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Mikey Loves the Red Sox

Apr 8, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder react to the Red Sox strong display in Toronto and continued it on their home opener.

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Showed up. -- -- -- We tell on the show I don't know shut up. I want the tea Wiren. Yes it's. There was so much showed openness in the offseason about this Red Sox team never really shot not boundaries anything member all exits last year is like that. Is that everybody is kind of like whenever -- at night I'm walking around Fenway Park today opening games seem different look on people's eyes. Excitement of seeing a little bit of legitimate you know this is this could be better than we thought type of -- some joy exceeding expectations it was it was a joyous day it was a joyous day for a couple of reasons -- -- just perfect one off. Great for the is there any better baseball whether we -- hot games in July and August it's hot at the ballpark numbers hot rod. You get only spring days and it's not forty years not 52 when windy as you say oh my god this is beat up balls bring baseball well. We deserve to consider in the winter what do you when a huge pitching duel that was going -- for about seven innings today. Chin and -- ten match up nicely but buckles has been ridiculous. Can I say would you assess the season so far incredible ball. Both Lester and buckled in particular buckles Lester was the dominant yesterday by one to look in very very good. And as I hate to mention -- moment a thousand times before the season's over. I I call for Lester B 29 here. Goes in and out of the box prediction. Never won twenty games before. Went nineteen to -- yet. But this is just great and it's great because. You get the feeling -- team at the sum of the parts is greater than the whole of the some of the numbers but we don't try to get you would hope. It's also you look around you say like today and think why is Jackie Bradley play well somebody at a recent Jackie Bradley was in play and it's okay because I think. You know -- by the way I want talk when you can I've given up on his whole -- these guys earlier Salk and holly talk about. How what -- was saying is that this. Spot in his strike zone where their pitch to right now inside -- you don't think they do that the miners it's just a better read in the majors he's it's the major leagues now very used to it. But nevermind that net not -- and and I'm -- to me -- is one of those borderline players. Maybe by definition he's been a borderline Red -- guy you know he's gone for a couple years after yet made a big splash to begin with but -- 500. Yes very early on -- -- going to be hitting 500 and it's all said and done but I like that type story Mikey Norman's -- of memorable in the Brian Dodd backed types right now cast stops independently guys -- all of a sudden find a spot -- Switch hitter complacent first base can play the outfield. Has some pop in the bat well and today when he -- -- others are challenging their witty restarting game out in the outfield. It became kind of like go here's why -- the game winner of the three run home run after shut out be it the whole game and he rope. You are crushed I was crushed. Everybody seems to be cooperating nicely things are good we'd like your comments on it we'd like to talk baseball Wiki it's -- o'clock 'cause at that Portman handed over to. College basketball. The NC two days since August delighted John now they're nine now and I don't care. Could argue that think -- thought earlier on national championship legacy of course like cares and cares much is -- of -- please daggers in there but. Big dated -- and report you know walking around -- -- -- it is so many different people is that it's so it's much fun. -- it -- so you know Richie from all -- Giacomo as -- south and -- in the north that Richie was there with perfectly beautiful little girl. And I showed me pictures of his new twin boys. I -- -- in my old golf pro from tall -- country club and Hebert Connecticut John nobles was there. I saw a multitude of intercom employees. My buddy Darren from wayside racquet and swim club was there. I sought a bunch of beautiful people today -- Bob Stanley one of the -- I -- standing two item to it I was the beautiful people coming out today smiling big smiles as the Red Sox are. Right now on pace to win a 115 and they would Aaliyah. And then now will Mel Brooks on a pace to break the record over a hundred -- yet he'll do that it. But me the most important thing that we can take this game today is Corsican Europe what. Eight base runners or something like yeah I have had some control issues or four guys -- electric stuff fastball into dogs out he struck out eight walked -- right I mean he was like in charge didn't give up Rick and run to the Orioles. Good for him. And -- -- 12 right there -- phone number on the program. Six -- 7779. 7937. You can Texas with your text messages. At 37937. And AT&T to export business to get -- thanks reminded me forget that sometimes not always know -- that the AT&T text line. Shadow -- 379 resemble I forget to mention it. Sometimes. I don't wanna forget to mention this. A net floated cello died. Now for those of you who are too young to know who. Like you writer. Who and it's voted on saw -- news yes. She was the original. -- must musketeers -- right everybody in the country loved and -- -- show it was a long time. As Jews in bikini beach blanket bingo movies in her bikini with Frankie Avalon in the sixties. And and I teach he would get multiple sclerosis problems taken. And -- been out of sight for a ten of the -- but she -- at the age of seventy today. -- net food cello north America's original crush yes you've been. Is this fall fall. This is a -- not -- that we'll play this week. That's her singing. -- Been -- to play. I have yet about ourselves. I -- enough that you know why with all due respect to later that -- -- -- on Sox. The ways they're going to be a third because Margaret Thatcher passed away as well she -- sing these songs and now now the Iron Lady apparently. OK so nevermind -- I want to -- said -- on it and right out of respect most newsworthy. I also wanna mention righty coming to the growth may sixteenth. -- I'm sure I will be there and looking forward to -- plenty of material that's for -- work with him for seven years have to arrange you know through the Boston all right you have that night on May sixteenth as -- Thursday night out -- -- I have via. The him Mikey Adams rose and the recent very famous comedians there. OB a famous left handed pitcher. -- Yankee killer former Red Sox pitcher different mind. A man who mysteriously calls himself big -- is going to be there. And John the -- -- that's his enemy boy John I you're hardly ever leave this building so re getting now will be interest in John fury will -- alien side stories from The Sopranos. World upon world bodies are buried. That it may sixteenth if you'd like to get tickets to offer your tax deductible charitable donation to employment options they -- people would the which -- issues give back in the job force and do great job added it's a great company. Employment options dot org you go to that website you'll see your picture you just click on it will be a fun event. And funny I promise you fund may sixteenth. Employment options dot org. Our phone number again six once at a subsidized 7937 let's grab some calls now it at all hours beer together. Until at 9 o'clock with the Red Sox and if I -- two record -- their first place right record. Five true banner. In the World Series banner get ready pales in April hello bill. Oregon. I got that whole World Series feeling come over I don't certainly. Well I know it's early you know at the 101 of the trailer -- I was all plays out for the season agency a lot more likable as a team no question. And the team that it's more likable and its preeminent in the dugout and see them on the field you just get a feeling that you haven't had a few years about these guys and I'm really really excite -- -- you off from buffalo new York and I'm a lifetime Boston Red Sox fan. Ha that's funny in my lifetime by suspend you go to -- devices games ever a bill. Are my -- -- in the new stadium unfortunately I don't usually go back home com. When that it -- as we tie this together though quickly you know they're pitching coaches Bob Stanley. And you go Bob Stanley and by the way -- tied together even better have you ever been to Ted had bison meat. Yeah odds could license beer delicious in Iraq goes heads over West Coast to coast and I got it yet. The police out there that stand captured but you know what I'm really going to be -- like that seasonal -- and they're gonna be a lot -- -- gonna surprise people. And pitcher and pitching and what it -- comes out there at the end of the -- well now of the. Getting -- -- to and and and sometimes in the middle of the day. It can be a match but yeah you're right and so far there's been very -- it's the only -- look at right now pitching wise it's it while lackeys are. And -- services head. I mean this is really only his arm but his arm you have four. The problem is you know because the other guys -- -- -- -- job read it out -- -- was it today he gives up a couple shots the wall but it's not that far away. And he was blown heat -- throwing 9998. And I've looked completely controlled evenly -- a point -- -- so I had a prominent. I have no problem with this and all and I'm really looking forward to a fantastic summer. -- I don't know Mexico. What it. And you look -- you -- state would be made of on this team what you might say the guy who was -- let's say -- Victor Reno for example. He's in no way immutable as a human being emotionally just hate Hawaiian guy even like spam that's -- -- most winds still you know you -- hate hawaiians for no reason Natalie that's tough highly prejudicial. But it's also an accounting -- I don't think Jack Lord. You know -- would be in favor of that or camels for long Christian hope. Or any of those guys or June Jones the former wife football or anybody who's only original Hawaii five vote television -- Not but if you look at victories it would make it thirteen million dollars a year okay well that's maybe that's too much money your book and it might very well prove to be however. He shouldn't 345. And -- says I know it's only seven games but. He's gonna break now are you look at -- 20345. -- -- -- It occurred average actually went up today even more because they gave my double from that Yankee series instead of the qualities in the air and I didn't go to below him a little bit is Dustin Pedroia. Yes what is 357 with -- no BP for fifty -- Okay sporting -- I say middle Brooks well I know it's down around 286 that's not so impressive but then again he did have a three home run well. Four hit almost a fourth home run day loaded triple their home run total as a team yesterday and and he's dead yesterday talk about the stats go one up. When it comes to having you drop -- and number six you go from Daniel non tool for two -- 500. At -- now three RBIs today including game -- this is -- percent one point zero -- It's just been -- very very impressive. Beginning. Two this year I'd like to find anybody out there and radio land it has what they perceived to be. Holes in this team coming up. Or so it would sort of good -- last year we could find a positive -- a member yeah this year I don't I'd like to find somebody who could find. A negative. So far been deceased now. -- just I don't think there is when you go on the road. You come back forward to open the season. Anybody on the road I got news for eagle on you went to two out of three when every three game series doesn't matter redo of the four games of the two game series. You win every three game series you're you're and you're in control of your division. Yeah no I think ever would sign off every single -- says they would sign off on this start five into unanimously. I let's get the -- cranked up 6177797. 937 and a lot of view. Are probably still in the process shots. Brewers ahead one up. When app which has her as Kirk Muller the Carolina. Head coach shakes his head there was rich Beverly Beverly with a scorer and it's one nothing -- It would tip my point here on this baseball talk is that we've got lots of it right now we've got beyoncé a full plate here. Of good things have happened mistress sexy I think people really go to insure me. Talking about this team and of course this year because it's so it's such a vast improvement. Over everything we felt from day one of last year was like they continue to play well but in an even so a native and they see the effort they see them hustle and even of you know there's some losses there is on this team is trying to there's not a lot of whining in the benching in the BR you know when they got the -- at their fourth win last year writer would date. April 15. Now of the year I believe the year before in 2011. It took until April 18. To get their fourth -- right ST member and now they got five as of April -- so as their best start since I believe ninety's or at 2006. -- I -- text here about. -- -- -- He's on pace to hit 345 for the season and in the flight hawaiians. As a rep robbers and a car we got a case of this first robbery there. Our travel -- to be next on the planet Mikey show. Also you do it did. There's also was going to be the timing -- so it'll it will give succeeded on how how awful things are when that went on that end up. And you know we're off to a good start this year and -- and I think you've got to credit coaching staff I think that. You know the last couple years we we really haven't -- -- character development puppet. And I think -- years yet well. Well I don't you -- the credit. -- general and he had a winning minutes of the first of September that year wasn't like he suddenly sucked. Yet you know it looked opinions they split the difference Francona -- and and and we -- we get away from current car. And and there really hasn't been a manager there -- that bad. I can get the team ready for any nevermind that you know the regular -- -- yeah like yeah I think -- completely we gotta give this coaching staff credit. Outlook they're not the geniuses of the Olympic. Hello we we don't to -- did you grow -- we don't know occur to geniuses they are yet but I tell you this they have team ready obviously start the season which is the criticism both Francona and Valentine got last couple years they were ready to come -- start the season for some reason. Now hears it did you hear about Franco ordered Iran yes. It is not a every agency. Clear that. As great Cleveland's new manager said he got lost Monday that's Terry Francona making it to block walk from his apartment to the ballpark for the -- home opener against the Yankees. Living in downtown Cleveland. Answer -- small scooter he used during spring training for the short -- the ballpark whoever he deciding its streets on foot early in the morning ended up. Needing directions. To find the ballpark. All he said I got lost three times even when I got to the garage at two people who work -- said hey you know we -- going I was like no. Our. I'm Bobby and beat my. Greg -- had anything -- we don't rob you know it it was probably since Terry Francona is legendary for getting to say you know that was a 4 o'clock start today early it was probably probably about 6 in the morning right -- and and and not a good day overall because the news -- smoked by the Yankees eleven at three of the eight. Yeah I I think I think Carl I began worked under the big guy -- look -- Francona this some similarities there I think that. You know -- I think you see this year because. -- 1000 and cannot and -- But but he can't criticize the fact that he doesn't -- -- emotionally ready. The seat and -- -- the emotional. I don't own a baseball. Comes down to at the end of the year when we know it. The playoffs I want you were being we don't want point 12 different and emotionally. Emotional lift that that a coach you know with the team when they're ready yes it did you -- -- into this here right. You know what the you know builds best chemistry don't your route it's up winning and that's -- good start because you get that thing Roland you get that. Machine going and it in the winning feeling and then guys get closer. You know they realize they're all responsible or is that a point fingers the other set record is when you losing -- blaming other people point fingers every negative and -- -- while it I think you do -- with the coaching staff. That you know these are Farrell's guys there's not -- EM IB dual hitting coaches but they'll get a lot of not duel pitching coaches not. In all this back tie act by the manager's back all that type of stuff I said -- for people out there to find me some negatives of the Red Sox was in this text ready ready. -- Your lineup is -- and when you're pitching sales. Which I were still. Then the whining will come which which it where it was when it must've meant to type. When your pitching fails which will then the warning will come. Well you know we can only go with the seven games you have on the official -- you can go and anything else you can't go with futures you know in the stock market weekends there while it's going to be like this. I just like would've seen so far from from both sides pitching and debt and hitting.

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