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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Joe Castiglione

Apr 3, 2013|

Joe Castiglione caught up with Sox manager John Farrell just prior to game 2 of the season in the Bronx.

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Jack congratulations and your first victory as Red Sox manager while I was in the game today. Sort of have a data enjoy the gloated -- Well you know I think it was important that we get -- spring training it was impressive I think with the ways number of our guys went about their work on Monday the length of the -- up and now lineup we do a great job of grinding those out. The bullpen was outstanding. And the way we ran the bases -- it was a -- that what if they -- you don't have much to compare by other than what you do in spring training and to see the things we worked on. Play out in Saturday given game and it what it was fun to watch them play. Jackie Bradley just do so many things the great catch in left field and he told us on the post game show that he practices. Putting his head down running to a spotted -- ball directly over his head. At some you don't see very -- no you don't and I think one thing that really stood out to everyone in spring training was the precision to all of his routes and he's got such good hand eye coordination particularly when you see him in the batter's box. In and be able to take that hand eye coordination. On the defense. And and obviously the routes and which she runs. There's because of the position you have to understand that he has worked at this long and hard long before you -- a pro contract. And it's a testament to the people that were around him coming up as young baseball where. How about the old ball coach Steve Spurrier wearing a Red Sox had at the south Carolina's spring practice an honor Jackie well you know I. He's you know now. -- looked upon on campus there at University of South Carolina. And I think it's it's a nice tribute and a sign that someone of Steve Spurrier stature to be able to do that but I think it speaks volumes to how people think of Jackie Bradley in general one. And Morgan first and look at them ourselves. I couldn't scripted the use of the bullpen any better you get to a lot of people involved we got there working and ended well. Yeah it is and you know -- and has put together a very good bullpen as we've seen and without even -- and then and that's Davis from the mound on Monday but to get that number of guys to the mound they threw strikes in general. The power to the stuff is there and and obviously Andrew Bailey's. Key strikeout that's seventh inning was probably out of the game. The way things were unfolding but to see him come back and pitch with the aggressiveness that we've known him to be. Before coming over the Red Sox with -- Oakland. He adds you know a second closer to that back and and to have that kind of weapon available at your at -- disposals seventh eighth inning it's a luxury. The -- sounds veteran David Ortiz what's the immediate plan. He'll take BP and do his running with us here today and Angel flight and Florida tomorrow to continue that progression. Friday will be a day of running the bases and start ramp things up hopefully he's in games down there by Monday. And then soon to join Pawtucket to get 25 or thirty at bats somewhere in that range and when he's ready certainly he'll come back and doing our our lineup but that that time frame that we're hopeful of his somewhere that beginning of the third week. Third you know in the middle of month of April here. And -- about Stephen Drew. Continues to progress four innings in extended four backs down there today. You'll transfer his rehab assignment to our Portland and begin -- tomorrow so both cases that I got to make -- -- progress. He had Daniel -- batting second the aging and Victorino to seventh of the writing yelling yeah just taking advantage of the strength on the side of the switch hitters you know. That's a sign that they're strong on and you know Kuroda has been so good against right handed pitching. He -- you know lefties have given him a little bit more trouble so. We've got nominal two hole and you know slide victory -- -- down but that Jackie's again and that it all night so a salty and moves up a slot to break up the right handers but out. -- Daniels had a good spring I'm not afraid of working counts as we're real hopeful of so we've got our hands full program. And did play buckles look great spring training. He sure did you know I think the biggest thing Joseph in talking with them over the winter some of the physical ailment that he went through the hamstring the low back all of that's behind him. He came in camp and the good frame of mind just because of the physical which was behind him and with each successive outing he's been consistent. The quicker tempo pace and which he's using has been a positive -- so we're all those continue -- Where is Bob Feller in Cleveland he said big advantage the pitcher on very cold -- is the only guy that's warm do you agree. Totally agree you know you you're the one guy you and -- on -- plate or in the ninety pitch and use that to your advantage you might see some fastballs in on from right handers hands tonight. Because of that but -- or were looking for plated dictate the tempo and. Our Mercedes-Benz question of the day -- so you're chatting -- they would buddy black to measure the San Diego Padres. -- at our hotel. You realize you're the only two pitchers who are managing in the big leagues so many other pitchers like Roger Craig Fred Hutchinson of that success why do you think that is. While I think there's only been about point four. Former pitchers vehemently managers and in the history games so just by. As the sheer numbers you know might not be that many opportunities maybe it's tradition where so many catchers former catchers are Major League. Managers but I think your student of the game. And you pay attention to other areas but more importantly. Be able to communicate with all players whether -- position player pitchers. Ultimately this does come down to players and many have good players they can make you successful -- like tonight yeah okay did you. Our question of the manager brought to you by -- Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer is visit your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer to schedule a test drive today on the web at NB USA dot com John.

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