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Ryder and Lenny discuss the Celtics Lost to Memphis and NCAA Upsets

Mar 23, 2013|

John Ryder and Lenny Megliola open the show talking about the Celtics loss last night to the Memphis Grizzles. Harvard University's huge win over New Mexico State in the first round of the NCAA tournament brings national attention local Ivy League team. Listen here for all the latest NCAA updates and Celtics talk.

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And now only WEEI Sports Radio network we've paired up two fantastic hosts I'm well aware of the situation do you guys will be Peru -- here. -- A movie it's John Rheinecker handle any Magglio and dump her big combination of talk show host on WEI. Ali asked not be pretty -- Brady's perfect so now let's intro or talk show. We do -- the look brighter inmates on the WTI Sports Radio network. NCAA tournament fascinating so far before the break we're talking a little bit above Florida Gulf Coast. And the only reason I knew that school existed was because they're remember hearing that they have a decent baseball program -- Chris Sale. It looks to BBA's picture of. The White Sox got there but first the basketball program I knew that the upset Miami earlier this season but other than that. You know -- that was the biggest upset so far in a number of upsets in the tournament. Some other notes from what I was said check in on would them when he they have only to his sponsors of that basket. Program rob his grill in the helped him. They are. Looking and gamer or and their basketball court reports it was name on the best -- court August takes 500 grand in order to do that for someone to step up to do that. Two concession stands there at that school and I think the highest price tickets like seventy dollars. Well duke has the same problems that you. So good for them and that that is just an amazing. Accomplishment winning that one game but is anything really surprising or shocking considering this NCAA tournament this season and on. You're -- some local ties to me after that break and -- Another amazing thing is the little. -- school and it's a little town south from mass say in my -- school. Has produce some in incredible plays over the years. And make for a full five year span I mean they couldn't even play in the independent school league late Milton academy in places like -- Because of the army they play in the league but they had to go outside and play eighteen from the Arkin Marilyn and just -- and elevate -- so good and winning you know by 67 point. And about those kids are playing in the tournament now armed Erik Murphy has been a big part of what -- artist -- he's been leading scorer last couple games rebounder. And down this could be used to kid if you want to have a game tonight as the seven footer at it has ciskei is something like that every morning yeah he was at the same time. And it's that there is there all over the place it's it's terrific -- from Georgetown. Com stunning and they're out of it now but down -- army won once small school wants small town producing those kind of kids in her you know the sharks fans brief phenomenal. It is and looking as well. Considering Harvard in the job that they've done there are some issues at the beginning of the season without their top players. You know it being dismissed from the teams -- -- and they knocked off a knockout New Mexico defensive minded team and repair or -- slowed that down gave that game down. Played at the pace that they wanted to play dad then it neck and neck contest to that win over New Mexico and on they have to go up against Arizona. Jason Terry's school them -- as we can say it will but the pros and certainly we can get into we've. Already touched on briefly the Red Sox and how odd it is opening day we get into Jackie Bradley junior whether he will be in the opening day line up. In left field I'm not sure Phil. The plan opening day considered CC sabathia is on the non -- but to whether he'll make the team I guess is the bigger question whether. You'll be seeing a chunk of timeout period in left field for the Red Sox and that continues to be a big topic. Getting into the Celtics a little bit more. If anyone wants to watch the NCAA tournament last I checked out some of that Celtics game and they definitely had their chances to win that game last night. Just lack of energy a number of different problems in that in that game and tonight. They will get absolutely whacked if they play that way against the grizzlies. They can now -- half court game it's. And it's it's tough to play the style that they want to play. All the time isn't -- with a couple of the older players they wanna play this quick. -- pace up tempo style gain bowl when you get guys in their mid thirties to make ruled that difficult yeah to us. Well I -- I'm not even sure if it's up tempo John you know that the biggest thing that caught our right after Rondo went down it's like okay how they gonna play this now okay. And and we love the way they move the ball swung the ball -- -- and they still do that. But that that's that's the catch up to them a little bit end. You know again with the ball around a -- 67% at time obviously if it's a different look whether they're up tempo or playing half court. But I just think ground. They have they have kind -- read it in Iraq now because. You know it's been awhile since teams haven't played against Rondo and you know they look at film if you know -- and and then they -- -- the Celtics and they say well this is how we gonna. You know then knocked that up tempo and they'll move the ball distill -- unselfish team. But when the bench doesn't help out. We're in trouble. Yet while they are and the against the west now other 2111. -- this twelve and one. Without Rondo went home they're now six in ten. Without Rondo on the road and -- had -- problems he -- -- but yet if they look at their -- if there in the seventh spot and well what they wanted to avoid that -- by Milwaukee actually owns the tiebreaker there because they played all those games to begin the season Milwaukee ended up taking three out of war and to think about all the bad losses -- -- recently New Orleans they get swept by New Orleans they get swept by Dallas which won't -- go to the playoffs for the first time minute -- At twelve years or something by an outside chance that not much united in gonna get there. And you know. I think some teams in terms of scouting and you've even seen this and Jeff -- instead 43 point night has not played well I am. Little better early in that New Orleans game in interest was was absent. Is that there's not extensive scouting like here is in the playoffs and I would I worry about when the Celtics do get into the post season how much they will -- Rondo when the game slows down it. And you've got teams pressuring whoever the ball handler is in trapping and and and cutting out those passing lanes. When it when you get into the playoff basketball and you don't have those which is good for the Celtics the back to backs but also. You got more film a more concentration from from other teams looking at the Celtics and how they run that offense that spread offense exactly where Rondo edges breaker the standard down. Not again a little bit. Accustomed some of these teams that they acted to what the Celtics due out. -- -- And they cover up work I mean you know everyone tries to swing the ball to a certain degree I'll I'll teams do that I mean it's it's a way to keep defense I mean Arab backing up a little bit. Are on their toes but. I think they have seen enough of it that's not saying that it can't work it's not but it what is says they shouldn't be -- to -- -- and shouldn't be losing to New Orleans just where it's -- well then -- definitely played down to the level of their competition. Up -- a series could be -- he asked before they right you -- -- -- went out and then after the game got that says well you know -- defense we got to be better and that yeah I want you don't realize that the -- water by then you know -- it's. And it's not excuses it's just I'm trying to analyze. How they -- printing and and it's it's pretty discouraging to the deceive them -- flummoxed by you know by what they've just done and and then trying to analyze that it's not that appeared to laugh and that's -- Both think less than after the game I was saying well. They can still -- there's definitely some winnable games left here they've yet to -- against Cleveland they've got Detroit put -- struggle against. And this season now Washington at home as well. But again you don't want a slip and that it -- you'd probably want to be in the six spot but they were trying to walk that tight -- in terms of minutes for Garnett and -- he'll probably miss another game it's not too. Pierce will probably miss another game for rest Jason Terry out and even -- idea. Sum up his season more down and -- he's been a missing some shots yet another tough night last night in Dallas three from 93 for nine Jordan Crawford is an adventure constantly and Jeff Green. We keep talking about you know who who is he who exactly is he has a player. And what is the right now and a lot of people -- good question a lot of people in and look at knows the sensitive issues coming up art surgery. But a lot of people while he's going to be a star and sadly. You know what he would have been historically. It's 27 years old. I great I mean I think. Well policy of the great play on -- -- it currently April -- -- eight hours and say -- -- 28 next year. Let's Delphi they go on the playoffs and what kind of role Jeff -- place and it that'll get get a lot of points. In the -- and and -- mine's -- for next year and then. Next is going to be a really big year from two because we've we've been asking these questions about him you know for awhile and with give them give -- -- some rope because. Of the you know medical situation. And any props for 43 point night civil maybe that's it maybe that's -- signature game that makes him a stated. Eighteen and eight guys something like that that doesn't happen. Well again I think that some of the low post Lewis whose clients base but he also on -- legal left. Oh it's been a lot of teams have been -- a -- to go left and he's having trouble doing it from we've discussed. Those issues as well as the Red Sox and yankees we can get into. Jackie Bradley junior that situation. -- in action tonight against a Toronto team that they've owned. You're in a recent years. 6177797937. You can text to sit 37937. As well you know patriots last week they were talking all patriots and now will be quiet this week but it still was some additions that they have to make in terms of pass rusher. And we'll see with the Ballmer situation is run -- offensive line you have. Yeah I wrote about that's gonna run you've tomorrow Monday. Not just problem but disrupting your pointing out. Home what it you know what they need is I'm in -- they've got to find out sooner or later brought the right sideline and end because you know with the draft issue and how higher priority dealmaker and offensive -- Home and that may be pretty important note by the time draft -- it's different and so it's coming instinct to our city where they go I still brink. You know very and I again animal's going to be with their first -- bright you know -- is definitely and maybe hold -- -- going to be very important. All right I'll give some thoughts on that as well what I think the patriots will end up doing here at love to hear from you out there. Up than two were up until was 730 myself and -- 6177797937. You can text us as well. At 3793. Several were back -- just the 92 break. I was sort of condition recording thing. We are either. There's more consciousness. I'm sure those who don't know it's not so sure -- going through August -- -- rather. -- -- famously received should be. But is there. Our team Tom -- we know how awful. And which need to work. Kevin Garnett after last night's loss at Dallas Garnett played well and they certainly were trying to establish him. More so in the second -- well such -- Korea early on that third quarter. -- scored sixteen points grabbed twelve rebounds five assists and 29 minutes. Paul Pierce only had nine attempts in last night's game at the part of that is as well at Dallas and a big front lines and drive into the basket as much. Brandon Bass is pretty good I think outside of best pierce and Garnett. And a block for royals are. -- that -- shy about. When the ball up in the I a -- you mention him and in some texture goes Jeff green does have the -- -- student great player needs -- and said yeah he had been so many to. Well I -- that you could just put a little bit of the company Georgia proper as in depth green right. And ended tool too much got -- made Crawford who loves. Those Temps loves being aggressive going to the basket canceled wild everything. Whether whether good or bad for Crawford is not a. Control that he is he's got to be the first NBA player to take a shot to -- his warmup is -- to -- -- just with the you've applied for the or -- a table engines -- and shoot. -- you know that's fine and it is you're right it's it's good analogy art juxtaposition. Of agreeing to. You know. Painful way of gone about his business maybe that's who we afterward but and a guy like profit just bubbles -- reminds me a little bit and Nate Robinson and you know no conscious. About shooting at anytime anywhere you know. Yes I area and the Jason Terry. Higher expectations that -- Completely out of control considering he's 35 years old right now but I would expect a little bit more for Abraham and terms of the shooting. He was over to shooting the three last night used -- three point shooting has been dreadful look at the percentages. This season but overall. You've probably expected I mean a little bit more out of him. So far this season and he struggled as of late so. Those are the Celtics issues that tonight against Memphis is just -- -- a defensive juggernaut of a team. And team that really pounds the glass and one of the top teams in terms of Bob -- of rebound and it got there was peace in Zach Randolph Marcus all of -- are even more of a defensive team after. Adding Tayshaun Prince and of course toward reality was I was looking up before the show free agent after the season. In terms of the Bruins here and action tonight -- now kinda. As he expect going through the it's seemingly kind of gone through the motions here they're all there in the fourth spot. In the east right now with Pittsburgh just rolling winners of the eleven in a robe. And we know that -- the bronze bid by the injury bug a little bit maps probably make some additions whether it's defenseman and another forward. Whether it's taking of I don't know if they're going to be able to add. You know one of these -- top line guys are big time goal scorers -- there's so many different teams that are pretty much in the mix in the NHL and as they say an NHL terms may be one of those glue guys they add -- a couple of those they do have the room in terms of the money. And that's coming up on me and I think it's April spurred. In terms of that trade deadline in India in the NHL but it's funny with the ceilings because most think when you look at the Bruins Celtics respectively. The ceiling for the Celtics probably still is even -- their latest struggles. On Eastern Conference finals. And -- against Miami potentially although wouldn't shock me if they were the seventh seeded men who have fallen Indiana and the first round either so who knows. And we know how crazy the Stanley Cup Playoffs conveyed. But the Bruins. The expectations for them pretty much -- or where is the Celtics. I think for most you win one or one series certainly if you went -- would you go to the Eastern Conference finals you're exceeding expectations. But for the Bruins is it's Stanley Cup bust you would save gas. I think restart restart that earlier media I mean we couldn't wait for the season this factor there this whole season gets wiped away and is as good chance that they -- one at all while it's forty agencies and winding down and they -- still thinks that way. Then they have you know Islam like -- aren't that many -- thriller titled the lost three games are you about it. A lot of good teams in the east yet knows if they had a flawed auto that would have been I believe their first three game losing streak correct of the season correct. Yeah John I'm just thinking. I think of doing quick math in my head numbers and not my game but ideally they -- The nuggets and the penguins and it's 5050 NL. She's right it's the 21 -- sitting on fourteen and eleven yes. I think it adds up to 51. And when -- he'd ever lose they'd say yeah that's record they just pour it on in the second half against Detroit and they have Orlando tomorrow. LB 29 straight when they go to plays San Antonio I believe. And that would that would be the team that most of looking at I wouldn't count out maybe even though -- strode up to Chicago it's that Chicago board where they face. At San Antonio not sure if they break right you wanna see him break the record. I know that sounds crazy year in Boston no I don't mind I mean I think it's pretty. The way they've gone about it with these double digit even last night there -- digit fourth quarter deficits and seventeen in the third period was that. Now look it up and I know they're trailing at they have to then as soon as usual LeBron went crazy in the second half and images being imported on the Miami Greg Monroe had a big game I mean on Detroit and it was last in -- yeah. And they just you know that they get out to be slow start but against these bad teams this. For a but I think that they I think Detroit had a seventeen point third -- lead and it's just the -- have much a look at up but well maybe thirteen lamb but it was double digits and it carried over into the fourth quarter. But Saddam you know what they've done is just -- dynamite to watch means -- best and I think they wanted to which are thought they don't it's not one of those things where Spoelstra spent -- or -- -- -- -- sinking. But -- or maybe just sort of eased up from the pressure that had all the pressure they've made needed last year and Andy -- the -- the hell out of it. You know some people have said well this is gonna hurt them in terms of the playoffs you know going for this win streak. But there to -- I don't I don't either. Because. They won the championship last season if they had no one -- a championship prior to that are have a want to Jimmie Jimmie you wonder. Even you know he's in his prime right now but then the brawn James is just. Kind of been -- in that sold right now we know that so we've seen it before I'm not putting him in Michael Jordan's category buddies in. At a close to that zone right now in terms the way he's playing right now got its. There's no question I mean -- base depression days they had to face of last year and they said they they beaded -- because if beta -- win it last year or Savimbi laughing stocks a lot of people would be app because the race team with together and all that right. So they met that pressure. And then Matta through force series in the playoffs. And and so this streak I think to having some fun with and I also think they really really want it. Because if they went to champ ship again. So it's back to back. And and then you got you know a rarity when he -- or whatever it ends up in in the same season tonight going to be looked at it again beat a two you window but you know one of the greatest teams are all time. Only trailed by as much as eleven in the first half and they outscored Detroit 22 to fourteen in the third and thirty to 21 in the fourth quarter. In last night's victory but I feel like you know. Yet EU waste all that energy all that gas in the one like this but for a team that won the championship last year knows how to play. That style come playoff time out ticket you know of our oldest is a lot of gas I haven't fond I I think -- having -- -- -- I don't either I mean look that the way they're starting -- fits somebody's -- Some of these first halves -- No not expanding is much much energy and some of these sports teams that is have that confidence we're gonna win no matter what even put down 111527. Cleveland was. Look like crazy but you look at Cleveland team there was no no carrier VA Anderson Barrett has done for the season Dion Waiters was out with a knee injury. -- Up against Britain let's sneak -- Monty in the chorus and -- a Monty. -- adaptive engine idle in money. There -- actors thanks. What -- you -- Bradley up first off -- -- out all get. But some -- -- about watching I'll explain it I've watched it. Walked out all. -- general. A partner. And it just by fear are -- lately it's what you actually -- rather say I'm a keynote at their but he notices by. I don't think he played that great defensively last night though report say it and it has a couple of games I don't think so I -- Vasquez with -- New Orleans a bigger guard. More physical. He played great the last two games obviously talk about. Watching too direct maybe arguably I would say I would say it I would say the top two defensive guards in the NBA you'll be seeing tonight and Tony Allen in Avery Bradley. Really yeah I Marty -- ahead of Avery Bradley that's that's what that's like Charlie allens and the leak. You know I don't have great respect their right to -- put I would put up Bradley over -- I would known yet not yet on how well what what do you think about that that you notice. It calls for all when he just eating the opt out of the spot. Yes you know at an end and it -- -- next year and should be already -- reputation but definitely next year he won't begin cause as much for some of that. Are you let period in my might oppose -- ask is what will it stop what is he can it be lectured about earned the respect. Where they'll see that actually play that you sent -- but it teacher failing you for being Smart. I know I think that he'll start to see that right. I hate I mean these -- that they they should know by now. His reputation meant some of sometimes they're justified but as sometimes is good defense appreciate the call Monte. Quite textures I I think. You know this textured Chinese being heats I'd like gags every day it seems to be he taco WEEI isn't as Boston actually out of bring up the data often -- to have water and by the way 25 -- -- they are relevant sports and but to and my my counterpart and I -- about quite a bit. My body but I I do not and fact. Look at the and as the guy another Texas that the heater peaking too soon now I mean it's. Unfortunately they heated ever and -- India in the east anyway probably you'll -- this would be. This is how good the west is Memphis would be the second seed if they were played and east. Impressive at that and there in the fifth spot in the west that's good team no question about it and they survived the trade actually got better and no team and they. No team that's team that no one in the -- wants to -- them come playoff time all right we've been talking play -- vote switch gears are Red Sox a conversation Jackie Bradley. What you're sold on this starting rotation which has been a solid it's spring training some NCAA tournament -- Some text messages about the patriots don't get into those in -- the on the phone lines really what everyone to get into on this Saturday's 617. 7797937. You can text us. At 37937. Were back after this break in the sports. Do you worry about Jason Terry were right gentlemen like this way and you know he's. Be an emotional player sometimes this is going to be as much as he tries to talk down there's going to be a moment when he entered the game it could be able. Why don't worry about them. Is going to be emotional should be. You know the world and yet it. Doesn't it -- just animal floor and you know it's it's really that simple. The loves the maverick Jason -- session -- -- -- I would Doc Rivers before last night's game against Dallas which ended -- Diego Los created match with a call. Grizzlies the toughest team on this trip and are coming up the painful loss to add new war Owens last night. Felt as to what that's all about -- yes and obvious of the sort of bounce back tonight against a Memphis. Banning all for Terry yes and that's just and I am yeah and I edit and after shots through from time they get another -- There's probably a retiree is number there and saying there mark -- always big Jason Terry fan of the guys that aren't exactly shy retiring wall -- -- wallflower types now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Potentially in the Eastern Conference finals. A couple of today it's John Ryder Lenny megs with a check out any Magglio in the metro west daily news Boston Globe and doing the baseball journal will be up -- 730. Before the pregame show that Grady and Max Celtics and grizzlies tonight down in Memphis. Now we've been discussing the Celtics who have also been done well can touch and everything here it was still up until 730 but to. Text message just says hi Ryder bloody it's in the year or Harvard and Yale rivals my uncle went to Harvard my brother went to Yale. Russia showed. Stress -- Florida yes stay out and yes they are asks via in terms of academics and otherwise. Yes they are. IE ended up going you know I think -- To me and what a great story -- it is and in knocking out to Mexico on arrival once touted New Mexico bats -- when you were mentioning is Steve Alford ages at that big. A contract. To you as it was actually -- they've done. I dynamic you're going to do get Alfred Indiana and -- to match up prior in the NCAA tournament as players -- But this -- Sani chambers at the point guard for -- for Harvard and ended up think it -- -- bigger school better school was. Mr. basketball Minnesota and as the freshman point guard for Harvard. And I know that's not like saying well mr. basketball of any stage. Is impressive and pretty giving myself that is South Dakota Wyoming might take a step back but yeah. Minnesota's big enough states Alexei mr. basketball New Yorkers some of the hot beds like -- at Indiana Indiana and exactly. But stale. You know they'd ended up getting him in a Harvard I watched Harvard. This year you know me I like to go over to I go to like one northeastern game where what school 11 Harvard game the year. And why are Celtic -- -- -- -- Harvard in at Dartmouth at Dartmouth ended -- pushing him into overtime out. -- that was earlier this year in the course. Brothers used to have my dad went to Dartmouth so he's always good for them and I had my uncle went to Harvard -- a real yes but so. -- -- The as sickening as Harvard team just isn't like some of the teams the past and I've watched in the feuded for years and Putin not closely but -- would go to a game. And and this was earlier this is back in January. Now as they can you know not that watch that time -- New Mexico or harder for that matter minimally carvers have beaten Mexico depends on the teams just not have. Now and a first round that's standard. And just think that two best players out with -- I don't and they will be back next year and and so will will seek. But Saddam. And I felt bad from count Casey and now we should only mention Wonka camp victory in the fellow's name but. They were mentioned a lot on the telecast he now is having -- closer to run a winning that came in depth remains a you know it in the vein that out. He's the two best players to Demi you know cheating scandal has brought up. I tried to many times and then in the post game show to I mean how would with Ivan was the lead in sports and aren't. Calm and deservedly so -- oh absolutely and I was introduced again in Allen mentioned it to kid's name's David economy. In achieving as too bad down and but they're coming back and nexus so we'll see what they do but -- it's a great story. And we'll CL like Tommy -- stays it's my understanding he and we know we had some problems at Michigan in the past. But my understanding of built one of the big reasons why you have taken a harbor drug because of his wife getting a job or on this -- that's. -- but I mean what will see I mean he's very happy via com and you know between mid two combined salaries and you know that they've. Been doing quite well and I mean if you if he has visions of going somewhere -- -- have to be after this year I mean this is strike. While while the -- inside yes absolutely so I mean he's gonna get offers us no question about it. So who will see I mean he really seems to enjoy the academia Erin. Rubbing elbows with the future captains estate. And down and he gets to that he gets to the kids they've listened listened -- They know he's got a good pedigree of -- and so we'll see where it goes but you love to see him win two games and Arizona's going to be I mean it it's gonna be different golfer -- and but I can imagine a New Mexico scouts and fans are looking at however that I get in and see that that. Dot -- does diamonds played basketball -- -- did you skated got it right and they almost was still. And they must have thought that was the show went. Yeah you look at some of the and he had no. They dated a beat BC which has become a typical -- is pro Tippett told matter. And they ended up losing UConn this year -- -- have to look at there. Tires schedule but still impressive and that's you know New Mexico -- it's and then the people that are down there in that area and it's like their their pro team down there and haven't lost that lasted a regular Ivy -- games of the season and then -- had via its title wrapped up and down. Sure enough. They are where they are and and the great team win and tipping off shortly against against Arizona will continued up the there. One other. You can always send a text message 37937. We've been open for lines at 617779. 7937. Texture here on the patriot says session the major square after another linebacker to supplement their core three. Not too familiar with their depth after Mayo high tower in spikes on pretty much is these citizens that is history that's a lot of Rob Ninkovich defense -- -- linebackers well depending on the on the schemes but I get. You know basically what the patriots I think have to address series. Another pass rusher they still need someone to -- after a quarterback what whether it's John Abraham who I would mind bringing in. Situation -- guy and there's some reports that Osi Umenyiora is gonna sign down there -- -- enacted to be bring back. John Abraham so Abraham -- there's still some guys out the year. Albeit situation no guys we'll see you Chandler Jones can progress. Young -- high -- does but Tim. Yeah I don't I don't see him bringing end. James Harrison. Or or maybe even a Brian Urlacher at this point although with the patriots hockey rule anything out when it comes to match. If that's your journal and I says that -- -- thing and that they you know that was a marriage that went bad didn't it I mean he -- NASA icon of death. But I still insulted by their Austria I was I don't blame but then again you know -- -- -- is damaged goods and you know it's not a settlement leak. And but guys I still think Abraham would would be the guy yeah I don't I -- us. -- -- -- Urlacher being an inside -- back her late for the break get a get back on schedule here's 6177797937. And you can text us at 37. 93 several field for once we're here up until 731 back after the sport. -- The. Think the fans who is average on that -- had NIC you know watching. The end of that game watch most the second half of that game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's if Chris was. I mean that's an all time record and it's tough to find it's got -- hidden there on the Q did you see who would you see them against them night. This Dartmouth of those -- and right so you thought you left that saying half. Boy I bet -- get deep in the term and I hours at a time I'm going well I've had quite the program we know starting with Jeremy land and and over the past few years and Tommy America's done. Been a solid job right it said John Ryder -- make it all the way up in 0730 minutes the Celtics in the grizzlies tonight in Memphis tough one for the Celtics. 6177797937. And you can. Sent this text messages well and it's 37937. Is techsters thinks that the patriots already signed Abraham didn't have -- did that fall through another. He had a visit with the patriots. Andy's visit to the bronco as well as as well as has said Dwight Freeney visit would both teams but nothing official. There you know it's funny with contracts and to me Lanny you would think. You know if you had the choice arsenic about if you you have the choice to be and you were terrific athlete both. Baseball and football which I am yes a no brainer. -- baseball. I mean I understand the pass through the miners could be difficult that's part of it but if you're. Primo one of those sports. I'd pick and just nevermind the injuries in the guaranteed contracts not guaranteed. But -- Jonny Gomes. Just throw this out their two years ten million dollars all the squabbling and talking about Wes Welker whose two year deal which is similar to Jonny Gomes right and -- -- trying to meg Gomes and then popular player I just -- we're going to be days I don't expect to be the Wes Welker the -- -- Outwards through. As -- should mention Welker concern that patriots column I wrote. Just. Looking at looking up stuff and invented I forgot that now I didn't forget but I looked up his wife mr. Buddhist. It right in 2005. Which is her best year ever obviously. And welcome cut 29 passes to Miami before crises in and throw but it was just stunning. Right that was just -- opinion expert. -- the crowning of miss who who orders no I think -- number one achievement was -- Wes Welker problem and I express my financial. Yes of course I I wouldn't -- they really would want another -- can that 2005. But I guess. The Wes Welker that contentious contract our rights and that's the cause here's Tom in Salem a -- I think you're right it's. Cool I'm. -- got them a whole lot to talk at all little podium you know -- I blinked and body. Some of the land but not. But luckily caught you gain the confidence and and I appreciate it and I'd like you're seeing something and eradicating it okay. I got to amusement appliances that -- it's not compliments. And who you can do that we. Any. Did you can look to help I don't hot spot let. Almost clock got an -- -- boarding that he would it and OK you can even bought a lot of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An alleged they had to arrest me actually -- -- so -- it's like the reader supports it and reinforce. After awhile people tell me a little you believe it. Yeah I don't think that that gets to this current peers have been here that for a number of jurors have made current current head. Doesn't play like god it's going to be 37 in May I think it actually drives those two little but more than anything. It's. I was going to say at eighteen. Especially and that is different. He loves CEE loves Tom when you please talk to go to the all star game he's type one and number of times. These young guys he thrives on the that these are played some of those guys -- -- -- yeah definitely. -- -- is right. But I Tom Smith talked about it this -- in Austin talks about is you know makes find himself for being an all manly -- injuries and death. You know they have -- like you wanting everyone knows is that -- drifted and and when you're playing that. A game that takes so much do you body and your latest for 1617. Years and even longer when you go back to the youth. -- they realize they -- every night they feel that every night like Ted this is you know this is elected chosen in this still you know -- out of what the Celtics can or cannot do not a bad life either now. Okay video audio elect has said that don't need to do about it any I mean you can't I don't there every day. The other thing before -- article -- NLV click on his. I really sink clean up problem. Andy I heard him say something -- about a week this yellow ball. Gets to be honest. Yeah that was little discussion of that it's a discussion but there are a couple of things that he he says that. Sometimes he still much your not again I don't want to misquote him but it was brought up and he gave the list snapped. The sense that's yeah it still plays on this mine may be less than a year ago obviously. But it's still layer and and maybe that has something to do it is that Tim in this. A tie when he finds a waning goes to one of -- has not been timid about you know that's what's so maddening about the whole thing went what's your question brute -- tugs were up against the break. I that is not a question is this it is calling them are amazing OK I took that course and in the digital. Adrenaline isn't. And I can and am now politically as a legal -- what people normally seen as a mechanic and I know many years of war restrictions. I know -- headlines in the interest of an all out. And -- to be able to wait a cute you. You remind me yes FitzGerald on them again and that and -- Indiana herald -- We are -- send it rated show on the global. He was Smart server guys that are real attempt to when I sat in this business thanks thanks for the compliment us and thanks for the call yes you're right terrific idea it will continue here up until 73617. 7797937. -- text this 37937. Up against -- -- sports -- from Christian -- and be back with more after this.

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