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Will Gronkowski end up as a “what if” player?

Apr 8, 2013|

After reports of another injury relapse, D&C wonder if Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will become a case of what could have been. There is no denying Gronkowski’s talent but he may be robbed of his prime by injuries.

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If -- one hour of just. Ultimate. Positivity. Is enough that we turn her attention to something that wasn't so that we -- -- mr. black is injury but while accounts -- by Islamic early accounts maybe it's not nearly as bad as it looked so I'm not trying to be negative we spent the entire first -- -- about a feel good story this team is how are going to be a lot of -- going to be -- -- going to be loved and -- today here at Fenway Park which -- -- editor at the biggest -- But some capital -- can really go off -- I posed the question this way. Mike Graf beat just one of those guys yes he has -- -- that's that's well below -- -- -- and might -- and one of those guys. He'll be great you know when he's healthy the question is when -- -- mean he's not going to be Tony and -- not gonna get. -- fixing games out of out of every year just not gonna happen because of the -- place the way plays on and off the field. And at what appears to be his block another reason scratch your head -- the way they treated Welker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't happen well they gave him 53 million bucks 55 million averaged nine million if he plays the contract. Eight is more either -- the -- and this is a -- nine outlook for the contract. I can't see him. Currency earnings but I just can't simply rounded to -- adult -- Right right. We also touched strangest of strange actually now -- -- -- now right. It's weird not to but you don't want it tied -- what's happening with him here. -- played his arm all the goofy stuff that's happening in the offseason a lot of people are it's just hard -- it's just a bizarre situation in you get the feeling that you -- Misses half the season. Now no it wouldn't surprise me at all and it wouldn't even have to be necessarily this it would be this and something else could have played seven late night it said you know for years you rarely see against injury prone in his twenties you know. He'll open turn into Iron Man yeah -- doesn't happen what do think Brady's think -- -- California now I don't have Wes Welker now I may not have. Rob Gronkowski that's how he and and -- hit it off yeah. Over the weakened over last week. There was there was. The onion articles in the Brady. -- cut his hair just like Welker is that right to look just like well -- -- that -- that you know that wants to be like a welcome replacement you know guys -- that would otherwise yeah. 11 -- looked just like the next sure tiger rebels with the -- yeah right but. I'm sure he's thinking you know you know what he's probably think and when Brooks plan. He's great but he's not that you can't count on just that I got to count on Ballard. I get asked Hernandez to try to stay healthy for 1516 games right. -- -- auto loans and Donald Jones yeah or Terrell Owens has raised in play soccer and playing catch with him too so easily afford. He keeps saying we set a net -- Welker the offices of when do we starting offense may not mean I you might. How ski well this long term and I got Welker right and no exhibit entered yet again dole it and -- their health as promised an. They -- girl right when he starts saying Jesus this might be something else when Brady gets old. Brady in his prime like now. Your office is going to be great I've known them yeah he could. He could take the three of us for a split this out in the -- in the right through he would give it to us make the right adjustment he would. He would score a -- and thirty game. But they will score we would not be sitting here. In October November sent off France's pro trust me wanna tell you -- connects with me I'm going down like Deion Branch right Bob Wright to percolate right on the ground immediately. -- -- -- would be like that they can lonesome and you'll Nebraska -- greatest greatest greatest video over the weekend it is unbelievable you you've got to see him -- Google it. The -- with a seven year old Jack Hoffman I think it's just golf is great information via and it's like a -- now they wished you just the fan. And they put in uniform adopt adopt -- spring game and get a runny broken off for about a seven yard touchdown. And it's just almost -- -- root for Nebraska yes I'm definitely when Nebraska after that is a very cool thing it's like what Pete did with the with the -- -- -- beat Pete -- just made -- part of the team and they -- that the -- -- out of there was one -- on the depressed if you -- this -- -- -- live -- you can tell anyone that defenders chasing -- -- and they -- I was -- that probably with -- -- -- like -- that is -- the -- -- -- -- yeah yeah it -- their -- -- -- score and then they'll pick -- that's just the coolest thing. Back to the wrong thing doesn't sound. I mean it's one thing for the plate to a broken above the -- the second time. But this -- thing seems like something that in this day and age you get -- six weeks he's been on this this massive amount of it's about antibiotics. And is not fixed and -- -- -- have a diagram of -- not I don't I don't think we'll see that -- -- quite honest they have to go in and put another -- yet but they do that. Until they determine the infection is gone right. And what happens when he came back on -- and that wasn't that part of it right I know the positive and hit it right he just went down put down guideline. So. If at all hills company please September is it a matter of just hold your breath and opened it doesn't. Apple on it again yes it's. Wanna think you have to get used to the fact that crop is going to be day to day. Dated date for the rest so we woke up in California early in the morning right it's old Paulson called up. Probably after you know. Ten hours sleep. -- -- ticket all right medicine while he is in shape all the questions though about Alec he's lazy he says he does two things he. Goes out anywhere and it works out that's it goes and works its its its national congress that a guy this big this strong this powerful this talented this important. Can't keep yourself on the field for whatever reason it happens well there's only a rolled up political person in the NFL the you know you look at there's lot of guys say that about that. You know I'm not talk about the rise -- -- us right now it's just guys who play hard to you know. Getting hit you know -- -- -- -- given to try to make a list of the people who -- superlative that there are particular position. But simply could not stay on the field I guess you could take me back in the day Gale Sayers right -- was cut short yes. But but who would be the best in the business -- just couldn't. Fulfilled their promise. Because they couldn't stay on the field. A ball you might say don't be that guy right I get -- -- -- so let's go get exactly doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Now with concussions in. Just like in the concussion like -- -- yeah great -- just couldn't wait for best receiver Greg that you know guys who just kept it could cost. And that couldn't come back lol how about this Sanders the safety from from the call that's an excellent Bob Bob Bob -- former defense -- Hitler was a rocket a great player but the way he played up. You knew he was just mean colts fans at -- ago oh you know -- free. He'd be good while into week three week for week five and then bag your -- some injury whether it was. You know from -- -- -- -- right so that's not always a delicate art that's quadrant gronkowski say well you know maybe can you know. -- -- a but they stuck out right so let the guy you want is an act is no such thing as tight -- you know even. Even the -- it and gave it even. You know Internet is tragic yet Tony and if you have. Can't we get tight end. And -- new boyfriend contacted new branches -- Marvin Harrison it's sort of symbolic what is careers it's early if it's early Gradkowski started smell like you might say this guy could in the greatest height and yet. Yeah right. That's a good point we look at like like Hitler's it will be a thirty for thirty right latest plan estimated elevate its season -- an excellent. You know like -- meant obviously Mickey -- of the great career but he was supposed to be even better. Supposed to -- No questions as the greatest player ever because of all the tools. The other guys like that what might have then. But but Boston's a great -- Jackson another one yes he could stay healthy. Jackson that's Axl I don't know things quite votes category. If this plays out poorly. With growth next year is likely to put more pressure on the patriots or more scorn and ridicule about the Welker suggestion you know well you date and we wouldn't pay a guy. Who did nothing but stay on the field and you gave fifty some that million dollars fifty or 55 million dollars to a guy who. We see with the talent gronkowski as we see why everybody Kovalev with -- I mean ownership. Coaching staff and certainly the fans. But if this guy has complete inability to stay on the field for whatever reason. I think there's going to be a lot of -- a lot of like yeah well depends eyebrow -- Gramm and dole stays on the field. With Belichick. It almost. I wouldn't be surprised criminals is in the field Welker gets hurt you know because it's the way it goes for the patriots players leave and it never works out. But if Emmett Till it gets hurt like he has in the past and Welker does not. Then forget Gradkowski don't you think he is more likely. That Welker stays healthy -- dole does that idea over eight yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I mean it's most likely but you know. Look at the track record we know we've gone over you know whether it's through that period. Whoever does the patriots are usually right about guys they discard the and then you guys they bring him but in this case. Still baffled. Especially -- going to the Denver I have no doubt. Have very little doubt the walker figure. Prior to the AFC championship game all the whales didn't most people look at Denver say that's the orbital will for the patriot maybe there a little bit better. Yes yes yes right until. Rahim Moore yes exactly worst place and it felt great crystal ball time the patriots are going to Denver for the AFC title game and modest -- Bobby or by appointment I would think so. It would have been tough game and now has that gotten better now I don't do. -- -- When when an excellent way for that reason that they've been suggesting for two weeks now yeah I guess the defense is as good will that the offense will be better is better. -- -- for Brandon Stokley Wes Welker you get much better much better and I guess I -- the patriots I thought. But who better in this off season. This on top of Welker they -- not as if he lost. To Alter the veteran defense announced that profits and everything is back with Welker they're writing if your rank them -- to put that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With brokers started with a Welker. I mean if you're Broncos fan you excited about that -- Wes Welker. Work would pay big -- And if Welker is as effective as he's been in the past it just opens things -- in there's -- even more meaning that. That would be the best offense in the NC have you ever looked at Welker. When he was with the -- and said he's not trying to -- off. By a factor of what percentage do you think he -- -- off even more. Based on this general back I don't think you can try any harder league's don't you think it appeared to show everybody that I'll bet or kill one person about Denver as return on its not like I guarantee this election this right now -- you will be -- Extra points. It -- in politics. That's all you can and it's almost guarantees. That was -- eleven vs Indianapolis in week eleven an extra point they were like one when he about 1030 whatever spark as a remote. What's his name or -- of the all right with it -- patriot one back right. Now is the second EB. It. We'll take a break -- figured. Middle of the night AT&T -- issues here today I know it's watch this 900 people's. On live. Where does that tell us who broke now I don't have to -- -- I'll think of it 617777937. Deficit Kelly broadcasting live outside Fenway -- the sun is coming up. The temperatures going up. The gates will be open it well all five we will tell you what the players arrived we could see the couple minutes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for Delco and 90000 dollar wheels on it. It's. -- BC is that Kirk. That it's that it is. -- Jackie Bradley you that the I -- It's 9 o'clock we'll be right back.

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