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Heath Evans: Some media members just "don't know what they're talking about"

Feb 28, 2013|

The former Patriots FB Heath Evans joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Brady's extension, what players across the league think of it, and what his thoughts are on Terrell Suggs.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI make it a -- through the football offseason always something to talk about Tom Brady signed today. Team friendly deal Wes Welker is -- in the mix next what do you do with Brandon Lloyd. Our favorite football guess our favorite guests in general Heath Evans NFL network ads on the eighteenth the hot line he's -- -- how -- you. I'm good to -- your voices. Good to talk to you again. Oh wanna get your thoughts and a bunch of NFL stuff starting with. Tom Brady's contract because it's as part of his deal -- extending out is two year yield of five year deal taking. Less money on the back and there has been some backlash from some people about the deal as white makes a lot of money who cares you guys making a big deal out of it. And then this last night locally on Comcast the idea that people -- around the NFL think. It's a bad deal the number eight. Let's get to the first one of the -- has it was Tom Brady hit artwork NFL player the first thing I'd sit Tom Brady is Hawaii pitch. Believe you I suppose an aggressor here in in this corner that he's. Harder for the agency -- but it did do the job to get the Max money so yes probably great for the patriots great patriot fans not great for the rest of the screw you would put that nobody thinks you are sending a letter like sentences as some station. Oh because you have to it that you happened to be. In this very rare situation where you have a wife who makes multi million where you have that house with a moat around it we are building a castle in Brookline quote elicit demand the people screw you. People what you need to make the money view of the short window to make that money I don't like aggression neither you know we're not why I got a market to do radio for cheap money screw you right you're hurting the market but not everyone lives in that bubble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On nah he's its star office while what a team player what a great guy. He just wants the win and lately it's turned of the that a little bit. But there's there's two parts of the media I've never wanna be equated with. One I don't know what I'm talking about what should people don't know what you're talking about I don't know they are but you could do you know. Building called and apologized we've done they want for not knowing what -- talk about it didn't give -- to. The idea that they actually think that this is gonna affect other people's. Contracts you'll be impaired here's the thought that 2015 are captured the capital increased twenty million dollar a year. So Tom could still play -- alcoholic I expect he will be. -- he's gonna go right back to the table get a hold on to more guaranteed money he's not. Are affecting you do his overall -- very much as long as he still play well which you know what were betting on Tom Brady's going to be yourself. If they make news out of nothing definitive news this is the one of the probably be greatest quarterback -- all times. Saying hey I -- put myself for the position that might twilight years to win another -- or -- or at least to get back to the big -- and have a chance until. That's exactly what he did I mean we should applaud Brady for what he's doing. But we also don't need to make him a plaintiff himself. You know we think he's giving up all the guaranteed money because like except. The 2015 the price be right back at the table re doing another deal with -- another thirty plus million dollar securities. -- mean the thought that he would affect. Other players to me I think is ridiculous because Flacco was that and say I don't care what Tom Brady's -- if you don't want me -- go somewhere else and that's true. -- even in the hole even in the believe the patriots locker room and Floyd Reese nick affair he'll build they're not gonna use this argument. Yeah with Wes Welker they're gonna use regardless of they west to listen you know what you're up and age we don't think that will affect your place here but Welker probably elite quarterbacks -- Green -- gonna pay you walk for you. If they may have to Brock who's gonna pay you -- -- you there's very few quarterbacks that are gonna allow west to be Wes Welker should they have an argument there why -- pay -- -- plus all the the David given David patent these Deion Branch is that a -- before west sort of left and have done nothing without Tom Brady's felt. They have a good point that deal. Former they're not putting little warmer than they -- take 30% left the market value because the what corroborated this kid that's just dumb argument built not expecting that for the recent expect some attitude. It's stupid media however won't be a part of that. Well and the overall forget the negotiation just the -- GM talk you got work guys working out the offseason. Is there the feeling that there are some guys who would say why did do it too. The league itself what the that the quarterback group they'll look at -- but I IC it is with a guy and Tom Brady he's so unique that it can't I really can't think that. All of the little has three Super Bowl real estate agent no one who also has five Super Bowl appearances know what and who else has Gisele as it is lived -- life of me. Listen when guys talk in the locker room we talk up minutes on that workers everywhere else. You talk about too big to talk about Super Bowls with Tom Brady in the fact he's basically been in one every. Two and a quarter years he's played this great league it and you talk about life in the -- and you talk about how often talk about all the other crazy stuff. But it's not about well what Tom Brady do this -- he screwed the league screwed the quarterback he does not matter period via. The real ripple effect of this feels that the freed up eight million dollars this year others report out there heat that Wes Welker. Talk on the patriots about a five year forty million dollar deal lord behold. Now be eight million bucks do you believe that this deal will. Basically locked in Welker is a patriot for the next 45 years. I sure hope so you know I think you look back the last two years and let you into into the envelope or notebook you looked cute little hole. You go back in the history of the game and you can't find. People matches production week in and week out with really no -- all the action. And I think he's -- come together. Our package that still nobody has -- after four. Did do there need to be other pieces added to the assault with a beat visiting for the in the -- -- absolutely but. When you talk about the connection it's warm there then mr. consistency -- got popped that they feel back to vote on its back content does admit that beat. And he's just kind of kept climbing this -- so when you got Hernandez got rocket the other guys can't stay on the field. This has been the one guy that's been everything that bill preaches that seemed I. To get two catches it doesn't wanna grab the points. The guy only cares about winning in his durability has matched his ability which you know we can talk about keys we've talked about for our commanders all the other guys. You know of their durability has to match their ability we know what their ceiling is you know we we all will support their floors because of it. And we were just think automatically Rick's numbers match -- Wes Welker would be the fit but it would every day doesn't sign here I'm wondered the other -- there Wes Welker yet. Your agency you know I know what Tom did he freed up eight but I can get to ten. You know I know you like to go back to a but still it's still a business. We absolutely the weapons don't have to decide that I mean you know. -- can do the trick is to remove what it from Miami -- what a failure -- Seattle or. One of the Texas -- want to work. He's gonna tax free state because they're not only not only get more money than you'll have to play. The Massachusetts state action not talk about just two million -- -- -- you're talking in the mean those numbers drastically increase and so. The business side of this coming I'll be honest with you it's great that bill that once somebody rings because. It would restart the guys aren't dumb anymore they don't find contract not thinking about the tax implications and everything else -- -- even -- come to California now they look at bill like alcohol we know we don't. I don't wanna go to San Diego yacht like little -- -- but are you kidding me I don't want that extra hit coming out of my -- and so. The patriots do -- a lot business wise fighting against the British public Welker I think there's only one Tom Brady's. They're going one Josh McDaniels usually one Bill Belichick sure sure over one Robert Kraft New England Patriots not stand right here 'cause I know chances are what play another two years. I'm going to be -- one if not two Super Bowl have a chance to finally get the rig that's been avoiding. We're talking Heath Evans NFL network on all things NFL offseason what this does open up now besides Welker as they can be players now they're up boards of when he four point 526 million bucks in open free -- dollars open cap space going into a year. Are expected to be a lot of players out their due to the flat cap and some of those players being affordable if you are talking -- Belichick and a scenario. What's the area of need for this team might not be as specific player but as you're targeting free agents what's that area the patriots have to address before kick off the next year. Well -- the legal Pacific with the position as well player let's start with the corner of the keys to lead you know I I don't know he thought coming -- I know our doctors there in New England great doctors. That left people to keep. It's believed what I know how the patriot way is kind of -- you know we have this they have been born on there that you got probably -- or you know ability. Are your durability is more important ability. If they want tough because you know what guys that would -- viewpoint would be you know broken wrist and things that are taped up and strip down just to keep them in place you know. If so what he doesn't even come back out of it tries to compete against Baltimore rectory tweaks that interim you know that before the game plan you know what the pop. So I think the value of their but I think about nick and bill always going to be okay has he yet we know that count we do with this kid. But if you are. Hi guys you know me until maybe they do something about it after that I -- know but I just -- -- that position by popped him trigger a try to -- Don't them lord -- -- to be back on the field at least try and offer few snaps when I go to bill that would normally hurt the football we've got a replacement. But I think that's good nutrition and conversations that they're hiding behind closed doors this year about. Okay this kid's stuff misses or ability or we -- someone out of the -- physically gifted. With the best of them but it's not our type guy that could compete day in day out like we need to do but if the defense to back game. He got by the way. To get the glue that you know heck I'd love he had read I don't know if the money's gonna work out there either I don't know we've let him out of Baltimore but. We'll -- but that -- is back against the obvious answer but it conforms to. You know we've got a lot discussed but this offense and -- critical games in the last couple losses and I think it's tough because there's been no Rob Gronkowski are not a healthy Rob Gronkowski but. In your mind at -- but every offensive player back here including Lloyd in Welker. Is the offense good enough -- still -- a suitable. Because they've never -- back at them and they're there but you know just to build you know. Meant to wield their target right now. I'm thinking about -- Every single day the self scouting evaluation suddenly lose is better than anyone you know because they don't think they have all the hitters they wanted to create all the interest. But they also don't think that their system. Beat everybody they constantly are tweaking and working in massaging the system that will be everybody's so they go back it was a step Baltimore game and if you know what you're getting into when you play it helped -- Baltimore's only one under -- listen. VPs say a guy that knows Josh McDaniels extremely well well well bill want to cream week in week out and -- so. You know they go back to get a picture but it if you have a helping -- -- that the -- Clark period the end. Look for those two mismatches so all the way to run the ball last year. Nobody has the actual. -- -- yesterday Terrell Suggs is actually on the easier ways an interview. And he has said that Depp -- 31 other teams teams don't respect the New England Patriots -- arrogance. An absolute full. You he's maybe he's one of the best pass rushers that we've -- a long time. But before he doesn't believe that you know for me I think things that I believe -- some -- to -- the media -- sometimes it doesn't some people call me develop. I just speak the truth and the truth is people are scared to death police that on the field. -- Bill Belichick Tom Brady Wes Welker healthy gronkowski healthier and Hernandez. It would be principally Jerod Mayo one of the best little linebackers in this game -- Wilfork there is no match for him. Thrilled thugs shut your mouth and speak the truth are you at a local player absolutely amazing player. Would give me a break I watched this bill I watch how people would react. According to what the patriots do I watch this whole league's sit back and try to copy them back. As Dick who did the -- is the formula well what do -- -- -- to do you don't have to give me a break command you don't just -- on airwaves and speak nonsense. I'll watch game tape knows this game inside and out and did speak. Your opinion based on action. That are that are truly evident to everyone across the of this business that -- this -- business inside -- out when people come out speaking of that nonsense. It's kind of insecurity through the fact of what -- -- can't we believe we actually be that would give somehow we got lucky. And actually did it wooed now we got a Super Bowl ring that's what it says. If NF NFL com my results that you only bench pressed 22530. Times what's up -- that. Well they woke up at like 550 didn't he just breakfast and it let me warmup still kind of pissed about that I thought I was gonna get about 3435. Wake up some of the -- the morning bill freedom breakfast don't little warm up on the bench press and pick one or 225 dollar -- I can get all the middle you know hey we -- -- you guys -- mentally tough but. That did this we often with I was targeted at 3430. Mark. Sketch out on this last that we talked TO is about. In your friend who was at the Super Bowl and who was involved in a ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs and is the year spread of the out to -- money talked about it. Since then this show started taking -- appeals and you know what you were wrong. It works Heath Evans better cognitive recovered better cognitive features. Better recovery joints feel better after work out your -- -- stuff works. So will gladly -- dirty. Orange or end yet. The -- works you're right about that let's get out of that appreciate the time is always good stuff on Suggs and Brady -- the Yeltsin will talk to you soon. Our guys we've done. He's the best seat Evans NFL network on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LPG. With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible the grow oral. We got the wrong living evident that the any Putnam. He's the one in Rome not cronies they're taking the pills and they work I'll take a break come back we'll talk to you at 617779790. Threesome.

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