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A tribute to No. 83, Wes Welker

Mar 14, 2013|

Mut and Merloni sign off on Thursday listening to some of the memorable moments of Wes Welker's career with the Patriots.

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We didn't it work for everybody to you couldn't narrow what if you're the best you're about to shadow. Jim -- -- Jesus -- to reckon with. Six offensive line goes down yeah. -- play action for Brady won't want to go -- It could -- thirty behind. That's about a ten yard line he's got a BA first and goal the play action fake. Well Wes Welker he got in but we need a little -- and Eric Smith admitted you collect 71 yard. You know what's been the biggest guy in the world we've got the biggest part of that makes up for a lot of you know aside differences his mental toughness his physical toughness and angered because nobody likes to so. You know when it mattered most welcome the -- -- All day DM and don't walk through any MM -- compare to Wes Welker you know this guy. Has done so much for this franchise. And it's been a part of one of the greatest offenses. In 2007. And you know you can every person. Braden threw 29 fires towards Ireland why don't put it down the far sideline but welcome Linda. Birdie that'll be pushed out of bounds by Bernardo home. Another question will be asked. Over and over how to Wes Welker get that -- this -- beginning. You guys it's time nicest -- get a bill states every once in awhile so this this is definitely get. Currently about involvement that is there were those cars drove away and -- -- you feel that -- about where some wonderful. You know one of the best I have ever played without him and played because. He's he's. He's just been phenomenal bird. But the bird flu you don't look like he drove out so there's. These good football group would. We have. You know the way he carries himself -- commits himself where he where is -- the second bit. Mean the guy is. He is who he is and I -- a great job movement servers on the same page and and there -- it's been their best foot forward Candace stick your toe in the water socially you know your foot up in the air when we -- there and who's your best foot forward and victory. These you know his defeat. He's another goes after the fuel -- Through this before and after those go out there and individual foot soldiers definitely have to be on your toes and make sure that you really feel. Retrospective on the career Wes Welker. But -- not to three point seven. Something tells us. Oh and then -- can see more -- that person. The funny guy but started yesterday's either on its FaceBook page this fake interview. With a company like bomb. To forget now -- builders this protein bar. Like a funny commercial Ford and thought was interesting that. It didn't happen that the launch until after it's patriots tenure was over and get. We've got a couple things that you heard stories of west at Texas Tech will pranks that he pulled. Put a huge bag elephant -- crap. In a meeting room above one of the ceiling -- they couldn't figure out what's on flight a week he took two shaved hairless rats. Threw them into running backs meeting -- light off and shut the door. Deductibles -- from that -- the patriots it somewhat. What's on tap today Joseph what -- apple Butler and ID three point seven WEEI woody got over their today. Beat back in action 7 o'clock down at the garden take on the worst team in the NHL. Florida Panthers. Exits units actually. The dangers they're just given it up lately that it -- lost four straight. On the top hundred in one goals. And three scores are more intent of the last eleven games mean -- so. As we heard earlier equate not in this game Claude Julien said monitoring -- expects to miss one game. But is it just you know Gupta with tyra talked about today you know what Chris -- at the broken tibia. He's going to be out for awhile. -- -- sold -- Brit talk about on the big Swede. We do you like or join that join the Bruins was the Swedish playoffs are over. He caught wind that Chris Kelly actually broke his tibia or not. He's currently going to be serving a seven game suspension -- team lost in the first game of the playoffs. Seven games suspension busy cross checked the guy right in the market. If you haven't seen Google it's Pepsi it's out of control some party going on their -- Soderbergh. Suspended for seven teams are down 01. -- playoff today and sooner than later so we'll see if the -- and have given more agreement he's replacement I got through at their line. I get -- things where one's gonna meet tomorrow at noon. Boston College was down fifteen -- they stormed back beat Georgia Tech first round the AC ACC tournament. Oliver -- a freshman just scored 41 for the Eagles. As they'd destroyed Georgia Tech in the final thirty minutes this game -- to get a chance to take on Miami I know for a fact that I'm Ralph thinks they can win back game. Think -- BC Miami a big one tomorrow and tonight. -- just your little World Baseball Classic tonight at 7 o'clock. Over on nine and 99 -- team USA and the Dominican you get did -- -- The do no excuse me Samuel did you know for the Dominican all -- -- the knuckleballer for the Americans the winner. Secures a spot the semifinals at San Fran AT&T park either -- two time defending champ. Japan or the Netherlands on Monday the loser plays Puerto Rico Friday at seven figure out the second survivor but. On this tonight little bit higher at 7 as well 7 o'clock tonight to keep your quick -- the Michael -- Semel -- at seven the NFL network. -- Denver bronco wide receiver Wes Welker. Will be on the NFL network. Seven some of the best warns that are going to be yards and a -- Cadillac health parties do this telecheck is gonna be on NFL network epidemic and that your reaction yesterday was so natural. -- -- When you got the news the emotion that was in your voice you repeat. There's tremendous yesterday great job breaking that the. Thank you and so today -- felt that. They are. Let's talk about. Not gonna break the thing down today such a big story we got going to talk about it I'll be here. Of course along with Steve Buckley and Cedric Maxwell. And -- -- -- reaction not the thought the day after. Wes Welker left. For a tour here contracts that different for guys that I -- 24 hours or whatever it -- am shocked. There's a stunned by -- and that by the terms what you want to free agency it thought it was gone. But the terms of the -- these last three years average of me. Somewhere for him three years 8000009. Right. There -- twelfth. Pictures assigned to deal -- it would be in the situation leave. All you guys -- on hold we see full phones don't -- -- Holly's gonna get your calls the big show next here on Sports Radio WE yeah. Really gets the -- Looks he's got time reading flushed from the pocket -- to -- -- -- Welker touchdown patriots. Tom Brady sliding to his right and finds the open man. Eight strike to Wes Welker who was applying himself in the end zone. You'd think that I'm -- the Skywalk. Was over 141000 dollars. Memorabilia in my home because of the one shot at him in the media are only after you've got another -- Colin Powell. And hello Wes Welker. And -- remnants of hatred for life just like -- break. So come up from our own. Zone and apparently won't. OK okay. In the news.

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