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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on KG trade rumors

Feb 18, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the trade rumors swirling around the Celtics, the NBA All Star game, and the future of the Celtics.

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President -- issue Butler and ID 37 WEEI here until 2 o'clock. Holly and I believe Mick Kirk many hand come your way to a clock 61777979372. Decks this. On the AT&T text line at 37937. All star weekend the rear view is headline locally by eight on. A Celtic trade rumors and joining us on the eighteenth the hot line our guest every single week from ESPN boston.com. Is Jack McMullen -- -- a little Dario. And good guys will welcome back there like thank you work on my -- -- checking -- -- away from I don't. If it somewhat cryptic remark that and now the Jerry Buss bought into the lakers in the kings in the forum for 67 and a half million bucks. He drafts magic Johnson and goes on to win ten. Championships to recognize as the owner of the LA lakers what is his impact going to be as we passed away today at the age of the eighty. But I really do think he was one of the most -- Christine and great owners. Of all time in the NBA honestly. Very you know real real character I think it's known to later that he wasn't really all that available to us that very flamboyant. You know lived and I liked it quite that I didn't Justine off the court let it begin to count down when he went to go by that came. It wasn't finalized yet when the NBA draft is coming and the lakers were looking at draft they're looking at -- -- concrete Jerry Lester really like sitting -- They're looking at concrete and in and David Greenland if you can believe it okay. And he told them -- tell you what blaze if you don't get -- job with the number one pick you can find someone else to buy a team to travel by. Facility delegates remember two detected it -- and forget. Back in the day there was a tie between the ball to the lakers for the number one pick -- a -- flat. God help the -- accountable to lick on the point -- they draft might Magic Johnson. The bold step number eight after David Greenwood need I think more by. Here and I think can change -- I'd say that they've lost Yang the legacy like you said everything that he had done there and in you look at that team now and I wanna. One -- thoughts and some of these trade rumors that a bouncing around everywhere. Any truth at all Dwight Howard -- would have is that the point with the lakers which is considered trading as I forgot they can't they can't play this year and don't run a. Not come out to be entertained and you can almost say that will be driven -- because -- know what Kobe love Rondo he was just gushing from the about Rondo when I sat down on them. Last week of the -- before I've lost track but. And it's clear to me anyway that this this Howard till we think is gonna work this is cleared. So whether they decide to let him walk or did they do decide if he -- they get form. I don't think Dwight Howard in the back with the lakers I really don't. So does that make can't you -- I I think it's in this damaging for Dwight Howard I think it's almost buyer beware now I'll ask someone is gonna sign of someone's gonna give -- the Max. But you really a 100% sure now after what -- seen in Orlando and now here that this guy can lead you to a championship. Well -- follow up we'll be looking at their a lot of guys who lead their tough to play with okay Steve Nash is not one of them and the other night when I -- Nash and Howard. Yelling at each other on a -- like Steve Nash can't believe that Dwight Howard doesn't one pick and rolls of him. I wonder Jackie -- ever get a -- a week Kirk wrote about it over the weekend little agrees. They would do that deal I would not give up the -- of Rondo. The unknown of does Dwight Howard. Really wanna be here does he loved basketball and you can can you commit Max dollars this guy over the next 56 years I would not do that no way. Well you know that you look at him like this he's a physical specimen -- hurt. Are given that he came back too soon from the back injury but that was the problem and now -- that the -- -- But what it would not so much that -- -- -- public about him when he got to shoulder problem. If you guys that can fight through that I'm not a 100% convinced he would now is that just because he's protecting his own investment because he's going to be a free agent. Maybe I'm like glad I really haven't and a lot of time talking to him. But there's they -- something missing there now. I thought would hope we wouldn't matter because Kobe you're how far -- -- one end and like to be YouTube but even that hasn't worked sell it raided the red flags. Minutes is competence and Doc Rivers a look at standing Gundy Mike and Tony it's. Doc Rivers I think and can fix all or at least they said. Is that it probably before Iraq who before before the back before the shoulders got up there played 8082 games and he can't get them that it may be lower priced -- maybe you can right now we still account individual. Bode well that's -- there's no question about it all these deals. You can understand why the Celtics would entertain them. You know I I didn't like the -- so -- -- bottler for for KG but it got my attention when it you know Andre Jordan didn't. And also I mean all these makes consent especially when you're talking about KG because. We noted an end to that it is shelf life with KG and he did you know he's acknowledged that it. Probably two years I don't know a 100% sure but. So I mean you know it's interesting. -- forward here I let my gut tells me. -- probably none of it happens. Right that's what they can all access -- look at. It's fun to talk about it you know Jordan's the thing about the hundred Jordan that different than Dwight Howard is he locked up guys he would like that through 2014. You know he makes I think an average and -- I don't have in front of me but close to eleven million a year. It's not mad money can be affordable but the -- the mantra that hit any don't -- it we set mitigate KG two waving yeah will be something to Wear. If they were to citizen would deal Paul as well okay fine then begin to rebuild and -- will go to LA and I think could be done separately. Well I think I think. Don't get the impression I got from KG from listening to KG not that I -- have been hanging out with KG in the chase Blount that they haven't been. Who does as far as I can tell but he. I think Paul would be treated you would want to go up. So what you gonna do it did blow that don't really would be blown it up guys that really would be blown up I just don't see -- happening the other one I don't see any of it happening. Let's finish up the rumor -- from the weekend Jeff Green and Brandon Bass for Josh met this of the three no -- You say no way I find the most interesting outlet. No I mean I don't think it's gonna happen Josh Smith is well. Mean I I Nebraska doctor about Josh Smith last year if you look at the picture of somebody rolling there right so much that the run back and that's what's got that's okay. Now maybe change his mind. Maybe -- And so -- -- -- you think between now and then like we all do maybe nothing happens what that that may happen here. Is Danny's -- roster there's a report today Gary Washburn of the globe says the Celtics are close or are considering. Very closely signing Terrence Williams. I to a ten day contract he's a guy that was -- coming out of college. Record player was a top eleven -- type a guide and they'll try to fill out. The roster with your -- between now and in the second half of the year so this five Kos went five game west -- -- itself I think so I mean there really isn't there's not a whole lot out there let's be honest you know. So that that makes some sense to me and he I didn't expect him to do big things. To feel that that -- you know that. That void because there's just not a lot out there and again if you want to trade. -- to do a smaller level trade right you don't you don't have anything to deal you know you just don't. So Terrence Williams you know in the swing player that they consent. You immediately like Ira port where. -- get back to some of these other these trade talks that took down the mindset of Danny and you know doctors happy with -- -- -- the effort but. This did you look at and say OK well. I can stick with that maybe what around what is that important to him as you wanna put the next championship team to get it I think that is. That's important get across. -- with a make moves or not. No I agree but let's look at a third prone to that little -- -- owners. Exactly playoff don't you think they wanna deal KG poppy or that the two guys to people still come out to -- play. They've already got -- I can tell you because -- on their insider green insider thing and I and in particular -- every day now everything happened last year. And I can buy ticket to almost any game right now and so that you know listen they've got some financial concerns to think up to. So is there monster over there and at the garden the Celtics with the they don't wanna make a move because they want to do wanna get -- playoff game. I'm not and that right I mean I'm gonna just say that you know you've got you get it. Go to your ownership and say here's what I wanna do and they have to look at and say I'm only do you wanna do that next year but the media not this year but there's also a contract. If they convinced the that the -- to convince KG to make this to go to LA and you bring back Eric Bledsoe. We then spent the offseason wondering what do you do with Rajon Rondo you know having Bledsoe and -- on the same roster without the first start of of that conversation -- Well I suppose you -- yet but would he want to have learned about any. Any betrayed the people I'd take him yeah I think your mind what -- you -- -- Ricky Davis for with training for Wally -- doing -- and he said there it's. They're pieces. And the more pieces you have the more -- you can make and I thought he was out of it -- scored and then what did he do he was almost pieces over the course of a one stretch there to get. Garnett Ray Allen and all the pieces he needed to win a championship with a little help from Kevin McHale yes. Though. You know he he's been known to say look this guy is worth the value -- figure out how to play them like I'll figure out the minutes later in -- It and that's that isn't a problem now because did you stick with what you have let's say there aren't any big moves made Jackie -- wanna. Maybe try to find other big body of maybe you wanna try to find a point guard -- -- but you don't have many assets with a change. That's right. That's right it looked -- I think Danny I don't give meaning -- I don't I guarantee he's sort of thought he'd like to do something big. He'd like to go forward he never made any guarantees to either KG or Paul. He never. But KG does that no trade so cage he's got to know her battle. And I don't cagey there by the way he's the right to retire here if that's what he chooses to do. And I think Paul Pierce has earned the right -- but that's why I'd never make a good general manager has some fundamental -- -- that is the -- I'm just being honest you know that but. Guys like Paul Millsap you know like -- throw their name on all the time that I know that somebody that the Celtics -- -- somebody that a lot of people can't tell what packet could you make to get Paul Millsap. You don't connect -- certainly not gonna agree to go to Utah and you know they're looking for a point guard -- you try to trade group Millsap Rondo. Why give -- I guess did you ever do that has. Rondo is injured. You know -- they're starting point guard or one of the key point that millennium that you need help right away so all the deals that you you might want to make it don't make Centrino. Jackie glass of dramatic we all expect the heat are the prohibitive favorites not just win the east but to winning a consecutive NBA championship but that the way the new salary cap works. That team is gonna be broken up like they're not concealed carry all three of those salaries the be some sort of moved here in the future and in a couple of years look at -- bronze contract. He's a free agent altogether an understated just that's what this. There were three years target the 2014. And a contract comes up who is he back in Miami EC second Cleveland. What do you think he ends up in after this run here with the Miami -- -- -- with the Miami Heat went off and -- I think he does is I think he. He owes something to Pat Riley and had organization I think that's how he feels 2014 are we short Dwyane Wade is going to be still plain black guys breaking down our eyes. How much longer can he play but what effect doing this for fun and you'd say yeah. Let's say the lakers led the late Howard walked on the moon they might have some room in 2014 might -- Boston might do you really have some fluently. Chili hot but if not why not out of the report on the report of the LeBron James Brandon LA that would that well on the. I did. I don't know I I think I look at LeBron and -- trying to build and I think he needs to stay right where he is especially after what happened last time and I think he learned a lot from that. And you get a great position with one of the -- the most savvy executives I can pick up and Pat Riley and I think Erik Spoelstra I would hope that quieted some of his. Naysayers he's very fine coat and you're in Miami and met with the enough and I I just can't imagine why. LeBron James would want to -- there. He takes his talents back to Cleveland with -- -- in two years. Product in two years -- in Cleveland. -- gonna what we can and -- -- -- -- -- and for all salad. Odd Jackie got great stuff we have until Thursday at three with the trading deadline appreciated is always all right guys have a great weeks -- that. All of ESPN boston.com joining us on the eighteenth -- outlining AT&T forgy. LTE was read that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible people watching in the webcam can you explain do you. Like -- ESPN right now between skip -- Stephen A Smith. It is a first take program there's -- question wooded Jordan comeback being good or bad idea Michael Jordan registered fifty. They're actually debating whether Michael Jordan at fifty come out of will be good or bad idea they -- with us today -- their all star congress what do they are largely setting. What is anybody saying yes skip. -- Against his rebel fantasy conversation here. -- what he's saying it's a good idea he shortened combat Obama wouldn't be off of patent they get Jordan back in a league only ten minutes -- to be -- minutes off the -- all 1012 point at fifty. It's still school -- on guys would. Talking about -- we're gonna first take fanatics like guys is they want one thing I say the other now drives what -- -- -- think it's Steven Smith. And skip Bayless take different sides -- after that that's the format of the show and my guess is that skip. Shockingly is taken aside -- Jordan is coming and it says you let's accept it's over. -- -- -- -- missing something why we have in this discussion on the ESPN you did miss the stuff against the the Antawn Jamison came out it last week. And said in Jordan could come on -- fifteen minutes scored him points were off the bench. Which led to have you seen him lately Jordan comeback waist down to 45 to sixty trying to down to eighteen which is playing late when news. And -- as well Anita and I'm glad Charles Barkley lost a lot of weight to but I don't -- team in the NBA. Tex -- quote -- on this one and terrorists could Michael Jordan comeback should he come back. Thank you 6177797937. The phone they glue what's the big comeback at 42 whole package up a safest way -- the day. -- on the eighteenth tee decks line 379. B 37 today is opening day. Of the franchise -- season in the NFL -- the patriots -- some big questions mix that and.

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