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Sean Casey, Former Sox 1B, on the Marathon bombing and the Red Sox

Apr 24, 2013|

Sean Casey joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Red Sox, the team's reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing, and the great start they have got off to.

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WEEI your phone calls at 6177797937. You can text this. On the eighteenth -- -- last 37937. Dip on our way back in two. The teams here locally obviously it's been a rough week for a lot of Boston. A lot Hamels the real world issues and start to look at this Red Sox team -- nineteen games in. Thirteen at six and I'll play for the Red Sox now watch him. On the MLB network the mayor Sean Casey joins us on the AT&T hotline I saw you -- -- -- a couple days ago. Great to see baseball back at Fenway today hash tag Boston's strong I believe the guy was in the city. You -- -- what happened here and probably contact of people in and around this a Red Sox team on what's going on. Yeah I mean he's -- like him like that if you ever if you -- completely. I thought that they like you know everyone everywhere it's certainly the base of the -- -- -- And I I totally do about it but my career I think about. That one in Bosnia to navigate don't come off the -- like eight years averages Qatar independently played -- violent crowd. Talked about that -- and the just love is what the people that city's system. Hardworking talented beauty of -- it's -- so -- called up and down that debt that he'd just. You know bring him back you know. And -- little big step page Tuesday was you know the number that we played an early game has filed increasing evidence. -- that was in that city and it stayed up to the people rally around policy happens it has been great. Now I know you're the mayor so I'm not guessing though that you weren't offended by the the famous F bomb that David Ortiz delivered. You -- -- -- for the people now a case you know you the mayor -- all. Tomorrow will probably couldn't do -- with -- report. You know that probably -- -- got a little you know sometimes the you know you make is that the listen -- some of the stuff up and I you know -- that is sometimes and that that's just another adjective for him you know they throw that out sometimes just like. You bet they'd probably about. I don't -- I think I -- public not public and. Now a case that always worked this team before the year started we are talking about it now -- know there's a lot of talent here -- just felt like too many things at the turnaround from last year. With a -- the guys on this roster and rotation even if creates that brought it down years but it seems to be coming together where -- before the -- start Heidi -- bottom now. Well you know what I think all of the reporters started ultimately don't know I'm not against Bob Levy but the bottom wild and I -- John -- get tired -- not -- well I was there with Johnny -- on a wait and just know how much -- Albany is. And played great that -- loudly that first opportunity to step and I knew I -- our rooftop that. I knew how much less turn buckle to those guys -- John Farrell and how much he brought to their game and how he you know I I -- -- will be different pitches he had another beer goes they've banned. But -- you know under the that would be a different type offense without knowing that John Carol back to -- And and the bottom line is. As those divorces go and -- so obviously that -- still that -- -- ago and and that they've been they've been you know outstanding so far. And you know I love the guys know who wouldn't love a guy like Mike Napoli OK you know and and you are you have PD. And big topic back now but you know I haven't had a great year got a bit proper by the but the Red Sox now he's brought to baseball players phenomenon though they got -- -- -- And Carl Crawford those guys are that it draws big contact a look at a lot of guys now did you lot of leagues a lot of baseball player to look hard guys out there. Kidnapped or -- it's great. You mentioned Napoli and UPS three year 39 million dollar deal Shawn and that thing got a race and now he's got one year deal. Because of the hip issue it's finding -- he can make more incentives did you take heed of this type impact there in the middle a lot of these -- clean up -- Ortiz was hurt he's now batting -- he leads the league with 25 RBIs. Did you buy it to him being just the perfect swings at Fenway Park. Why not in the -- do. That they've already especially adamant he just had beaten her lack of political record years ago Malcolm was and really complete hitter but a lot of home run a lot of RBIs. You know I think. Applicability a couple of game winner of that double off the monster you know conflicted out there he's such a strong food. I think of them want to play until Laughlin is gonna get -- it's like that there were maybe borrowed that we're just that got out there going to be awful Wofford is no doubt that anybody either. Dead pull hitter feel like that's not that's that's a that's a great spot for apple to be and then -- the great part from the Vienna and you don't surely they get it right down the road though if he's going they'll. The only guys talk about we moved up with the trade here Boston with the Dodgers to give up a lot of lot of talent Crawford gonzo that they're playing great out there in LA but what it did for this organization. Buffy saw the kid on Sunday night down Webster told its second game but to be able to get arms like that in that deal -- a lot of people -- Moved on from those guys saved the money and -- happy with -- instead they get a couple of our arms and return. But you know hey and that's -- -- -- you know you get young power arms the comeback throughout the season premiere player that is about the LA but. Yeah that's a -- move forward you're not gonna do you have those. Those you know a guard Carl Crawford those kind of guys and did not return -- Nothing ventured into the great job at saint Little League and were holding -- on the Dodgers here hopefully we get some good arms back and and they did that trait which is great. Talking to Sean Casey said the you'd look at this team Shaughnessy a bunch of baseball player's -- dummy what. What does that mean how how can that help if you got a bunch of of guys how does that translate in -- clubhouse and on the field. You know it's to absorb every day and I think I think you know I think. I think it will go. You know if somebody ever give you a common -- you're -- economic -- and got the pearl and the guy shows up. He's gonna go to the exit of retro brick wall for you every day I look at Al's but I look at not look at TV. -- -- Saltalamacchia. The little guys are all guys. You know that are gonna come to play every day and it could happen period for battle every night not -- I think when he when he -- the baseball player and he's got a ballplayer and maybe that five -- easy and you say. All men look at the -- but -- -- -- you know the guys and I'm gonna grind throughout got to grind it out at night about the fight to beat this guy like. When I look at that lineup helping the type guys don't pop out and make a big poppy. You know that that -- superstar that these guys are guys are gonna come get you every day and that's why it's Red Sox up third 2013. -- about my candidacy. Your opinion changed and -- least one team with the other team you -- in -- our team's surprise. I mean I think it was so I think I think it will talk about -- Ronald you know obviously would probably they may but you know what if that changed the culture I think the -- haven't -- -- -- -- right. I think there -- -- that -- surprised you that kind of been toward the bottom all year long so far. But you know what I think probably was for real I really do I think I think I don't think last year I would like cover them that you would MLB network out of that spring training and that it that was their bottled water -- treated there they got a bunch of really good players that a body in the what he what he's what he's preaching. I think they're going to be around you know on an athlete of surprises in New York -- as well as well they have. Was it a little with a lot of guys a lot of injuries that they've had early on and I and I know I don't think you guys be in probably let me. I wouldn't -- -- and large they possibly thirteen at six right up against Washington does so I think they've brought is probably a big surprise ought to do right now. We spent the most of the show here today talking about nobody thought to be thirteenth six asking fans if they would buy in the other team well adjusted in -- Tampa Bay. I thought they will win this division other 910. I'll run scoring is always the issue then 783 runs or tied for last in the division. With Toronto if -- remember that Tampa Bay -- team are you wonder what will Myers has not been called up and -- fifth behind Longoria this offense right now. Well you know -- I think one thing that they haven't bet that that they've got a good job with -- -- is developing players not gonna bring remarkably feel like you know what this -- is ready to go. You know he's ready didn't fit into the lineup and at a popular Beers in -- later but. But yeah I think what this particular that rotation -- good. -- bad and good. And you know they got some reasonably good players are excellent relief that lead the charge but developed and developing right now if you look at -- -- and it it is thought the best. Six of the best teams in the north part of the best teams in the game knows that in the and that it -- his commitment and the guys that have been operate at all. John I hear you but I see Shelley Duncan Kelly Johnson actually spent a combined about as 200 -- wanted to. Where the hell as well Myers predicted -- -- a -- already era. Look at I'm big on the list that the guys like rob welcome Robert started bombs in the competition in those limited but. You know they -- they like people really not that stupid to collaborate at definitely right now and October in the public mind that there. Guys on that letting go back on the network this we don't want to be about as well Myers let's. Look at a case -- -- locally there was an article it's and he talked about strikeouts in Major League Baseball and I'm just curious in your thoughts. Is there's a lot of different opinions power arms may be kids coming up too soon -- will we're we're do you -- that. Listen I'm still big money got to get the line -- cannot help that you could have probably strike -- guys in the lineup. And you'll get over 162. -- maybe wannabe and I think he could have that you don't know about I think it's -- that about it was sort of 200 I'm glad that we believe it you know hit point 530 home runs but. You know I still love about it what do we got a game on the line. You don't have to when he punched out guys in the in Carolina Chris he got the pulpit or not and 95 plus. Based on the -- -- -- -- lot I don't like that matter but I'd rather have a guy like a Dustin Pedroia or something like that it's gonna get it forming. We got a guy is important that -- brought himself I don't mind it all back a striking out nobody thought I think somebody like governor lineup when you're gonna get burned. Is -- because of the -- you think is a pitch in that much better. You know I think I think the I think we ought to implement and everybody -- personality is like 95 and he you know committed -- -- -- I think that I think part of that. But I also think that it's important that nowadays do I think they'll we we played I think it's important that they -- brought that take a big swing. You get through -- accept an appointment that -- not as big a deal anymore they were peculiar. Get John on this we keep on the Dodgers here because you talk we talked about that treaty talked about baseball players they acquired talent but. It's not come together yet the Dodgers a rate in ten -- the most expensive team case that money can buy. Can't I know it's early is that a team can they can fight it out NBA playoff team or they going to be one of the bigger bus we've seen recently terms a salary verses overall record of the year. Well it's a shame first -- -- -- drinks is that god is one of the better pitchers in the game and haven't drinking -- on top of the rotation makes them so formidable middle. Every five days but. I put a lot that's another thing I look abroad might see the guys will talk about the Napoli the Pedroia -- all these guys that are gamers and they become the player there's something. That about that would have to -- superstars and a lot about. We look back at the Yankees years ago they had all those guys that all the sudden you bring in Nick Swisher you bring him. You bring in a couple of personalities and -- -- message of that group. You know I think he's done you can have too much about too much money and and it doesn't mesh together but I think the -- will be good. You know obviously dom -- straight but I think they've got to get cranky back healthy and they and they don't get him back to where -- he needs to be they can be in trouble. He's the mayor of the mayor's office on putter Sean Casey you saw here in town -- on the MLB network breaking these games down case as always love the emotion of the baseball conversational talk decent. I don't think now we thought he didn't. I guess he's good -- talk in baseball are cut wrestling promo he Sean Casey. -- on the ATP hotline listen up AT&T. Has set up a text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing -- the -- Boston. 80108. That's Boston 8010. Await the donate ten dollars to one fund Boston. Message and data rates may apply its full terms -- And give dot org slash T. I'm more your phone calls coming up -- -- Red Sox baseball -- Celtics have Paul Flannery in New York next our -- going.

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