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Bob Sweeney, Executive Director of the Bruins Foundation, details the Bruins Trip to Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary on D&C

Feb 19, 2013|

John and Gerry voice their appreciation to Bob and the Bruins for their effort to help Newtown recover after the tragic shooting in December. Sweeney outlines some of the activities that the players took part in while visiting the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.

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Bob between the executive director of the Boston Bruins foundation had a large part. In organizing the Bruins stripped of Newtown Connecticut yesterday -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Robert how are you. They're white or -- think -- that a lot of good things and as your as a player and as the executive director of -- foundation have you come away from any of them that you have organized or been a part of over the years that made you feel better than what you guys did yesterday. That was that was pretty special -- first bought you shout out to a former warrior ER Kerry Collins -- -- -- all she she put all of that together and you know our posts are down there. And -- all -- -- certainly it was also looks -- partner in the morning. And then mr. Jacobs who was kind enough to. Fly the players but with quote after and so was -- a full day. Something that you know everyone I'm not -- -- but more importantly. Their real names means how many people Hank. -- would come pretty. What was what was what was the get the the impressive part of it that the smiles at you thought maybe you wouldn't see -- or the interaction with the players playing street hockey or them. Taken pictures with the Stanley Cup what impressionable Bob. Well all right I hate the one thing. Is that that this community is not just. I -- I'm sure there are some individual families which. You know it's it's something that you. Might never get old -- A young child -- musicians. Unsinkable. It's something that none of -- several wanna go through. But I -- I think everybody they have all the cheers a they would get more appreciative questions coming out there. Realized situation a -- place. What what did you do and I read but we just play street hockey did you did you. And grab a stick and and and play with the kids. We did that we did street hockey you know they had some interactive games for younger. Is brought -- Slap shot who've you know for every young kids -- ways to use I still all. Was typical of many and fast guys that we we are and they tell you academy is. Our obviously the Stanley Cup was paired. Players. Myself -- are here are my card as well parties off and we let practice with CLA school hockey team. It's just a quick story wanna be one of the is on the -- actually had troops importance that. Where in the war -- car and error. Fortunately one -- -- boys was walk in closet. -- the -- that was so brave that -- -- make it don't want although it was the last class so. Fruity. Pretty amazing story of all. It is seems as. -- Steve Harris reports that are more Bruins wanted to make the trip but that wasn't enough room on the plane. How many guys wanted to go on how did you choose the seven or eight who did go. I really don't know that I know they threw it out so this is for the guys. Instead. You know we we will have a wall -- -- forward but that's right you know some of those -- in particular -- and ten people total so. I think. Probably. Nine year under the terms team probably what what is saying. It's. Or what the world. I was surprised that young Chris Bork went that he pulled -- and say hey don't you know who I am and that's how we got to the planes will have a there. Not all you know there -- they're all his I mean I think it was with the situation. You know everybody you know from even from close -- -- quote form the first first guys I'd love to go. And John have. John had a good question earlier while when you play street hockey did you guys. Score on the power play it if if if if if if the. -- of those children army. Bob great job yesterday by you and everybody -- that -- organization and I hope this doesn't sound condescending open doesn't sound. Anything other what is meant heartfelt I'm very probably you guys did yesterday and I think it was a great great thing and I know everybody in Newtown Connecticut. -- the very same way thanks -- take a couple minutes this morning. All right thanks guys up twenty executive director of Boston Bruins foundation on the AT&T hotline.

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