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Dale Arnold - Would the NHL be More Exciting with More Offense?

Mar 3, 2013|

Dale Arnold opens today's show discussing the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadians match up tonight. Yesterday both teams had great games. Montreal lost to Pittsburgh in overtime where a total of 13 goals were scored. Would you hockey fans out there like to see more offense in the NHL? Listen here for the latest talk.

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It's good Dale Arnold you know. News all the phones scored three wouldn't. I'm trying not take it personally. But for the second straight week I've walked in here on a Sunday morning and and basically been told that we couldn't find anybody who worked with you I'm trying to take it personal I'm trying to you know. Take into consideration the fact that I I'm I have a reputation of a partner and or career killer because I actually like to think it's just the opposite. I mean Michael and I were partners for six somewhat years and he's not to an afternoon drive and a major market radio station in the United States of America. Kirk -- hand was in here with me on weekends for awhile and you know he's now. One of the three headed monster known as the Dennis and Callahan. Name but the Dennis and Callahan morning show here on sports radio and I'm trying not take it personal but I will somehow. Soldier on here. Good morning good Sunday morning to -- here on Sports Radio dale Arnold and until noon today and we've got a whole bunch of things that and talk about it yes. We will spend at least a portion of our mornings offerings here this morning talking about. What I think is my favorite sport to watch the National Hockey League in and the NHL. And -- when will talk about the National Football League believe it or not even though they are the furthest from actual game action. In in our sports world but the whole situation with Tom Brady and what he was gonna do the other free agent quarterbacks in the National Football League how much he was costing people because he took him under market contract and just in terms of the franchise number he was gonna cost. A guy like -- -- million dollars a year or more. And work out now. We will -- talk a little bit about baseball as the day goes on as well because this is one of those rare days. Where you know we sort have rivalry Sunday going but we don't have rivalry Sunday going. We definitely do tonight at the TD garden the Boston Bruins play host of the Montreal Canadians that's as good -- rivalry is the sports world has to offer. You actually do out of Red Sox baseball against the New York Yankees this afternoon. Unless you wanna take a look at the names wearing the Yankee uniforms -- because based on the tweets and seeing out of Fort Myers not so much. Ian Brown of mlb.com. Called it a a shadow rush shell roster for the New York Yankees. The Red Sox here you know playing this as you might expect. You know like a reasonable. Pre season exhibition game which is basically what it is here's your Red Sox lineup for today Jacoby Ellsbury Dustin Pedroia J. D. Drew. Mike Napoli Daniel -- will middle Brooks Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Saltalamacchia is actually DH. Ross Bradley and Dempster actually starting. And then as Ian Brown calls -- a skeleton crew for the New York Yankees but technically. If there wearing those uniforms tech technically it -- arrival rate. Seed -- rivalry Sunday here. In Boston with Red Sox yankees and Bruins Canadians all happening at the exact same time. So it's a good thing. I have to admit -- Probably worry a little bit more about the game tonight and I do the when this afternoon because it is still an exhibition game needless to say. It doesn't matter to anybody as long as there are pitchers running in the outfield while the game is going on I can't take it real seriously and I all watched part of it today. It is on NASA and today I'll be watching we all are. We feel obligated to just because they're wearing those uniforms but it probably won't matter as much as the game tonight. There was an interesting thing that happened last night if you were watching him and those of you who were in a sitting at home wondering what to do wanna. And say 280 truly sad route and I say JD if I get I've I'm made a mistake apologize Steven grow. Not that -- the other -- I said JD it was just a slip. A bullet. And I apologize. Something happened last night you know maybe on a Saturday night you had -- owning your life an ideal. Because I was sitting home watching television. I myself completely empty house everybody it left me going in various directions. I'm sitting there. With two dogs and a -- watching television. And I thought it was going to be kind of a boring Saturday night at home. Until I slipped on Hockey Night in Canada on the NHL network. -- this year wild hockey game out of nowhere. And as I'm watching it another sad indication of my life is like I'm thinking of Kevin Paul -- Kevin called upon who has been beating the -- incessantly about. The need for more offense in the National Hockey League will not knows this was games straight from the heart of Kevin Paul DuPont last night. Montreal Canadians in the Pittsburgh Penguins combined for thirteen goals last night and it was I'll. Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Montreal Canadians seven to six. In sudden death overtime Brandon Sutter scored the game winning goal for the penguins. It was all good from -- every single part of that game was fun to watch last night. Except for the fact that Matt Cooke scored two goals for Pittsburgh but other than that everything else was great enjoyed the game it was on it was wild. On one of the Canadians to lose just didn't didn't. You know in respect to. The northeast division standings and the Bruins in the Canadians and all I -- one of the Canadian lives period. And so everything worked out perfectly. And I actually thought about this because I have always said I will say. Probably till the day I stop watching the sport that the single best hockey game I ever watched live in my life. Was the Bruins one nothing win over the Tampa Bay Lightning game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals that was the best hockey game I ever saw live in my life. Not a single parent penalty called against either team. It was unbelievable. It was action packed it was up and down and I know that for those folks who want hockey fans. -- he won nothing scoring they think it's like MLS. Odds soccer game act like it's like watching icicle field hockey. You know a game that ends -- -- 00 tie with no shots on goal that's -- -- they perceive it to. I'm telling you right now that that Bruins lightning one nothing game was the best hockey game I've ever seen in my absolutely the best and -- But there are those people out there who would for a little more offense and again. And last night's Canadians penguins game gave them everything they can ever hope. It was a blast mean I had a great time watching. Up and down and goals scored in this team would go ahead and that team would go ahead. Carey Price give up seven made my heart a little more I mean I like everything about what I saw last night it was wildly entertaining. And it was a it was a one night sitting at home all by myself in my house. So now the question becomes is that what the NHL meats and I know DuPont I've had this discussion DuPont's talked about this. Eight in in other places and I respect Kevin's opinion a lot of you know he would LB. Should I call -- a discussion. Had a little. Verbal sparring match show on this radio station in the last week talking about. You know that sort of thing and and I -- knock little idea I was holy entertained watching the game last night. Would hockey fans like it better. If there was more offense in the game. Not that you know every game would have to -- thirteen goals and that's probably on the on the excessive side but -- hockey fans prefer the sport. Did they did they have more entertainment value from a 76. Penguins went over the Canadians than they did from a 32 Bruins win at home yesterday afternoon. I thought the Bruins came was very entertaining and -- at one point during the telecast on -- and Jack Edwards said. Andy directly into you guys he said you know -- entertainment factor this after it was great. Bruins down to nothing in the first period -- thinking that the lightning round a blow their doors off. Bruins -- back tie the game two goals in a minute seventeen the second period. End up getting the game winner in the final couple minutes on another Brad Marchand goal. I thought it was a very entertaining afternoon of hockey at the garden I can tell you sitting at the garden watching that crowd. But those people were. Very entertained yesterday. Would hockey be better served with more offense there have been you know some arguments or discussions that bordered on the ridiculous. We got to make the nets bigger. Which I am I'm not favor. We've got to make the goaltender it's equipment smaller which I am in favor. I actually do think that that's a legitimate thing and I I'm not a goaltender so it's easy for me to say. I think that that there is something to be discussed and I think they will discuss. The media gathering in of some of the goaltenders equipment had size. I mean some of the jerseys now they they went to a smaller version a few years ago but everything seems to expanded as the years have gone on. It seems as though they're back to where they use debate but goaltenders. Just as a group. Highs. Tuukka Rask is 636. Or is a bad guy. I mean these guys fill up a fair chunk of the net if they didn't have anything. But then you'd stick a whole bunch of this oversized equipment on them. And there's not much to shoot that there's not much -- -- to put the puck anymore now they seem to be lots of places to put the puck last night at the bell center. We saw thirteen goals in the game and I think as I said sit there watching it on TV the first ball just watching hockey and it's on anyway. It is such a great job listening to Bob -- working with Kelly Rudy last night was a blast. It was -- I'm not -- it was fun. I it was a blast to watch and and if that game played tonight at the dark. If the Bruins were to beat the Canadians tonight 76 in overtime everybody went on a smile. Everybody puts all and god what game did you see that I mean it if you duplicated last night's penguins Canadians game tonight at the garden. And -- give the Bruins the win. There wouldn't be a naysayer in the march. Be interesting to see. What hockey fans out there I think because they've had the opportunity to see low scoring games -- that seems to be all the Bruins play. I mean today are the best team in the Eastern Conference one of the three best teams in the National Hockey League. But offense is not a huge thing for them now the Tampa Bay Lightning the team that was in here yesterday. That is the best offensive team in the national hockey they have scored more goals than any other team in the NHL. At least going into yesterday's action I didn't check after. And I don't economic playoffs. I mean that's how bad their defense and goaltending is. They're gonna have this high powered high flying offense -- Khost and -- yea and -- Lian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the question becomes would you as a hockey and preferred seat a little more offense in your game and again I I listened to those. Those people who hate soccer as a college at university of one nothing games are you receive is is 21 games and probably not that far off. Most of the time that's what it is. I don't think hockey has gotten that state yet. But for non hockey fans and that's what they -- basing your sport basing the sport that you liked the most and they say nobody ever scores. Well for at first they say nobody scores and then they say and everybody always fights. -- had their first fight. Yesterday in seven games. They had not had a fighting major in seven games before yesterday that another fallacy. And hockey fans know this. You're never gonna convince non hockey fans because they've got this preconceived notion in their head that they are not gonna have changed. Isn't that much fighting in hockey. At the broken level now fighting majors interestingly enough -- up around the NHL this year. But the Bruins don't seem to be a part that much its own weird. Dichotomy and I think a large part of that is that many teams would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. The Bruins are one of those bigger. Stronger tougher teams in the National Hockey League and all things being equal let's just one play the game with -- an act at the mall cranked up a pretty cranked up game yesterday. -- boarding penalties. What I would consider consider -- I think boarding. High sticking cross checking those aren't your run of the mill penalties those are borderline cheap shot penalties depending on how severe -- And the Bruins and lightning and a whole bunch of those yesterday at three boarding penalty I can't remember last Imus -- three boarding penalties again. Which yes I'll bunch them yesterday. But the question becomes from a hockey fan's perspective which you prefer to see. More goals in your game. Do you think that the NHL would be better served. Would it would it bring the sport to -- larger fan base. If there was more offense. I know that there -- some portion of you out there non fans who feel that if there was never any fighting in the game more people would watch and Acura. I don't think that that would be the case at all in fact what I think would happen is that hardcore hockey fans would watch last. So I've never been one of those people who believe that if you eliminated biting from the game and I love this -- this argument the argument at -- don't like the Olympics. Once every four years. Well they don't like College Hockey. Take a look at the attendance figures for those Arenas as opposed to the NHL. I AM I I've. I think that you run the risk if you change the game too much up alienating the people who love it to begin. Well more offense might not do I don't know. You guys will tell me as the as the day goes on. I can't wait to dive into this Joseph Flacco contract now we don't know a lot about it yet because they were gonna spend the weekend working out the details. And until we see the guaranteed money were all just sort of flying blind here in Macon up stuff as we go along but. With Sports Radio does. But this whole idea that Tom Brady was screwing Joseph Flacco and the other quarterbacks in the National Football League does appear to be the case on March. We'll get into that is well we'll get to the calls would you 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. Other -- Lionel was available to be a whole bunch of -- -- checked in there and I can take some time to read all these things 37937. As the text line only. You can always -- comments or questions to my Twitter account. -- -- Outlook on -- and up the lines will bring you guys in -- -- in this whole Brady Flacco stuff just a couple of minutes at sports Sunday Sports Radio WB. Yeah I had the chance earlier this week to us sit in on a big show with Michael Holley and we have the pleasure of -- -- but my quotation fingers away at the pleasure of interviewing Terrell Suggs that day. And Terrel Suggs was telling us how everybody in the National Football League hates the New England Patriots he might have the courage to say it but you know. All 31 teams not named the patriots -- patriots probably. A bit of an an overstatement but not that far from the -- But it was it was an entire week's worth that discussion which frankly baffled. And it happens a lot I guess in my case but some things about the Tom Brady contract baffled. Tom Brady agreed to a contract. Restructuring with the New England Patriots. He gave up free agency years signed a three year extension. At an average annual value of nine million dollars per season. And there with those out there and it's it's the classic straw man argument there's some people in this market who work. Wonderful -- it there's some people outside this market were wonderful. I happen to get into little -- beat with Pete Briscoe from CBS sports dot com Andy was talking about how Tom Brady was a martyr out. But Pete crystal called them Omar. Went. Pete Driscoll said it and then argued about it like you know it it then became fact. Nobody was suggesting that Tom Brady was martyr. Nobody was suggesting that. You know Tom Brady was gonna have to have a hard time feeding his wife and kids based on the -- -- that he took -- -- -- was saying that. The fact of the matter is he gave up something he gave up free agency because I promise you that it Tom Brady went to free agency. He'd probably get little more than nine million dollars a lot of women say that it would probably go north of nine million dollars a year. Like three times nine million dollars a year close to. So he gave up free agency extend the deal for three years. More importantly took the patriots. Salary cap room for the upcoming season from around eighteen million dollars or somewhere in the vicinity of eighteen million dollars of salary cap room to play with. And took them to about 26 million dollars for the upcoming year of these around numbers but it's and that ball park. He gave them approximately eight million dollars in salary cap room this year. And another eight million dollars or thereabouts 878 million dollars in salary cap room next year. In two years this year or next year when the salary cap is not going up. There's not going to be an increase in the cap no significant increase in the cap so it's going to be harder for teams to sign. Their players are a lot of the free agency market acquire new play. Brady's restructuring gave the patriots eight million dollars more to play with this year. Now there are some people who took that eight million dollar number and immediately -- every dime of it to Wes Welker and maybe that's what the patriots pulled it I don't know. I'm not as convinced of that as others that they just can turn around and hand -- million Wes Welker. But it does give them the option of doing some things that they probably couldn't have done without the contract restructuring and that's the point here okay. Gave up something significant free agency. He gave the team more flexibility. From eight salary cap perspective and he'll help the team to do more things. Than they were going to be able to do -- not restructured -- In return for that he got three extra million dollars of guaranteed money. This argument as as the as the week was going on in the victory always was expanding. Outlook to guarantee a Brady. Like that was ever going to be a problem right. Like are gonna cut it many wasn't gonna get the rest of his contract which is why you don't get the money okay. We're gonna cut Tom Brady at all my god was that loses fourteen million dollars for next year because they were just gonna say -- It was getting all the money it. What they'd it was change from this -- -- now it's going to be a salary a bonus it's going to be an innate and they. It's a semantic game and I understand that. They added three million dollars to guarantee. They gained eight million dollars in salary cap room for this year and another 78 million dollars in salary cap room next year. The issue is here. And then my favorite argument ball. Was not Tom Brady was screwing the little guy. Tom Brady what's on those guys out there just try to get by and make a block. Joseph Flacco made six point seven million dollars next year. All port Joseph Flacco what is he gonna deal. What happened how the ravens got a franchise -- golf and Tom Brady just cost Joseph -- million dollars and get in in money because the franchise tag is gonna go down because Brady's money's gonna. Six years 124. Million dollars. Or what guarantees are yet my guess is. Probably between 55 and sixty million. The reason I say that as Mario Williams. His contract with the Buffalo Bill signed last offseason. Guaranteed him fifty million. 55 to sixty somewhere in there guaranteed money for Joseph Flacco -- Joseph Flacco -- Tom Brady screw him. All I did he screw Flacco and the other little guys out there just trying to make a buck. I didn't understand the betrayal. I -- it from outside the mark because I've kind of resigned myself to the fact that Terrel Suggs isn't that far off. That outside of New England most people don't like the patriots most people don't like Brady most people hate Bill Belichick. And and I had resigned myself to the fact that outside of New England. Probably gonna get more criticism than praise for the New England Patriots or anything -- I was baffled by the amount of criticism. The there was here. And at first I thought it was well it's it's people trying to make the contrary an argument or people trying to play the the devil's advocate but and it kind of went beyond that. It kind of went to that as I said the vitriol park just baffled that night and I still don't understand. My guess is if if you live in New England. You're probably pretty happy. With with how that Tom Brady era has gone. And in England patriots probably think it's it's gone OK you know and I know what it meant -- longer than you want it since the last. Super Bowl championship but we did win three in four years your team is always every single year. One of the contenders while you're automatically in the playoffs but your championship contender every year you'll win twelve games every year. Thirteen games fourteen games having -- always EU went a whole lot more than you lose. I'm trying to figure out. How are New England Patriots -- right if football fan in New England could look at the at the Brady era and have issues with Brady. Other -- and please before I'm gonna I'm gonna stop you here okay. As your as your arms are furiously try to text me the message or or sent it to my Twitter account. Because I get this every time brings up a bridge one hand because it's gonna come okay. Yes he fathered a child with -- point. Nearest I can -- he's not a deadbeat dad. Nearest I can tell on that child is being very well taken care of emotionally financially every other way. For those of you wanna make that a moral argument feel free because I'm not willing to go there. So the bottom line here is as -- thing wrong. -- stage dive with with Drew Bledsoe. Is easy in the inside track every other day. Is the out be an old. How all of them boom you know till all hours of the of the day and so has he done anything wrong. I can't figure it out. Can't figure out the vitriol can't figure out the animosity. I can outside New England. Have a hard time figuring it out inside knowing. I don't have much. Criticism to level it -- Tom Brady. On or off the field but. Don't have any issues with -- point he'd. -- bunch of people. All cranked up this week but thank -- didn't screw Joseph Flacco. Thank -- Joseph Flacco is gonna get his money here. That was all I was worried about was Joseph Flacco having to get a million dollars less than he would have gotten under the franchise -- Let's get to call 677797937. Text line cranking. 37937. Happy to talk -- you about anything it like Sunday mornings are kind of a catch all time for us we talked hockey Bruins Canadians tonight. We've touched on baseball Red Sox sort of yankees this afternoon. And of course we've talked football as well with them all the stuff that's happened this week will dive right into it with you coming up export ready WEE. Jack Edwards with the call on NASA yesterday as Brad Marchand scored not only has eleventh goal of the season. That's his fourth straight game winning goal his last four holes have been game winning goals gave the Bruins a 32 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight the Montreal Canadians come to town. As I sat on the post game show yesterday I have good news and I have bad news the good news as the Montreal Canadians are in town. The bad news is we won't be there meaning -- and this is one of those games that the NBC sports network. As a seen fit take away from us so that's where you'll have to watch the game tonight is on the NBC sports network not that they don't do a good job. Would rather it be honest counsel. To the call go at 6177797937. -- and Lincoln -- Europe first on Sports Radio sports on. I think he'll -- the -- Joseph. So I'm I'm a casual hockey and I think I'm gonna give my perspective that against a lot of people and I. Situation I'm like I actually got cut out and luckily I I like the Montreal. Series. That you haven't won the Stanley Cup and I got caught and I watched. Every easy to do when you saw those games it was unbelievable -- yeah. And and one thing I realized about how it is different than say football is you can't really eat something like you're watching it. It's really -- time you are your -- I can stay on the screen -- I am an out -- say that they Rhode -- -- about hockey. Is those Russians and the and we noted that you you don't drink from their own zone and the other -- zone and it just looked beautiful. Singer -- ever seen in sports. The problem for me and checking it's good to have the problem for me comes. When they get around the goal and all activity around the goal I want -- -- to combat alert. You see these people going to beautiful creative basket you know. And I'm sure the hockey players have exactly the same skill. But there's so many times you don't even see the goal you'd see a bunch of guys milling around. You know kind of like that you know a guy trying to get over the goal and I like a loner you know keep trying to do that -- yard. And you can -- that Canadian US. Olympic Games their great game yeah I didn't feel Callaspo. Everything never showed that nobody really side and that's and the sport that's so great I think I wish there were isolated figure out. Too late to get more more -- Involvement in seeing the goals scored and probably more goals to. Well I will say this and and no sport in my humble opinion no sport benefited more from the technology of HDTV even hockey. Because really for the first time ever television viewers could really clearly see the -- at all times and and it was a huge difference for for the hockey world. I mean for the most part. You know you watch NASA and for instance and they've got great camera guys great cruise you're gonna get multiple angles of every single goal you're gonna see -- from six different angles. And be seen you know which did the Olympics that generally speaking they're pretty good you might not see at the first time it happens. But I promise you 11 of the ten replays there -- about to show you'll see it after that I. I know whether that's something I mean you can't quite see it when it actually happens to me you're getting a big part of. By Joseph I think the problem here is the sports too fast which is both the beauty in the curse I mean it's fast that if it goes quickly. And and on that goal you're talking about the Olympic game winner. You know Sidney Crosby made that move out of the corner and and beat Ryan Miller with a shot almost before anybody could see it was big in it was gone. That's the beauty of the game. And you might miss it. Real time as it happened. But again you'll seeing sixteen different angles but that'll make a great 61777979837. Will is in -- good morning well. More and you know I you know and -- are -- -- they're doing well looking for displaying. And a recent wouldn't listen to the future schedules and dealing with all the changes in an article on. W him and just talking about. I'm sure really how much we wouldn't mind -- when we get through impressions on how we look I know. He's so it's early in his career and first season just. Nova chemicals he's gonna close scored his career coming. I didn't care I mean -- -- it -- as far as goals are concerned well I really don't care I mean he's a defenseman with a really good offensive touch but. I never measured defenseman by the number of goals they score. I think Doug Hamilton. Is a is a rare. Talent and a couple of years ago I talked to Don Sweeney about this and John Sweeney is you know one of Peter sure -- top assistants. And Don Sweeney said to me that if the Bruins organization. Was guilty of a legitimate pres criticism it was their inability to draft and develop. A great young defenseman and he said to me and Doug Hamilton may change that and this was a couple of years ago. Doug Hamilton is as good well he might be the best rookie defenseman in the league right now. And and as the days and years go by this isn't me talking this is is this is his teammates talking. And they're saying this guy's going to be an all star and it's not going to be long. I mean he is that he is that good a player he's nineteen years old does he make mistakes absolutely. And any ninety -- you know 29 year old defenseman make mistakes in the NHL nineteen year old definitely. I thought yesterday. I heard Pete talking about this is I was driving home yesterday. And I kind of agree with Pete yesterday was one of the best games I've seen him play all yearlong. And we -- that goal -- haven't assessed beautiful assist on the power play goal. And yeah I thought he had a I thought he had a wonderful game. Really solid he he he responded to a couple of physical challenges he got roughed up on a couple of -- and and I saw him that Barry and I were talking about it -- it happened Barry was very excited to see him get up the backing I think it was. Nate Thompson I think the game a couple of shots down on the corner he got -- went back after -- aggressively and and responded I I said this a couple of weeks ago. At some point soon here he's gonna get a fight. These because he's gonna have to make sure that that players in the National Hockey League understand he's not going to be physically abused when he's out there. Yeah he's a big kid he's he's he's gonna get even bigger as he gets older as he grows and it was body heal they'll put on you know pounds and muscle as he goes on. Being a part of you know that the bruins' training regiment in nutrition and all that stuff. But at some point or another he's gonna have to respond to somebody. And he's gonna have to drop him and then work will get around but when -- can be able to just abuse this guy because sooner or later he's gonna come back -- I think he is. I think you're going to be very excited to see him wearing a Bruins uniform for the next ten or fifteen years I think he's that good. Reyes and Revere the morning -- howry. They're not about the robbery and articulate what that motivation whether you -- was not how I really want to see at this point it's. But it's it's improvement in you know spend the extra minute into the cap. And you know frankly. Catch the -- What spoke -- local on the long problem the ravens have to. And that enabled flack on rob Bartlett figure that 19 play out games we won three in -- factor in the 21 against the threat and it. But we all need to acknowledge that the ravens -- better. And. Not hard to do to the Super Bowl champions right now. Yeah but I think we we get caught up then. Caught the putting our -- around like why agreed it would he did I that we are should be focused upon highly accelerated. But -- -- I think that's the point you're missing here is that was one of his motivations for doing what he did it. -- -- -- I agree and so so I thought about what to do and and I think to pick you need to upgrade their talent and in three different areas. I'm focused on the wide receiver position in the in the center back position you know when I look at the -- at the aptly. There are on the other teams you know much about -- -- -- cover up property that the talk about received is that we physical battles. We've seen -- -- -- David Tyree Mario Manningham and while boulder -- time one physical battles in big games against. You know and that we get take a look at the patriots receiver -- over the years. They have guys that aren't even a ball all season. You know Brandon Tate Ochocinco Deion Branch. It is randomly get cut -- -- -- to be picked up Reche Caldwell. On the beat guys below Africa beat them and really we should be doing a lot better position. I I think tolerate -- getting caught up in in the in them that tag you know WR. Are at the end of the name and and I think the patriots look at the receiving position a little differently. Their opinion and I am I I'm speaking for them -- -- perhaps out of turn. Is that they think that Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski do. Much of the same things other team's wide receivers do and are those physical receivers you're talking about. Yeah I would agree with and I think -- no Google Coptic -- in the late but -- if you wanted to act out the -- to receive incorporate -- -- -- -- that is every bit as good as Hernandez. And I think no I agree that a valid argument to be made -- will you know I think that receiver Torrey -- And older and what better than our receivers -- -- and the 12109. Yards and eleven seconds in the suitable. He better than anybody we've got -- -- Jones yet so Palin pick of the defensive back position. And I think this is where the biggest fish isn't unique take a look at some of the that it usually look at. He talks for example they have three defensive backs -- six foot three or better. They've got three all pros. And back heel position when they've got a -- -- 63. That we can probably get away but he's an all pro. But it it's when police got hurt. It is never -- -- to back on the field greater than sixty. And you know I think they they are little exploited in the class as a result. And you know in in my view I think it's I double blind spot for all attractive ready. You know for society simply not been able to secure about the good defensive back. Well and in the same way -- I was mentioning Don Sweeney's discussion with me about you know drafting and developing. A good young defenseman in the in the Red Sox case they seemed to have been held captive over the years by the shortstop position. And I think it's very valid point you make great that that the patriots. Track record in in drafting and developing secondary talent has been very spotty here especially the last few years. I agree that the same can be that the electric -- positions so in Alia. You know quite frankly I think Belichick the great -- generations that are really into mediocre GM. You know -- I would almost feel better if he would bring you know. You bring back to come to meet up bring it that it talent so that I think eight it's been hurting a couple years. Well I gotta be honest when he had Scott Pioli in that position he always about the team's record of drafting during peel these last couple years wasn't that great either. I actually beat the teacher was actually the calendar that out later he left. And I think that was actually hurt them but in any event -- what it does. -- can't focus on the raid and focus on how we get better. And look at the athletes on the on the outside part to deal with that -- that we that we need to compete with the 49ers. The -- The Seahawks the falcons but that's about the -- -- -- their ethnic Michael Crabtree Julio Jones and which -- with him to go. -- pickets are not yet been though there is that I I get the fact that Belichick spending that money in the middle of the field. Well on koehlke wouldn't lose the battle on the exterior parts. Mile high. I I agree with part of what you're saying. -- perhaps going a little further with -- and I'm willing to go. As long as you've got a wide receiver and that's a question by the way who consistently gives you you know a hundred some odd catches in 1112100 yards a year. You're not completely losing the the wide receiver battle I do understand your overall point. -- you'd like to -- and you know get a bigger more physical wide receiver I think their argument would be. Aaron Hernandez is that. He may have a TE at the end of his name but he in effect is that bigger stronger wide receiver that's how they use and that's how they utilized. -- your overall point about secondary help. -- argue with -- just based on how things have been nearly. 6177797937. Text line always available to -- at 37937. A bunch of you have but tweeted comments and questions at dale. One of them. Christopher tweeted me he says the only thing Tom has done wrong was date Tara Reid. That was actually huge state. You have probably numbered I think it's a great quarterback. Think he's he's he's -- and their quarterback can't anatomy now he's got it yet it is better in your gun locker room. -- -- -- -- you tell it like it is now at Baltimore this month the Bluetooth mode -- -- lately they've. I was -- sides on the big show earlier this week. He he wasn't gonna go there I guess he wasn't gonna. Say now look Joseph Flacco is now the highest paid player in NFL history. He will make more money his contract will be for more money than any other quarterback ever. I guess in some people's minds that scoreboard that's scoreboard scoreboard is dollar signs and Joseph Flacco. I'm he's been great the last couple years. And in this playoff season he was immense. Eleven touchdown passes and no interceptions. Beat Brady in the AFC championship then went on and one in the Super Bowl as well. Beating Colin can't predict the San Francisco 49ers you can't deny how good he was in this post season. I can tell you that I think Joseph Flacco is a better quarterback Tom Brady. -- not -- I techsters says from 617. -- the issue no one is is touching Tom sent an off the record email to John Dennis and John Read it on the year. That's the number one crime in the media worldwide isn't any of -- on him for that. I don't have to be John gun on himself for -- To listen. He said he made a mistake he said I shouldn't of done it and Tom got Matta before. I don't have to get on John -- on gun on himself. I said Michael. Before I knew that Tom was mad -- the day before I said Michael feeling Brady's -- like much. And it turns out as John said the very next morning the Brady was upset with -- yes John acknowledged that he shouldn't have shared it he shouldn't use that on the air as he did end. John himself said the Tom Brady was upset with John for doing. An Afghan economy got himself. -- -- -- at Westfield papal I don't. There are you doing that very well thank you. Well you mentioned you wrote that. We were talking about how to use it yet. You shouldn't stay in the center court right. You know he shares used in many so. Well no look I defended him on the air for that and and and inter -- Suggs defense. When you they set up a whole bunch of these media stops he was the erratically up promoting this movie which -- no promotion for. You just want to talk about the patriot. But they set it up and they say okay Boston you have him from 330 to 340. Baltimore you have him from 340 to 350. LA eleven from 350 to four. In his defense. He actually went longer here when he was supposed to and whoever was next in line. Got screwed on time because Abbas I'll defend him and that he he really was being pushed to get the heck off the air here. Oh I'm sorry didn't realize let the year that that would make more sense current. I and end as as much as I might like to give to -- Terrell Suggs a hard time. In that part he's blameless. I hear your career is so there's a couple of think there was certainly show which -- I think a lot of interest you seem to have a -- balanced approach and what was 57 million for three years as a record. Hey there is no big thing and one in Europe and yes that I'm never said it was -- talked about the power of the -- He never tried to make himself been to some noble all he said was his only concern here is winning. It that's all he cares about and and he. He obviously feels. That by doing this contract restructuring which by the way he's done before as well. Scott Pioli told Michael a week or so ago this exact same thing stumble for here. But by doing this he insure that they had eight million more dollars in salary cap room this year. And 78 million more next year want to sign other players. Right so there and in terms of given so what was. If he's seven million fair market value as a way under. Well 57 million -- oh what's the 57 million. Don't work you -- out on a 27. It -- the extension that he signed here was three years 27000009. Million a year. Way below market value. Realize what -- -- way below market value. Nobody can argue that nobody can argue you you might have a hard time with Brady you might hate -- you you can be Pete Crisco. Even Pete press -- had to admit that this was the extensions and that he signed was far below market value. If Brady had elected to hit free agency in a couple of years and that's what gave up when he signed this. He gave up a shot at free agency which he doesn't want any one going this where once debate. But if he had gone to free agency even at the age of 37 or 38. Somebody would have given him 82 -- three year deal at 25 million a year maybe more. It could have been a scary amount of money. 6177797937. As the telephone number text line 37937. Dale Arnold -- here till noon Butch Stearns in a twelve here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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