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Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun on Farrell's Toronto return

Apr 5, 2013|

Steve Simmons told the boys that John Farrell should not expect a positive welcome tonight at the Rogers Center. Steve said that Farrell has already been booed when the Sox visited the Blue jays this spring in Dunedin, Florida.

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Steve Simmons as our friends from north of the border is a nationally syndicated columnist for the Toronto suddenly joins us on the AT&T tax like DTV. Show radio show Tuesday -- I don't -- ever. Sunday morning television show which is sort of the equivalent of ESPN's the reporters. -- -- in Canada. The moderator that are just a panelist I want our privacy and these -- not. -- what what interest you more knock your hot new. Yorker to Boston or John Ferrell returning to Toronto. Well first a link here that say yarder in Boston and I think that's going to be yeah yeah yeah yeah. And and you -- -- enjoy him he's he's a delightful guy and then missed a little bit left so. You liked that deal for the Bruins. Yeah I think I do I think it's at -- It gives them a little something like concern with the bruises it is -- concussion -- and that's the that's the big story to me. They don't have him that you can kind of -- them as Stanley Cup contender I think. But the I like John Gibbons lied about John felt coming back to Toronto and what you're expecting him and -- in the ring. Had a lot of people up there missing John fairly and you and the Jews a stunted the one and two started -- tune to the Boston a last night but -- anyone ever. Tell you know RCU boy would be better off with -- Have not heard that yet and you know two bit Kinect games whether those circle the calendar night and an -- policies and there are many of them usually. The early in the year especially. But people who couldn't get tickets for opening game because -- home -- sold out so fast. Sort of switched to the Friday night. Benedict felt game. And -- -- a lot of people I think they're going to be huge crowd tonight and I think. You know you're getting here and that is that likes doing I think they -- -- -- a good time when met with the lineup this is is brought out currently. Good although I think so yeah it's it's -- back to the fight that was when the Red Sox came to study further for. The first. Gave -- their exhibition season. You know and it was all seniors in the crowd you sure heard these old guys knew it would give it -- open it -- well you know. If it tolerant old people would do it if I wonder what the young -- that we do it when with nick comes back to Toronto in April. Russ -- her home opener all right so you're not there will be no introductions. Another look but but usually saying you know the medic unit they believe that the managers would -- -- -- Would they. Put the cards and all play into innocent now have at that point in time. So that possession subsite announcement and it is not as he's walking out yeah. To take the -- I the agency does she do the lineup inadvertently give it to someone else. Probably coach Bobby give to someone else but he'll take a pitcher out you know that they'll they'll they'll have the chance. A steamroller so don't -- deal Michael Silverman writes in the Boston Herald this morning talking about the reception he may or may not get talking about Ferrell course. Canadians don't like it with anyone leaves Canada. It happens too often and those who stay have a complex about it according to one loyalists. Still Matta -- Justin Bieber. Well it's a funny one that you don't get this Boston's they would they would appeal the raptors made years ago that involved Kenny Anderson. Who are supposed to come to Toronto but he refused to report. -- wound up with the Celtics. And every time Kenny Anderson came to play in Toronto. The defense -- booed him mercilessly. And hit it I'd never played at second in the city. So it sounds like there's some sort of insecurity complex obvious yeah. Yet I I think partly insecurity will. This I think about I think it would when you're the other side of the border you've got you know the largest country in the world opposite you. There is it's a great pride in this city about what Toronto is -- what troubles can be. And I think waited I used JP Rashard is an example -- he was the general manager and he did live here. People put that person like you and what Paul Molitor played for the blue jays and he'd bought a house here. That the quality instantly became the most popular blue jays player. People want. You know what there's stars especially -- and to embrace the city and when they don't. Or are willing to have Vince Carter they just quit on the team in the and then leave or get traded away -- caller hears it every single -- -- Steve did you guys change the laws so mark early could bring as pit bull. No unfortunately. Pull back earliest is correct at the docket at at home -- I think use it in Chicago oak. The laws are the laws and definitely what I saw the dog in Florida. And I thought I knew what pit bulls looked like. You know immediately looked like he didn't look like anything dangerous and he's he's brought backed out looking like he looked into most favorite I don't think most people would've known what it was. How do they check me on there's some mixed breeds them how much pit bull doesn't have to be. Because the not allowed in your country. You know I gave up that as BC AB a long time ago. -- I didn't know that it looked like I thought I did and then I thought early -- he looked like a happy guy and he came up in licked its lips. He was -- you invited to spring training by the way I think intentionally to to get some photos taken -- the -- -- and to get some good publicity but. Didn't help them but she didn't have much of about last night out there. Speaking of spring training refresh my memory what that Colby -- and Adam wouldn't say when they made disparaging remarks about Ferrell -- call. I would call went -- dead. I don't call about -- that was ever saying anything interesting utilized. To -- Adam Adam Lind has -- tend to be confused with the best of time. Basically said that. He didn't really respect what felt told him about hitting because -- was a pitcher and he found that what the batting coach was telling him. And with the manager was telling him were. In in contradiction. And therefore he was getting more and more confused as to what is. -- approach to the plate was supposed to be. Frankly if you watched that a -- for -- the last four years. He's gotten bored bored can use any -- being put in this year I -- pay a whole lot of attention to do anything that Adam Lind said. And you know. I don't know how much you -- how what are well you know also castle. But it's called you guys this is sort of the baseball ever. Built -- personality. -- you you're the biggest -- critic we don't need. I felt like it was demand I didn't like it was -- actor and -- but my biggest critic was was that the humidity better. I love what Buck Showalter who's done with the Baltimore Orioles he's made that team better I didn't see in print what -- so was who he was. Weary battered didn't have any impact at all and that to -- that was the biggest criticism I would have loved him it wasn't that. It wasn't that he did badly he just didn't do well and in the then there was no sign of discipline there was no sign of understanding how to play ball there was no sides they'd run themselves set of gains in the league pitchers into law looked in short. They were just little things are and I just said there was no side that he was going to be the next Earl Weaver. Talking to Steve Simmons from the troubled son and -- ever any discussion up there or any evidence maybe is the better question. That this that this bailout of stars that the blue jays have assembled. Might somehow not be cohesive not be like a a a well oiled well tuned engine and sort of pull in different places and and and be dysfunctional for some time. -- it's it's funny because when you see them off the field. They looked very functional than. The the club post seems -- the players -- finds its -- they're really good group of people. I think spring training kind of messed them up and I think the World Baseball Classic back them up a little bit. And now that with with Brett -- out into the missing a real good player in the and that -- noble -- -- for example. There's still plays at third base that -- makes easily. That might terrorist -- can't make it took so they lose essentially I think -- goes to play. In the second game that was a real nice pitching duel which put both. Pitchers went when eleven innings that's a different story back there with the masses of in a barrage of home runs and and so what if -- what you see it through three games that you have no idea what this team is. Did feel any one single real well yeah. We and. And out of spring training with the Red Sox the -- could feel the love in the room I mean it was almost. You could hear calmly out plan in the background it was a wonderful thing up would you guys what's wrong with that. With the rays jays does it feel that way does -- feel like everyone's gonna get along and and pulled together and and be as one. Yeah it does feel that way actually. And I think John -- real nice job sort of setting the agenda that way. The concern I think and then Joseph Maddon said this -- better than anyone ever -- so far. When everybody was drooling over the blue jays it's been training had a pretty long conversation with the IQ what do you think. He is Howard and how they come together as a team when you have that many moving parts and not play together on the field. -- games it could take you can't get behind in the daily. Especially this year with with the Houston factor in the AL west I I think -- -- it's going to be. Hard for a second team to make the play out the other divisions and he thinks if you don't start well. You're going to be in trouble and so far that you -- to -- wanted to. What I have it like to look at cases it is three games -- it's hard to really get a sense of what they are. Well and they hit five home runs scored ten runs last night you're still kind of cynical. Well you know what -- quickly wins those 34 and five you. If you don't they don't read it you might as well retire. -- of that at the bad pitching staff after the first two starters. On the Red Sox don't -- home runs but. On their finding other ways to win a stable before I let you go do people -- on another hockey people that really. They know their hockey they know what this thing is that there -- -- the regular season's over they play like the second season and they play. Two teams play and they have to first team to get like four wins moves on -- they Wear this whole playoff thing up there. Who will never -- Playhouse torrent. Sorry we don't know what -- -- anymore. The least haven't been in the play options before the -- out. The raptors repay almost no attention to what one playoff series in eighteen years franchise. The -- they have a bit in the playoffs since 1993. We don't care about the are those. And therefore. This is this is one of the downtrodden. Sports cities in North America. And I think that's one of the reasons why people are so excited. A -- that blue jays team they've finally opened the payroll up and bought some people it. And boy if this team doesn't at least compete and get in the race. And people are going to be so it's. The move and make your job easier columnist Steve you're -- your. Is Steve -- from the Toronto sun appreciate the time is always the attention of the beastie conducted on the road. Steve said as the -- cal -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE we should point out another reminder we will be live on yawkey way opening day on Monday. Larry Lucchino would join us on the set and will also be giving away a pair of tickets to opening day. In the 9 o'clock or this addition of -- will be right back.

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