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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 3/28/13

Mar 28, 2013|

We tackle four topics we wouldn't have touched upon during this day of Bruins. Topics today include... Boston sports trades that never were, Lebitch James, Mayor Menino's greatest hits and more.

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And and he sold in the police are poor and the war on board or the court. Fun cleaning. -- -- -- -- -- So the Bruins missed out on -- again and he is now angling. What is the biggest Boston trade that never -- to be. Packing -- not -- -- bright you know even though wasn't a trade. It actually was -- chose to trade I was gonna say at the free agency but they're trying to get in the kind of -- right straight I think it's a right to it. It's it's it was it was huge we talked about it for. All long time weeks and weeks it was a formality is gonna happen Nomar gone Manny gone A-Rod here. Everybody was excited about it and then bam. -- -- in the media at that point that's so you were covering the whole thing our all remember being a fan at that point there was no I was still in my old job I hadn't gotten into the business yet and just clicking refresh. Over and over what happened just desperately waiting for some sort of news on what was gonna happen -- -- And then not only to have that breakdown in Larry Lucchino stood out that this is that scathing. Statement directed at the players association to shame. That a player wants something in an associate right what happened outside in the worst part the worst part is -- rod ghost New York in what he wore. This introductory press conference. Typical -- And we can fit in -- that like this is where went to be they want a pinstripe time. -- -- -- It was handled these great things about New York it is wanna do all things you thought it was you thought it was devastating he's like me is the best thing. The last thing that happened to the regular paneling anybody would argue. You guys have any ideas. On -- I don't think seventies open -- so unloading their team the Red Sox -- a good -- by the commissioner time. You were a twinkle. You weren't twinkle in somebody's eyes -- two years old -- always two years old at least six of what is -- was probably fingers. By the -- the yankees' mission for the greater good of the game makes deals. Sammy Sosa. Of the tray without a pre 2000. Knowing before 2000. The strike here. 94. I think it's science guy -- no sign yet that it was right because of the strike. That could have been a game changer -- go to if you have cheat and Sammy for awhile. Any you know he's got to be discovered for another maybe he would -- -- everywhere at the right people in order to bulk up appropriately to become the kind of player of the finals folks anywhere sliding Garnett anywhere sliding -- you never know. Phil Jackson joined Twitter yesterday it's Phil Jackson eleven and he is awful and who was the worst athlete Tweeter. -- -- Beat us moves it's. -- punish acts not he's got a gazillion followers and everybody at the beginning -- he was great but he's not it. Essentially it's any athlete it did agrees to the U -- tweet me because it's my birthday trick. Anybody who does that is the world what's wrong with that just trying to help out the president Julian Edelman -- be -- -- -- is that his -- and -- and that -- I just don't wanna see what I don't know it's like the -- up they get autographs and I'm not big into please reach me because when you realize -- time. Field people ask that you have to do we have to do it now I guess they follow me like tour. Where you were a kid that's out W the you're never got. You never got autograph -- I guess my shop when you're like five out of your youngsters are now common adult I have maybe maybe one or two it was -- -- autograph and is an adult about it. With anybody. I mean not just because I I mean it's part particularly exciting night equally with with any I can't imagine being excited about it about a piece of paper. With some signature. That would have that the signature has the number one by Jessica Albert like that you obviously she write down her name and her number I still can't do what they're about to -- automatic spot caller talked to the people that. They're wrong we're there to do that sometimes they still write out their number reported directly into a phone they just like touch phones and instantly know which of his information to do that as well that seems like you would be it would mean what can beat tiger by the way. You know -- all these people have signed up for Twitter is. Right so I guess that's the answer if you're if anybody who is not handling their own account you have somebody doing it story. Text in the final week as a brand spikes seems to have disappeared into lately but. Guys -- we should thank your girlfriend and stuff like that it's always a -- He got its would be for some Elian so seniors can. Come. As spry enough for him that he's he's arrogant wanna stay off the -- he really loves the phrase now. -- All right last night to rows -- bulls and Miami streak at 27 games after the game LeBron complained about the hard fouls and now. He has no okay do you want this game did you watch the the end of this game -- -- -- to being BZ of just obsessively clicking refresh to find out what was happening okay now debate with the broom and this will be like. One of the files of the hard files to walk. Was. Little Kirk Hinrich. Being absorbed mean just run over while LeBron James so Kirk Hinrich thinks he's gonna wrap up LeBron James. Any kind of look like. A quarterback. Being not just holding on to Adrian Peterson being dragged into the end zone -- leaves. And then I'll know better a lot of -- follows -- are not basketball place. -- walker -- in the first quarter mostly grim meeting the two wins and run into the ground. You know the last -- Taj Gibson was they would have column here Roma children every mr. -- Goals and ideals and our basketball. Got a good effort -- That it is ridiculous. If you watch the Kirk privately does tell you this dog lovers out there Kirk Hinrich with a little in that relationship this kind of hoping the -- was on the promptly -- he tried bring them out he -- he took the worst of LeBron takes it takes a lot of -- I mean I shall I always thought Shaq had a good point the game -- not called merely for Shaq. Because he was so large they let so much go disfigured yours Obey exits are usually just -- -- by different set of rules than everyone else I was it was unfair but they let people get away hacking Shaq not on purpose more often in the nation of but I've never felt that way watch them. There two thirds of domestic money because you're absolutely no job with the game. Level of aggression understands them. Boehner more reliable brass will -- -- -- the sometimes is. You know. Develop your honor A-Rod. I was -- the -- of the original line eleven times last night saw DA he goes the line. I think he's in the top five or top six in the league. In free throw attempts and let's just point out. That the guy went 254 minutes to my -- -- 254 minutes. Without having any foul called on him so if LeBron takes more files and anybody else he also -- so wait. Would more files than anybody else and last night they called for a flagrant. And I don't think you should have been around the game. But they really could have taken it to the next level he absolutely was a revenge file on Carlos Boozer he looked -- first. Any dip my L bowl high to his chest I'm shocked they called a flagrant and LeBron but -- -- to get away with. The hole and well looks like Mayor Menino will not -- the mayor of Boston moving forward. Who in Boston sports could from the city and run well there. Well the one thing we know is that language skills are not necessarily required for the job right so what does it really tell if we're gonna figure this out Michael. What does it really take to be the mayor of Boston -- -- -- is. On on those great. On a drive team. We gotta be connected. Right got to be connected got to be able to some favors for your friends yet favors. For the right people at times you -- got to have a long memory because revenge is a part of the job to mean there are some people. The mayor has a lot of people who were on his side. And he's ticked off a lot of people -- so everything is pointing towards one person I mean everything you've just -- points to one guy but the question will remain can you do that the one thing you really need to do. In order to remain near Boston and that's nature every single time it's knows all of the snow is removed in order for people to drive them. We have at all. You know and management brokerage companies as well -- -- It was a one -- How was it not Belichick everything you just described as Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick -- the American there genotype. German. Pedro Martinez mayor of Boston you that you get the snow clear I think you would -- -- -- shares. I think -- like anybody else like. We get the job -- likable being maybe his speaking skills are too high. In order to in order to -- -- very eloquent and he's fantastic to listen to -- a beats. Maybe he's more of he's more positive version giving a lot of votes for. A zebra that's. Pretty happy that after -- wrote that there's no remote that that was part of job. Really -- one of the most likable people in sports night. That two people in the same organization. Bobby you were. Maybe too nice but -- thanks. -- These variants. That's what you don't want definitely. -- in -- -- you're trying to present like a friendly city where people wanna move to spend their tax money in. The campers and that can keep it in him would really be rushed it's now winter stuff that's church pastor at first this -- there is the land there are the hockey player you -- -- mark up on a wide -- Accountability you find a way to work -- when it's cooler anything like it any Angel joins -- coming up here in twenty minutes up next -- exercise courts. And look at our punter you're gonna get into that debate. It.

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