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Pacioretty says the Bruins are "jealous"

Mar 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Max Pacioretty's comments about the Bruins being jealous that the Canadiens are in first place.

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Keep you accountable and help clean up the heat certainly I think that -- I know for a fact that. We don't like. We we hope he's progressed. Why can't -- the technology used to tap Wes -- phone against Claude -- sound. Something's on African helicopter there could yearly thing I was packaging are -- close I am I -- an honest worst off. I didn't question character. Because they can play hard Matt and Turkish team. The only thing I talked about ways to acknowledgment. Somebody there in the -- court is in. -- next on there that's all I heard. A joint yesterday at practice one loot 93 point seven WEE I'll an hour from now. Well thought this awful young adults pride and not play the game right he's right by the way I was going ethnic there -- Ole snot. I just that was called the Canadian threat though they illegally with a hundred penalties called against 'cause they embellished. Wasn't calling well it -- and it lets you replace that yeah Montreal not bring it up because I just -- -- my head. It better to do with the moderate to better and we win a game -- angle off the McCain that's. I might have led -- patriots' season thinks the brink of fallout from this and now we're Bruins fans think about it -- day after Boston Bruins coach Claude Julian. Accuse the Montreal Canadians and embellishing the draw penalties saying the tactic is in -- -- the game a hockey. Cavs fired back. With coached areas of the Montreal Canadian saint -- should just worry about his own team quote from area. I'm known Claude for a long time -- a coaching teams against him for a long time. To meet those comments that he made ridiculous. And it was very frustrated to have lost that game. Claude can concentrate on his team and all concentrate. On my own. So fired back a little bit in the about you know not happy the club should Boris team into what's going on there should mean. So make those comments about your team how would you feel the fan base how would you feel the as the players as a coach on that case it's because through -- you should defendant here and our team guys -- budget box. Should defended. He did defend him and I give him credit for that did Max patch ready. Take it a step forward in the right place for the Canadians ball in a couple things right up guys phony try to tap back in the day next bachelorette he's follow. I think he maybe took a little bit further where is Barry wants to say L look just worry about coaching your own team accurate to say and that was at some issues their own. -- analysts. Experience. Jealousy for -- Africa where the top and that's fun and I -- really conflict. It's awesome I mean. Grandma's place soon be saying about it and first place especially in the world. As they're jealous about theirs their place was got a -- we should say that when they were awful two. Last year -- -- added this is a common thought about this team it's not is their first place not because the Bruins trailing them standings which games and hit with games in hand by the way. Is pressure style hockey Max stinks. Is your team dives around to get penalties. Is nothing to do with any sorted jealousy. And the Boston Bruins. I take it from make a Claude -- standpoint. He represented style hockey that we enjoy their big physical defensive minded. I won't speak for every hockey -- because my guess your Montreal -- you like your team but overall it yourself out of it. You elect -- way -- Montreal plays like they embellish and -- to get calls on the power play I don't. It's a crap read a hockey matter were on the standings no matter what -- report your team has or how good you are up quite in the playoffs the year before. There's not going to be jealous of out of your Bruins fan it's representing what is is good. Enjoyable. At some low respectable hockey. It is they are a lot of players probably don't play that way the other great. It's too is because we're on top from a last place they would say Welker appears back when he beat him that first round play at playoffs -- were on top. -- senate than in the -- and then under the managers to style but they are a better team. The only -- they flop that's their style. But I think that they are a team you got to show discipline with especially the post season again I don't mind which are -- -- regular season. If he did that to post season RB global critical of the regular season they won't do what you gotta do we defend players the right thing to deal. They'll come playoff time when you're a little bit more discipline I think they -- Montreal Canadians. The bit jealous also wants. Mean not -- the playoffs wanna cup two years ago. Lastly your awful so you're on top right now Chelsea with three games in hand. -- that. It's not jealousy manage it's silly for Patrick so I'd like because it keeps the rivalry go on here. But I mean this idea that somehow the Bruins are jealous of the way that. Canadians player -- about the standing sort of a joke AT&T -- -- 379237. In the 413 such hypocrites more sharply away. There are plenty of Bruins were taken liberties like what happens that the Bruins. I think it's just say a stylistic thing for again I'm asking people to take themselves away from the fan of whatever team they root for. -- -- do like flopping in the MBA I don't. -- -- quarterbacks is sorted diving get hit punters punters and kickers do -- -- drives me crazy where they're barely touch and a kicker like fall over. -- yard sale try to get a call a hate debt. And a hockey it's not just one player on the Canadian it seems like their team it's that their approach. It's garbage. It's a Little League is gotta look at we spent so much time on this yesterday am convinced more than ever in reading through the the response to like guys like puck daddy. And and across the league last night LP -- LeBron ESPN. It is a problem not just for Montreal as the Bruins have players that do it too it's a problem for the NHL. If guys are gonna call on the ice and get the miners and matching miners or miners themselves straight up for these penalties -- look at the next day. Get a side is diving gonna have some sort of warning system Texas -- instant replay. Not -- strip later gambit the next day because the way they played just not. It's not enjoy you know and did not respond as the president opening of the senate yesterday but those -- -- last nine Girardi was there during the press conference. Mike tell me that you know to close defense he admitted we have guys that Martina done in the past. But after that I talked to you know it's helmets -- it will play so it it's happened that -- and his -- -- -- cold doesn't like it talks -- -- says that's not us that's Canadians and the Bruins. So. An opposite those words but basically to a lot of Bruins -- yes and I feel that way any -- he might have windows but the fact that he admitted it. We've got to do and a lot of teams have guys that -- But when they do you'll have a talk with -- -- after the game -- -- jealous of their free health care that's about it. Attic and get some get their hands on some good stuff for -- -- -- the things that legal. They get that Tylenol Cody that Chris Berman loved back in the day. That video. But overall this idea the Bruins are jealous just fueled the fire for the rival rebounding -- the furthest. Think from the truth it's a bad way to play in a league final in it not just for the Canadians across the league. -- in Plymouth dive back in your phone calls at 61777979837. Eric. I don't guys what's up but I don't wanna comment on the Olympic diving team otherwise go to Montreal Canadians. Basically. Go back after the incident. But that are on the ball accurately candidate that I got sick I mean they -- that they were ready for the first went out. I mean that -- -- what action we doubled off the panel would want it's called the first one about the -- mop -- beat -- that goes to. I mean I don't work out that they look like million -- at the scene -- the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's one of the -- at bats but that's likely at Montreal. That are these throughout the -- out. But it's brought. -- Then appointment last year was the only track that -- that. I mean honestly. We. Want to gently -- it -- I'll let you you're an embarrassment. -- The province of Quebec -- is the last decade. And they are a fan base the calls 911 when they're concerned about their players thank your ball brother I mean that's. Patrick -- have -- -- they're jealous of their current state in the standings because it can't either jealous of the state that. My -- and it is a franchise Bruins won two years ago when you win a few months ago what's at night during. I think he -- twenty years now the F -- years between Stanley Cup I don't think there's jealousy about the state of these franchises. Pizza and a truck driver up Peter how Oreo. -- Leo and you look -- -- Has got to do something about this swap. -- it was an interesting. Idea here that really would -- If you have a whopper. You probably why would violate. All of that what you want. It's quite obvious what is also opting. The -- that -- at the minute unsportsmanlike. Conduct. And I went and offender at the normal true. It I'm also true. And then you be -- team that really want to defending. The power play in the end it'll stop the flopping. Yeah but it's very subjective I just think it's difficult you know I think -- -- be about to open. Well -- this Peter would you give to minister out of taken flopping because camera back in the game. -- Don't call. Well at bats I'm just saying to those the penalty call and when -- soup and grab -- looked around on a penalty go back up skated. At a very subjective I think you know -- came out of that game is visibly hurt -- in the runway there. But I mean not now you're sitting there saying it is fast paced game to compound because I think there's a high stick. And that's what we -- Obama was mentioning you do it reviewing it on tape. You call him a penalty for for a high stick you find out that. Stick -- at the guy's face he just went down on the ice boldness that looked up -- the call all excited. The meet and review that on film the next day you'll find that -- do whatever you want hopefully to limit that. So you're in the pock pocket book. Then you did not already. Well and it -- just. Peter the Great call the game let them know that at some points and hit. At a combat units -- you flop and is -- and review what we talked with yesterday it would LB you know I think that the game is so fast that it's tough for these guys to call. So if you're not gonna call -- and Peter is right they should call on the ice it's matching miners are his idea you two for four I -- I -- -- on what all that. But in addition to that. Let's have referees. Marked out these guys are all watching the games write the review is all about the league office in Toronto there's always somebody watching a game. Somebody back in that league office put a mark and -- -- on video tomorrow. He really get hit out harder that he take a dive you go back and watch it -- in your mind took a dive yes it's objective he gets a warning first time. -- second time -- suspensions. That I think would get rid of not just from Montreal because a lot of people say it's all about a Montreal at all it's it's across the league. Guys take advantage of this I think they do more than most. I think -- their style play at some point is you can -- Because the way to -- on the ice but it's not just them being honest about it it's not just them. 61777979378. TT -- line. At 3798379. Seconds went back to your phone Butler got a 37 WEEI 6177797937. You can text this. On the AT&T -- line -- 379. B 37 jealousy. Six Max Max catcher -- Bruins after Montreal like Claude. Fired off Steve's snag along we jump back in your folds I Steve. What -- guys that -- -- all you -- I got a yacht that he you know all the big Bruins and I want to do it again last night and I so warm flop and act in Montreal. I think it I think they're cheap I think the dirty I think they -- but I think it. What we saw what we are two nights ago was eight well contested. It'll go get a win we got outplayed that we lost I don't think it's flopping saying it got bigger the vehicle two nights ago. I think that I think that the swap twice -- Montreal Lott wants and you know we're really at any shot at an impact and yet. And I think apple said Erwin Bender are are really being an -- about it being. It is all going going and it Steve -- agree veto point in they knew they were the better team that depicted Bruins lost discipline. So stupid penalties turnovers the under the TARP but the one flop I was became who bought I would agree to turn over. Turn buckle left and right neutral zone a -- -- play well at all. I would agree with you begin testing going into that game. Your feeling about the -- you know they do this they flops they do what's in your mind it's -- -- it to a three times these you know maybe you're exaggerating what you saw. Argued their better hockey team -- -- back. Lets him was a mile off now. You know hundred -- got -- yeah they're good they're good team they are they are better team this year is no question they're they're grinding integrity. I mean granted that the difference -- that the Bruins got all the brought -- but players are all 663. And Montreal that players are all I need Biden and iPad at all. Eight they know that they -- going at every side has been there. But I mean political goals where back here for a decrease not think -- onslaught by the -- angle enact that that ought to go to hockey. It included a game winner Stephen 33 puck in front they fight for they get a 43. They went out I would not sit here Italian that your call while Steve's passion on the NHL the Bruins. I wouldn't say they lost the game the other night but I do think watching that game and seeing a hundred power plays. Leading the league there's a reason they lead the league in power -- not because they're small and embryo because they do take those liberties. And did not as much they're -- that's not the Bruins lost. What you can still see no way out of rhythm their fast team they're skilled team to try to hit in the slow them down a little bit their smaller. Let's face it take a body -- -- Lucic is not gonna move. -- can do if you take on Jiaka. It's just not gonna happen guy's gonna go flying to smaller guy. So maybe this you know take a -- that take liberties there that -- small individuals I do agree that flop. You know there's no question about it but they're they're better team they're good team and a good goaltending. It'll be interesting because you look at the Eastern Conference. You know who you -- about Easter conference in the rangers' morning in the playoffs right now I don't believe David started watching all. Pittsburgh. You know New Jersey style he -- a -- with a Montreal's team concerned with -- of it that much better Montreal Pittsburgh Carolina the Rangers getting and if the lower -- airline Briscoe lost and so I control. But yet they're they're one of the teams I'd worry about because they can they can goad you into what happened the night which is not what you would Steve mention and I agree. You buying into Montreal stewing in losing your composure a huge part of I Joe's -- New Hampshire he joins the show what's up Joseph. They felt that they all hate it we got so often. Cannot. I don't I don't take the saints and to you guys I -- I -- a awkward and now a couple of other examples. In light you up on these guys are but one of the biggest flaw it's in its war on Brady and run and all of all of sports is not to say that mean Brady Brady gets touched. If you look at restricting that anybody else had at all what what was it have an issue where they're. This -- -- cornerback James bears quarterback recruit these again with. Quarterback position if you geese hit the all everybody -- penalties. Exactly but I would -- on himself all of ultra. I don't look at some on -- out of another example it's not a -- remember I have also wash your fortune either. I came in port assortment it is back in just started jargon first. I kind of like a little bit achieving I am going to got a little boy you raiders -- -- -- it's just wouldn't be. And and an -- now. Well I put that differently I mean that's that's fixing a shortstop cheats is actually touch second -- double play ball. That cheating or Paul Pierce goes up for a shot gets hit he sells. Is that cheating mega flopping in the NBA but -- -- falls to follows the lives it's a bigger difference you would sit right in terms of the the NBA verses the NHL in the NHL significant penalty. In a lot of these cases right two minutes where you're down a man in the NBA get get fouls that way it's the sort of style they play the respectable wage I'd call or likes that. I don't. I hate that as a Bruins spent plenty your own guys have done well at the Pentagon not as the proud are well for a long time that he is not that it recently quite frankly but. I played like that the comment was -- a flu upper. Because biggest -- in the via ports I was waiting for the and actually tell me that somebody. Whizzes by him and doesn't touch -- hits the floor visit. Is that I mean the definition of flopping like not really get hit let's try different is -- a bell Oscar winners. Recently got off the record the odd John he's in Rhode Island today joins the show here John. -- boys of comedy about flopping in the NHL and the -- and Canadians and that brings up I'm reading. -- -- -- I was curious as the Atlanta comet -- want to -- or around the batteries are looking now. I don't know was Portland. What do donkey law I'm calling -- I agreed with it. A portion of his point that I don't think -- problem I mean. I watch hockey every night and I I don't remember many collapsed yards and we will -- willing once once -- -- -- -- It's got like. I think he's going to the NHL. And I keep an -- out there that what currency and an outbreak. Albeit eager to get cleared bad -- problem I don't think to keep -- often. And -- Important that you appalled I was approved to do -- a little more often. I just think it's politicking even eat eat eat here regularly to find -- -- particular dot implementing complex you. You want teams it's I don't understand John you liked your Bruins fan right you like their physical you like their physical style -- like the way that they impose their will on the opposition you like all that. You also you also likely opposition is a lot of one ballot -- hard they were hit our -- there are banged around at your team on the power play for doing exactly what you like to be physical. It's not likely to every time a -- -- unapologetic I mean that the groups do once a -- to meet. It's pathetic little -- -- 88 era is that the dead weight you get -- -- all -- the -- Obligation threatens you now feel. -- the knob of the bat. Not taken first eight it's the. Eight take it. Yeah. But it depends on your whole lot of drugs and your face and there is -- idea rip against you might stay in their kind of out of what you guys I don't want the Bruins the flop because it's gonna -- -- it's gonna put him on the power play and I can't stand watching it. -- It's so frustrating about it people lot -- guys don't they don't. C'mon I'm in order to protect it from behind and make -- to -- -- they were all doubt it would require that we got what they want won't allow you know but. You -- me. In I still buckled back that Sagan -- rush tickets in the problem is the referees are still go back if you look at that. Rewind it about a minute of walk -- hockey it's about committed a nice tackle back. And -- -- Ference. Cross checks Canadian -- who was nothing is called. Then as loose puck in front of Rask Indians -- covering another needing gets absolutely leveled. In that in during that little timeout before the face of Darian is actually ripping in the referee's. Complaining about no calls on those -- Within thirty seconds taking its dropped. So -- the reps at density no analyst Deco. I did let this go out of here now full well that coach. -- might have seen it but you know provision called before ferrets are called from the net Politico. Knew that some under the -- -- Play 61777979837. To -- Texas AT&T Texas -- at 37983 civil continue with your phone calls and we come back. Tricked Britain was sent down by the Red Sox over the weekend right -- set up off the big league club on back -- a double. I wonder why well I think the police report might have the answer for why Dick Great Britain got sent down -- the story for the next.

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