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Bruins continue to exhibit disturbing trend: Blowing late game leads

Mar 20, 2013|

Michael Holley made his debut with Mike Salk today, and the Bruins dominated our conversations. Is this a toughness issue with this team? Is it lack of timely saves? We try and figure it out.

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Exactly who we are good to be with the assault and Ali Al Mike -- for the first time here on WEEI. I three point seven FM. Feels really good to be here. I'm from Boston originally I grew up in this town. WEEI is incredibly meaningful to me cell. To crack this Mike for the first time with the Michael -- Here on this station means a lot to him incredibly excited I'm so intimidated that you're standing on now I'm disorders can be attacked. Short because I'll talk about it at all. You told and I -- -- -- announced shore. -- -- standing out there are gonna through an entire. I harvests and little extra energy may be standing for awhile anomaly or prompt that we have got beat Jack Edwards on just after 430 he'll see that we talked to Jack it up via a nice. Loose relaxed conversation can I guarantee you jacket which we'll have more energy that you do he's got more energy than anybody out -- balance off. Today rightly so I gotta go get a toned down when Jack comes -- -- and we got plenty its opera gave us a lot about Jack you watch that game and I will tornado watch that game last and I I -- well I mean I shouldn't say this like -- -- one on the air. I'm living with my parents I wanna -- up -- when. You relate to more on until. That's not the minute one I've heard almost a wait on that particular -- -- about that little bit. Up by the way 6177793535. You know that number two story about that but apparently I'm not like twelve years all of them and I'm 34 about to be 35 married a beautiful fourteen people daughter. -- restore -- my family's still easy -- in Seattle for the last four years from Boston. -- -- Worked briefly in the Boston market it was a reporter covered all the teams -- And then went out to Seattle for the last four years my wife is still there with my baby will be back a couple of months. So in the mean time. -- -- I. Hope as it's fun and it has its challenges that -- -- -- space they tell you. -- what time becoming backward going right well it will play the sound later this kid who's trying to get paid up in the go to the problem is I -- 11 o'clock and -- -- so as long as we get things done before then -- did together. Ethnic so -- bomber -- well last night -- we had me so it's a topic that's out it had I got from a month I made meatloaf excellence obstacles that mean. More my parents later Parker -- I sit down to watch the game last time. My -- makes it the dying minutes of the game. Falls asleep until minute and a half has left literally only sees is the empty -- deal in the net from Winnipeg game ovary -- typing -- -- I guess I'm the bolts to the kick him and he walks away that he says we have to have that guy we. -- one of them now bomber. Always a bomber immunize the -- -- special right here that we like guys like. Blake Wheeler is always going to be consisting he doesn't worry me the fact that he's not here anymore I thought it was a great trade when they made it rich Beverley has -- an enormous part of what they've done it was a huge part of win a cup a couple of years ago I had no problems of that -- now or ever. And just as Blake Wheeler gets up to play his old team -- seemed like we would get up for every single game and then may be -- worry about that trade down the road. But is of huge bomber game because they can't maintain third period lead Michael I know we're not the first people talk about it today. But it makes sense is a team that for four months for years has been money. In the third period if they have a lead you knew they were gonna close it out and win it and now they've lost four of their first four. In months and months and months -- since March 3 what's going on OK now we talked about this. Yesterday. On the year but we're still talking about you brought -- a point about the Bruins and how the Bruins. Were always. They were known as the team their identity was. They're big. They're tougher than you they will Wear you down for forty minutes and in the third period. You've had too much. You won't be able to deal with the physicality of the Bruins and then you'll collapse in the third period that's another bill like like we got all the steps everybody has stats on. On the third period collapse in a deejay bring and other good job of it today. He says the Bruins have lost six games -- regulation. And they lead in the third and five of those six games that they've lost. So the question is why is this happening and and my thought is I keep going back to training camp. And and admittedly I can't play both sides of I can't play both sides of the argument so when I got to the that a hot start I said that's all coach. That's coaching they didn't have a training camp. Then they get these concepts. Without a training camp they get off to a great start you gotta get quote all the credit in the world his staff -- getting guys prepared in a very short order a week. We have a weeklong training camp Mike that's not a training camp at all. So I'm gonna go back to this -- state the reason maybe. Maybe the reason they're collapsing in the third period is because they didn't have a training camp and they could be out of shape. We never know that it could be look at we would never know that right how would you know -- close to call people out. Why would they be any more out of shape than anyone else I mean if we're gonna give cloak. Credit and by the way I think he deserves and I I am for the most part Julian I am I think he's done a good job with this team. Why why would you assume that they are in any worse shape than anyone else I looked at last night and will play some close comments in a few minutes because I think key piece to raid badly. In what he said immediately after the game last and I hope he's got hidden agenda I don't know about as what he said didn't make any sense to me at all by the way I'm -- all this is salt Ali. Era Sports Radio 93 point seven W yeah I'll so you can hear some WPI dot com. They recognize that there's a problem that's step one -- -- after the game recognizing that there is at least the problem. Solid enough. Pretty passionate pissed off and parents and coming out of -- Unacceptable and again pretty good 53 minutes and they advertise full of power let's list them. We gotta have that mentality or any of the next one not just hope that. Many of the next on so yeah. -- -- In locating it's not good enough and we wanna hear from the US two Y 6177797937617. 7797937. The problem last night from Michael. I've heard people talk about goaltending we'll get to it. I've heard people today talk about not put the puck in the net when they had their chances earlier you know what that's gonna happen none of the problems scoring but that to me was not the problem last. The problem last night. Is that they go beat physically throughout the entire game they get knocked over every time liberal and had the puck every time it went into the corner every time that. Get knocked off their skates by a more physical Winnipeg team and this team is occasionally gonna get outscored fine if there occasionally -- give up some goals. But the one thing they are supposed to be and I know that either people claim it's -- injuries whatever -- she's not here. Neither is Chris Kelly and always greeted either those guys bring in the -- hit -- over and over again. Why were they getting out here and I hope physical last night because that would hurt them and they're good. Question I get back then get back then the -- -- address. Shawn Thornton's comment by human interest and as. That's going to be in running game doesn't it's not just this week it's temporary no it's not temper is temporary. Are you argue are you paying and paying rent at all about how could. -- my mortgage -- Don't know about not enough now are you helping out mom and dad. I think that -- -- the car with gas my dad give these credit card and its way to build up the -- gas. You don't wanna be there and -- what they don't want you to -- there as long as you -- be there for a long time now a few months that long time -- -- -- -- your -- -- -- -- About four hours enough or a couple of weeks left of Iran and welcome back to believe me an Indian -- and young Andrew Young -- weblog about I can tell. But like on Joseph -- comment. Okay that's what fans wanna hear the fans wanna hear people say they're athletes and attack could and we got to be better we should win that game but. If that -- the problem I would feel better. Quickest to the mentality. Are the Bruins not focused in the -- and that's at Augusta such as simple reason if it is a -- bigger problems because I is that this is a veteran team that that should not be an issue for team that -- Right so that's a good quote. From Shawn Thornton and whoever got out of got it got it out of them probably pat themselves on the back pocket a nice quote comes on the court. But that doesn't really address the problem. And if that is the problem. I have confidence that they can solve that appears just flipping a switch or snapping your fingers and hey guys got to focus got to play sixty minutes that just seems so obvious. I don't know that it the other thing -- talked about Winnipeg. What overreact here because they win that game. Last night they sweep the season series for the Winnipeg jets great team. They're they have they have beaten up Winnipeg before so it's not like it's a bad matchup now. If you're looking at the -- look like one last night. Only let it look like a team that that was not prepared physically and -- -- about the regain support night this is only the second game. Only a few minutes away -- -- really a few minutes away from. Sweeping the season series -- that -- it's a case. If you're talking about Pittsburgh. They have struggled against were a couple of seasons. Our eggs and well they don't match up well with this team but Winnipeg is not the probably it's a big picture problem but I don't think. Winnipeg was the problem less salt and -- Here on torture in 937 WEEI also on -- WEEI dot com and grab your calls to 617779. 7937. We'll get going with Ralph. Who's in for instance if I can actually work this machine Ralph. You'll be the first caller in the history of salt and -- -- prepared for that. So -- -- was that it's not a good start. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ralph -- on -- Argument. With Arafat the beginning of this would we do really well first call. Both lines of buzz in everybody wants to weigh in Ralph gets the honor for I mean is that. Little premature well you know it's certainly what's strange is that he. He calls a lot to use the -- now. He's supposed to know how things that John and Lleyton will actually be the first caller. We'll just eliminate don't just dump that last couple seconds -- that from your memory or from whatever. John in Brighton used now are the first caller ministers now. First anybody that without -- been there forever. They've done a real professionals -- pleasure to let you all you have to look into that sort. That much Simon -- welcome welcome to show. -- the -- Bruins better get in all of hold them developed but. What Paul would include doing this. I don't think that he -- I don't think that the presence it's needed. For a for a coach like between realm of what the -- reduce. -- that the -- really job. But that the players really. Bruce pointless to pick. Key players as players on and then you won't play them but to what I've I don't agree with any discussion but -- these guys and last but you read -- well. The media. And then he rips. -- you don't need two guys to win the first wind which should not. Which is important in that was his way of getting them to play and he's he's really overstepped and all that kind of thing. -- little minute I don't feel like it quit on him I don't think there's ever been and an energy issue or Michael just that a focus issue he's won a cup so so it's not like he's a terrible coach and system can't work I mean. He's won the only -- I've ever seen in my lifetime your boss and I didn't quite make it for the early seventies so. That's not to say doesn't do things wrong that's not to say that you can't rip Claude Julien when he deserves it. Michael could you possibly go ahead and say that he's not good for the team. Now did you can't -- -- you look at delicate code. Since the moment his job was on the line in his job was on the line. In the season that they won the cup. If they don't win that first round series. He's probably out. From that moment on and from that moment on it's been fantastic they want it. And I think that gave him more authority to call up players can have it both ways when when guys don't perform and the coach doesn't call about get upset. Well I didn't call -- -- the calls about you can't get upset too I think he's got the cachet now to say what's on his mind true. What is going on in the third period 617779793. Seven's number wanna hear from -- lot of -- stock. This hour up -- you heard the caller just a moment ago mentioned -- he's caught up the goal. Caught -- Tuukka Rask last night is coming under fire now from the head coaching yet. He's a little comfortable Michael may be too comfortable or explain why did you hear some sound from Duca was a lot warrior calls coming up next it is salt and Ali your exports rating in 937 WEE. Well I think even for two and a half period you were very good I thought the first half of the third were controlling the play moving the puck well get that indeed and that's had our chances but then again that. And we -- -- there was that those opportunities and eventually it comes back that's the tough Honshu and they scored a nice -- play goal and then not. Tell the other goal there is so you need timely season we didn't get it tonight tend he ended up this corn winning goal. Whoa whoa whoa whoa -- The close to -- -- we're watching. I saw a game which the Bruins got out physical the entire game didn't totally few chances -- mentions those. And the Tuukka Rask played an OK game upbeat on a tip nobody to blame him for that and then there's a wide open net -- the other side. Where Amanda came puts it and he's -- two. That's a surprise sultan -- mikes all Michael all exports rating of 937. WEEI WEEI dot com as well he can now watch the live stream you could see them stand in which apparently is too much for some people just trying to. The energy up today what's freaky it's freaky it's Lopez not you're just dead but if you if you just stood the entire time that -- want to let you -- this holes stand up. Sit down this thing going up from muscles in the little well beyond 72 -- chance for the moment cigarettes. Is that what they wanna do which I don't probably can't help but I don't know that something anybody's interest that and 6177797937. You don't -- just a second. To say this about. About code -- comment. As his two good comments. This is going to be an ongoing theme. With the Bruins. -- They went with Tuukka in goal right he he's going to be in on the market to at least not all are always gives you saw Tim Thomas and you saw how great he was he was historically great. And during the cup winning season so we always compare anybody whether it's to go or they trade -- tomorrow for another goaltender. That guy is always going to be compared. It's really old are right all that's got to look at it I'm driving off for years so it's so I was here for some of the championships that occurred but Michael I grew up in Boston in which nobody was judged by whether or not they'd -- -- Or whether or not they've won a championship or Super Bowl or World Series you just judge them based on whether or not they were good player obviously since 2000 -- Everything is changed in this city and in our standards of excellence have changed. The idea that we would look at -- and say. I just don't trust him because he's yet to win a cop to -- is madness took -- responded to. After the game by -- in this. Yeah well I cannot I can I saw it began releasing it now and I lost it. It was a roller somebody get a stick on and then somehow. You know I was going through me and I'm more just to mention. This guy waiting for must pass -- back door and Scopes I mean it's just got. It's a tough play I mean I still don't know I got to watch read that I know I got through me is I thought I was going down and some are just the just wanna -- -- Don't tell policy of -- I've been gone for years to two could develop a Boston -- ones. That's what I mean in his get a little too comfortable here listen don't look. Does he have a thicker Boston accent but neither of -- is comfortable well we'll listen to allowing Israel. Let's -- -- back door and also I mean it's just got celebrities to play for Thayer Academy -- I would never let my kids go to Matt not no big deal and -- on effort ever try. Have a bug that this is flat midwest I would never drop off an accident and what people do Hollywood now. People probably year now come on wall -- I don't think Wahlberg in the apart and pull it off in the departed. Sure but Ted as well. It did pretty well I don't but the movement but he did a pretty long. Are you with -- there yet and he's not as -- on the -- -- what Indian fast but the Andy's got an agenda item like McFarland bright I don't like him. I just is that funny I don't think they're randomly are funny like cool it's random South Park nailed they had an absolutely perfect random is not equal. Like this. The president and they by the way I wrote that entire -- just beginning indium. Well it is gonna take a lot more net getting -- -- -- animal and people never beyond yourself and it's probably true will that will discuss important minutes in there he always has that it's 61777979837. Go to -- -- is in Dartmouth -- Guys -- -- read all I did all my great Michael loved it yet and -- -- best or not on that hole. Well pilot program. Could take care. Cilic meaning which -- are important about or -- I'm not worried -- I'm -- share of them are 38 years but. I want your feelings on nom are trying to Milan -- I think he's overrated I think he's not the former if you put in the effort Patrice Bergeron put him every night. A that would be -- hall of Famer. Are so good to -- some announcement Jarome Iginla begin -- members -- -- -- -- Calgary. There's rumored to be. You know arm the -- trade. Chordiant if you will always looking atom or what what possibilities of something like that property will she bring him getting in. What do that I would not look I'd love to have Jerome again on this team wouldn't trading on -- to -- to Roma gamba missed estimates thing. You're you're probably gonna get. A couple of years out of the gamma whereas me and -- -- cheat you would think is in his prime. And you've got. At least 77 or eight good years of -- to let -- that -- did you bring up an extra point rate. With articulate just 44 years old I was gonna say initiatives the other that's -- five years you've probably got seven or 85 list. A meanwhile Lucci but he -- the issue would -- and hear a lot of people talking about them. We're gonna start with. What do you expect from the beat it's an identity thing with him you expect him to be a big score if he's if you're expected to be a big score then shore. He's under performing but if you look at him as a two way players look at all close players that way. What is the brain as as. As a guy who. Can hit you bring what did you duet to score an unfair comparison right problem mile Lucic as it is nearly the perfect diversion of him. Is sitting up in the rafters every single. Can't write the perfect version of what we want Lucic could be with his body with his hands with his -- is is can you. Unfortunately he can't -- Make him a bad player but he's not can't alien who else -- annually essentially everyone else I've ever watched play. The only judge does have one thing can really doesn't have which is Stanley Cup victory ring and that's not a knock on -- has a lot to do with -- with -- with any other factors but. I think that's what it was just talking about him last night with my father moments before Philips -- Obama before the game that quick out. That dad and his favorite chair. Not an impressive performance by we'll get back -- is he's caring human and I got they got here at home -- -- that -- -- high maintenance. I can't believe text messages kill me my -- -- as it -- Am mirrored his mid thirties any live with me -- even got a baby to. Yeah all three that arteries and everybody I mean just a rash of text saw again that your parents basement on that. Find a real job you -- -- the limit on again at its emperor or. -- Where to where -- -- my wife decides that she's ready to join me here of our resources coming I think guys -- stuff. Other American it's my baby's outlook -- this issue would -- Go back. Saying he's on tradable. I just wouldn't trade him for. Jerome again. And I think the Bruins are and a and a great deal -- for -- a great situation. Were they can bring in a big time player with a big time salary that got tremendous cap flexibility. So I would bring an end. Go -- again but not at the expense of meanwhile -- that make sense to you know a couple weeks ago like I was very. And into the Bruins didn't need to do anything I really thought that all the couple years ago when they were looking for. Recchi -- eventually the -- types of -- they needed that veteran presence in the room to put him over the top because they hadn't been there before. And some of the names I heard were were similar to that recchi -- and that they need that. I don't know that they need the older gentlemen of the game who's been around him through the war can find a way to take it to -- them up in the second coach in the room. Because they didn't -- has been -- now Lucic has been there are now important has been there and char -- as developed the man really writing captain. It goes to bat for his teammates and has been through the wars and won a -- Why do you need to go spend extra resources on a guy -- just a veteran presence not if you're gonna spend the resources. To get another puck moving defenseman finally somebody who can who can help them break out of their own zone speed or go out there and and find somebody who puts the puck in the net. Now maybe that's again at this stage may -- not. Maybe it's another -- type and they are maybe gonna have to replace Chris Kelly with with a growing their somebody who can make them a three line team strategist to -- team. But if they want to win. If they wanna win a cup but I think we both agree that the expectation for this team right now Brett to -- Stanley Cup final and take your chances if it's against Chicago is played about as well as anyone we've ever seen. They need more than two lines of production and they need to be physical throughout that's at the game plan is dependent on. Did you trade away your most physical player in Milan Lucic then what happens -- these games like yesterday. Well out bicycle while my story about physical player either I mean you can't. You gotta you've got to date a Chara on your team is tough to say that he's got to most physical guy he has he's your biggest guy. And he is the guy who rule who. If you're coming in. If your plan to Boston Bruins you don't wanna deal. You don't wanna do is that fair to say I don't wanna -- what they're. -- but I I don't know that he sets that home. He's not the tone setter that's on -- he's doing something completely different in my view. The outlook swing at a moment salt and collier calls on them along the -- 61777979837. Bruins lose a really aggravating one last night one that gets on your skin because it's a game they're supposed to win. And it's showing a bit of a pattern why is it going on why the problems in the third period Salk and Ali Oracle's next -- -- 937 W yeah. You know and if we -- that these are usually good you know couple -- shutting -- down. It's. We had just been getting these goals and coming back I think we'll let him back into the game when we should be. Stepped down battle going after scoring the next goals of pushing -- program. Anytime -- season we didn't get it tonight and he ended up -- corn -- angle. I work with a genius Michael -- fantastic reporter doing his digging due diligence is finally solved the patriots Wes Welker negotiation drama. We'll explain coming up and a half hour right at 3 o'clock it is salt Ali. Debut edition here on Sports Radio 937 WEE -- on WEEI dot com on Iraq back -- -- Bruins calls here sex X 7779. 7937. As we go back and forth for a and a few different Bruins topics but all stemming from what happened last night in -- just a disappointing loss and yet another. Third period collapse for a team that was supposed to be perfect in the third period and was supposed to be built specifically. To dominate a third period because of the physical play earlier. So what is going wrong how's that happening why is happening what can they do to fix it also jacket or to join us to discuss in two hours at 435. But and and before we get that through Micah yet tell people how much you love them in a lot of them but the need to know you love and becoming a half that it you have to tell them I have to do that. You know what you gonna tell him that today look at me. You're gonna give away. -- -- I do like doing at some point today this because it's it's a lot that I -- we can't say what time and I tell you what time. You want to I know what time I was I was given. So important when he did keep secure or one report when he today if people. Sports when he today. People excited I'm excited happy for the first time in my life like and talk Bruins this for years ago when I was here. Bruins weren't exactly the top of the charts I wasn't really allowed to top what I really wanted to -- about. It's a good -- Toivonen pocket -- -- do that for years ago and yet we don't party is it to Seattle storm goes as a -- just now Florida Seattle and a Minor League Hockey team sort. The they have some WH else. WHO of the every it. Silver tips are even Seattle and now has another one in Seattle but the planning -- which. -- its I don't know. I don't know I wanted to see them once basically W originally district killing each other for sixty minutes there's no pro -- -- the pretend to play I guess that. Sounds like fun and he made the reference for Toledo smokes out. That's one thing you're doing your airspace. How embarrassing that. -- you go you go back home mom and and you wanted to acknowledge. Dazed and the to a smoke a little bit. Baghdad wakes up. Absolutely very different from improved greatly -- don't discount couched that we're about Michael obstacle in my. Michael we cannot happen tomorrow. Not gonna continue to do this gonna have to move him but the -- off to corporate housing when you had a cat owners are also wanted to mr. We have. The whiner line one line as of all the oval. It's the evolution of the land lines that we still haven't you guys that you're paying 6177793535. It's a new name is called -- So will be some familiar elements and some new tweaks. To what used to be the wireline but is now called Mike I think you guys love it. And that's a partner stay on top I think that's the the main key right stay on topic topic of the -- Today -- Bruins -- gonna talk to patriots will I don't know I don't know not I don't know it's not spent on top now the topic of the day is not the -- now you'll hear barking up the topic of the. The topic of the day -- I just made myself the top again you are the topic of the top. Regardless. -- I'm more comfortable on somebody else from here after you know what it's like what do people care about was on the radio there I think you thing. You're going to be busted all -- at 6177799. Victories seven cents is the Brian -- -- Yeah we don't you guys got your counsel hey welcome welcome. -- violently parents that that's funny at all but it kind of artwork -- well what -- struggled early eight days it's like complete and are there. Foot -- about a broad. I'm out to get (%expletive) -- -- problem on the they actually go eat at -- we. As appreciated. -- canceled forty plus years. -- got lucky -- -- but has been a long I wait their. I think a lot -- problem is on the beginner under. Underperforming. Siege on the following already underperforming for years now -- she. Why -- Bryan is here's the question why. I think that's what we're all trying to figure I think everyone agrees to -- Lucci to probably isn't at the level you want him to be how important your hope he's going to be a sniper seeking -- waiting from to to develop. But why and what is holding those guys back from reaching full potential. Well -- in my opinion you know we've talked. Blue -- being you know like they got great statement irony is in the air I. And he's not going to beat -- -- he Yamaguchi is pretty and it's easy either. Our second line player. -- -- -- I really believe that that Orton and yeah after being dirty and great he would never truly -- reached a moment of glory but he's a second meeting there at one product. -- -- product -- producer -- clipper pipeline without Bryant is at the Oscars markup. They want as a first line so we can't say -- only seen glimpses they they team until two days a couple days ago and only lost two games all year they're playing as well. As anyone in the league I know that were angry after last night's game believe me I'm angry too and I and I have my own problems I think I've told you. Meets the musicality I thought they got. Pushed around Michael Winnipeg and that's not supposed to happen to this team. And maybe it does go back to what happened with with John Orton get beat up the -- charge to step in or not maybe it goes back to some things that have happened this year. But I never expected all the conversations to step in and half Bruins wise when I got here I never thought -- how that he was going to. You wanna the previous caller was on to something until he called David -- -- third line that's just what I got to step away plus -- other -- break open -- -- point now you look at the reason Nathan Horton was available in the first place it was a high draft pick. Guy built like a linebacker truly like in in -- 43 defense the guys allies like 225 pounds 130 pounds big guy. Reasoning was available to the Bruins in the first place is because he never consistently lived up with talent so. Is she is it fair to call him -- second line guy if he -- second line player can -- the team you wanna be right now. With with Nathan Horton on the first line and you need somebody. To replace him not trading him but somebody to replace him there so you've got a big time talent on that first line is indicative -- And download it. I'm not all of them are probably not -- killed -- -- is if that's the case what is it he's not a third line guy and I don't wanna sort of checking line and I don't want him on a fourth line. So he's not a first line given that the second line right now is really the best line this team has. Where is so maybe did you make it maybe you need to make -- what do you say important part of the deal. Of ups and part of it if you say the second line I wouldn't I wouldn't worry is that lineup why but I had the best line. Why not why not make the second anniversary just that they you know look it's they play against other second lines as opposed to going against the checking line more often so. It's working for them. Why mess with. Right I mean I I wouldn't ball important downed any of only on this team the way it's currently constituted he's either got to be on the first line on the wing. Or he probably isn't on this team I I don't see -- play is it working for them he says working for them. Now in big picture in the -- are two weeks no but previous to that yes big picture. This conversation today seems ridiculous in the big picture -- talking about this team is fourth in the Eastern Conference we got 41 point you're great you know. Day they have adjusted well to a shortened season. As big picture -- with two weeks left to go before the trade deadline. This is going to have that conversation this is when you try to determine whether or not you're good enough. Only two weeks before the deadline to -- before the deadline in the performance at the Bruins have had in the previous ten games you really have to talk about. How you would we retain talking about blown up on my 26177797937. Assault ala Mike -- and Michael -- here on WEEI hello Randy. Who is in his truck hi Randy. Gentlemen how are you man. Hey don't feel bad idea I just got my mom and dad post about our Montreal 32 years old I don't and I see I moved down years ago this is. An impact I think I know don't don't feel that I actually wanted to buy -- are -- good. -- house. That I actually own a house I promise arguably first day on the radio your line not only do like I I don't -- how do -- -- -- Apple to town -- -- -- actually found out that that's it's not single family or -- banks -- Randy guy about it. That's OK I think you guys should start pulling these colors but when -- Colin and ask them if they've ever played hockey before they start. Talking about how they feel about how many people can have opinions but I feel like -- people never -- skate. Really I can't skate backwards on market and are your kids stepped right in that I can't play hockey isn't at all. -- like this slot guy you know he's talking about. -- -- mean preaching was one of the main reasons the Bruins we're a couple of years ago he called him a third line player at this guys and saying it. It's whatever what's gone wrong so what's going wrong personally I feel like Australian. I mean it's a condensed season playing you know. Kabat -- every other night and I mean what you expect and people are gonna say -- everything it can only do we -- but not every other team a league place. That type of physical that the possibly play and direction as the night and they are -- I mean the first. Shifting to -- of the season they were killing. Everybody nobody was talking approach when he was murdering guys the first fifteen into the -- and the other guys drag. I think I I think this style of play if you are if if if you are. The Boston Bruins. And you talk about. The count and that's that's been your major point -- went to what happened to them is their identity. Well if you are if if you don't have a normal training camps over to making excuses form but I'm just that the reality. Don't have a normal training camp. Ever shortened season. Your coach will not put up with you mailing and and or coasting for awhile so you've got to you've got a good hope pulls out all the time. I think there will be a a fatigue factor there will be a drop off it just you cannot continue to play at that level because you're not conditioned to do I think that's a problem. Three injuries right now for the Bruins of the three. You're gonna have to start replacing some of these -- when you start talking about a trade deadline about two weeks away not only are you thinking about. Upgrading -- -- also just worried about replacing. Maybe not creature because it looks like he's gonna come back. But adding now -- how bad that's going to be it didn't look good the way he left the game last night obviously Chris Kelly and another saying he's gonna return soon. Home and get -- tibia that doesn't seem like typically you just Waltz back on on skates and your plane again so. As you think four to the trade deadline what actually the most important thing for them to address. -- call 6177797937. It's all -- Mike -- Michael hall to portray him 937. WB yeah. Michael hall is the real story of what happened with the Wes Welker Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft and why this whole thing went south that's coming up. In less than fifteen minutes salt and -- here to portrait in 937 WEEI WEEI dot com as well. We are both on Twitter. Love to chat with -- that way. Twitter interactivity on its all WEEI. SA LK WEEI. Michael of course and Michael. -- -- Passes for Scott McCain gets -- now -- learn about it. House named by a nurse I can't see you as -- on blood you'll Michael. Not regular mom Michael Scott that's what it is yeah you know what outlets from the officer assessments are. My mom just knew she knew she wanted me to be named Michael. In a nurse after about a middle name GM thought it through didn't think about owner's name me he's got to going. How about that networks. So that's how -- became a lot of care taken with the middle and -- things are particularly for the rest you're likely that you like it's a much did your Twitter -- because as you know well listen I think Michael Holley was taken. There's Michael -- you know it's really rare name here. Believe me you -- name in America I went on one a week long search for -- all on Twitter totally couldn't edit an -- salt is like in India somewhere so I couldn't get that either and India and the person never tweet it doesn't follow anybody but it's got some Indians looking words. So he could get you couldn't talked that guy into I try it. Try actually got a month Twitter well I mean I didn't know until a -- apple today. No thanks I don't tweet but this is important to you -- onto it while at Mike -- was kind of rude to me he had no interest in giving up even -- to I have from a and he said no absolutely not so. I'm at salt WEEI loved -- the guys that way especially during games one way to connect. What we're not do in the show which of course is every day to six. I listen this morning Michael will drive and what appropriate I think mr. Aren't -- to open up earlier an hour and a veteran and he's not trying to screw you guys that he's. I mention my. Which is the evolution. Of the whiner line five point five there particularly seem number. Saying. Concept for you you don't have to worry about changing a thing if you wanna make fun of my middle name being Scott when -- make fun of mr. salt here living in his parents based banking on mr. sort of your pin placement you'll make for fun assault cup. Who lives and his parents based briefly temporarily. Yeah. It definitely I think it is go ahead and do it whatever you wanna do I'm sorry I confused as in Texas here and eighteen -- -- I've -- and -- Saying you know what is it changing I can't do this anymore there be as random as you wanna be as funny as you wanna be as a -- as you -- -- not a not a problem -- And we're coming up with some new ways people lose to look at his sister. When can we can't announce it right it's not a question yes it's in the works -- it soon and when it when it gets out I think you guys alike and in the -- sound better to want to get on to the air so lot of cool stuff in the works which -- come back the Bruins here for a minute and and then we'll get to. Well we'll get to the pitchers and five. I'm driving in this morning and and listening -- -- -- and and LB -- of those guys and look I played hockey he understands and sees the game and completely different way than than either of us would which is a good thing. Why was it they're focused on the physical malady of the game include for whatever reason was upset with Tuukka Rask. On that final goal in the second on the final but on second goal that was the game winner. I thought LB had a completely different take on where we should be pointing. Must not obviously clot had a bad view on that goal from where he was where he was sick and when he catches the video he might notice Nathan Horton out of -- ever again and I imagine him the other night you did. Joseph Vitale did the same paying two and two games yup you would -- over in O'Reilly is that Allison and screaming ally and Indian beat in your head. Get your head on this level. So he thinks -- Nathan Horton. And that's who we went after for the final goal in my hockey knowledge is not enough that I could could x.s and no it enough to say oh yeah that's the guy that was at a position and I learned almost everything I know about hockey. Just from listening to Derek Sanderson and listening to Andy brick and those guys taught me hockey but I'll trust they'll be if he says somebody was out of position he understands how the defensive scheme. Is supposed to work. I'll trust LB is a guy who played the game and say all right -- important if you're not get that done. In terms of scoring goals and you're not getting it done in the defense of and and you can't really play on any other line in this team Michael your start to build the case whether you mean to warn not to. To see that Nathan Horton is going to be a guy or could be a guy that could be moved in a deadline deal if it turns out to be a really big deal well. It depends sort of a bit of -- building that case against Nathan Horton. Then what kind of value do you expect give back from -- back for him in a deadline deal you're saying he's he's underperforming. And of LB sees it that means other general managers and coaches see it -- so. If you're in another town -- Calgary or anywhere else Dallas. And in -- talking about your team trading for Nathan Horton why would you be excited if he's not having a great season. We're not done with this by any mean I'll give -- -- Bruins tickets at -- when he a lot more Bruins talk on the show today and and throughout the coming days weeks and months as is that trade deadlines about two weeks away Jack Edwards. Will join us at 435. Today but. Michael up next you figured out what's really going on diddle little research are loaded you've got some connections -- any of them still in Foxboro the true story of what really happened. -- the patriots Welker to block all coming up next it is salt can always portrayed in 937. W media.

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