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John Farrell: David Ortiz still on track for a mid-April return

Apr 10, 2013|

We sit down in person with John Farrell and get his take on the newly likable 5-2 Red Sox. John tells us about Lackey to the DL, the call up of Stephen Drew, and demotion of Iglesias and the health of David Ortiz among other things.

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John -- going to be with us here in just a moment or two assault and -- WEEI we are down at Fenway today. Farrell always brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire and at the celebrity cruises. John wherever our. -- guys are you we're doing all right John welcome. He -- on on today roster moves glory ideal situations what's -- a run through a few of them personal Stephen Drew back with the team in the lineup tonight. He has he soreness -- shortstop tonight that corresponding move we -- option whose English is back back to socket. In analysts say meeting with Jose here yesterday to have to let him know the move that was. Taking place he handled it like a pro I think in his heart of hearts he believes is a Major League player which that the week. As this first week unfold he did a tremendous job force defensively when about well coming off a solid spring training for and so he goes back to the -- I think with. Is a boost in confidence for sure. And we know the we've got to in the event of any we've got a guy that we call upon to play shortstop everyday force John -- is also the place on disabled list. When we put him put a ball -- -- yesterday's start to play catch he felt and some tightness still in that biceps so. Not knowing how much time he's going to be needed we did put among the deal over called Alex Wilson to take responsible and in offer to save us from make -- start in place John -- tomorrow night here against Baltimore. After about -- Iglesias what do you expect to see from him. In Tripoli he says he feels like he's a Major League player he hit a little better than many of us expected in the hit and in the small sample size what are you looking for talk. The consistency to the approach though we're not you know and hear everything on -- batting average so much of that is out of his control but. Can recognize that there might be some disappointment was being sent back but -- his attitude was great yesterday even though. -- let's face I -- heck of a first we Connecticut's optioned out. That doesn't typically sit too well with a guy but based on the conversation he he's upbeat I think like you said this this week gave him a boost of confidence. But to ensure that he goes about his daily work of the talking as he was doing here that's the thing to control each and every day's work routine. I'm assuming there's nothing he could've done to stay here if you hit five home runs in addition hit 500 whoever was the that there seems to be almost nothing he could have done. Stay right I think we've we've all agree with that Stephen Drew was on the offseason for the reason commend your starting shortstop. You know the errant fastball that he. He took on the forehead in spring training. You know that I shouldn't cause -- gonna lose his job. So the one thing that we all see is that Jose is an everyday player and he wasn't gonna sit on the bench and as a 23 world not get regular bats. -- Syria -- our utility guys so in that scenario he goes back to get every day past the target. We were in spring training mode last week we talk with you we never asked you what the line it was going to be and we got hit over the head with his -- big guys. -- asked him about the lineup so I'll ask you very early. What's the lineup tonight. Well arms is Kobe leads off change in the -- the -- and tool Pedroia three Napoli for middle books five -- -- six salty seven. -- date and Jackie Bradley is in the nine hole playing left field. -- that I that's. And so you -- to go back to Jackie Bradley junior today after after the day jobs. What was the line of thinking is needed an opportunity for him to see the game from different perspective. It's just time for regular day off for him how -- Heidi how are you handling it the young player who obviously needs to play a lot. But hadn't seen it in the batting average in -- That is Chan was against left hand hitting. And the fact that's you know up in Toronto the last couple of days you know you could see the expression on -- face where you know something's gonna creep and a little bit and recognizing its opening day and all those types of things we still have to construct. What we feel was the best lineup on a given day when that -- a ball game and getting another right handed bat in the lineup in this case novice. That was the overriding thought and you know what it worked -- force. But Jackie is it is a very good young player and and -- he did he does need to get everyday at bats -- regular bats while -- here so we'll see in the next couple nights in this. For sure. Another question we want to ask you for a long time we've been talking about it. As a as a former pitching coach and the pictures and our river Varitek talk about it -- how prepared few words from the beatings. You had as a pitching coach now. As a manager of different responsibilities. Balanced. Your job now as a manager -- to oversee everything verses. Your expertise your expertise was at the pitching coach. Do you. Are you still part of those means that you were part of a forty leave -- -- won the Davis and fail that's what I want done and so that frees you what to do other things and Yuba. While Michael clearly there's there's a difference that responsible -- we all recognize that now I I think most important was to find the best qualified people when we put the staff together. In the given the freedom to do their job. My background is similar to ones and that comes on the pitching side thinks so our conversations are gonna happen naturally. But we've got complete confidence in him is pitching coach and he's done a great job for building report those relationships with guys. Before spring training started -- throughout camp. But the -- involvement -- -- but I think it's most important to not over these standing over shoulder when they feel like. You know they can't -- can't move -- again it goes back to find the best qualified people letting them do their job but certainly being involved. As we communicate what we're trying to get them. Whether it's on the that you saw an -- of side of my peace so that goes back to just being prepared in a brutal and illegal about it than. Do your homework. I think. Players respect the fact you -- -- prepared and give them some insight and some feedback on what might transpire and again tonight so. With that being said that's the approach in the system we use here. Red Sox manager John Ferrell with a says he has every single Wednesday at this time data and when he's brought you -- dollar insurance town fair tire. And celebrity cruises your your first two pitchers have been lights out. I can't imagine there be anything more positive to say about those two guys would have you seen from the. You know what just getting back the way they've thrown a ball for a lot of years they've had success in Boston for multiple years consecutive. Double healthy. And I think as spring training and -- whether X accusing pretty consistently. They gain confidence has been carried over to the start of the season. I don't think you can deny the stuff they have they've got very good stuff both lost a ball wholesome. Above average stuff across the board they've been able to command the baseball and make adjustments from pitch to pitch and that's really the essence of pitching they've been able to. You know not go into a situation where there's 345 -- his before they can make an adjustment. They've been able to do on the fly and they've got a very good job at least two times in the rotation. Ryan Dempster goes tonight in spring training a lot of talk about -- how. He pitched how fast he worked. Watch the first game he pitched and it seems like he'd gone -- to slow motion -- what happened out there are freezing cold Lee was pitching like. Like take a minute and a half between -- and I think it on the head of the wind chill that net was in high twenties he was having a hard time gripping a baseball. He was looking to get some sweat or some oyster -- uniform anywhere he could just to feel the baseball little more I think that's I was so the four walks that he issued the other night that's. Not typical for Ryan Dempster. But he's gonna go up against a very good hitting line appeared in tonight and -- the one thing that he's shown throughout spring training and even the other night in New York is that he's got a way to minimize the damage that could be unfolding. With multiple guys on base he doesn't give indicators. Has the ability to make keep patients in spots and I'm I'm kinda -- that that'll be the case again tonight. Is there any is there any restriction the second time around with the pitching staff from me. We saw. About 9096. Pitches from Lester. Right around the same amount for for buckles in his first start Dempster went five. Do you feel like it was it was that the game situations and if that's enough. Or was it the first start of the season we said hey let's not push it to one and 115 in and start one. You know we're still at time of the year or probably -- -- start an inning. When a guy's already gotten you know high ninety's so hard -- Total up at -- given moment in that case and he went five innings in 200 pitches because of the high -- strikeouts and walks we mentioned it. You know even evidently had -- and he pitches after six innings felt like okay he's still throw the ball while he was sharp. But when you know the first 34 starts -- probably knock in the starting guy out and in any worries you know he's already hit that 100 pitch mark so. You know that's kind of the general found no -- rule but you're just monitoring you know they still. Deliverable downhill they still command the baseball stuff still as sharp as it was -- in the game and you know that's that's an in game decision eagle. We've spent a ton of time in the first weaker so the season talking about the chemistry of this team it's obviously different than it was a year ago I got two questions for a chemistry. The first is when you showed up when you for in this is your chance to manage the Boston Red -- you knew that there have been some issues. Previously did you have a a blueprint to give a strategy. For how you wanted to try to affect the chemistry in this clubhouse. I can't say that it was. Geared towards this this overall vision. But but at the same time we want to put the focus back on the field not some of the side issues that might have evolved. The one thing that I made clear and in the calls individual players after being -- position was that. -- if there was if there was a desire on the players' part to vent about last year it was like OK let let's do with this one time. Get it out of the way and from this point for all we can do was focus on the things we control how we get better. So I can't say it was some grand plan that it was just take. What's happened this happened we can't go back that's a waste of time and energy let's focus on rewriting the story in 2013 kind of chemistry translate to wins. I think it's probably the other way around. Wins translate to chemistry. But I will say this that we've got players have are now only talent but they've got a track record being quality teammates. They care about one another as much as themselves and it's not it's the team for so. We felt like. Coming off. What has happened over the last year loss that that was the culmination of town of players that had that attitude towards one another that was a priority apart in -- guys. The last time you were here Jason Varitek was a captain of the team had the -- on the Jersey. Do you feel like a team need to captain. I think every team probably has an unwritten one whether it's. You know emblazoned on the chest and then -- Jersey or not puts -- room. David and and and Dustin emulate that for us and I think they're two players that look up to those two guys a way to go about their work. The weather perform. And particularly the whether perform at important times of the ball game they had success from one World Series here in Boston. I think that resonates pretty loud and pretty clear. Throughout the clubhouse among everyday players you mentioned. Don't -- in the region you don't have an -- go and say hey guys the captain of the -- captains of the team are. Our Dustin Davis. You know obviously we haven't had that conversation -- and I have not and how that conversation we felt like this is about 25 guys not and this isn't taking anything away from the individual player. Or players in this case but we felt it was important for us to work as a group as a unit. And not single any one or two guys out I think that's like yourself if you go back in the clubhouse guys are -- and actually point to. Players that have been here for quite awhile and those who have had success you mentioned David it's a good opportunity to ask you about where he is a week ago you told us meeting April would be good a good time line for him. Today's attempts in mid April in my view starts in two days ago. Seventeen -- key -- -- what playing tonight Pawtucket. We -- -- yet when could you see him back here you know actually he's today's is -- in extended spring training so he'll begin that rehab assignment tomorrow -- that's the the plan as a that is right now and there's no reason think that we would deviate from that. That's a matter how many at -- David feel he's most comfortable that's one here thirty. I think we're still in that time range that you mentioned somewhere mid April whether that's fifteenth and nineteenth somewhere in there. I think that's -- a realistic target. But we're gonna go off -- David most important thing is he feels good that I I think he's kind of gotten over the hump. With the intensity to run the bases wasteland about he's in pretty good place right now all things considered. How surprised were you by Toronto weather was. On them out of -- they had on -- Friday night -- him in a -- -- that was surprising. And then the chances which I've though -- corporate -- about you were supposed to be the enemy of the country in. You really didn't do anything for me I had added it was a big deal what surprised by. Well first while not surprised by the attendance. There's a lot of excitement that's been growing for a couple of years in Toronto and the players of the -- -- you know the draw harder and 35000. I think for the three game series so. The energy in the atmosphere that was in their all three games and tactically Friday night. That was a great baseball game. You see the back and forth and you know we take the lead give it back up go ahead take it again. But the individual performances inside them or outstanding ball for their part from the -- Brett Cecil come and strike out the side with two men on. Or the way you heart in my game in the sixth inning and she shuts down a potential threatened and the energy that he showing. You know. The public enemy number one you know knew that there was going to be some sentiment about what's transpired and the unique set of circumstances you know that -- that -- unfolded but. It was a really good at baseball environment to play in -- and what was most of I think important for us is it was the first challenges that we face it some hostile environment and our guys responded while they embraced it. And put a very good game but more importantly why did you inspire some strictures and that the chance in the -- one thing but why so many stricker on the field as well I guess trigger would be naked these guys are still -- You know the one thing is that you know. In Toronto the police cannot touch a fan until he is suppressed by the grounds crew. So there there and that's just the law in Toronto so. You know you see it probably five or six times during the year there we just have to see that a couple times and one day -- thankfully. I recognize a guy wanted to shake. -- Brooks is handled you know players don't realize were were fans are coming from an enforcement there was nothing else -- -- of the incident well most or. Certainly the team is five and two it's been a relief funds start for all those who want to get back out there tonight try to get to six and -- we appreciate taking a few minutes you appreciate you guys -- there are John Barrow who will join us every single Wednesday 235 needed to do here person. At Fenway Park when there at home right -- -- W via.

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