Ike Davis won 59 Yunel Escobar went 64 key weeks -- 67. Those -- the bottom six hitters in the American League Stephen Drew was there with them. Talk I listen to those guys get ninety about 8590 Ambac. It's baseball let let's attack that we've seen Naples before. Not judge guys of fifty at bats but I'm talking about as eighteen. This team will be either. They're gonna content are deeply meaningful games that's what it feels like. But I'm curious -- Red Sox fans feel the same way that an eighteen and seven start when he five games in after 1114 start a year ago. Can you body on the sustainability of this team but individual players but SAT you watch an -- 25 games based on. The TV ratings you guys -- watching this team. They drew tens a couple weekends ago on a Saturday for a double header against what Kansas City. This a popular team right now with Red Sox fans people are back into this team if I just go by the though the ratings of -- courtesy of our friends at -- Are you buying in long term to this team 6177797. ID 37 the phone number. 61777979837. The ATP text line. Is 37937. Not ninety seconds your phone calls I believe it's sustainable but we have not mentioned the reason why. In these first twenty minutes -- -- not -- in at the real reason you can you not edit your wrong about reason to give you the real reason in ninety seconds. Why this is sustainable in my opinion all year that's next.

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