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Jason Collins comes out of the closet, Chris Broussard prefers he stayed in

Apr 29, 2013|

We discuss the coming out of Jason Collins and is the first active professional athlete to do so, which led to comments from those with strong religious beliefs against it. We discuss it with Cedric Maxwell, who played in the NBA for over a decade.

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Cedric Maxwell what does all this hour soccer holly on WEEI in WEEI dot com. Lot going on today in sports obviously with. Patriots draft picks we've been discussing. Bruins about the start the playoffs on a down note. Sour sour on that -- to the very sour environment around that team right now Celtics trying to make their comeback and Red Sox just keep on winning the man of the greatest month of April that ever happen. In the history of the franchise but a lot of that. Gets knocked off the front pages today -- with with the news that came out Jason Collins on Jason Collins. Coming out I played with the Celtics earlier this year but in the NBA for a while thirty more years old. Announcing today and becoming that he becoming the first. Openly gay male athlete money north American sports and this and that that I qualified Elena you did but think that you have to put in perspective also. And he made this announcement after the season and we don't know if he's coming back -- that's my opponent said this is either going to be the most historic announcement the most historic. Conversation historic day when the game yet in the NBA for a team next year it will be an enormous enormous moment it and what team here's here's -- thing about that would team. -- to have this circle but that's the question because if he doesn't play for now he's a free agent right now Michael -- players. I think he's just it's just the guy he's just to get to the guy committed and our guy sports knowledge can help the Celtics right now -- Right up there more out of a guy he was -- Caroline Collins had not come out today. -- he'd definitely be on an NBA roster next year. Well at his age if he had his agent is productive you want it it. I don't know if you want it to Michael because. It in in terms several folders in this league minimum salary -- minimum salary you'd you veterans' mental low maintenance. A guy Smart Martin guy who -- who can you know help you out defensively. He's the ultimate team to and I don't and I still think he's point two. If he wants to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you were part of the Cumberland it would work with wait wait what we did it ultra -- that the statement to what is momentous right now. Because when John Amaechi came out. Wasn't stopped presses right now is stop the presses because people he uses the word -- -- -- you -- -- -- he's not casually economy as it was it was whether it came out we we've found now but we didn't stop the -- this is all on stopping for us right now on this right now ESP year right now all their writers all the stories right now on the opinion even. National syndicated shows right now are doing stuff I think about John Amaechi well I'll think the John -- because he had been -- -- game we didn't stop the presses a matter of figure who John Amaechi was yeah it did ideally we will week. But what we what we've done and Estonian and and the wealthiest anybody at all you can take it -- want to put it to me. And this is -- that if he plays again this year he comes back -- this to me as -- rob -- Because it is one of those things we some points impact and and as soon as macho as all these professional athletes all. To go in there -- -- day eighty. -- -- -- In their locker room is went to be fascinating to Tennessee and people want to look at that. More than they would you know concurred that Sheehan walking around with somebody you would this. This point to be a -- real life story if in fact people are well. Beat you if you guys talk about the attention I think if he's on a team. Besides with the team in training camp death if so he's there on media day media day all the media day will be -- us. -- -- the first game of the season yes huge but I Arab. I find it hard to believe that boy we get to an all star break will be huge if he. And my putting aren't -- already they IQ are pretty -- all star break not yet understand what I don't know any effort to show opening it now we know I don't. I don't every player in the -- I don't know I don't think so why get to wicket in December and January. On a Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Do you think that there will be. This this traveling circus as you put it would take I don't think Israel and the reason -- -- say because I think people if if people. Go out and see. -- -- -- millions of people watch field qualities discovery channels and and some guy Barkin and this is real life. This isn't this is this is real life stuff that I -- I had to meet with cuts of it. You can yeah you can essentially right now if you want to have a show. That was that was went to be when the highest rated show was around it will be like in cable you can have this show of following this and golf for a -- right now historic now. Must of his boom he was at a time in -- gaining fifteen Twitter followers thanks. Blew up because because because I don't think we're looking at it in the way and honest coaches individually. It is towards chemical Wear itself out. I think people want to make a big deal a -- a long time. I think they should make a big deal about it for what I think also. For a lot. It will be the story and adjacent columns will be the story in van. I think this is gonna is gonna normalized as you -- -- directly well -- I just don't take a year ago you mentioned real life and that's why I think it's gonna normalized because everybody out there listening to us. Everybody in this room I'm confident saying their -- in -- in his room and haven't taken a poll. Before the show started everybody in this room know somebody either a family member or close friend of viewers -- Wednesday so it is not. It is not shocking it is shocking that. Michael this is Shockey because it's shocking now because I don't we they cut because Michael every other piece of society. Has accepted. Gay. People. People or gay right we have people who work in public policy as we have religion we have in the military and we -- -- Ever everybody Barney franks won one of our our. Our. Politicians. Was openly gay in the world of sports. That. We got -- we have not we -- not cross that line we have not cross that. And you we haven't crossed the line and I saw a Doc Rivers said in -- and some great stuff if you haven't seen go to site dot com. He said. When he when you watch a movie -- you mentioned Jack Ramsay and watch 42. When things turn out to him doc doc speaking here is that. It was more most of the -- it was not the teammates mostly comets came from the fans it may be yes -- things with the Jason Collins situation. It will bring a level of tolerance to. To the fans. We all assume and you can speak to a better and anybody else that you play in the NBA and covered him for a long time. I think we all assume he's gonna he's gonna encounter resistance. From his human -- what do you think it would be like. In that locker well I don't think so what what guys do and in god always make jokes of anything. There are going to go out and they're going to make a joke of this when he actually comes to their locker room. Individually is going to be washed away and forgotten in the locker room click quicker than it we'll. From the people on the outside the biggest thing that Jason is to a door for me right now but look at that he is making it possible. That there's some gay. Player out there who Zhong. Who is in college right now was great to come into the growth is point to be able to announce to the world that he is gay. And come in the league and that's points and this is accounting impact the door I think that he is open. I agree with you I mean Michael -- discussed this before you came in -- -- -- and I think today I know -- are giving -- grief about whether it's historic because I think if -- if he'd ever plays again this story wolf. Raider way and there's nothing actually -- two day. With the fact that we have a gay player. On openly -- play what what will actually be news is definitely does everything you just ahead Korea hangs out in the locker room as eleven teammates. Goes on the plane goes in the goes everywhere does them -- the goal in the shower -- -- what do you what do you do now what do you do with a -- what seemed like now. As a player I don't think it changes summarize openly gay I don't think it's gonna challenge -- he do you do that he approached it I don't think it'll change -- it was gonna change. Players along the tease laugh about it date they will they will. Some -- won't count that but and it's gone so far Michael you'd think about when my Magic Johnson first. Got the whole deal HIV they know how it was rumored to. From supposedly as the at Thompson hit it Thomas at that time said that magic was gay because he. Contracted this virus there. It is built around players for the longest time and there's been some resistance and all the -- stuff this fall man this to me is an amazing story that just came out. Now Jason Collins I was on the Celtics earlier this year he was traded along with Barbosa for for Jordan Crawford. -- you saw this guy you travel with them and ask you this. For him OK and -- on the air when did you know like a little piccolo a year now that I'm not trying to side note I was gay not a did you know did well everybody now. Oh is it. So -- didn't know. We don't know it is right it will brother just didn't know how the only person robbing two and. If you'd think about how hard it was because one of the things that was said today in and this goes in in my mind. I heard today Stephen -- Smith and he was talking about Dwight Howard. Amy said about Dwight Howard get to tentacles of -- on the game and I quote Stephen A Smith of the -- -- And our community if anybody. Back in the day when you are not right in the black community I know this said that you were all right let's go the -- -- -- fighting words right. Now where are we yet in this general conversation about. You know BMK. What world war are weak and this is what I think is such -- distorts. -- premium where. Well. Are are you talking about the and to mark the word because you don't using -- as a personal experience -- -- and the ones you're you're gay and all the judges Steven nice to say you know that was a low now. Hockey drastically cut but I think punk has been in. I -- -- of the punk has evolved into something else well -- -- -- -- marry out of there aren't. -- well I think there's that other triggers maybe maybe has company. I think there are some other triggers. That's the gas company understood the word there -- other word that there -- other words along with -- punk that will allow when people hear it they'll fail Weytman. What did you say to me we're not you know I just heard Michael it -- in my in in my region. In my mind -- -- pretty. But if you -- tenement if you walked up to being shot you know you and welcome to me is that do you right. All right let's go. Despite not use this word around that they -- -- -- -- -- in -- you're right. A while ago now I think -- still hat is still resonates but in other words to admit -- I think we're dancing around this is it right to a Kobe Kobe Bryant was was fine by the NBA because because he called an official. A word that is generally used as the derisive term -- for almost right. Art that is the word now that that the word he used and the word that we can say on the radio. That your game. -- you're using it in and dismissive way I think debt. Network that that I had to be joined that has joined him it wouldn't. Those dilemmas of its way to but it was your call foot ascent and attested to afterward okay -- -- what happens now that. That's really the question of I wanna hear -- -- -- -- -- real quick break right back more Max Michael -- course alcoholic WEEI. Cedric Maxwell with a serious talk holly on WEEI the biggest news nationally today NE SPN's John Wall to wall on it. Is -- Jason Collins who did play with the Celtics earlier this year has been around the game for awhile. Announced that he was gay came out an article to Sports Illustrated becomes the first. Male athletes any major American team sport to come out there then. Certainly women in individual sports Martina Navratilova and others dating back years and years but. This would be. If he ends up playing next year because he needs to be signed by teams a free agent keep me he's not a great player he needs to be -- and he's the play of the game nature if he does. I'm with you Max I think this is not think that he would be -- that we we can go all these -- things but. To be a great marketing tool for -- try to Dallas stands up to like if there's one team out there I see that is gonna try to. Quote Mark -- and -- Mark Cuban payable services go. -- no you don't buy that one of -- a sure. Well -- -- Alcatel always genuine hero -- that -- on how are you look like separate Cisco you know that it is a battle are utterly of excerpts. And -- you know all all the jokes aside -- -- you don't make it makes sense. I mean it's because we talked about it before. They're southern teams that would be it would not it. Wouldn't be sure. No drop below straw that Oklahoma -- but Alan Dow and I'll tell us from a Cubans to promote market at that point yet but -- -- in the area. Houston. It's like -- I'm Mark Cuban sciences and next year it'll be fascinating dynamic is just what you said about Dallas about taxes about that area and then throw in the fact that they Cuban sort of is who he is in. This circus that he does that does that -- -- -- a serrated -- how the world can you go about you know thinking that that would block. I don't know well. I guess I would just say this you said earlier Macs that did it this is one of the last barriers to be cross this that that we've now seen. People who were out in almost every apartment in -- in the last year so things have changed. -- first of all you mentioned as we're talking in the break the -- the African American community has treated homosexuality. I can't speak to all that well can we Italian know that no level and I won't pretend that. Israel. Making me feel even more color I want god and applying care are perhaps they were to go out there and I found such dorks and -- but in reading about. What the effect of Barack Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage. And then seeing the changes in polls taken throughout the African American community in had a significant change it and go from 06 feet and completely swap the issue. But it was a major change we so that that gay rights and gay Americans a huge deciding factor in who won the election this past year we saw just did an article yesterday I was reading in Yahoo!. Up from some morals but it was -- through Yahoo.com. -- major Republican donors are trying to get the entire. Party to change their view. On gay marriage because they think it's too polarized at -- I mean something is definitely there's been a parent there there there there has been a switch by. There's certain planes that you don't go to the certain things just don't you don't go into the locker room. Its name pitcher. And we do lists these bloggers. Right way to do it -- so that's why it's -- historic because you look at the way people have been program. You can say as as a priest would accept that it's politician except that -- The schoolteacher. Can be -- as the scout leader. That you can EP -- at who's at that that's openly can't be gays -- allowed to -- their right to put some rules you that you get here but yeah I want all of that and making it that and I think gays go oh let's look. The boy scouts of America that was it it was openly gay woman who was a a didn't. And date and they they wrote a the proposal. And they put it rules now scouts that scout you could be a gate but less important than anything Camby a gay athlete professional -- -- -- So I think as assistant general public yeah. I think that we have now yesterday as ever bin except that issue is nobody nobody's edit it here here's the thing nobody said nobody is it is they wrote Michael just under. Our -- -- now. Remember when -- -- to a male locker room oh that thing is if you go to a male locker room -- always keep -- level with a guy. You keep your -- out on you don't look you don't look -- Also a written but I don't think Jason called -- a -- all the same rules for the last however many years I don't and we don't we don't miss another week for twelve years we don't well so is this cousin with Chris Broussard ESPN course covers the NBA's rules anyone. This is from ESPN earlier -- Personally I don't believe that you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. And openly freeware like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If your openly living that type of livestock. Then the bottles there's you know the body of fruits. Is there is that you don't bet that's thin and if you're openly living in our repentance and whatever it may be not just homosexuality. And adultery. Fornication premarital sex that we have a surge in whatever it may be. I believe that's locked in an open rebellion. -- god and since Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that Carson as a Christian and battle think the Bible would characterize some of it. How that's what a relative context I haven't talked to him because our guys that aren't I I didn't I've known him for a long time. And we've had many conversations about this over the years -- Chris Broussard. Is from. It's from Ohio oh yeah and but he was he was working at that you know Cleveland paper while out working and agrees to cover high school -- ought to get all the stuff. Had many conversations. Obviously we do that we not share the same views on his -- strong. I would even go so far to -- fundamentalist. -- Christian that what Evers -- that is where there is in the Bible. That is -- we it and he's -- there is no interpretation though. He is thought that wave for our a long time enemies Erica Arnold be the preacher an -- what went. Yet we obviously he's alias the entry to Thomas he's bought while they are now they -- that's where they had -- hell of ever know who know him to anybody who knows him well. Knows that that's where it come from I'm guessing that's why they asked him to be yeah a part of that panel. Absolutely -- to be I don't know I don't know the context of when he -- -- compound that -- but you're basket but you're and. We talked to me yeah we we talk to them. It was this year we're talking about some and he came around -- films about a religious background it was the and he was affiliated witty a bunch of our report others. Who had eight Christian background and we are bringing up people in the Christian way. This to him is unacceptable wreck with Kolb will be of that of that lifestyle that Jason causes -- recorded a question and -- the question. Andy and I would like to hear the question asked of him there if for little bit more context if he was answering a question of whether or not somebody could be -- any Christian. I don't know that that's necessarily going to cause the same waves and ESPN if he said that you cannot be Gainey and the he had them. That he believes it's morally problem what gutless and the same thing I don't know. Not any different pitches he you can believe that a person is is entitled to whatever that one dollar and -- -- -- -- that they don't share the same -- that -- value what what he just said. Is how we feel -- -- -- -- The former one more time and we are actually how we feel little more time. Personally I don't believe that you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. And openly freeware like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If your openly living that type of livestock. Then the bottles there's you know the body of fruits. Is there is that you don't bet that's thin and if you're openly living in our repentance and whatever it may be not just homosexuality. And adultery. Fornication premarital sex that we have a -- -- whatever it may be. I believe that's locked in an open rebellion. So god and to Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that Carson as a Christian and -- don't think the Bible would characterize some of. That last part is important to me he doesn't -- the end of it until I think this person is morally or is reprehensible or doesn't belong in the NBA he just said I don't characterized mr. -- that is Christian but -- a pretty important part of it but the other part is important to when he says it sure it is. And it's an open rebellion to god. I don't know also. Eight writes the fish is not going away -- right this is an enormous moment when you can comment like that. It into the used it to the point that out match we have to say. We already -- you here for an extra seminary minute that we weren't supposed to go four for coming out occasionally we still have. It's more comments your calls on this certainly Chris Broussard make it all the more interesting that they -- all the W yeah. Are there is a lot of sports talk today that point we may have the opportunity to get back to the pats draft. The Bruins limping pathetically into the playoffs. Blog about that wrote about it WEEI dot com he once in my thoughts I think. I think these next four to seven games are gonna have an enormous impact in the future the Bruins and specifically uncle Julian career and times spent. Here in Boston plus the Celtics. Listen to -- he thinks they are shocked Mac. They -- one they win one more at that point in the momentum and everything is in their favor Matt we've attorney Rita Mac it's impossible he will not leave piece of fat the fascinated. But these Jason Collins story and it's an interesting moment played the Chris Broussard article few minutes ago guy. There can't cover and now basketball -- the NBA for ESPN for ever he's. He's their go to guy. For information and make an outlaw all well -- is that. They would say I don't think. I think that the last -- east and and and that common -- -- a little bit more -- but. -- -- Even even a week even a week so it's an in this comment and -- I would say this. Because I have I've known crisper -- long time. And we disagree on this one -- that he has a view of a world view that that I don't see but. It doesn't take something away from the conversation. If everybody has to view with the same way I don't. Right number we're talking about. I'm Jason Collins. And how he's coming out and it's great for him and it's courageous and on this historic. And if somebody has a different opinion about it different than. Everybody's. Opinion in this room. Then we have to shout that guy down and fire him because he believe or you're gonna fire him for his religious -- -- to religious -- public. -- a -- where and how much and they are definitely going to but I wonder I mean ESPN as the company is is I mean Michael -- or are you haven't seen the emails because you know on the -- on the email lists but not the emails that ESPN's sends out specifically stating. Exactly -- the phraseology in the nomenclature used I mean they are. As by the book politically correct as any organization out there are owned by Disney and in what -- -- women that they are relieved they may have talent and it week to week. Stephen it's milk with a decent. Up to me you politically correct it real political. That you know you can be politically correct if you'll elect -- if if the disease into the -- -- -- -- -- brought up. What you call home well. I mean is are these things you use -- in the way. If you have enough and one -- it was even if you have enough nothing. Let the if you have a -- if you have enough leverage. It all on a company in -- valuable to that company you give leeway bought -- -- if they want you because of some BS. -- you but it you have leverage in your rating is it. George by the question that would become his Chris Broussard expendable replaceable and and I don't know audience coming didn't we hear who was that there was talk about the Rutgers basketball ladies that time while I was on time. And he lost to Thomas Barnett he also wants to -- keep his job. Well -- job I mean he ultimately have to change like it was out on a bunch of state and then but that they keep his job but the guys who didn't. I'm Don Imus was being paid to to garner ratings by being some wide of the shock -- shock -- that shot nobody's paying Chris Broussard -- he's being paid to break NBA story so rightly so as to why there's -- part -- why put him in -- -- -- -- he's on there there was a great person who you ask him to give the Pentagon to -- I think this is on outside the lines it is all those he granderson -- who was a columnist who works for both ESPN and for CNN. -- the is also black he is he is gay has been out for a long time. And this was some of the interplay between. Personally I don't believe day you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. An open -- three -- like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If your openly living that type of lifestyle. Then the Bible says you know the body of fruits. It says it you know that's a thin and if you're openly living in on repentance then whatever it may be not just homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication premarital sex with a -- says whenever it may be. I believe that's walking the Oprah rebellion. So god and to Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don't think the Bible would characterize -- -- -- -- LC response. Below are responses are actually just like who destroy marriage is personal and that it speechwriter. Communion big broad brushed a -- every once state. Which really are -- took a world in which is culpable for you. And not -- world which in this country we're allowed various forms of religion. And just because someone that you agree with what -- conservatives in the Bible -- to the other doesn't mean that. They have great group of right to dictate what that person another person shall live. I will who -- not to have premarital -- but in this country are not allowed to get married. That's of the granderson responding to Christopher's current and agree -- -- -- a great response whether. That is our cute and thought yeah stop you Trent I got him on shows before and his contracts on LV -- is very rarely -- -- I don't I wasn't wasn't -- that same guy that -- in this could be a could be wrong arrive by. I remember. It will go talk to him about the same thing about. Gay athletes and he said he says he knows a bunch of gay athletes that you know. He said that. If they ever came out and who were you know on the cover if they if those guys that came out they start smashing or or bashing. Gay people he was going to take them to task in name names about who both players -- Because you know him personally that's what he says he knows people wore in the industry basketball wise. Football wise baseball while -- -- our gay. Who have talked to him what he just says he will not name -- -- told that this -- the big thing about it. There this is why I love Jason Collins because Jason Collins. Is the kind of guy that could. Go out and do this he's Smart he's articulate. He's he's brave and away because. You've got to take a tremendous amount of criticism from a lot of people who don't except the gay lifestyle. Two days ago factor -- -- -- he's been everything you just says I mean being a Smart guy having gone to Stanford he was roommates with Joseph Kennedy who's a congressman and he's he's clearly well spoken well why well -- says that that article he wrote. And on how much he wrote how much has written by the SI writer but I got the sense he he sure dictated a lot of what was written exactly word for word. How important is that going to be is as he goes through this assuming he doesn't. Signed by team -- why I think -- think the biggest thing about it it's still look at his value fourteen what can he do right now as a player not let me break it down as a basketball player. What he's able to do. He's a big body guy at seven feet tall who can block some shots. Smart enough defense to lead to take some charges. War do you chew. Positive minutes when he comes on the pull. In a lot of times. That's what coaches look for. If you are a role player they want things which or want to be positive when your team in these economic they can impact the team in a short term we did in the -- that we didn't play much. He did it with the Celtics forward to implement he's done it you know let's complete you in the years where you ultimately -- -- profits and. And I think also his value is to better teams than bad teams had the keys the fifth guy and he can the year if he starts for you. You probably had a snow and no I wouldn't say that -- I would say I was young -- if he starts for you you've got some scores on the rosters and you shake -- you've got a guy. Who's just a who's doing well who's just the body below. And he at least -- start for you about Latino while that there then there's room for a guy out embodies an easy way. When it's dark at Atlanta out of in New Jersey back in -- day -- senators. -- recently he'd get it. He did the year before in Atlanta where he started for the Limbaugh -- opens up I I do this but I guess some hesitancy but let's open it up. We will hear from the people it has been an interesting day between Jason Collins making this announcement this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just like who destroy marriage is personal and bet if you try to actually communion big broad brushed a -- every once state. Which really are trading at a world in which were culpable for you and not a world in which in this country we're allowed various forms of religion. And just because someone that you agree with what her conservatism a Bible -- the other doesn't mean that. They have great group of rights to dictate what that person other person shall live. As those the granderson who's an ESPN columnist espn.com columnist and also contributes to CNN as well he is openly gay. And responding to some comments from Chris Broussard ESPN that. We're inflammatory. To say the least Broussard belief that. If you are gay if you were having even premarital sex you we're not a Christian man he has. Does not approve of that lifestyle. Is all that he's out there he is the he is not among the minority right wouldn't say that. Majority -- -- -- in the minority here in the minority you know especially calls NC with the people are thinking today 617779793. Sales are John -- John. -- got. It's gotten out in this for me I I know your locker room slash know who you're playing force if -- quarter. Yeah they know that this is not in the espionage. Threat spit it out all of them but a lot of -- that -- kind of now I'm gonna think the broad brush strokes here. I think there -- -- I don't -- -- a big deal I think it worked her demeanor -- -- a -- country will this where this will be. The deal that they. Absolutely exclude Asian cultures I mean certain teams furthermore. I got a pretty aren't strong -- or to be able to get all that together because there are a lot of personality not law firm. It's from an outlet -- one bet you that strong leadership. Maybe bill -- so I think I think unfortunately I think -- at all the quote and it and it as our food. He's kind of -- or at toward eastern time and it gets beat from reality. I that's an interesting part and I wonder how it affects basketball more than a basketball locker room more than a football locker room I mean it's. It's Oregon writes both you guys supposed to 5350. File the guys that would be. Even around a football locker or even 25 and baseball. What you're saying about that because basketball players through such a small small a number. It becomes a lot more intimate. When you think about guys who know each other and go out each other -- -- a lot towns on the baseball team or football team. There's certain guys that don't even know who the other gals all that they don't know the person that the -- but don't hold their personalities hosting another from a different angle which is. There with there're fewer guys to answer questions. I mean every media outlet that is gonna descend upon whatever locker room decent call on. Finds himself in next year but the football locker room that -- but media is gonna be divided 53 way up to baseball divided 25 ways rests case. It might be divided twelve ways and of those twelve guys use it for the may not be able to talk here's the thing about it if you are the older and you decide to go that way. And -- player. You're going to see in the rest of putters you have humans in the tooth -- count of counseling. -- by Dave bacon tall learned how to raise paraphrase an immediate yeah -- media counsel you will see your players this year. Because you're not gonna have your players going out on the limb. In battling -- Jason Collins over this. Chris Dodd would not be a good person -- be on the team what you're -- -- at and T agreed it would not be a good teammate. Four states and how well their. Here a couple things here a couple comments one on the eighteenth -- Tex -- A few different taxes saying you guys have it all wrong. -- Chris Broussard is not in the minority took some courage to say what he said the more people agree with him that you guys -- -- signed it in the if you guys are out there you wanna call and let the conversation about it in and Jason Collins said he wanted to start the conversation. I think he was talking about openly gay player in professional basketball but the conversation. Has fifteen layers to it -- so this is part of the conversation to and it sounds like LV granderson has heard this before because his response. Was so thoughtful yeah and instill good. Did he does he and other biffle right and then I that's not likely to -- about fighting this -- of article about -- opinions. We assume. That athletes don't know. Why is god has gone public now Jason -- I don't think people knew about Jason Collins but. Did you go to all sports. And you ask guys have you ever played with contemporary athlete right now have you ever played with the junior league baseball basketball hockey football. The muscles got to shore. Michael that you could put ahead put my category Michael publicize that you could ask me that I ever played with did you like it now. -- not that I knew we're not until later on today retired. As the guy right now that I know that supposedly is supposedly -- that I happily -- It in my aperture in the late. Soul I did not know that at that time I don't think guys and realize it is sports. This is a march oh locker yet. And you don't you don't except the back. Personally except the fact that there's somebody gave your locker room it might it might change it will be interesting how much it doesn't say it you you know you know Jason call or anything specifically on macho about Jason -- -- and not that he's been -- how much of it is the is not anyway. You what is on macho now for the. What does that and also -- -- that's part of a conversation too -- what does that what does that even mean you know you're talking about a guy. Who oh you would know it in this -- stereotype or gay man does this sort straight guy does that's exactly right yeah it's. It would you thought at that time when Dennis Rodman was was in the dresses. You'd think he -- game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I it's a good question asked Max and and because as the. Only one I've ever seen. They're really it -- don't remember anybody else who was in the -- Larry Johnson -- one toddler -- was -- my -- right and they showed him an address a lot of other -- stuff I was -- Narnia and just template but again and he -- irony of -- but I'm telling -- players don't even like to be a -- up by the guys that play -- now will somebody and Michael I think you and I were making the same point to different ways. This is their player out there now who says. I always thought that if you were gay that you couldn't be much that you couldn't play this game it. I knew this guy for as long as I've known him clearly he was macho enough and good enough to play in the NBA and never have me ask a question about it. I guess I gotta take a -- look at the way I'm viewing gave and that's what's been happening all over America right the last decade or so why bring up that bomb again and Republicans and all country by changing its view on a subject as -- it did it to process when Greg Louganis came out the -- he was -- We saw this great body this guy who. Swimming AME dole and it's be it and do all this in the when he came out and said he was gay will we overly surprised. But we're more openly surprised when it is one of the big four sports grass I have not not not that. The French sports but we are surprised to hear what I shot was shocked when it comes because it's not individual the only team environment that's -- at least to so many of these questions Chris is on the came Packers. They don't -- -- and -- -- great shot artist lessons intensely you know pistons to just in about 2013. Like accepts. In the fifties and sixties -- that there would -- There was plenty gay athletes that didn't wanna say any thing were kept to themselves. And in every sport and go back in an -- came -- with Iraq cheeks are Johnny Mathis. You know -- a Little Richard I mean. You talked about -- the -- -- the people not gonna go see them because they're gay marriage I don't know what Michael Jackson -- but you know what -- -- part of society guys. I mean it. The people make a bad thing about like look at you Robertson broke -- how the Barry years ago. And it will we already had an -- you know -- -- open to changing to a couple of full circle. Well that's the point Max has made Chris is while things have come full circle and change and so many other parts of life and parts of society this will be the beginning of that -- in a very small section which is that locker because it doesn't -- its -- for -- bit protective but lol it's time. You just that you just did not five people eat because you had those big four sports hockey baseball best -- -- both sports. And you never would think of somebody being gay in that locker room. You can you can annuity you back the -- somebody had to be able. You would never point out to -- -- and say Michael what we've been talking about this now for awhile I mean we've only been doing the show month -- so. And we this is already the third or fourth conversation we've had on this subject partially 'cause the guys like Chris Kluwe William Brandon nine -- -- -- and our comment what they've been trying to -- for -- in the NFL. But the momentum was this did not happen out of the -- the momentum has been here for this for a little while. Yeah I think so I think also. Its the times that we've we've we've mentioned that before -- also. If you take sexuality out of I think this is a time where. This is the time in history with professional athletes. Or more expressive than ever will or -- it professional athletes. They need the -- they manipulate the media more but they need that the media less. To get out their views I mean look at Jason Jason Collins did here he as a combination of old school new school. When Bill Russell retired. What did he get the story to Boston Globe now -- stories Sports Illustrated and got paid for so Jason Collins. Give the story to Sports Illustrated that second tip to the old school of the new school is. It's Twitter follower Asia and so well he wrote the story of self important -- in -- -- now he has I think more athletes are taking control of their story. More than ever before. And it just happens to coincide with the time and -- in time in history. Or we have we're we're less and less surprised so so why people coming out in even though some have about the subject -- -- -- even even even those in support of primaries. Give -- -- tell me tell me how many followers right now. The Jason Collins head -- and we did well look at other nights -- tell you in just a -- -- call -- Hollywood -- with us here -- WE -- make it.

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