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Tim Kurkjian, ESPN, the Red Sox will finish last

Mar 1, 2013|

Tim Kurkjian joins Mut and Merloni from the Red Sox facilities in Fort Myers to discuss the team, the AL East, and where he thinks the Sox will finish in the division.

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I live from Florida Tim what -- Dario. Well it's just dandy Tim we're -- -- you'll well up here and -- joy in sunny Florida but. Laid off of your comments. You look at this frost to last year riddled with the other -- injuries or poor performance and you could say that about some of the -- as they brought in here as well but I still think it's you tell me what what people say nationally because. What -- more intriguing teams I think out there right now biggest unknown because there's talent to win. But it's been in a lot of guys got to bounce back. Yeah I mean a lot has happened a name that starter the error in last year was. -- over so I know a lot -- -- Red Sox 181920. Mean. Significant improvement has come out after the air and coach John Lackey going to be able to help Ryan Dempster in the elite how much help that he would be back. Have -- Lester is going to be significantly better spot called significantly better. In theory that old and should be significantly better or whatever and it began in people's as a mop. I mean highly encourage the little I've seen that the Red Sox so far and checked in around people that pain -- had several. People in authority say do not count the reds are out and they don't necessarily say that they think the Red Sox are really good. It's just the American League east is not -- you right now I mean we usually get cute so I'm 390 -- seemed out of the east. And I'm just not sure where it be anything close to that this year. Like I can't try and I like all right I'm Omar and I liked what I saw what the rays but yeah I'm not suggesting any of those teams are ninety's I went and and that's why he can't count the reds are out of it then you. Tim here locally I don't think the word encourages the word people use -- about the red -- -- skeptical. Is a much. Much more freak what -- of that we get from fans of this team about the Red Sox in 2013 Toski. What makes you -- encouraged about what you've seen from this team. Well exhaled and some holes that they needed to how well see exactly how good Mike Napoli is first base his strikeout rate is swelling in -- went way up last year and we'll see if he can correct. I'm just simply -- good Dunkirk who. It will look at things that I really admired some of the things that eats at you share -- had some people. If I have a bit of an edge to them including Shane Victorino guys like cats and I think that's really important I think -- At the at -- and Victorino and it adds something to the mix -- I don't know old you until -- -- dropped a long way it last year we'll see how much he has left I'd like to -- her mistakes. He's got another good year elected him. Actually manager told me the other -- Stephen Drew is going to be a perfect one year addition to this team. Everybody out there loves little middle Brooks assuming he doesn't get hurt the wrist again or anything like that. Again and Ellsbury are going to have a bounce back here what he gets healthy again and and I'm not suggesting they're gonna be really good after the division to add to pick you have to. And understands. That and is very very right. And I think the Red Sox could be -- team. That's surprised I sent it straight -- Every kid that division and win that it all our of them -- everything around right can win the division and I don't even know what to do it this bit perplexed by the very -- at any debate and I've seen quite a lot. -- just just get down -- covered his team I'm sure he'd probably gonna talk John -- about Jackie Bradley junior if you haven't already. What you -- give him very advanced approach already in this game he's only had one full season in the minor league Robbie came to camp thinking. I'm just here to open up semis they -- -- -- a spot -- three weeks and now it can be more than that meet you would you be shocked at all with. Maybe not the start the year with Jackie Bradley and yell at somewhere at some point this year. Yeah I think what surprised me especially lit guys so we're in this. I'll -- and I in the end I'd need the other day it was impressive. Why should play the outfield and watching him run the bases and he took a couple of really good swing. And -- guys in two days being an age when you have a player. -- -- not very much money and you grow in the what are your guys and -- looked up here -- outlet not to go get a retread outfield the first couple years such as bill and our guys and see -- ready if he's not. And -- back and get ready down in the minor league now I'm here they just got the see how the outfield play but. I don't think there's obviously room for him out one other thing eloquently guys sleepy yet. The trip in her he was there and and what kind of clubhouse presence he was. And I know most people look at him and guys it's going to be a true left fielder and I -- that. I think -- little more than that and 88 convince me that they're currently at him. In in several different ways so it gets another guy who brings a little bit of an edge a little bit when he experienced peers so. And should be I lost and I dare I understand I'm not trying to sugar coat anything. I'm just tell you this division is open and -- no reason the Red Sox whether -- quick start you know they had this -- -- from the start. Yeah that that's one year I thought they kind of fell short this offseason it's unlike a big market team not getting a corner outfield and Jonny Gomes if he's a fourth alpha platoon guy I love -- right now on the left field and maybe that maybe Mike Carp slides in there against -- he's that the majority of grip bats. The shot getting blocked -- lefty -- Bryant arrogance ignorance -- you know it's to defend them to some degree we all know this is not a very good year. For free agents there weren't a whole lot of corner outfielder out there who are really gonna make a difference there were very few free agents out there that we're gonna make -- different in Granite Bay yet. Any of the -- guys -- the two premiere guys but. This is what they're gonna try to win it now I'm I know we'll see how it goes back out fascinated by that he not because I think. They're really good at that would all the changes they've made and the big change in manager I can't wait the other are. We're talking to ESPN's Tim -- and he is live -- Red Sox camp today he and John crock have been reporting. Up throughout the day on sports center I distract this team -- they're gonna make that run and surprised like you say they could it's going to be out of that bullpen. And the guy out or if you asked about down there is Daniel Bard because a couple of years ago Daniel Bard was the most trusted reliever. It Terry Francona -- maybe more so the Papelbon the way they used him. Do they feel like they have found it would Daniel Bard is their hope that he can regain what we saw a couple of years to go to his deadly in that seventh eight inning situation. Well if he's back -- again and there in great shape and temple and I'd just logically have to think with a lot season that he's coming off it's going to be difficult. To be captured bat but maybe we learn collapse and that the -- about roles that is all about comfort in the after aren't I -- And obviously the Red Sox did not handle it very well and eat in the middle of -- very well last year back. I don't think he blocked any opportunity I don't think you're locked any real stop its. Matter of get your act together now -- -- -- there -- pitch in the eighth inning in him and the ninth you have all of the other guys daily rooted it's the seventh. I truly -- this is the strength of the team and you guys seen out championship teams I'm not to get -- facts are. -- on the championship teams are leaders have been built around a really deep personal -- Write the follow up lead this though you just mention a bunch of guys and they also have we are who looks like a good offseason acquisition they liked to need to do is I'll -- If it gets the point where. Everyone's pitching well you expect in -- Bailey to potentially get traded hear him and up on a closer somewhere else and somebody else's roster. That's certainly possible but you know what it could really year last year you have to wonder is it -- -- -- -- -- it has to be able. I think he may -- a year. In the seventh inning or the eighth inning to show everybody I'm still a good pitcher. And then once he and that he gets closer job next here at the Colts this year most teams. Pretty much have -- covered at the end. Just saw the Tigers yesterday ever wonder about you know the kid that they have in the ninth inning you throw a hundred miles an hour at least 22 it needs a little bit robbed at. I think most teams are pretty well covered that would be closer and I would think Gailey would stay here they would look at him say you can help as well and -- just I do in the ninth inning. A lot of talk in the least about Toronto Blue Jays it and you know. The Taj almost all the other way unity when you acquire guys now we don't wanna say they're going to be any good because you say look at this team it didn't work. I think it's actually different there because I still think it's about pitching and I like Johnson and like Dickey and I think -- -- can be the best start this year. Is that their division to lose. I -- Blue Jays and I think they're division glued I was really impressed at -- are out of their pitching staff. Got up and helping me more important he's a fourth starter on the Ricky Romero is there opening day's starter is of concern. Seem. And that gives them some real depth but also really chancellor -- a bunch and they're free swinging and you know really aggressive hitters. It's kind of feel like John Gibbons who can become and then they boys we're just gonna go after now. -- gonna parent cat leapt up and that's the way this team plays. I think I'm I think I'm -- leaving there was. And Indian replaced by a different type of manager. I think it's gonna help the Blue Jays in that John -- as I mean John Gibbons has been here before work. And I think he's just what they needed just kind of about an old school guy and then -- boys. Let ago and I really -- from from talking and they're guys that. They're very good team right now and I think the team to beat and that debate. You got Toronto as a team to beat him you got the Red Sox in last place. -- to have began to eat where he had the Yankees after they are offseason. Well I camp and -- sport late. All very fluid right now because everything can change in the business there. You know he carried it about as I knew it -- granderson out now. They're down about a hundred EE two homer from last year which are gone and everything else to look at their starting outfielder and it's a little like the Yankees they didn't come up -- -- catcher. -- gonna -- you really hear it coming back from the big injury. -- -- appear until July and then who knows even come back but he looked like. I mean an awful lot in it elements starting rotation which should be could go -- who already has. Bit of an issue I mean you know marry -- -- bracket 43. I think a record for most days -- forty year old that he's in his six. Connect count on him to get 360. There's a lot to worry about what the Yankees they always find away. It potentially here they're -- to say that got there -- program moron. We're back and that -- you know get more players and I don't eat right that they do a -- They -- great stuff the reports all day with you and John have been awesome appreciate the time will pocket throughout the season. -- -- one of the best and correction on the ESPN baseball -- joins us here on the ATT hotline it's AT&T. Orgy LT was speed that the ten times faster than three GAT. And T rethink possible. And I like Dickey I Larry just gonna say. He's not that it Gunner on our. And I like Dicky -- -- heard that. Eyes -- pitcher -- and watch -- in America yeah RA -- the pitcher. 6177797937. -- -- that's. On the AT&T -- -- 379837. We continue. With your calls nine seconds.

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