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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 03/25/13

Mar 25, 2013|

Four guys tackle four topics that we haven't touched upon today. Today's focus... Florida Gulf Coast and other Cinderella Stories.... have the Patriots done enough and more.

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-- And and -- silicon goalies are poor and the floor board or thought. More fun cleaning. -- Actual vote we'd still continually. And -- -- UW guys want to look at. I would keep talking about how Jackie Bradley junior whether he starts immediately with a big numbers and buicks and the target is a can't miss prospect can't mess. In recent years who has the biggest can't miss prospect for the Red Sox who end up being a complete me. It's. Awesome week when there's a million also to go we're going to play this game with -- -- -- his name -- random Red Sox have failed to live up to expectations -- that we're talking about a lot of men office Michael Coleman. Donnie Sadler was a big Donnie Sadler for an amber has little time he's done he's passed bill it was fast -- -- -- hit -- cannot. But he got -- the and it got to the base -- it was a it was a joy to watch he kept -- the ball up he thought he was up power hitter he was not a power dead even -- wrong about that all -- -- grounding was like Joey Gathright. Yet but he was not a can't miss prospect and at least not for the not for the Red Sox. But the guy we're talking about earlier this Casey Fossum and they got so ridiculous with Casey Fossum. That around and they 2002001. The Red Sox had an opportunity. Is it an earlier 992000 had an opportunity to get Sammy Sosa. Or some -- -- -- -- Sosa going in there was going to be Trot Nixon and -- off supersonic basic possibly can't give up can't do it. Can't miss raw data keep Casey Fossum well they gave them up at the right time network they'll form remember when rose and Pavano we're joined at the -- real world. I guess how about I mean you go way back he can roll mine was that supposed to be can't man as seen -- team up together. Roma never worked out west -- never worked out tonight Gardner never worked out to got a dose of more importance and Warren Michael -- easy elk and Tara Michael mentioned Michael called public the twin bill last year -- Between third base guys who came up together will various -- -- Neither of those guys were down all coal in the -- -- the year yet but realized expert Craig Hansen yeah. Let's just got to -- one because you can't really recent cancer and -- first round pick. And you Henson's in the same draft and I think but it was in that draft so you had Ellsbury in a draft yet Hansen. We have buckle. Had Michael Bolton had yet -- in almost I mean. -- those guys -- pretty good and still playing right now obviously but Hanson was supposed to be this -- top five talent top ten talent the other ten the only reason. The Red Sox got on the -- because other -- to one page you can get it done on a baseball already. -- Florida Gulf Coast University is where do we not get a hold on we got our government still -- don't jump the gun we need our number two of our tour. That it didn't. Otherwise and -- had to go off on Scott Cooper my body when Scott Cooper played his first game for the Red Sox it was against Wade Boggs right it was bought his first trip back. And my body we must have been thirteen not even 1213 years old I'm huge sign behind their best you got the chicken man we got the -- and that's why Maryann. Do you laugh or cry and -- you -- They're very revert to. -- question yes to. All right Florida Gulf Coast University has now reached uncharted territory there the first fifteen seed to reach this week's sweet sixteen will face number three seed Florida on Friday. Is FG CU the biggest Cinderella team of all time. Yes yes yes when they're fifteen seed playing in the sweet sixteen. It's never happened before you can't think of anybody. Give -- another event but -- it's unprecedented nobody has been in this position you haven't heard of her -- GCQ before we should they should be our adopted team Michael if anybody has a right to lay claim to Florida Gulf Coast. It's elsewhere where is Florida Gulf Coast. It's in four miners. It's Fort -- not our single a affiliate where we have spring training or Boston goes in February and march of anybody. Has he writes. -- currently in Florida Gulf Coast they should be our adopted team here Boston's as we don't really have a college basketball are I think about that in Fort Myers and you still. Haven't heard I drove by two weeks ago my way to the airport. If you drove by it literally drove by noticed that it's never heard of colts are you know I -- sort of put that in perspective this team this year. -- -- -- -- They lost though a university called lipscomb twice out. Our conference and when lit her on a good day -- completely hypocritical home loss to Maine. 84 to 78 amendments are listening and that name doesn't have a good program arms is -- him in the black hair is made a sweet sixteen. Name but David Bell the kind of team that on late night can upset a -- existing incredible and I am rooting for this team member of it is they beat Miami is -- -- in my early like -- -- city. I don't care about all the -- you don't care about don't like the way they play you just care about the -- -- to -- their fifteen -- And they are in the sweet to hear about the way they play men are different city things per I don't have a confession make -- -- written about the coaching now. Innovative ideas and he's he's married to meet the former fashion models what you -- course. You've got to part of what her name is to go -- Not very interest. Fashion model wife. Quarterbacks -- It. Did not know what. Right now if -- -- -- -- the football. There you go Brent Brent -- if you see her but you'll be impressed. It. Bicycle of the NCAA tournament the ratings for the NCAA tournament and high since 1993 simple question. Why is this happening I saw that this morning Daryn -- tweets CBS say around three which is the last round was the highest since 93. Which to me is really surprising Michael the the the game of college basketball is not what it was in 1993. What what's happened with one and done Regis can't recognize that everyone in a program the days where you knew everyone who was -- duke and several -- Kentucky's. And three or four years of the guys that you see a layer Kansas were. Those days come and gone and right it's impossible. To re load every year and know who was on all the teams in college hoops. So I guess I would wonder is do we really prefer to not know anything about the guys in the term. He would prefer to come -- totally blind and be surprised and be happy with Florida Gulf Coast or who ever does their thing it. Is it more enjoyable. Well it must be in the you think about the the the 93 NBA draft. And the first -- of that trap is Chris Chris Webber so you saw Chris -- you -- his whole story the fab five the whole thing. You know even Stamkos cell was in that -- and some play of Florida State I mean these are guys. Sophomores juniors in some cases seniors Chris mills is in that draft played at Arizona you knew his game you knew all about it. I think it's more than that I think it's very simple. I think it's just the brilliance of brackets. I wanna hear about your brackets and how they are -- what is the bracket apology of -- we have them every year since ninety and a -- to get bigger in bigger and now. His bracket for college basketball you -- -- boston.com are doing their March Madness right so they put. Restaurants vs each other in all the best. The best burgers. You know the best writers the best that's the best bet is that whole bracket format and it's gambling get it we're we're more. We have more degenerate gambler who hit 2013. That we had twenty years ago I think that's the number one reason but you guys there. -- -- -- Actually there's more attention brought on the bracket challenges which kids more people. Involved to formally launches I think that's absolutely the -- you know not that the Internet has him around has been around obviously since the mid ninety's and around aren't there you go open. I think as Twitter and social meeting everything continues to roll I think that helps with some of the eyes on it and also it's been what two or three years now that you can see every -- That helps to you can actually watch the game you wanna watch even if you have to go to TBS TNT. I'm guessing that they're looking at all of their ratings come in that and comparing it to what CBS used to get by. We're told they've also done and that was this was criticized a couple of years ago when they first did it. Are growing -- the audience because before. College basketball just in terms of analysis just look at this where. Analysis of college basketball. It was always Billy packer. In the first five minutes of game saying. They're tired they're tired he -- and -- time -- a huge college these college guys and they don't let anybody else into their X who their exclusive club. Now you look at it you seek any threat if he Charles -- -- helps on the desk. And it just opening up a bit to more casual -- a lot of -- true but if they offer it in disgust. All not have to miss that they really not have got screaming during the games. Do these ratings for the NCAA tournament show you -- cultural all the things need some kind of similar tournament -- college football's hurting ratings wise but they do need a tournament just because what they're gonna get tournaments so that we are almost -- having that conversation. Right they're all now have a tournament eventually -- get bigger and bigger in the make more money off it but they're going to have one and to keep harping on the I think we do. This until it actually stupid talking about a for ten or fifteen years and haven't done anything -- -- and Elvis Dumervil for an -- or even though it's -- -- now falcon poker is now brown. -- and Abraham are still on the market in the patsy to pass rusher what should they do what what does that say about Paul Kruger. I mean Paul Kruger was the object of so many people's desires this off season the number one sack artist everything you've done this year. And the ravens let him go without just because of salary cap reasons but somehow they have enough money to bring in Elvis Dumervil -- notes offers many years but still. They look -- go in order to get an older Dumervil clearly they want is the level Paul Kruger is everybody thought. I just what is that you hurt my feelings so much on Friday it is going to give you this debt. We're talking about the ravens that you just couldn't believe. I was hurt your feelings there are real character of sorry about the bears should shouldn't get personal but it is the person's size -- give me the step before they were -- should do. Do you realize -- huge Willis. -- The quote that hurt your feelings you're a huge blunder out of your exact Allred quote you're quoted at feelings -- talked about the Baltimore radio yeah it really really it -- -- -- as -- -- practically. Second awarded the number -- register. You know there's a step. Peter King candidates Monday Morning Quarterback this morning that there is this the first time that a defending champion. Has lost so many starters. Funny. On a team this has never happened before in the history of the Super Bowl champion. The Baltimore Ravens have lost more than anybody else in history so tell me. At the patriots have done this and that that giant -- tell -- that -- -- eight and up to Canada -- hackers have done that. But of according to the Elias Sports Bureau that that the first dive in history that it -- on the are done with -- I'm not arguing with a lot of budget passed by her feelings that we can tell you that they should go after directory. -- mean the obvious guys they know -- I think he would thrive. In this system that's not really a system because it's flexible 3443. Bill Belichick will know how to use them aperture shall know how to use -- think they're going to the rotation guy you think they're dominated today and how long now on the they've had. Football couple weeks now more -- hand that's right the more you -- the price goes down every day maybe or maybe eventually somebody just swoops in and take some have they done enough this off season that question axle and holly W media do you realize -- huge was it. --

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