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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 3/20/13

Mar 20, 2013|

We discuss four topics we haven't touched upon today... it's the debut of Mike Salk. Today's topics include best first to worst turnaround, NIT vs WBC and more.

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Bruins tickets here in fifteen minutes if you -- we'll tally attic get him in fifteen at -- and -- on Sports Radio in 937 WEEI Jack Edwards has some more Bruins -- In about a half hour but every day we're gonna give you at least one football question -- promised plus three more as well for four -- -- -- -- -- -- -- last night Robert -- is defeated Kentucky in the opening round of the ninety. What is the biggest one year fall from degrees in sports. Well this is the bad one with this one is is a product of that system and college right and if you if you're out there giving one in guns and owns them better than coached well. And all of them even one year in the first round picks what they were you run the risk of this happen. From a team respect from a from a personal standpoint it's got to be tiger. Right no one's ever fallen faster than Tiger Woods from a team perspective it's probably the cavs the year that LeBron took his -- South -- that those of you might. Yeah I think -- ago when assault because. It is not just that he is his game fell apart this entire image as probable and it's not something that. From from the outside looking in is not something you imagine with Tiger Woods is -- no way you thought Tiger Woods or rod and things the -- he was running credit I -- you're talking about when he got caught cheating. Auto I was talking about when they cut doctor Anthony delay at the HGH doctor at the border. And he was tiger's personal kind of isn't that he has won a major that's been -- all yet know I was talking about that I'll forget about the cheating stuff. I mean when they cut is HDH doctor at the border or accuse me. The HGH doctor at the border who was also -- doctor even though it doesn't have a license to practice medicine. In the United States that he was the one giving -- tiger house calls -- platelet rich plasma injections right that was the fall from grace I'm well the history will be over the drought will be over will. Next month in the -- Miami. All the masters sought by -- bio by Genesis and I don't know I just know that if that guy went to jail. He was selling HH. Tiger has yet to and they -- regularly by the second an -- -- certain -- -- leave. Espn.com. If you the headline Robert Moore is done -- Kentucky. Are both in the inside -- and there are no starters into the NIT. There and they are poor region I don't hear that the number one seed and that tournament they're net. They don't want to beat air John Calipari has these guys fired up -- god you have an opportunity to win the NI TR. After winning the national championship last year. The biggest fall from grace. If you -- February graceful team in the first place is the 1997. Florida Arlington they win a championship. And then April they they go back to but when you buy something from four from the store just for a night out. And then go back and say Protestant -- me and start I noticed that too much money it all back it was a joke I hate when teams do. You went all Dan Hawkins by the way in the NIT -- you ever. It's the end up being. Little bit pop -- are for question what -- about what we got questions while speaking of the N ninety sort of it is underway and nobody watches it. Another tournament it just included the WBZ was won by the Dominican Republicans don't watch that either. Which tournament would you rather watch our. Rather watch the World Baseball Classic if given a choice and an IT your year it's running at the same time you think about that compared. MIT is going on at the same time the NCAA tournament going. It's just no fear of the WBZ is happening at the same time this spring training is happening. Are you really invested in spring training games got really it's it's a welcome diversion I'm not a huge fan of it. But I'll say this outside of the United States or even inside the US if you are at the -- Period Dominican ancestry living in the US. Would you tell me you're not excited about your team. Going eight know in the WBZ and winning the thing. I was it in the south then on Sunday. Before Puerto Rico play Japan in the semi finals in a Puerto Rican restaurant without that fantastic. That accounted -- because they're gone -- set to count on. They were fired up in there. They were excited it was a good atmosphere. So if I had to pick one it would be the WBZ. -- -- -- I'm with a -- with the on the -- I've never watching -- game in my life I can't imagine why would it mean it's a consolation tournament. The idea of watching consolation tournament doesn't make sense and I love the I love the NCAA tournament as a kid I would fake sick on Thursday and Friday the first two days and stay home I watched you Miami Ohio. Completely upset Arizona I think it was when Damon Stoudamire was there and we kidney Gavin Davis with the dreads on polygraphs and right around like I had management. I love the NCAA tournament the at giving -- -- -- makes no sense to meet you have kids get excited storming the court for -- for. For the second place -- mean. Just your number 169. It is it the whole thing makes no sense I like the WBZ -- -- watch it as much as it would have liked to have been busy you know moving in turn once they spoke with the you know. But like the idea behind it I like the continued internationalization. Of baseball when you talk about people getting excited for her. For Puerto Rico. I think. I think back to when Pedro first came to Fenway all that changed the entire dynamic apps anyway right -- in soccer match people are excited and it wasn't all white faces at -- they were people from all for Boston and there wave in the Dominican flags and chanting and screaming -- the globe printed -- Spanish article every day after he pitched and just legally own was counting the shot goes for paid -- That was awesome and it brought such a cold different dynamic the W -- BC does not bring all of that straight -- out of Abraham's -- -- -- around like got the cable. Hook up in the in the based I prepared very well yet the yes. Nice I -- I had a house before I can DVR and if you play. Is on the DVR is it okay if I put on the line it's something I think you're 74 that all you're doing what are I don't wanna take up all the space here. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has blown up teams spent millions upon millions of dollars for nothing and now is resorting to suing fans who are unhappy with how they've been treated. Who's the worst owner in sport can you explain the story a little bit first he's suing -- -- -- -- -- this persona is unbelievable the fans. Went to him and said you put a billboard up and obstructed view for a now we didn't buy it is yet -- again we've now had we have season tickets. In now. You are obstructing our view we don't like it. So they hear from. This vice president of some than something all -- teams of these phony titles so somebody on calling from the Florida Marlins Miami Marlins on the -- -- reasonable probable -- And they said they get this letter a phone call it a letter. That the team now has the right. To take legal action if necessary. Just because the prayers are saying we don't like this do. What isn't good business to say elect this is why we did. I understand it's an inconvenience you this is what we can do for you. And we'll give you some free popcorn who -- -- -- portable to your seat -- -- a merchandise or you're some other option for. Instead you can take your fans that you can pick your preempt the court or even threaten them at the joke -- doesn't make him. The worst owner in sports -- for. The worst owner in sports in the different. This franchise is successful. You'll recognize them by the star on the helmet. They spent a lot and spent a lot of money but I I think Jerry Jones is the worst owner in sports because he cute in his. Own way I've been here when it was -- yeah today is enough in Atlanta woman and so having said that. I won't -- Oreo. Jerry Jones if you really want to some glory hole. What you would do it is. Right that a if if you really want -- dollar all you would. Hire a general manager I won't -- Oreo the reason this team doesn't win here this gratuitous reason this team doesn't win. It's because Jerry Jones insist. On making a personal decision and I think it's as simple as this. If he brings and eight football guy. To run that football operation. They would be one of those fear change eventually that you're talking about an NC is getting in his own way. I think that's -- -- I think he's so good how committed to their quarterback having Tony Romo is the wrong. That's reported right -- the general manager -- general manager. We can do better I don't know whether that's true I think a lot of people out there would stick with Tony Rome but I understand your point. I I I'm I think it's -- and the -- I know the question is who is and we start by talking about -- this is just another example. Of of not putting your fans first. And I honestly believe we heard Robert crafts and the -- we played earlier but there's a level of ownership that is it that you own the team in the public's best interest. Yes you're there to make money nobody be grudges ownership the right to make money on their team go head and he can make a profit good for you. Hugh Hewitt somber guard got -- -- brilliantly you can make money. If you're that wealthy enough to own a team. You can go put your money in any number of of incredibly lucrative businesses stay sports unless you truly want to win. The Donald Sterling with the clippers Mike Brown with with dangles but Adams is just old at this point with Tennessee. Mean there's a million of those guys who just don't wanna win. Loria does it willfully he lies to the community around them in order to have them build stadiums forum he willingly. Jack's office and it it appears that it's antagonize them. Well beyond clearly that along with the Pittsburgh Pirates they steal from baseball this deal. They look at their books that double take revenue sharing money but specifically not put it back into the club that's garbage. Of the vote on the -- listening Kasten and -- gone from the rule book Bob Kraft abstained from voting as a tribute to Al Davis -- her. Okay what the ruling yeah. That's what he set out early. What of the rule in the NFL would you like to beat -- abolished. It's my opinion opinion of almost everybody in the world but the play it was a fumble should have been called a fumble that something would reverse it. Without conclusive indisputable. Visual evidence is just unbelievable. Read the rule book he said that would you know what he's raised that ten years ago. And finally hit it -- 1011 years ago. I'm revealing why the quarterback. Who's going forward ago. -- -- -- I'm glad they abolished it will what I wanna see them do -- I wanna see them. Change passed -- affairs. In the NFL if you're not gonna change it if you're not gonna make it the college rule that there are some flaws and that two of the guy has beaten you. He's already know thirty yards down field 35 yards -- and you tackle him and no penalties fifteen -- that's a flawed as well may be what -- C news. Make it review -- pass interference with a two game changing -- it's amazing to me that they just there's no recourse for you. If an official makes a bad call and so it's gonna get it right. A lot of time to get it right but if you're a playoff game. An official get 35. Forty yard penalty wrong and there's nothing you can do about it that just seems wrong -- -- I give you two answers on that but you're right -- so much of -- comes back to pass interference which is the most frustrating call in the game. One why why does -- have to be either -- Why can't there be a spot foul for pass interference and a fifteen Horry ten -- I like it used to be with the pacemaker like introduced why can't it be up to the refereeing in order to say are right. He -- them. You can't do that that's the spot foul verses look at sticky tack I don't know whether or not it completely affected the play. They were both fighting for but you're not allowed to do that that's a fighter penalty in first or whatever it is. There's got to be a way to to have. Some level of judgment up to the regular for a but they cannot do that right proud of the -- The you know before the apparently the handle it. Any notes and five yards and yards and here's a first automatic they're supposed to call that to the letter whether the ball's been released or not why not give them some judgment or and I think you said it. Make every play that occurs review global -- only get two challenges so it's not gonna take any longer. But why can't the -- they got it was a judgment call I'd like a chance to watch it slow motion and decide whether I got it right -- why isn't everything I don't -- I don't know how we're talking about this in the office makes the earlier. With with the gym shorts last year's Thanksgiving. You'll know. Everybody watching in the league office understands that that is not a legitimate touchdown what you get caught up. In the bureaucracy of it and say all we can't -- that because -- to the flag appear before you were supposed to that's non Bruins tickets next Jack Edwards and ten minutes plus. Your opportunity to hear about the stupidest rule change the NFL's gonna consider coming up salt -- portrait united through seven W.

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