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Jack Edwards with the State of Bruins Address with Salk and Holley

Apr 11, 2013|

We talk all things hockey, all things NHL, all things Bruins with the man, Jack Edwards from NESN as the teams around the NHL make their playoff push.

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Jack Edwards given us this entire hour sultan Ali. WEEI WEEI dot com as well. What's going on Jack back to back out -- tonight I got. Jack. Got a clothing deals somebody. -- -- eastern clothing Watertown Oregon area the -- there it is a slow vendors. Audience escalate -- -- before you know like Edwards was at that moment it's. The matter that was gonna help actually. Actually true story true story when I was a UN HIA didn't like the sound of my voice instilled on comparable with that but that's the -- -- And I eyes sought out doctor Henry Wang who it -- was a tremendous. A voice teacher in music department and gave me all these different exercises. And no one of the things he taught me to do was to breathe through the bottom of my -- for. And and you actually do that. Yeah I haven't I've been told to try can't while also is a French horn player and in junior high school early high schools that those are only get a French horn for. But let's start to the first quarter of French all right yeah but if if you were built it in districts that area can you play the 1812 overture. Know that occurred playable sorts concertos. Eighteen tortures a big French -- song yeah yeah but the one the Mozart's market share ideas -- are probably the Jack litmus test. About two and 1812 overture -- so -- -- we ma it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your salary was still out on consumers have been getting. Easter political. The different sort of -- the odds are. Bugged by the people who bring us jacket Jack Edwards every week -- smoke shop precision fitness equipment. And at this city of Boston credit union good to have Jack with -- after a game like last night all three teams of Boston last I -- had kind of a crappy night for Red Sox. Blow game in the ninth Celtics did beat Oklahoma but I thought the Bruins actually had arguably the worst night even though they -- You know I this this is. A thought that's been crystallized in for about a week now because. The Bruins being formally a large. US television market get in a lot of national play. And you talked to guys who have been traveling around. Including the Western Conference and covering national games on the Canadian in the US networks. And they say you know the Bruins looked really good and were saying like. Are you blind man's hand and to look at the standings this morning. And after Montreal beat the -- ago three points up. And control their own destiny despite Boston's game in hand Montreal stubs its -- against Washington the Bruins win the Bruins are in first place. And there's fewer in double digit games to go in the season. And it may just be that over the somewhat long haul here. That the -- are the best team in the division I a what does that tell us -- -- tells us the the NHL stinks right now I mean this schedule is absurd. And and here's here's the big picture through the small story and granted this is a hypothesis of feel free to shoot it down a guy. Dennis Seidenberg has a tremendous hockey IQ he is a really Smart person and Smart hockey player. Six seconds to go in the game always got to do was angle the puck got to the Boston's old. And let it die in the neutral solar slides into the Jersey -- he -- the -- When you cut back decided Burgundy shaking his head like it was on our and it won't go off you know I mean what what a silly thing to -- all right. But that's the price of fatigue that's what happens when you make. You know when you get really really tired. You make silly mistakes you make mistakes in retrospect you say like that was the adult us mistakes I've ever made and you know what it could cost the Bruins a game Jersey if Jersey wins a face off and cashes in in the final 62 all their overtime. You never know. And they would have blown a four goal lead. Seidenberg doesn't make that play if he's sharp mentally he was not sharp mentally why. It's logical. Given the scheduled to say. That that that's bad you know what we don't see every team every night the way we see the -- recent reports out of Pittsburgh people are saying appointments aren't that good right now. It might just be that the schedule has pounded every team in the league in to a state of mediocrity it's possible I don't know I feel free to shoot. And I got to appoint analysts who got down I think of what you got -- opposite corner of 48 game schedule. With limited and I -- a -- -- in limited a 48 game schedule with no training camp a week is that training right. So I think that is extremely valid us give us. What do you think load was most upset by last night that he felt like. Guys aren't sticking up for each other should something different have happened in the marsh on situation what do you. I gotta go back and look at it again because Andrew Ference was on the ice according to -- Rachel's play. And Andrew Ference has as accurate. A detonator. As anybody. On this team in this era. Its sense of what the threshold is and when it's time ago. Is extremely accurate and it here trigger if you go back and you look at the light that burns gets it. He seems to be in perfect control on 12 later east role. Now I don't know where he once he he said today objectives to jump in here as a -- some tweets from from Hagerty. He he asked parents about it specifically city NC right he said there -- incidentally I didn't see what happened until after -- and he was still upset that there wasn't a reaction that he still took some responsibility for it but said specifically UNC and and by the way that's also why Gregory Campbell's -- takes on. A lot of people he has no business fighting and probably loses about 70% of its flights because it's the appropriate thing to do at that time. He was also on the ice and I got to see where he while he was right in front in Nazi went right in front of it it's a little hard to tell -- Pronger watched it five or six times 'cause. -- reaction is the same limit the guy just got his head bashed in with -- an errant elbow. Or purposeful -- -- and yeah nobody does anything jogger was the only one who can't leave early look like he saw. Do we really expect an army or -- to be the one now nobody expects that's a throw that went off -- couldn't -- he was on it was lying on the ground out unconscious it'll at least three other people don't know the other defense apparently is thirty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know where he was at that time but -- -- right there. It looks like his head down looking at the pot and -- any kind of looks up and sees. That that -- -- us now Crumpler Gregory Campbell is not the kind of guy who turns down I confrontation makes -- got to care or not his character is on the optional. On the top shelf that took him what can we action -- -- is my favorite -- Nancy he's a good pick my favorite Bruin Gregory -- He's that good a and and he's throwing he's doing what Peter Moore who's the coach of New Jersey now. Once Campbell's coaching Florida said that you could do with him because Florida a couple of years. Before the broad got -- was decimated by injuries Campbell ends up. Going from being a third and fourth lines setter up into the top six. That starts producing points. So all of a sudden Campbell -- -- -- -- are so let me ask you this question Jack is I think this is what it would come down -- we can all agree. That if guys like boy chuck errands or Campbell had actually seen what happened they would rush -- off I think -- I can't imagine that any of those three guys based on their history would not every acted in the appropriate manner if they'd seen it. So we can if we can start with that as an assumption that ball checked off then gets thrown out of the game so there's no further vengeance that they can take on him this for the rest of the -- so my question for you would become. For the remaining however many minutes of that game. Should the Bruins have responded in some way. Two players other than ball checked off differently from how they'd. -- and and it's. The reason for that is that a it could get you in the neutral. Because the league really comes down hard on that kind of situation. The you have to be careful that you don't start so opened it. Starts to be out your own control. Because. What are you gonna do take a run -- one other skilled guys and and you invite them. You know to take pac. Yeah I need you as a -- -- right right X under the team that's gonna go to the last for sure you have mortal -- -- and and we'll check outs you know losses it is. Likely. The cost New Jersey. It's. Decent shot at the playoffs have that there -- gonna need some help you know they're gonna need some help because. They've cynical jokes gonna come back and play with -- busted up shoulder before he's a 100% say he's going to be our since he comes back. Not the -- in thirty pound guys and he'll take care himself but. That's the problem now you've I'll check off. And that's it's gonna hurt it's hurt that team so for the -- to get. In to a situation where we're counting down. And it starts to get out of hand at all it's the smartest thing to do black. It would have been nice to see somebody. Drop. And go with bolt -- off risking the investigator at that time just sent a message that it's not cool and and so you know I've got to talk to each each one of the guys who was on the ice and -- what was it before right. And animal -- already did that. But broad that it already you know an -- when you guys talk about that earlier had a vision of the future of sports. Because because the marketplace. For the audience has been getting more more splintered every single day. And eventually get nine people to listen the one thing for fifteen seconds somebody's got to figure out a way to monetize. Jason wolf is gonna have a -- shall press conference for the media covering the media. He's gonna say things like well you know holly -- it's like -- -- don't pretty early but then nets are threatened of volume and and that of lift that audience interest for a minute but and -- a bit grammatical or he's he's got to avoid that it's it's something that you know we really work on here and and then Alia. He sounded like he didn't see all of the Celtics game that we got to work on him you know we're gonna keep it in house framing -- -- you wanna keep at it how are right but this will be settled in council we still have faith in our guys we think go were going to be in in the very top of the ratings and -- solo world we're not worried we would like a coroner wouldn't consider doing. Play by play while we're doing the show every off -- now salt is standing now think what do you think that active -- that's your play by play I would like active perhaps exact Jack -- that gives a good active -- text -- dollars yes -- some people -- in on this as well and -- open it up to you guys because I think the the reaction to the -- chunk off here on marsh and it's a huge story it's huge conversation I can see why people see it both ways for me. I'm just trying to use logic to determine why they didn't go after the guy in and it doesn't make sense that this group wouldn't stand up forms so. If you think differently jump -- 617779798372. Part of it is. Out of the Bruins now act potentially without Bergeron in martian. A couple of weeks ago this was their top line this was the one line you can count on now -- -- from center to wing to demoted to -- in the meantime the other two guys -- both her with concussions. To what's going on -- Jack Edwards snacks alcoholic W media we -- Edwards -- this all this hour soccer holly WEEI Jack brought you buy bread and smoke shop precision fitness equipment and about the city of Boston. Credit union us. If people on the horn -- grab -- calls here in just a couple of minutes Jack before we we dig further into the oval -- off martian dust up how cup bad debt. How bad is if you don't have Bergeron and you don't have martian for an extended period of time it's bad. To begin with Bergeron is the best all around player on the -- he may be one of the two or three best all around players in the NHL. And we said the -- it's gators couple times now that I know Bergeron no hope it's as simple as that just don't delude yourself into thinking. That this team's gonna make a significant. You know talking conference finals or Stanley Cup final. Ron without Patrice Bergeron simply cannot happen especially because he's the kind of player. Who helps you win series because she gets better as series go along. He figures out his opponents he figures out how to beat opponents. That's just one of his many great values to this team. Marchand is a guy who is. Right at the edge of the core but the way he's scoring. He's kind of supplanting -- teach in the -- And Dellucci symbolically. Means more for the robust way with which he plays but but Marchand is is key and a number of goals he's putting up. You can't just give that a wise they have to the playoffs and W but I just can't help but think about martian in the playoffs during the upfront and just how unbelievable he. Yet we we've got to we've got to be able to separate that though from the reality because Travis -- in 2007. Scored. Seven playoff goals. I mean -- -- for further Anaheim Ducks you can't ever expect that got to score seven goals in any playoff run for the rest of his life. Sometimes that happens to guys just catch fire and everything works right. And and I'm not saying that Marchand is Travis -- he's a much more productive player the Travis more. But don't look at past performances and -- and acute indication of what's gonna happen in the future. It's all about -- now and that's one of the great selling points of hockey you know is more. More write about them now than any other game go John is in his car John Carroll saw Colleen jacket. Apparently put -- -- standard the last night I didn't keep the game I my heart so much on getting that. From what I understand Campbell right beta. Campbell looked -- -- a protective mode at that time of the -- -- Augusta and we're. But -- official stepped into it as well and I'm concerned I'm in order to -- -- an official -- and you don't get him. International political economic data that they're pounded off yeah good point one reason why they -- not going to an anti -- And make it look like -- -- not sure -- he wanted to look it specialist at our annual elegantly strike but yet. Yeah that's true it is if you -- -- Ronald Moore and him. Much -- yeah if you throw a playmaker and attaches an official side of the net you're looking -- long longtime critic but I believe it or -- or ya and ethnic can't Ngata up at Brittany and John you raise. You raise a good point because the other thing that we don't know is that there wasn't an effects Mike right there are so we don't know what the officials were saying because the officials are in constant verbal communication with players whether -- move the puck along the -- played -- senate trying to jam it for a face off. Or in this situation like stop stop it down right now or you're gonna -- -- you know about it. So isn't this what we use our common sense Smart and this is what use common sense it's a whole lot. Is it possible that everyone in the team -- -- -- -- -- guess but that doesn't make any sense out where -- came as a player not a -- -- exact neurological accent -- is it possible to Gregory Campbell overnight became -- wants to know I don't think that's possible. Is it possible that he didn't see it or that there was no physical way for him to get Adam it's the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise I just don't believe that this team is the same group that didn't go after him when Marc Savard was I just don't believe it's the same group of guys what. Was in quote I'm a big fan of his four for many reasons I've said this many times this year. -- says what's on his mind most of the time where -- -- to -- we need to play better -- a -- like a third line needs to be better or. I wanna see this from Lucci to wanna see this from Tyler -- he knows it or are -- shouldn't have given up that goal. Why go do you think you're -- and talking about two different things today was he talking about on one hand. Yeah members of the media you'll never get me to say something that I don't wanna -- -- my protect my team and then to there are reasons. That and I'm not gonna throw my team and invest their reasons things were happening or was he was it just one jumbled statement -- -- little confused by this statement. Today my sense of it was that it was two things directly reach the status of people can -- is -- -- -- said today. Will deal with -- internally. I don't throw my guys under the bus there was a situation that happened last night. Would we have responded physically in the past I think you've seen that is there a reason why it didn't happen. Not really. He then goes on to say you guys can do what you want but on -- let the -- negativity for example you guys saying we're not getting enough my job is to right the ship. And to make sure we're ready for the plan -- right. Well there are two things there one is that. He sees an issue he's going to address and internally. And that's kind of the Belichick mode right and Belichick would stop -- there and natural product and that I don't know if they would have gotten -- -- allies maybe put but I mean you view among all members of the media having spent an awful lot of time when an arm's distance that -- you know how we. He philosophically has chosen to be the -- sound -- in the history of sports OK fine it's worked for. What are its bloody it has worked for credit for it and and that's fine that's who we is we accept that. Float is it continues to try to be an ambassador for the game flowed throughout his career whether it's been in Montreal which you know everybody who's ever. Gotten on skates figures he knows everything about the game. And he's also coached in New Jersey which despite being you know massive metropolitan area. Is still trying to sell the game to the point to get people column to the rock in the middle and to work. At night which is a tough sell right and when Gload was there you know it's coach at the medalists so. I think you discussion now -- at the at and but it. But the the point of the matter is he continues to sell the game and that's the -- -- human being that's that's who he is so there were two things going on that one is yeah -- identified an issue. Unlocking -- talk about it publicly. The other part of it is you know I hear you guys are sand there were not playing physically enough. But. I think that if you throw that together with what load has been saying previously about there not robots these guys are worn down. And the schedule is beating them up. I think that. He is alluding to that same kind of thing where. Yes everyone would like to see the Bruins imposed their will on every single team by moving their feet. Using their bodies blast these guys into the boards and leaving them just completely. Destroyed at the end of sixty minutes. IA and guessing. And he hasn't said this to anybody on or off the record doesn't do the off the record stuff anyway but. He he has not. The -- I think where he's going is that this team. Is just flat out -- And this team is -- played differently. When it gets three consecutive days off after -- sees it if and when the Bruins clinched a spot locked in to say a three -- or seed. Or or a two seater whatever it is. Enough digits and magically turn and that's my only concedes perspective that's been my concern is all relative it's all relative I get -- higher if you get two or three days off enroll after you've been getting basically not I don't. Look I get their tired I. I completely understand this argument and you guys at the beginning -- was hypothesis I think -- iPod loses that makes perfect sense. -- -- we're looking at them through the broke through our regular normal Bruins lands as a posted 2013. NHL lands and maybe that's unfair. That being said. In a month. I haven't seen them get up for game have you seen any team I don't know but I wanted to just get up for one excel I'm not and they gotta get up every night I haven't seen them get up once they're there -- in two -- -- -- examples if you will okay Anaheim in the first half of the season was really really good. Not incredible but really really good Chicago was incredible okay. Pittsburgh. -- in March. Was incredible the only perfect -- in the history of the league and -- -- games in 31 days and they won every single one. 150 well but since then. I mean. Nobody out there is playing incredible hockey you don't look at any team that's in the top ten but he's been a good game and say you know we want one goods that are not -- But that's what I'm saying are you hear people in Pittsburgh. This week saying you know what I've got my doubts. As I seen that I don't know what. Our outside that's fine I'm not asking for them to every night like 15010. Hockey for a month. Would you go up to Montreal Hubble -- game public say it's a rivalry game we're gonna get up for this one and Morgan and I know we're tired and maybe the game before that. Which will with a two -- it was that buffalo and Philadelphia that with a two games before that they should've retired from Australian plan almost game that idea I mean they they took those. Entire weekend off under and then what a couple days later you couldn't get up from march -- one time. I'm not forget that that's my that's the only thing that worries about forgiving I'm just saying that it. What are you comparing them because there isn't a team in this league it's satisfied with -- one that's fine right I just wanna see them get up for a game yes not every game and it's -- -- and the character it -- you're you're you're playing for the -- Sees enough for a -- said that's -- the regular C I don't I don't advocate I don't care about what they get up for right now. Regular siege on the are you able to in the -- I'm sure they can't I just feel like they need a a physical and mental break from this. This odd regular season then that and get back onto a normal schedule a little later than usual. A normal schedule for the -- we are able. Almost interject only give people a chance to talk to use. Yeah you've got the ring I got the let's get the radar ring is staring at night yeah yeah well I give him a list of teams that are trying to flip the switch to a comeback are Jack could do that just the second bunch your calls -- 61777. On 7937 -- Ali Jack Edwards to. -- I don't -- my guys on the bus you know that meant him you don't there's a situation that happened last night could we in the past. I think you would have seen that. Is there reason why didn't happen -- really but -- you know again. You guys can do what you want but I'm not gonna let you know for example negativity like ours and we're not hitting enough -- our guys are going about you know. My job is to -- ship. And I'm gonna right the ship. In a way that we're ready for playoffs and you know. The battle is where they're cells to be better in the battle is. To battle against you guys where you guys will find those kind of things and we're not gonna attack creep in terror and -- address your -- Upload is. He's bitching about the negativity. For now normal wells can say you know these guys are right. We're just deep Baxter had they may well. It is not the first coach to say it. But how could you know how did you not have a question about why they didn't protect last I everyone's gonna either way then well. Look -- our our our agendas are completely opposite. Know what we're trying to do is restore -- trying to start a conversation a public conversation. About things that are controversial. That are that are -- the time polarized and they are trying to protect. This team from that very conversation. So it's got a completely different program for coaches and where media members and fans again. Put into perspective in this city. Who is the greatest coach of this error in this city. There's no question about Jessica I don't fox writes Dave Lewis asked if he can go Belichick bit his gloves I've got a little runner up -- -- -- inch glory aren't an assistant with Carolina right now on the balance and also make your name making a run for now it. But but that's that's a perspective that we have and -- Everybody learns from everybody else and float ever bullets at royal would get close to that snapping point where it seems like -- snapping. But if you put -- most abrasive answer up against. One of Belichick and nicest thing at the Christmas season it still comes out is that nice guy. Let let you guys talked jacket or 61777979837. Johnston Rhode Island your outlook and a and W the. I got a good job -- -- -- does nobody I respect it is simply likely. More than you like pink event in her purse. Well thank you but he has or is it easy on -- -- -- get all that just me scratching my head that's okay. -- compared. Brad -- -- small baby talk about Blake -- who Travis moment could even like keep that. Point output but did you hear what I said which was that you can't you can't take what a guy did in the playoffs one year and say were gonna expect that every single season. Because because if you expect that. Then you would expect Travis more to score seven goals every single playoff front and that's simply never is going to happen again it's not and I and I immediately said. That Marchand is a much more skilled player and a goal scorer which -- and isn't but the point of the matter is it's about the now it's about what is this. Moment comprised of in all the circumstances that contribute to it. And just. -- and it through a stack Booker are going online and saying while Marshall and had a great playoff run in 2011 means absolutely nothing. Not thing going in tune this playoff run. And and that's just that's just the fact of the National Hockey League and that's why coaches don't have to go to the cuts for kids think is there are always in there. He put up twenty plus schools and even last year in the Bruins in scoring. He had a great playoff that it has nothing to do with the playoffs is you're right. -- yeah I'm telling you gotta look at every circumstance you can have your own expectations but that doesn't mean there's any guarantee. That's one and so -- -- and skill he's terrifically skill player and that's saying he's Travis more I'm sticking. What what I -- What I am saying is that you can't say this guy did that in previous -- therefore we should expect this this year that's what I'm saying that's all sank. And I used Travis more as an example because he had a completely. Out of I'm like well -- -- -- them one of those guys they'll who has done it. Multiple times 345 times in post season -- don't yarder -- having -- thank -- who has a reputation. Being in an. In incredible post season before. Can count on reasonable to ask someone like -- -- two -- game once the playoffs come around you ask everybody raised him especially I mean what we've seen what he's capable of when he's played his best hockey yet now that he scored the way he has this year. I absolutely high expectations for a while now I did now I don't even know there is gonna be playing. Once this team goes to the plan's gonna find out a series the concussion is with the recovery time is going to be another guy's gonna be out. And I sure hope is what I can I get a completely. Changed my entire perspective houseboat Corey -- When a guy has concussion there's no guarantees right here -- the fastest guy I've ever seen gains Jerry is in acting out or. And the humans gates as I carry an unmanned what's going on Jerry. Jerry -- -- Amanda and there was adamant. Bet that -- and I am. I just. I -- -- legitimate government are at right now brilliant like fourth in the league -- numbers second in the conference they're leading their division. That one section on opposite that that was the problem and a lot of people I think it would be perfect they complain about although -- -- definitely. So that regularly come from there let the people on our radio station primitive insisting on totally change lines around now. But -- I would like to see. Might not a -- Lucci and -- with a sweet spot in the lineup and I. Well you bring up some great points out Tuesday this a bit of advice -- I never listen on the radio stations. I -- -- run to live rather Afghanistan why we're talking about. Yeah well we hear about the registration. So what this feeling for -- -- law was so what this you know it's true I know of. Clearly not directed at this -- Laura I'll -- clearly not directed at this program. That was about the -- but there'll be the not only speculation but actual suggestion Anton who -- open was creating a goaltending controversy. It there was no controversy there was no one who is providing the other side of the argument. Because there is no argument to that Rask is the number one that a definition of a straw man argument. Is that definition of red -- drawn up her little -- and I don't think it's insane to have suggested that with with some of the third period issues the Bruins have had well maybe you should have been director here. I don't think as a goalie controversy but there's something in between isn't there Rask has got to go in the garbage -- For this job to be who -- period I know -- that I -- are great I mean like Jack -- in three bad goals four games in -- -- agree he. There -- -- guy there should not there should not -- people out there saying who -- is better than -- but it is fair to wonder whether or not Rask is up for a playoff challenge and with the style that the Bruins play. Which is in some ways very dependent on the goalie because they defense -- centered style or it's a fair question to ask whether or not Rask is truly. That guy got to -- who is. Up that's a different conversation and this is swaggering Jack is not a controversy even if even if your scenario happens. Even if it -- goes in the -- deep into the trash. I mean Sesame Street -- -- ways and -- people there Oscar the graphics card it limited to garbage can you go on there. And then who'd opened steps up and he is as sterling. As as Tuukka has just falling apart. And he took it wouldn't be controversial because I just I -- all the way -- -- the -- to Coca handled it with Tim Thomas. I saw the late Tim Thomas candidate with Tuukka. I just think it's I don't know if the team the sport the individuals. Even a -- lost his job I don't -- him -- he would be in a problem with him or gotten the T he be the -- that's typical -- -- -- -- -- that's just the worst case scenario even the worst case scenarios that controversy. And to go when your championship yet yes. -- the there's no question the Tuukka Rask can win the bruins' championship. Again let's not compare to Rask to Tim Thomas and expect to harass the face. A gangbusters offense the likes of which Vancouver had and and hold a team like that to eight goals in seven games let's not expect that. Let's see what Tuukka Rask he's got. Raskin has wanted to atone for what happen against Philadelphia in 2010. For a long time this is his state this is his chance and we're gonna find out. And that's been the question all season long how's he gonna do in the playoffs Mike is in New Hampshire Mike Carroll with salt and calling jacket. -- -- -- -- Or -- I enjoy used to think you have like that you think you. And the mobile birdied my last night and listening to those guys. The question I have for you Jack is that I. It seems there is no cure. And I'm asking you do you think he's getting too much -- -- -- we keep getting tired a lot. He's definitely getting tired and their leaning on him really hard and acted younger and the the amount of effort the -- puts out in a recent game. The extraordinary. Requirements of the job. Defenseman in the -- I hear that's yet. And and he is clearly wearing down -- past the state backwards by an idea got to hit the ball there's no but there's no question about it and the Bruins have designed as a system with with Claude Julian in charge. That. Puts so much emphasis on -- being able to play -- robust shut down not a game. Which ties right into arrests tremendous save percentage. And and the need for Rask to make the big saves at the big time. But yes -- is wearing down there's no question about it and and if you're opposing team that can play a two and deep -- back. And sent a guy like well looks like the economic well but a guy like Scott Hartnell into buying into Chara every single shift in the first three games of what ECB 67 game series. That's good strategy to take because this guy clearly is starting to Wear down and and teams are gonna try to punish him if that is our area one more controversy. That we need you help us sort out Michael and I've been battling back and forth. On one main one big decision in a matter that the -- has been made in Bruins land in the last week or two and I think we need you to help. Let's solidify -- and I don't even know what Jack how he feels about it we're not gonna talk about during the break. But whatever Jackson Jack will be the final the final arbiter whatever whatever -- want to go with. Well it can't that all be canceled my goal well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although Pittsburgh was. On a marvelous role in March they seem to have lost little bit of the match he's the teams that what they're trying to flip the switch -- in the -- the brewers try show like that they have a right that next level and they're just gonna -- -- on come playoff time work on the last week of the season Pittsburgh wanna. Although Pittsburgh with bank. Has got. I handle a switch at least the Bruins are one of them. Washington's fine much girl needs to get a little healthier but is planned okay throttles open a flip the switch in terms a goaltending. Ottawa which is definitely lost the magic is dropping like a lead weight on the islanders are actually playing excellent hockey the Rangers -- try to flip the switch all season long. In the Western Conference Chicago's trying to get back to the weather played in the first half of the season and I've been a little bit up and down -- into its last ten. The defending Stanley Cup champion LA kings seemed to be depending on flipping the switch or 53 into their last and and having some slippage San Jose's pretty hot right now. Saint Louis is gone in the tank Minnesota. Five and five and its last ten right aft director but while the win the west nice going Jack. Panda and Detroit Detroit is right. On the ball at five and five right now people are saying while maybe the playoff string comes to an end so nobody nobody is pulling rip it up hockey in the NHL and that's the perspective that you have to hold the Bruins and when they have kind of a stink pot -- like they did not. Here it is that the debate after the debate yes. Tyler say well how do you wanna define the debate I would say I would wanted to make it'll kind of Tyler's what did you make of -- Julianne particularly Tyler -- to Sanders and -- between the into the third line what do you may just the whole entire. Tyler -- against object Edwards -- I was disappointed for say. It was a lot of responsibility to have to take on basically to be Bergeron replacement. Never follow election right by Mike Ditka. And once again -- how hot but not. But but. Four periods it's better. Was it was really difficult for saying he was putting in the effort. He couldn't get it done and it was. In put is that good place and I'm not sure whose heads -- that. Not so good place right now. If you've been criticized Claude Julian for one thing it is that he needs to be shown. Consistently. That young players will not hurt him. And young players are defined -- guys who have not played. Say a hundred games for him. And and and this is just the way he coaches and it's now I'm not gonna second guess the way he coaches but it's hard on young players and -- is feeling the hard part right now. So far Salk is is winning so. -- al-Qaeda he -- his wedding but I does what add one more thing you know to the question do you think. -- -- Is -- center. She is his future at center. Should we wait two years never -- a wing in the and it NHL and that's just always going to be what -- think about. Tyler Sagan center. He can have a very good career as a wing. The potential is there for -- -- be a great center. But he has to play some no risk games in other words a full training camp at -- To say for the Bruins to say okay we moved like -- blank or sold so didn't re sign with us when he became -- on restricted free -- Say against time to play seder is here the way. Stoop arrests time to be the number one goaltender -- it this does not happen overnight this is the team that is very deliberate. Peter -- said all along when he the day he drafted say he's gonna start -- eventually he'll end up at setter but eventually for the Bruins. Could be a six year plan you know they have an American room -- reveal. What the timings going to be because there's no upside of that. When they feel it's appropriate then -- gonna get there but it's not going to be in the middle of the season because that was too much of the switch and it came out bad. -- -- -- But it's. I don't want to not talk -- it's not I want an up and down the line up and down entirety got you got married and I get -- -- we -- our house the senate every judgeship I just want everything started to sound like -- -- he always had a pound and always covered wall in a very difficult game you have to grind out there it's typical animated family here is typical for -- to say that -- Why aren't so you stick yet but I will Davis. You aren't going to and it was stopped there but not not just stop now at five or you -- would stop her how much you turn to Mike. But I don't treat it out the clock like. The part of the argument was. So could not understand that Tyler Sagan is -- that are only going to be kept arguing that I don't know this I don't even though you gave him an overall victory. You cleared it up very nicely thank you Jack that. Tyler Sagan from the date was drafted. Was described as a guy who will play -- in the national hockey he'll be a -- in the National Hockey League but eventually you become a center because that's what he has so you win. To win the big. Picture I don't know that he battle technicality I don't think any guy and he's shown that right now he's ready to place at her and I'm not convinced that ultimately he's going to be sent or maybe he will if he develops into -- maybe he won't but I don't think he's shown certainly that he's back at right now give me a list of guys who have less than three years. Under their belt who've played setter for closure. I'm sure you can't -- look -- up right right lines shorter one game so why so inadequate and that comes back to this question of why the -- quote put him in there to begin with why even try this one does bring up Spooner again for a couple of games leave it alone don't mess with success white ball -- because they thought it was worth an expert at but it wasn't and it blew up in Montreal they spent entire ships in the world's. That's not -- can't ever play the position that it is well. All right Jack awesome to have you in as it is every single week we will talk -- again next week by the way were on -- tonight don't shoot the messenger and us and plus tonight has to do the -- across -- again. I CEO. -- There's there's there's there's a behind the scenes politicking going on that was I got a huge and there was all the evidence. I don't get paid to make -- Couldn't be investors and -- do the best I can now stuff and I felt bad for you -- it was it seemed as if it was difficult here each other it seemed as if there -- some technical issue I cutesy what's going on -- -- park I just don't wanna be taught that when a guy hits the ball again I don't wanna be taught at principal again well good luck tonight they're -- -- and Los -- taken on the islanders tonight at 7 o'clock at home there on this -- Jack Edwards. Always brought to vibrant and smoke shop precision fitness equipment and but the city busting credit union gaining you'll join us coming up about half hour will pocket on Celtics in the next hour. Coming up next though four of four including a big old conspiracy theory it's an -- college W the.

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