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Wednesday, March 13th Whiner Line

Mar 13, 2013|

Wes goes West. Damn, damn, DAMN!

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My view -- -- views expressed and expressed. The white -- are like ET TE Chris Cox. That's discretionary stocks still -- Morris and now it's -- in your life. It is a playoff atmosphere in and you can just stick your toe in the water you know yet some pride in going -- to -- Put your feet and we and now there has been their best move forward in New England they're playing well and in -- that came up their -- the story has touched and the WEEI. Warning airlines I think he's very patient. You know his good feet. He moves around really well. He understands the game they are beautiful dial 6177793535. Don't trust sentiment in that -- come on the same page and you know he's he's that he's another guys courtesy as a -- assessment whiner line -- just a little bit different you know especially unity here -- -- in the area and the swelling candidates going to go down in the things like but it definitely excited about the opportunity get out there and and have some fun. And now these are the type games you play for -- -- that's what you. It's been on your dinner before and then when you go out there and just your best foot forward. It's been like to do a lot of things it's. -- WEEI. Hawaiian Airlines. Martin yeah Adams and devastating are you devastated dad. Beside myself affect them right over here. It is soft soft. Do we get the numbers on the money what they gave it to your development dollars -- six million dollars and stopped the page apparently offering two years ten million plus incentives. -- for twelfth and for him. So you can replace 580 catches in six years. Twelve million dollars in two years Texas got it right I hope Bob Holmes working the story so we know what happened to us. But I don't. What I hear any jumped about -- I didn't work as hard as he used to oh lord twelve guaranteed -- that question to share partner all that stuff. Bono is the worst news a long long time. But you know here's the good news you go visit them. We both could smoke legalized their content via -- Taliban and the Broncos play here next year. Okay you get to see great terrific you know it's the walls and patriots uniform the WNBC game. I think so twelve million park's general Wes is gonna say when it lessons to object to -- Let's say now whatever you do don't between two point six reading her -- -- -- my guy called it early so the nasty stuff and asked this is about the tomorrow night thinking it they went truckload -- you Merrill -- again who has truckload. So it may tenth last year -- as a franchise guy and and it nine point 49 point OK and who's gonna make eleven and a half this year and then franchise that. OK but two years guarantee that it is really what this is its two year deal right that's a two year deal twelve million total dollars per. And for evaporating renegotiate is shameless. We just try to ignore any game and try to talk to each other again tonight and spoken -- approach. The sponsors. -- I think got a -- The -- is brought Wes Welker -- Otherwise budget by AT&T and WEE I live is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most forty coverage in New England in my yen random says randomly says -- times ten times -- are stoking up and. Hey Michael got caught by the book about -- Or. It didn't bet that the bill. But I think that global -- It's. Not bad and bad guys date granddad. Better known as well they -- -- Vote. Not a viable. Double -- of the -- you know I don't know about that but I think that trip -- -- -- not bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. Davos you've got out of. Facts and mr. And mr. Carter. Bullwinkle. Rocky and -- that you probably instructions at your eyes closed the entire noted that excitement that it was -- animation which. Yeah. Star please. But it's Campbell trials and beautiful cars trucks line. And river before cartoons and lots of Batman and Robin Wright. Battle waged -- -- shape. An assault that was critically panned out. Wow -- Same bat time same bat channel four movies black and white. That broke -- open -- 35. Well I've always that they never should've treated. And that -- treasuries. This can. They -- probably over it got up and outside of retrieved. It and I would get it and there. And that would have been warning don't regret that I would do not smoke it's bad apple -- to happen -- -- World Series. While. There's a cap on -- And that it was only a bad trade Broadway musicals that got me drafted did cocaine. On the trading Gerald Henderson of the number two parallel existence and advisory straight if I had to -- under the end of it the right guy at the picture on -- -- drug. Good news I guess quickly that they had the cup to the broader set of people -- it. Just felt like quote snowball that accurate count what a waste of pick. And that. A few good moments but not enough yet not enough more than Eugene Joan and. Indicated that happy but I don't understand what can. Excellent what had been up it's on the depth -- here. And -- that I was saying she's articulate -- smoke I agree I don't Eddie Eddie. Yes it is an extra credit for Andy's all with the -- and executives did not see or were not willing to share. With the putt and he -- McCarrick covered hide behind the drums back in the day on the back so -- the -- Impressive. Ed I know I could get a diplomatic -- -- and -- what. Pop up -- that it would balk at the bottom on the radio. I was thought I'd. It would pop up played good. And I keep up with the right. How about the public school I don't play my call. Got a little bit of that op Ed Mike did you have and -- I don't might -- I've made every. I don't. Yeah its. Because himself -- -- expect. Of the -- play. JJ we're not gonna play somebody else because. -- faster you talk about. She's a -- beyond beyond. I don't wanna -- You bring that -- related james' game he protected. A hand held him and you know. I. -- -- -- -- Well. Are you just live past today that are now going to be in the mr. Mike and down -- president what happened here is Wes Welker whatever you're -- -- million dollars -- -- pizza you know. Some time. Big -- That is just. -- Agreed to lead big times -- hurt us with B chip it and putt and not win in -- -- always people that actually. Talking all day with a sick joke that was nobody at all the time. That they and -- -- TV and radio -- And -- some different things. Well that's good. I have no doubt that it's been so there'll. It's that they have always kept him. There's -- in our role but can often prove they're in bed and I still don't have said that. Do whatever -- far -- -- error when -- are on the show. To do -- -- You don't. Some arbitrary. There are big and bad data. Do very well -- former editor of god and always bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't you isn't about when he was he Andersen's. Houston but yeah oh yeah yeah yeah Fuhrman and it was a moment the window. The resident adult but JJ's girlfriend didn't open memberships to prop up the window -- -- Texas I don't but the golf adult JJ's girlfriend to deal was -- who -- should not been bad remember Janet Jackson was. Is that. That's the -- -- all the way -- Automask like to go what the hell out of my way and I tell the government -- and following and to have stamped. -- Got there that's Travis it's been doing that they're gonna. Back but it didn't take them let them be effective except that they can -- anybody else and then. Alone wouldn't and that's out in -- and go without apology that dot the patriots don't want them. But you have to get to. Agreed that the outcome and I doubt that it will not crappy baseball player -- couldn't even get it cannot be added go to Japan to get a job. And I -- NFL in that. I've got to believe. And message that's off. To a different way NFL insiders are always right. Stop and so lovable I like we're today to some thought -- two guys nice to 75. Hitter who's currently in Maloney. -- immigrant was going and coming and no word desperately used to collect collect about users are -- -- -- baseball players vote are you love little love movement and now even lose market -- great player I want him. -- you would Foxboro. Patriots want what we have a web Welker on a trip back here where didn't. -- -- And and it's motion. Michael doing some research on detention apparently felt the feast is usually drugs now. So is it always have passed their peers her peers and your pressures after she America football player in Boston's way when I stopped watching him like last season at him like that the film was happy. They have no way -- -- -- -- -- cap and then. Yeah. And yeah. -- In just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear about the bird circling over towards stadium today. There are going. -- Pat pat pat pat. And that meant it. I get that I'm on the cheap and always a lady of good times if Florida it was learned yeah I don't want it looks just like David Ortiz -- exactly -- Maybe Tom Brady a remarkable thing it did what you're good boy you what the cause for the oil and -- image. Hey good management. I would hope it will draw -- my contract. At this time I worked well. I can't answer that. Make a lot of sense from them I'm the only one important difference permitted. Got go to bed not a body. No good to go but I'm. -- -- -- -- -- Twelve million bucks. I don't know Wes -- Don't sign with another team how we have a replay of those huge drop. Big game situation. There's no one on the market that can replace -- do this. Boston tops the haters ball as crowds can catch a script I can catch the what you knew it would have been in the situation at a suggested that game first -- -- exactly. Smashed the ball after completing. The bush stands before us it and that's -- message -- out there. Don't -- for what typical photo all -- about. -- -- -- And message -- what's the guy's name. Francis Francis a vote which wanted to take. It wears a black guy from franchise would you have in the original Mario did you have the program Omar used to be capture. Yeah everybody says that didn't go our district whoever thought likely that it. I don't know how good I killed it off quite packed and ready to be noted quite paying. And that's the message my business is telling them. But this -- that we don't know. You know the cause. It. -- -- -- it would get better and probably gotten older it's not like that flight is going to get better over sixty. And that meant that some drugs -- man we talking about -- -- the Renaissance and bill I know everybody in -- over sixty. -- Very welcome abroad. That they call it it's and back and -- -- well. Like our credit gonna happen over all I had to bowl got a patent Paramount goal. -- people here. But don't -- it mattered more but we have been prayed to imagine you know vote. And it left. Charities -- -- -- venezuelans and there's little rivalry and resurrection. Which means you know all of this guys does this -- -- Venezuelan there's no Venezuelan attorney and as well Italians here. It's. Argentina Brazil to record a great line. Hey Mike have you are not I how the other night I know why. Black ball it made us it always back up -- it on diet and no one. -- I get to folks in my house. Texas -- Mike did you follow any news asking about the appropriate numbers walker. Are you locked in a closet with a bong hits theaters I was doing appearances today and it is. -- -- -- All of the target amount and yet some have mission -- eat now is THE based cookies and treats and he -- -- -- Out of him as a. You know that the -- I can imagine all the black sitting in running around. It certainly is no -- would. -- And the message. -- The cardinals have gone. And it's but just look at the summit they worked so hard to try to heal the rift to him the smoke came out. You have to take away with. It was so thick you thought that Mikey that's what would not can. Paying. I can't get your business group in times today alone they use the focus Europe so yeah that's how. Bloomberg. Go get him on the. I. Yes. Jerry Cashman obviously called in. For thirty years when you -- Argentinian 6000 -- on the. Well I think you're -- US government -- got -- and over one million dollar. What it can't. How are way. Up but -- -- -- and there. Are good enough. Yeah I. -- I thought Glen last night I want to miss it got Georgia house he did a bit in the beginning where I was the janitor wearing shiny black shoes and as a janitor and I was taking him blisters on his hand from those three -- pleaded not just on that. Our that you want her life. Power by AT&T AT&T the the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most -- coverage and -- can't believe Wes Welker rock news.

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