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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 3/22/13

Mar 22, 2013|

Four guys tackle four topics that we otherwise wouldn't have talked about. Today we look at Harvard's upset, best moustache in sports, and more.

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-- and our -- -- at least poor and the floor board or -- Fun game. -- Well -- still continually. And Sports Radio WEP guys. All right last night during the bruins' game it was hard not to notice how -- senators coach McClain mustache and really is. The question is who has the best mustache in all of sports. Obviously -- ethernet and it's pretty yet it still well not -- That's those commercials. Alone I mean not that one and the and the reviled as the art -- well let's -- -- the -- That. You said it's an awesome mustache it is. -- got to do it's it's got great potential. The instrument to the little bit. It's why you know here's the problem that is why what's going on them is huge for me you run the risk. Of the turning into the worst mustache in exportable. Dave Lewis. We gave -- coach of the -- here as kind of -- It's -- -- problem isn't what it was problem is. History -- with what's bad in person. The -- up there it's each person and the edges of the mustache where there in person and the problem. Is with his mustache would get -- As it went away from the middle. And so what was on the outside didn't really she'll walk on TV. Even though was really there's who gave them the impression of looking like a horrible dictator. Even though he didn't really got the operators easier as you were just content that's the worst but -- about that. That dramatic -- -- The -- album you're gonna Google blog. Just look advertised -- that to be a -- to include. -- beard guy probably got that. It was -- And him. Doubt. About Ortiz Ortiz changes during the season maybe you'll see. This year but if you watch him in the dugout. Got a pretty good they weren't backing is Google's worst mustaches -- best must -- and sportsman Dave Lewis was number one well in my book Dave Lewis is number one Mark Spitz when it was when all those medals that's pretty desperate attack I think the best and worst goes to the same guy. -- best Michael Jordan worst Michael Jordan. The Jordan that ninety's I think that was then and now with little Hitler that's stashed it awful Larry Bird immigrant. Greg like perfect these guys all had this -- like Mattingly dogs and Evans all the exact same mustache. One that Tom's not right below points. Good solid. It is kind of had the same mustache is those guys everything. Like those four guys on Celek -- essentially the -- in my mind are always close dale dale looked exactly where political. Darrelle Revis is still not found a home Tampa Bay seems to be the only series -- offers services are you surprised that there's only one suitor for -- I'm not surprised -- Don I'm shocked I'm flabbergasted what else can -- -- more attitudes I'm debt you name that you put that in and that. Imagine that's all I can I can see the flip side of it were -- -- missed. Most of last season is coming off. Pretty serious injury. -- -- if you record or if you corner. You'd be pretty much need to have some speed. But this guy is the best cornerback I'm confident even with the year up I'm confident saying. He's the best quarterback capable of these better than your guy Dick Sherman is the best quarter football why would. Well because he's not the best corner football anymore you know Hussein's so. 31 teams it's one thing for you when I was always the best corner this -- the best corner where you are with the market for use as you mark. It almost seems to really believed Michael that he was still as good as his reputation is. There would be feeding frenzy to get hold of them obviously. They don't think he's as good as he thinks he is fake or the general public thinks tunnels they think he's good. But this is a couple a couple things he needs here. You need to give up draft picks for Darrelle Revis -- to give up a lot of it must truly the best in the game they'd be willing to do that plenty of plenty of defense to back to make big money. Ever hear what our biggest ever -- laughter Richard Sherman last year -- call whatever you want -- -- -- laughed that a few weeks ago when he made the suggestion that he was as good as Darrelle Revis and he said very simply have. -- Revis is playing right now he's been hurt. Maybe he comes back healthy maybe he's not but until IC working looks like after knee injury as he gets older another year older opposition. I don't believe that he's necessarily I'll tell you this now at 31 teams agree now that there's one team involved Tampa. And they are kind of you know kind of sitting on the fence with a Darrelle Revis situation. Guarantee there will be another team that swoops in here and Darrell Revis is going there you watched. There's trouble coming out of Baltimore. The ravens winning the Super Bowl wants to open the game open season home on September 5 it's Thursday night the Orioles are scheduled to play at home that night. Orioles will not budge ravens and Orioles who should play at home well. If it is the way I assume that is here it's that the Orioles have first first they gave the first option. On whether or not they get home game which is why it's entirely up to them. Now they didn't win the World Series last year and they've essentially. They've essentially neglected their fans for the better part of a decade or so -- one -- right over a decade or two with one of the worst owners in sports Peter Angelos was made of money but only seems to be concerned with making -- not making good decisions about baseball team. I get it I'm sure there's a lot of jealousy and irritation and anger between the two clubs but the Orioles were playoff team last year right. I mean that they ate their playoff -- they were playoff team -- -- saying they deserve it over the Super Bowl chamber if they were -- especially knowing that assume that that the NFL is -- in that city in across the country but. You better businessman. What can I tell you well -- Peter Angelos is the guy that -- -- to ask him -- -- venues asking removed from 7 o'clock into one well I would if you read the Francona book that's not exactly the easiest thing to get a lot of teams to do well it didn't want the revenue. It's easy when you're asking in March for September. I think that's pretty reasonable what you're asking early Peter Angelos they won't do it but I'm not shedding any tears for the Baltimore Ravens. But they're getting screwed all the way around okay that the franchise is getting screwed if they don't get a chance to have that that high profile. First game many years Super Bowl champs -- at home -- got a concert in your. In -- plaza before the game starts. That the national eyes on you the games group from that the clintons group. -- they've lost Ellerbe. Ray Lewis Eric Kwan Boldin -- the fans are every -- leaving. Air and did and we are -- it adds up to date we want it really good we -- banquet that you don't do this weekend probably I don't. -- -- Gary Williams. Defections -- prepared getting screwed up their fans are having to deal with the salary cap the same way 31 other fan -- -- have to deal with it. Not like this absolutely not like us. Absolutely. I liked. Also this is what happens but the patriots who happens to everybody quit it may happen appropriately this happens this happens yeah patriots after the patriots win super balls. They just -- national hurricane know the patriots get a fair job of managing -- than the ravens did -- -- he's got to play by the liberals it's the beauty of the NFL Michael the ravens will be lucky they went seven games next year. Not their problem not my problem not their fans prominent political -- -- the play by the -- all the cables say this is this is the salary -- to say that the debate about bad management fans and not being -- once you couple that means a lot of super management made a calculated decision were going for this year and it may be at the long term effect. Of of hurting us down the road that's that's the choice they made you think fans are gonna wanna give back their Super Bowl in order to be under the -- I don't call that won a Super -- I don't I don't wanna give back the super -- I think they wanna continue to compete after winning the Super Bowl last year but -- -- -- -- every championship game that your body -- to team and making the playoffs for five straight years old is John Harbaugh he built a team. With where it was literally spanning ten million or so on the quarterback and in the last year they won the Super -- now back quarterback's gotta make an additional. Ten to twelve million dollars a year until somebody's gotta give. You can only have so much on your team before you've got to let some guys go and unfortunately for them that may get rid of it outside linebacker in the inside linebacker and the -- the army -- how accurate those guys I would -- everybody. I don't know what AT&T asked but Harvard is the Cinderella story at this year's tournament. With its game the biggest upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I would say the biggest upset. Because you had to you know we've we've seen three seeds lose to fourteen seeds before we've seen fifteen to beat -- But just the fact that Harvard lost its two best players in an academic scandal imagine that academic scandal at Harvard. -- They're knocking off New Mexico. All right it's just -- it the first tournament win in the history of Harvard basketball. It's a big it's a huge local story I'm happy form lot of people on Twitter or are happy for Harvard got tweet from Shane Victorino -- tweets from. Jeremy -- nickel on it -- sanity all that's up. It's great but it's not the biggest upset we've. And. Agree. You're. Nice to hear Dave Sims on the call but Michael I think the reason it is ski could be considered the biggest. Of all time is just because it's -- It just because it is the academic institution that it is. Preeminent in this entire country. And given the way. For the most part academic standards have been lowered in order to get athletes into schools and let them get to tournaments portable games or whatever how Harvard do what they did it. Pretty impressive man. Like applauded and its players. But the rush -- And it really that big plays down the stretch and that's under what and it's ironic last year spent most of bendable could be executed tournament in Albuquerque. The whole all of the local. Is it you brought it up earlier this up the first Ivy League team. To have some success and they're not a Princeton had expressed -- has had success Cornell had a good season right one year but Harvard still different. It is still different say whatever you want Harvard is still Harvard is a reason that you sort of hold it apart from everything else -- I don't know man -- still. You know what a cabinet would come back to your ridiculous Baltimore argument got it I can't believe it. As Smart. We'll get to the next soccer --

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