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Thursday, February 21st Whiner Line

Feb 21, 2013|

Thursday, February 21st Whiner Line

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. The white -- -- like ET TE Chris Cox. This this discretionary since I -- -- Morris. And now. Laura your life. Can somebody tell me who. Utilizes this. I'm never -- I don't do you know how many towns and villages and it was fake accounts I don't do it I've never them and now I am only just you'll never never CPUs that utilize -- -- ever. Will never happens WEEI. War -- -- lie and now every random song that comes in there -- is now between. -- who wants it all out there who wants you -- last. -- to the -- a bowl today. Is this mostly nonsense dial 61777935350. My god I don't even know how whereas you have to pay so many you have to pay -- that's what it is it is and OK so there's no one charging anybody yet whiner line I mean I actually think it's a bad practice to be in the business on men and who make every one of your thoughts. Public 24 hours a day and now I would rather. Going back to the old way it was. WEEI I think what like people's tweets -- -- -- things Weiner -- -- do the New York -- come. Off the violence. Shots. At each tournament wasted time reading tweets from people thought the article you'd just -- to do 24 hours. Every thought 24. Seconds with -- Mike Mike Fritz doesn't repeat after me. Wild card hunt. After. That. I was raised this. You want to keep my total to going with you think you've been -- where princess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't get to -- in store for -- And -- -- my child -- and to sell out. Via TV. And I mean -- -- to. Have you know just have suggested to. Editing that things are things that. Jews. Reached positive or happy times from as the recent movie these films in the social animal it's. Called the art of the -- -- -- -- -- -- but there's another -- yeah. Why I was brought to you by AT&T WEEI lives available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most forgy coverage in New England in my -- -- the best times ten times. And he's still got it up before we get like it received in official request from the -- -- -- He wants or lose. -- Yes because we're trying to people who do renewal -- -- yeah yeah. You know none -- this is the plan you know that's gonna stick around just kind of like you know emeritus then the other owners to it is Depeche Mode right and a new one -- -- -- -- that if this. At Ross auditioning for males females and interns so so he sent this'll song -- he -- -- you. -- It okay this is a squeeze box to. Yeah. From the -- like he. Six trucks and rock and roll movies. Is all that Mikey atoms -- -- who beats. -- and trucks and rock and roll this will be eased. Who beat six and -- Campbell who -- He's cutting jobs and Hillary -- Less than two feet. Here in -- -- -- the goal is all that's. Wish I did it's it is -- -- and offered him every day doesn't opens them. Until we get more yeah you know we use. -- -- -- We always knew -- about -- that they go and just message. She started going you know. It's tough to I had not talked to go. Well basically we have. Quite always traded for peace shepherd. Where is that located. And that message penetrated into right away tomorrow before the deadline -- way to try to clear waivers Michael and I are completely different afraid to pull the trigger right. Can do that. All of that -- shepherd is that. With these it over the history. And open the fixes and I had a bit Toyota and a buildup but it was a couple and. -- I'm not. It is just 20/20 hindsight he mean by companies that I regret tucked away and I've got to be eleventh -- -- in Philadelphia at the Miami wants them they didn't think that in February of last year there was no way you did. All right and we'll play in the playoffs of Herbert Lester that's not fair to the point everybody's trying to make you to that point to try to make -- that's exactly what I now saying he's tracking -- -- than this one and the story. It's people some people up a couple of days have definitely. We have followed by any notion that are knowledgeable -- -- -- -- sleep in Asia because they're. Well they're returned only respect because everybody and I could not -- at work but brick. -- -- Are -- what were talking I was wrong about -- for forgiveness these -- but every published may be more specific yet -- -- what about telephone assets. It's hard though just listens -- the ways a little trick like turn it on his -- dingle Berry. It. The curtain and and in the morning got out pulled that would be out diplomats though it get rid of them met. -- reputation. His reputation. I've developed a north of comfortable with that hadn't. When you find out -- the global holders. They've got out rapid cell phone of fish and that the kids and I'd like to see that. That's a good idea that suffered a great idea. Look abruptly. Talk about all what does it mean means -- these with a vicious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. What the different the way up pockets well I don't want to know. All of its as the -- I met Aaron. And it. Sure we've done scoops. -- -- By the by the way Pete I don't know if you heard this and if you're out of the room but he was talking about Jackie Mason do in this great Jesse Jackson. -- Texas is that -- great comedy bits but Jackie Mason do any Jesse Jackson -- insurance they'll doesn't sound like. Up and go up second thought I was it was fought it sounds like it's right where you don't watch it -- I remember it and it's the only bit remember Jackie Mason doing. So I don't know about Mike you know it's not as bad I do reject idea that Jesse Jackson junior person. -- my Rolex. -- -- -- Indicated that well I don't ever want but you know why aren't convinced anyone that I was so happy. -- -- And that -- it. -- -- happy to have you won't get a girlfriend you can go in awhile until it's aren't we done that before. It was you don't want yesterday who pride to Google but got to grow whether -- -- -- -- these. And it didn't reward or they had. And Texas and give. It its Boston sports girl -- Ago. It's clear what else is gonna give up all the follow which have parents -- just wants to please. It. It's -- -- -- -- disquiet at the OK okay that's what -- it. -- the what are the -- computer. -- this has brought Brett what what. You -- -- -- recap -- what. They aren't our borrowers they. Did editor. At -- And and it. He was talking big probably day with that Hispanics. It's Dexter group wasn't too. There it's just been cleared -- I did it rob Butler -- not really I don't -- -- got -- Two boys. Well all the lol yeah. Does not accept what people might think about to -- to -- out. And now to rob gets evacuated about -- of funny that kind of thing. To let you get those -- at its best. Made the best one the best don't story is Ron Borges writing about it remember the you wrote about how he was on the tan yeah. Any heard a law school locked NFL lockout he hurt somebody. Any recognizable -- on the toilet yet. -- you about it. They -- laughter. Let me Murphy. Tree places. Through the -- that the project. -- Have it yeah. Us from the Ph.D. Appears to. You know now in turn algae and it's well while the dollar one maybe. They know. We actually. Brilliantly because they. That's appropriate -- I've felt really good. It. Not to count. I would like a big talked to you have a big credit doctor Cosby Bob -- they just they aren't used to it -- it. The -- to go catch a ticket. -- we ran the because he cents a -- you and a plastic. Is it that specialize and did he. -- I think it was built them and then Morgan Freeman. And that message. Texas restaurant already though still -- line. There it's just made. You know where Arum wouldn't go and I hear that helped connect the song on the radio. But it got bought out -- -- man and what -- rabbit do this guys that would militant requirement. That would darken his -- let him. And that -- them. And pick out back and don't talk about and it would anybody go to that game and -- Well I expect that expect that Tibet group and our back -- What did not get that money has -- good but everything ability to look at that and it had a hard. -- -- The public service announcement Maloney. And Lou -- move. But whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah I was -- thing I thought could be. You'll -- -- spirit six foot and uncoordinated. Back. -- -- -- And that's it'll remember now -- he's seven feet tall personals are as particular as -- -- that was a real a bit and then these singular comic last week that don't -- It felt almost no bank while it was called me on the phone on silent. When you're six and you can be important in February and this. -- look at the markets. I'm David six and a on the overtaking -- soul who might be trashed and I got a show which -- likes the match with a much reports that you don't crash on the era of there while you're there were. I -- happy about warmup for the flash. Noble or do every week off and prospect now okay. Now thank the Milwaukee for the -- but it began if you look great. Our Michael it broke off. Off a lot of balls -- all better off. Horrible horrible but what good are they don't what what what what Rick for what good or bad at all out drive. That the golf like about the poll out -- out a particular ordered the fault I have always show up. But or -- apple quad before. Obama. It's also the side. -- -- want and power by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most forgy coverage in New England.

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