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John Tomase writes that Papi is not overpaid, the guys disagree

Apr 26, 2013|

The guys discussed a note in John Tomase's story of today's Boston Herald where he wrote that Ortiz was not overpaid this past off-season. Gerry, John and Kirk disagreed.

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Impressive light for buckles. Ortiz continues to impress -- bill Arnold about the Bruins in the o'clock hour Greg Bedard will break -- com. Although some monumental moves made by the patriots all they did trade out of the united pick up up a bunch more draft picks we'll get to that as well 6177797937. We saw this paragraph and jump to moss he's Red Sox beat peace Jerry. It's it's all about David Ortiz. Headline reads poppies back in a big way -- run ads too impressive return in its earliest and prosper batting over 500. In the middle -- John Tomas he writes. David Ortiz was a topic of some contrived controversy over the winter and into spring training. With a minority of misguided souls arguing the Sox had overpaid him there at two years and 26 million dollars. It's arguable they overpaid. You could say you can say a lot of people said he's not going to be good. It's gonna be injured today Richard you won't you won't play as he did last year we certainly prove those people wrong it's a good it's arguable that's 26 million dollars he is over. I would all -- Tomas he would be wells was gonna -- an answer of course nobody. Even close and even the owners you know Henry workhorse in its yeah we overpay him because of what he brings. On the open market I've would not have got more than one year to get one years at the most seven -- the most strikes and seven. It to a 26. John knows that he's vastly overpaid because of the intangibles. You know they they had this -- going in the camp going in the season. That they were going to be good guys good character there was gonna get along and they couldn't. You know reconcile. Parting ways to right with the best guy on that -- -- the guy one -- big poppy. Well. Professing that they were gonna have two wonderful guys so he fit the plan. And they didn't want to insult the -- is now -- in the of course they overpaid a -- ups is he is he earning his money right now you bet he is but on the open market when we got close to. Stuck to -- that -- Christian exit DOC good morning. Yet under the microscope. A bomb on to scratch my head -- a little bit what we have season ticket -- -- right behind the -- out in the end. I in the last year and a half I just didn't really unhappy with the Red Sox. We sold our -- privately I don't really wanna go to the games I was happy to see the Bruins. And in the last. -- I was really happy to CD turn around and my question is can it really be that simple can we get into. Munich during here and new players and everything looks green on the other part is it really that simple. Are you asking is it sustainable. And is this real or just some sort of mirage were looking out -- which are asking. Well I'm 26 years old arm you know -- is younger hawks -- and mighty you know -- -- has always been like long. You know band and had you know seat but I'm wondering yeah is that sustainable. And you know it really that easy. OK it's just not a matter being easy it's a matter of guys performing in in situations like Buchholz as an example leads I think all of baseball with five wins. Lester is pitching very well Ortiz has at the ground running literally and figuratively. Knoblauch has problems more than anybody thought he possibly would Napoli has been better than anybody thought he would I mean it's just a matter of of good performances by a bunch of different guys. And you wanna throw in that little. You know that little seasoning of a good club house in great chemistry and that allows them to play for each other than the written that. I mean it's it's it's it's a matter of baseball performance. Yeah it and ensure. Seen and the last year and a half really really. Our technique in and I want to be back there I want to root for the Red Sox are back Chris it's a good time -- good luck the fun to watch yet.

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