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Red Sox Catcher David Ross stops by Dennis and Callahan to talk about how he runs a pitching staff

Feb 20, 2013|

Ross says he is happy with being the back-up catcher behind Jarrod Saltalamacchia going into the 2013 season. The guys also get into the collapse that Ross was a part of in Atlanta and how it compares to the Red Sox collapse in 2011.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training Fort Myers, Florida we spent much this week introducing you to the number of new faces and there are quite a few on the Boston Red Sox -- -- Janelle Ortiz you know Pedroia you know Lester you know all the rest -- it's -- new guys you wanna meet. Another one joins us here -- the broadcast this site catcher David -- welcomed with Syria. Are gonna get a -- on -- putt and I talked to Demps last night just outside. And I mention. All -- like good guys ever mentions Gomes you know Victorino on Napoli races to forget David Ross he's awesome Saddam's -- you guys been buddies for awhile but he loves you yeah it's not -- -- no we got kind of a mutual friend in. Any unease is a good guy -- -- good stories about him it around the league and all the guys are here I mean there's a group of guys go -- around it's nice to be here. It would seem that assimilating yourself into a new organization might be difficult -- -- we're early on but -- so many guys in Europe -- that there are a number of guys introducing themselves and putting names and faces and find out what they're all about. It's got a nice yet in my -- stay here no way to know some of these guys like Lester and Pedroia and David and you know some of those guys who were here already so it's nice. And then being in vehemently a little bit just kind of know some guys in like united some rookie stuff together you know it's -- it's we're getting old so that's not how I got some guys that there you remember about that eight games eight at bats here in and oh yeah I had just remember basically the that atmosphere was a big deal you know Jason. Haven't -- here actually campus kind of nice just pick his brain a little bit about the American League in much remember. You know the atmosphere how guys went about themselves in the big market it is really I enjoyed that the winning in as good group. Let me ask you this and Tommy if this is a stupid question or logical team even a little bit. Is it more difficult for rate catcher to command. And and and get up to speed but what it is you have to do based on your job description as opposed to an outfielder coming to a new team I mean you've got to learn pitchers you've got to understand tendencies and things like that. -- just have to play outfield. Right -- I would say it's easier but I deftly got more homework to do it again get -- it gets a bowl -- gets me pitchers in a -- when I met with these guys. Well first -- what days as a guy I wanna catch me guys possible because I got to learn a violent tendencies and alarm but they like to throw eleven mechanics. Their pitches what makes them tick you know I just I try to hang out with pitchers must I can just because I wanna. A wanna know what makes him tick when when things that the fan I can go up there and kind of be that that counts certainly needed -- has. Question would you ask a guy when you sit down and have dinner with that were to sit sit in the in the clubhouse and talked to a -- that you're trying to learn what we're pretty begin. Well you start when when you get off track so I don't know what it what are you what your mechanics pretty Phelan what are you. You know when when you get out of whack which a ball do you know RC you know catch some -- -- talked them afterwards. A C up in the right over the right in your judgment pulled left -- which -- mechanic fix what's your what's your fix what's your keys that I need to go out there. We have bases loaded one out and you've walked two guys. A walk to the mound what are my what my -- minus -- -- was gonna get to -- -- -- get you focused on the task at hand those are things -- start and we just start talking pitcher from there and they're like. Well this is how I feel this is you know I had some time -- rushed -- my front side era and get normal rotational and okay stay back get you know stay on me given the -- some keys to. To talk to you about or or some some hand gestures -- to use as some as a -- and just say hey stay in this tunnel towards me either direction towards me. Feel like John -- called you back up you feel like a backup. Oh yeah I do agree with that yeah Andre with that I mean. But so did with the Jets last year means beyond the -- home runs were catching position but do you think he'll be day we've been there against lefties tough lefties and it was a switch hitter -- -- -- and he needs a break. And do you think you'll be personal catcher and yet. I don't think the personal catcher thing just because of what you're talking about matchups that there's a really tough match up for a guy. That I hit pretty good. You know I wouldn't mind being in there where -- Friday or lefty -- -- Sometimes New Hampshire were salty too sometimes face a righty gets be locked in you makes you stand there a little more is my mechanics right when he's. He's left handed. You know he made he may be the same way. I'm reading a scouting report on news -- compilation of things about you and -- pitchers like to -- Ross Braves teammate Chris -- appreciates. The veteran presence and his ability to think outside the box. Ross almost invent stuff in the middle of the game which kind of fires you up what does that mean to invent stuff to the middle to get what you call for pitcher Kevin called all day long. I noticed on May be. I see something in the at bat or seeing something where hitters made an adjustment and we said in the sky report we're not gonna throw this guy and his guys really quick and we're not thrown -- and well you know sometimes that goes out the window if I see something -- try not to. Stick strictly by game plan game plans are nice but guys make adjustments and if a guy starts died in. You know our game plan's gonna go out the window -- and we said we're just gonna stay away I can't just stay away let him let him keep -- -- I have to back him off or to you know -- front or sinkers you know. It just. Sometimes I think outside the box is because I -- we got to disguise getting on our game -- he's made an adjustment and he's right on every pitch away we're gonna have to try something else. May have at -- Pace they -- -- -- began for you yet that's -- baseball my dad around to to -- what term for that it's so Soviet softball and who's kind of one of those things every week and we loaded up in the car and headed down to Marcelo they had -- had a -- Florida yeah right right near talent in Tallahassee so enough far from me in every home run. -- was hit you know you got to water -- we come home I doubt the pitcher -- can hit it all of it we had some guys whose team just monsters just block -- and come home every every team they have like ten watermelons. That's has got a lot of personal sit around watch in do and that's kind of grew up my insult you watched a softball being. You know my dad on weekends to. Part of the big collapse in 2000 level your third. The -- collapsed as this team had a pretty big one to you guys Atlanta recovered recovered nicely this team did not. What would the difference in the what what did you guys do an Atlanta. I don't know the exact number that collapse which obviously you know pretty -- yeah pretty bad then what went wrong and and how legitimate of prospect list. What went wrong I'm not you know I feel like we had some younger guys some opening guys that got worn out a little bit younger guys that weren't used to the stretch of under 62 games and and I think you know pace and -- now. Was was when they get worn out towards the end same with some young position players had some struggles that know how to pull out of that struggle. But that's the to change. That we had the off season was basically zero you know we did bring a whole lot of guys and we didn't bring no holding coaches staff. Are actually new coach that was here before we went Bobby Cox retired so we'll have more through and more of an adjustment there he let the coaches that didn't of the players. The next year we will -- into to spring training with the hunger of I'm sure these guys -- last year the hunger of get rid of that. But they also had to deal with some change and I think that's probably probably what helped us out as you know our GM -- didn't do any. You know overhaul treaty serious changing in the off. See when they signed you got a pretty good deal from backup catcher great deal a great deal -- three plus million a year for the next two years. This is a part of that Davis 'cause you're such a good guy you're here because you know -- Gonna bring something to the clubhouse not just to the field. They never said anything about the and a good guy they just said we're trying to. You know -- we need to try to help prepare to step the did you have some experience. We want somebody that can can work with the pitchers and helped talk through game plans and stuff like that. And bring some experience I am a good guy and I feel like I I try to be a good guy and I'm sure that may be part of it reputations always. A part of you know come into a team you know if I don't. I think every team does their homework on what kind of person they're they're bringing into their -- I'm sure there's something like that. How does clubhouse chemistry I don't know this that this can be bought the butter qualified but how does that help you win more games than if you didn't have it. I don't know collect the would you like come to work -- you you get their little earlier you know I do at least I'll get -- -- and I like to hang out with guys who go to dinner. On the road if you'd like the guys that -- around you talk baseball more -- dinner you talk about. Pitchers that we talk about pigeon and and him and how you feel on this is offer whatever rather than if I don't like the guys I'm around and I'm just worried about myself and I'm not a team guy. Then I just worry about the numbers -- -- not my go to work and try to put of the best numbers like him I go home mostly fine on mostly to get it would not when you've been on all that in that club those -- -- that chemistry. Yes yes I have and teams that are bad have one member of the honestly like teams. Teams that have but bad clubhouse. I've been on some teams that win are right but I've never I've never been on a team that has one -- has. You know. One like bad front office bed leadership. And and good clubhouse guys or bad clubhouse guys and good leadership using they'll they'll go through the that you need to coincide well. You have done if you went up the club close in September and pitchers which. Eaten chicken. And drinking beer watching video games playing video games during the game what David Ross yeah. I'll let athletically and theoretically a prize would have. You know had something to say. You know if it was a -- guy that I saw do it I'd probably say mail us. You know they impression we do that right now we've lost four road or whatever the skid as you -- -- this. In -- -- -- looked really bad despite not the way you know we're upset about exempt for the young guys have a young guy trying to lay into him a little bit more you know I'm I'm gonna. -- when -- analyze the situation. You know dependent on if on the leader in the clubhouse or on not a leader in the clubhouse. This is it everything there's a lot that goes into them I'm not gonna. You know blow somebody up when they're using nine times out of ten. I doing the right thing maybe they got caught up in something that you know sometimes when you walk up in the clubhouse and see something that. It may look worse than -- what really is going on so oh just analyze the situation and try to handle the best -- You probably don't know this -- a couple of things in common -- -- in me. We get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to look up to work you used to get up before clock and -- go to work and both of our all three of our favorite movies what he's one of those dumb and dumber. Yeah yeah yeah I love I love that -- Stick movies I guess the comedy and Will Ferrell and and -- dumb and dumber those things. Pretty funny to me and yeah I get up he's you know more go to work my dad saying think. He -- a -- business and we delivered -- Some restaurants and it was 4 AM -- 3330 wake up call. Not as though Aurilia has and I definitely I never get ironed out and I didn't get I don't drink coffee so it's like one of those things yeah especially your favorite line from them. Bristol we like that it Jeff Daniels or Jim Carrey who do you like. Lloyd or. Christmas or worse yet. Every down. Harry Harry yeah Harry -- my guy yes Mary -- you know it's easily. Lloyd introduced him to stand truth that took at that you know there and -- finished with jagr wagon -- shag bag yeah. Murders this year. Yeah yeah I had not being injured. They've got have you have you players -- -- it. And athletic as you talked about this on the year before every time you watched that movie find something just some new ones some little thing that you -- either forgot about or didn't get the first time. But the second comment I watched it I forgot about the part we have we'll -- dollar 55 left for the rest of the trip when the QB distort everything necessary it's not as if that -- had a big -- -- that's that's what makes a good comedy to me is like the more you watch the more you're picking up and thoughts -- the the best one courses this -- jobs in this does not work forty hours a week. At a very good care of it when he put the the parents head back -- -- mistakes and they did the early Brothers -- for the -- took a lot of grief that was the one scene in the in the movie that people got upset with them I heard from. Associations for the blind that they -- that it back -- there a little light didn't like -- just like him I feel like he hasn't seen when Christian ankle that scheme is capable of ESP interview with the girls it's in a -- and a we announced it would have been doing all these years. -- Drinking about it but it. Are you still drinking don't know why I don't that's that's behind me now it's one you. 35 takes a -- David thirty I think the greatest. A good agent thank you guys -- your grandma anytime the other -- up -- -- north up -- -- all right David Ross with Dennis and Callahan final -- Red Sox broadcasting live from spring training the NC will be right back.

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