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Gordon Edes thinks David Ortiz will play around 120 games in 2013

Mar 11, 2013|

ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes joined Dennis and Callahan to talk about the latest on the David Ortiz injury and his prediction for how many games the slugger will play this season. He also gets into Alfredo Aceves' role in the World Baseball Classic brawl.

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Welcome back DNC 61777979837. Our pal Courteney joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE good morning mr. -- Howard you. We're -- -- take it helped us out with this would think was the driving force who thought it was a good idea to sign David to wait long term lucrative deal when his. Phillies was in a boat that somebody push for this more than somebody else and ownership cordoned. No I I don't think so John I I really think it was a consensus. This -- I think then -- on board -- with a baseball ops people were on -- with it I think Lucchino and John -- -- import weighted. -- And they remembered -- time that David would hurt he was having his best seat in what the last five years right. In. I think all the medical they were getting word who were encouraging saying that. You know this is sky would be LP by by the by the start of the 2013. Season. But from what went. Would admit and -- from a financial standpoint this is so far off the charts in terms of what the market would bear I mean doesn't the average DH in the in in in baseball. Make about five or six million bucks a year that told him go that your best operable double -- saved half half of this money. Yet that big but he couldn't that -- certainly they could've done that they were running the risk by doing that. John they were running the risk that he would get an offer from another club stereotypes that say yankees and it goes. A club that dead -- deep pockets in any at a place for a guy like court he's a that they say may -- what -- -- chip that would would take them to the World Series. I think that -- Inbox in. Ortiz said he value while -- because simply was the most productive hitter in that line. A -- at -- watch and other most productive hitter Adrian Gonzales in last August mega trade. I think that's our -- would just a two year deal. And not. I'm a much longer commitment and obviously they were gonna make a lot of commitment to a guy who's 37 years old. All all argued in favor of Jordan -- into it they only got one good year out of them than it was valedictorian money -- For a great career here and oxygen and you know that's I I don't think they you know considering considered a -- in have been. Paying other players I can -- the red -- under the current Korea and that in the or millionaire and the doctors for the three guys that are garden I don't think they saw that is so that you addressed. -- -- and you thought there was a market for him if they said go to free agency see what's out there you'd think there would have been some. Lucrative offers out there. Well I mean obviously defeat the Achilles injury changed that somewhat but do I think there would have been some interest sure. I idea. You know simply because he was putting up the kind of numbers said he did put up. At the time he was -- we've got thirteen million from somewhere probably not. But again I I I think that that Ortiz had some. Tangible -- box in. Given what he's interest rates -- -- meant to the club house. In all. They transcended. The simple dollars and cents of value in this is. It it seemed like the good time to move on because they were change analyst on the that made the big deal -- -- at a new manager in place was -- they were looking for a fresh start. And I think people would have understood if they said -- we love David -- were move and on. And clearly that that's what they should've and could've done what's plan B cord and I can't quite figure out what plan B is is Napoli the DH. No I'm I would think I mean that's certainly one way they could call. I think Brian will Bartlett would be a possibility that you DH early. Even -- could be here you're here Shirley I don't -- I mean I guarantee they'll be very tempted to maybe start the season Jackie Bradley to a year. In the outfield but see what -- -- guys. And you started -- service I'm clock. Then that brings some how much closer to catching him on arbitration. I'm leaving it's a free agent -- I think they'd rather have him start in the minor leagues like trump did last year like. -- harper did last year. Mean they have options and in the hope is he anticipated that scares me about this injury do you remember last. Spring when when Carl Crawford was going through the same thing with reduced risk and one day we hear he was make compartment hearings on track. For opening day it's better chatter and then the next thing here is that. The most part and end ultimately leads to Tommy John -- -- -- that Ortiz. It's an Achilles securely securely and now we have an MRI on both deals. Maybe a little let's jump in on the all those hurdles and more straight based -- activity may not be a bad idea for the big man. Gordon it's possible that might have to be small ball type of baseball team. Now -- I don't think they're built for I mean you're not in -- not gonna play small ball with guys like. Napoli called Mittal -- Even even at that producers not enough speed on this team I think that the play that kind of baseball. And after you get past old burger to Reno a little bit ago Pedroia I I don't really think there's enough speed on -- -- To place small bar and I just don't think small ball works in the American League east anywhere. If you're. Justin Verlander Josh Johnson who on the Boston Red Sox makes you nervous at all. -- Now he's out Gordon not you heard him and he -- it. Exactly in the NC that's why they think that's why into the Red -- she wanted to bring him back. Because she encountered a big threat -- obviously -- Bob. If he returns since 2000 and form in it Pedroia YouTube -- to take seriously our. About it. In terms of being pretty -- Lander. Yet neither -- as a home run hitter obviously -- You know old slugger. And Odom Austin's right so I mean you talk but no scary lefties in this line. I I would I would agree with you. Inept and again you're here you're making my case or for -- if you Red Sox you bring Ortiz back. Has had -- has spring training performance cause alarm now. Knotted up at John you hear anything more artificial. Been thick conditions in which are up close -- works. In spring training. You can't neglect a game in the fourth inning. You know a bit closer -- on a journal and -- -- that you can't. Recreate the circumstances and spraying the fat and healthy and -- The block cities here and I'll bet that the fighting spirit slider. And I think he's gotten in it talking to them it seems like he's got the mentality. I could deal with this and you wouldn't. He would slow -- Clint Hurdle made a closer for the pirates and 111 and it seems like he gave a Almonte. Every appearance it's bringing it -- of people -- all my hadn't. -- so what what do you think they've taken it and also right now -- -- I -- think they're not like you meet very much right now but are portrait. Is a couple of days in Yankee Stadium that first week and I will be fine. Gordon is Major League Baseball pleased come with the lack of buzz around the WBZ and you see a day down the road they say you know let's just not working with all the plug in the silly thing. -- a keynote at the that's a great question -- because certainly in this country there's nobody that's -- to watch the highlights and opinion. Yesterday giving the -- buildings in Tokyo. -- -- -- They would be the enthusiasm in in Puerto Rico. When Puerto Rico knocked up Venezuela and -- I I think. It's succeeding in what -- their basic goal is which is marketing this game globally. It you know I'm sure a lot of Alfredo -- cyber security all the action over the weekend after. What happened against Canada. But you don't you know you don't selling jurors -- into -- as much as we are I mean I'm really I watched the whole game in Spanish last night Gordon among you. I know that he would say that I I did although I do periodically via. I checked in audit in our -- and made good a little aside about -- seven. I think politically solid in particular bit of a bomb wrapped or -- -- its role. Ian in that probably the other day meet -- opinion is a this is ideally go. And seventy cents on the on the receiving end here he gets the gets thrown out let it detract beer. What I'm getting absolutely pummeled by a it and I mean yes Larry -- Jim -- great quote saying he's you are seeing it. The orbiter is supposed to do in that situation cover it. Gonna get that it took some pretty good. I set I was gonna watch the WBZ until victory in about it and he did so -- I'm done. I mean there has first of the spring -- We heard a lot movement down that Gordon a lot of people saying. The gonna trade -- they're going to -- catcher before the end of spring training. Is that still the buzz are we still expecting. They leave their back up close or maybe one other -- to get dealt. No I -- you know what that was never my expectations. Up for wanting. You know. The bullpen may be the strongest part of this team I mean they've they've got up and all but I think that you know -- still a question mark. I I think you'll probably start him in part -- even though he's pitching very well. And beat it beat continues progressing maybe all that property he's got up and I would I would have -- start in Pawtucket. Let him have some success here. -- bring them up you've got to let these. That are hurting right now. Both structural and and morale assert our burden. I think they're that Billy you see who a trip big eighth inning option. You still want quickly but he -- -- had a lot of health issues. He's what 38 years old I I picked up -- and asset. And you wanna hold onto and in catching why. Again. The emergency Christian Vasquez makes its interest sync although it is that still needs development but guys this I can -- like you wouldn't believe it it. It's been. Exciting to watch. But you know duke it -- lucky in this free agent year I don't think your movement. Another catcher at at at this point I don't think technical part -- ready to play every day he moves well I think that's happening. -- I have no idea why I think this but somehow someway I suspect that John Lackey will have a productive season for the Red Sox agree or disagree. I I would I would put up some red flag or -- and I I think. It's too early I just say. Obviously eat it these progression so far has been pretty encouraging. But all the studies suggest that in the first hear back from Tommy John. -- -- struggle a lot of usually that. That's what in your initial full recovery and he's 34 years old. You know yes and had real success. In what old doctoral when he -- it. I think there's still some -- -- -- -- look at big guy. He's worked hard tremendously. In the Nazis and he's been in in great shape would never seen in my -- where we're. Well get up on training bought seventeen pounds. To me like you brought about thirty -- Right. I'd give us enough or -- -- before we go Gordon give -- -- number the games played GPs for David Ortiz. I'll go 440. Walpole. They would write that down now we get we got your predictions for wins in the in the spring when you were down there now and moving on to games played -- tees. Won twice and that's the most anyone has predicted to this point Gordon. Yeah I mean to hit an end in which kind of surprises me because when I want one -- that's saying that he's gonna -- support of this season. And that that's a big chunk the Red Sox would be pretty concerned if he misses as many as forty games. I think that. -- that you had that Ortiz has said all along that the doctors predicted. That he was gonna help issues that it was going to be soreness when he ripped up this activity. Yes it's -- great concern I don't think we can obviously can't expect -- bit. To start this season but I wouldn't be I'm not prepared to write this opposite as a major. So -- it's gonna cost him. Did -- or more games this season. Gordon -- always a pleasure talking baseball what do you think for a second time. Or 8000 Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possibly mean. On 21 year yeah I think so low as optimist optimistic I thought it was optimists agreement went twenty total. The next two years.

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