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Jason Terry, Celtics Guard, responds to Lebron James comments

Mar 22, 2013|

Jason Terry joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Lebron James' comments about dunking on him, the way the Celts have played without Rondo, and what it will be like going back to Dallas.

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We do all runners every single front of one of our old runners today involves the guys -- fourth on the eighteenth tee decks lively is not boss. In Dallas get set for game tonight Jason Terry Jason -- -- Boston -- Outdoor and that is could be a better day I'm back home in Dallas but he could break -- that Arizona Wildcats. Have harbored. Coming up Saturday. You nervous -- you nervous at our poverty and oddly. You know heart are in your backyard -- -- snag a lot of -- -- analysts and don't sell ice in Arizona's general wrote today. In the that -- out come on now -- little while you're at it we were just talking about a year returned to Dallas and it's of the comic unit at the game is at Daytona will be more aggressive. We had it we set an over under eleven -- practical over eleven after he's the Kindle fire. -- -- up to eleven in warmup this. Not going to be fired at them as a bigger court. I also -- You know forking you know we drop one enormous step which in the losses. And -- we got to get back keep things well. You set a big game for the team and -- big game for you Mark Cuban this morning. Said -- hope they give -- standing ovation. He is a maverick for life he deserves standing ovation. He's part of the family won't be an emotional return tonight Jason -- else. We know will be the most hole and say here's all of our. Some less volatile wouldn't you know happy at least they'll -- Again -- focuses on in this gang you know -- -- not what you got up there. You know the emotional -- tonight there's just because I know how important it is plastic to win. You guys to look the other night and you know the Miami Heat game you know lost that lead their good team we we we get -- at New Orleans. Danielle another big lead -- saying -- halftime I told these guys know what we're playing -- second -- but that there are forty don't come out is that. Becoming a trend as far as the second half would you guys what did you see -- significant at all. Well you know whether it is this all about learning at this point and -- and articles and finished -- and -- your. In fifteen points. You have to keep it going we -- political control mode. We -- we got lackluster especially with our excuse and no we just don't have that lecture. The duration -- or not come back so we have to do it by committee. That we ought to take ownership I'd take pride in executing and finishing -- a ball into the war and so you know we've learned from that. You watched a lot of film and dark with this sudden once. -- -- -- -- so -- expect us to bounce back out tonight and be more issues. What we do to delete. What was the message -- -- was talking about was it just effort focus. Whoa what was the. Spoke to spoke this morning saying again we just don't have that election to relax and it over Marshall plan. We got to go out and really really actual office. You this a time a year where I thank fans think Jason Terry -- -- get toward the end of the regular season come playoff time does the game at all Jason change. Three do you change your approach to get towards the playoffs in the ambient. Bullying -- -- organize the disabled when you've been around a long -- you understand at this time of year the stakes are a lot higher. You playoff seeding. On the line. I think Miguel has the only right right now is on watch what I -- right. The meet everybody and good rhythm good slow -- your rotation that share. And one network appliance not some of the best basketball that we can at this point that it does give you competence. Our -- to the playoffs. As a veteran do you take any time Jason and talked to a player like Jeff Green who at 43 points in that game against Miami had a good first half. Against the world and and then maybe not as good of a second have you talked about consistent effort in and staying focused at this time of the year. You definitely be that we do you know be in the direction on the team. You ought to let -- know with his potential. A lot of compliments or equal on the beat the best player out here. Which got played like Edsall that saw him at all about consistent focus I think the -- this last year he met somebody at coral. And so now he's equaled those incorporated process. In the interior dropped all I won't be ask assistance but. About to be expecting it right now as well indices that we need that consistency and we need for reverend you know not only a flat but all organ guy. It really this year you know the way he started off kind of tentative nonaggressive and due to kind of finish off with that Miami game -- their first half you've really seen you know that that growth in just one season of a guy. Don't know no question is yeah Italy are talent in this league I believe so and -- he did not have that surgery. I UP talked about him at an all -- He had an all star caliber player and energy in the way he's playing right now if you continue to do that for the playoffs. In the it will be right here in the -- -- Levys expect. Not a mentally long time but I never knew you -- KG territories -- trash talkers specially for more. We heard about mr. LeBron James don't miss it big dunks over Dwight Howard I wanna see it but. Come on I mean he you're off ballot six threw -- and how impressive is that. What you think his comment. -- abduct or something because -- -- Obviously it and you know it is -- social media today is just unbelievable but I would not say Arctic acute one when I was gonna cost. Later in the call and in the -- prayers were -- all yours that was an area. All that on assault spirit of sport. But I tell you right now I would love to Miami in the playoffs roll through the -- which is called champion. And now are -- Florida -- that match was always somewhat senior LeBron. Always always not not not even LeBron. Know personally. Is just that my MDC is that the red and black maybe I hate that color. Just that don't like any. All how old Odyssey you say not about LeBron go back to those MBA -- there are some great stories about you'd talk -- those players and you'll LeBron go back and fort don't act like it's not about LeBron Jason Terry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In an adult matter who is -- Miami Heat uniforms but not chip let's just be. -- up 20 they come back and report straight games and that you know we'll -- NBA finals so abroad and here it's bigger than matchup looking at art. Okay this is about the mighty organization. And the -- eat breakfast -- Clinton -- seven down in the it is Arnold than in 2011 and he couldn't get the job so. All we have another chance this year Easter comes Ottawa where we -- I'll tell you right now I love -- I loved the way we're built. We miss on the witness -- we're fifteen we have we have a change. Hypothetically not gonna hold you to this but if you had to face Miami in the playoffs and you want to would you wanna do earlier. In the wells again that first round away -- preferential the wait until like Eastern Conference final and see LeBron Miami. It it it really doesn't matter as Oprah what's -- you know at some point. Ottawa Senators six. It just -- -- we are on the CM and is going to be our work. Arizona by twenty. Over Harvard 3040 how many. You know what I'm gonna -- harbor more credit -- that they got a great coach how they play tremendously hard Smart. He's. CEQ you are event two years Smart men you know -- -- harbor crowd fifteen ethic -- -- on you for that but that's all right. -- -- -- -- -- And you know what the best always win and comes back around. In the run it to Louisville and get bounced down the road -- Jason Eric. Join us here Jason thank you get lucky near row homecoming in council collected on the road. Every time don't you straighter than I love talking -- I would have gone bomb bomb ready to do. Our producer just save that we'll talk you -- thank you Jason. What adjustment we will -- you wanna come on and talk with us we'll talk he -- Jason Terry and -- on the AT&T hotline ABC's good -- GL TE was speeds. -- the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possibility -- let's say from Pierre McGuire and Jason Terry. As he is he Patrick Chung. On the road minutes aren't up -- -- compare. They get out -- -- over eleven -- -- today. Receiver -- -- now. To change after those fight wars he hates those who hates that team. Beautiful there are some legendary eligible bronze with -- with the heat Jason Terry stories you hear about him gates that even when Dwyane Wade. Well no -- her would had to be separated -- went after me after a game. Going back and forth doesn't show it Jason Terry if you missed any that you joined up late a lot of response here on the eighteenth tee decks on how great -- it was absolutely. Terrific we'll get a -- bus all the time. I'll be up later as Lapierre -- cover Pierre McGuire conversation. Caller newbies to WEEI dot com on demand bottle break comeback tell you what's on to happen the salt can holly experience comes --

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