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Dale and Kirk on Sports Sunday - KG Trade Talk and Wondering if anyone is Excited about the NBA All-Star Game

Feb 17, 2013|

It's NBA All Star Weekend...does anyone care anymore? Dale and Kirk were not exactly glued to the TV watching the dunk contest and the 3-point contest last night. And they have no desire to sit down and watch the All-Star game itself tonight. Does anyone or any age group? They also get into the Garnett situation and if a trade is seriously brewing. The better question may be would KG approve of the trade since he has a no-trade clause. The boys don't think so. Dale says he will retire a Celtic followed by his number being retired! Dale and Kirk also sprinkle in some Sox and B's talk.

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Don't tell me. Anything about the slam dunk contest because it's on my DVR at home to the same thing you know and and I I -- he's really really looking forward because I. And I don't know about you but I bet huge money on Eric Bledsoe -- And I just wanna see how it works out later Johnson don't tell me anything I'm gonna spoil the skills challenge for. I don't know all I'm gonna do that. Yeah. I watch the highlights and is -- sworn account idea I did. And then and I was actually listening ESPN radio on a long drive in and down. It's got to that point when it's basically become at this point is is. What can I jump over now right dictionary is sort of a limit as to what you can do once you're airborne so what can I jump over. Yeah it's over it's it's the shark has been jumped literally now -- actually should just jump over -- shark and that they should do that extend -- old -- water there instead of -- say we're done we've finally did it. But short of that five I've seen enough I don't you know I'm not saying it's not do anything I'm saying it's better. Point five years ago and is now because if they've been doing for 25 years before that. Have been born but I'm still waiting for -- -- looked at that -- from midcourt it's gonna happen. And up tries sin and you know he's just -- for a bit longer and Hamilton and and I've just now giving you. Basically the extent of how much I'll just yeah I wasn't. Two into -- auction -- Are not watching us. Eagles documentary -- Which right now parts what it was actually -- -- -- -- -- asked the bureau. I uniting and all joking aside -- you you mentioned the term jump the shark I truly think. The NBA and NHL All Star Games have jumped the shark now the the probable as far as I'm concerned has been gone for years. The only all star game it matters one lake is the Major League Baseball all star game it's the only one -- care about all right. And it's not because now it counts and I heard Dorian alchemy that appoint this morning you know Bud Selig saved the all star game and years definitely thank you. I I I had this argument -- a caller text yesterday who said you know that. That they managed managers managed differently because of the fact that home field advantage now don't not a first thing impairment on them. Because if they didn't manage differently. -- take Justin Verlander out in the third inning probably not which you know he's mode six guys down Aaron -- and your hauling him out of there yet. They'll know they don't manage any differently that he only -- and all star managers may she get everybody in the game. Let's say eight players so that if the worst happens you know J. D. Drew can -- throw and inning for years. It's the closest thing though to an actual game. Of the -- it's so -- guess that's that's sort of the appealing to get to see guys in this still sort of an idea of a good pitcher facing good bad though -- -- is definitely want to -- down so -- something to some extent. To -- for the other means might watch Jimmy Australian 162 -- 48. Although I'll I'll I'll check I asked John Ryder yesterday if I set the over under on total points 340 ago. Our goal which kept yeah I wouldn't but it's just about probably go for suckers -- probably would at any NHL all star game is no better. I mean the over under on total goals and that is to one yes. Which means it it is a it is -- cartoon character of their game it has nothing to do with the actual sport. And the one thing that I do agree with -- on is the game doesn't mean anything -- you have no emotional investment you have no reason to watch. And and I know this sounds like you know back when I was a boy stuff. Back when I was a boy he is that you couldn't wait for the Major League Baseball all star game. I mean it it was one of the events of the summer that you were young baseball fan via and you couldn't wait to see yet. And I still like it more than the others and watch it. But the other All Star Games have become. -- Yes well it's funny use -- I would say that you know from a baseball perspective for me growing up. A kind group right before the explosion of cable. And you know far before the Internet. It was still a big deal for example when Clemens pitched against good -- yes -- -- six that was in the back you know like I got the sees a kid. I'll watch Roger Clemens is pitching it's Darryl Strawberry you would never ever see that. Save for a World Series. Now little that has obviously been Deluca you're gonna see reality is going to pitch against David Ortiz you know attack -- -- regular season. And now EC National League teams. All the time when you're growing up. Sunny afternoon. I mean once while they'd be on the -- -- game of the week and it was the only games outside of the Red Sox that you saw yeah. And you know you get some National League games but you know for the most part you were an American League -- that's all you saw that's all you knew about. Until the all star game in the World Series right in jail for me growing up you know you'd TBS. -- to -- for some reason for awhile we had to channel Montreal. I actually get to see exposed to watch that late at night -- -- Richard I didn't understated words that. All the plot. Pretty much it with like I saw a report. Like brag but I remember that that sellers what are -- doing. Quite yet and I mean tonight is going to be. I'm sure do we Jordan then when I guess I'll check in two or three times to make sure you know nobody hurt. I I I will also say this and and I know Michael turns fifty today in you know he use. I'll say it even in in the town of Bill Russell while saying he's the greatest individual player in the history of the NBA I'll say it even in this town. Can we stop with the he could still play it fifty -- yet it's a rough couldn't play -- half. In the NBA and because he went out and beat one of his players one on one is players -- -- You know a little one on one action in the gym and I'm sure that I was trying real hard to beat the Boston right. Please can we stop with this it you know what it it's like for me in -- this all the time. A Major League Baseball player Maria Tom Glavine and John Smoltz wells that you know when I'm done pitch him. I'm gonna go on the senior PGA tour George finally eligible yeah right now it plays against eligible when it weird how that works they all say they're gonna do that we can. Stop with this he could play it fifty stuff no we could. Right yeah mr. -- road and actually manage to do it for years Q you're right in the but that's sort of the thing I think. You know edit a lot his may be too much is given to how competitive Jordan -- and how that's the thing that. It made him as great as he was his -- as he was because he was an unbelievable. Athlete in basketball where now the fact that he was so competitive. Drove him to make the best ever I think absolutely there -- guys this post was -- guys like David -- and guys like that he didn't quite make it. But you know this I get -- Michael Jordan H fifty. And -- compete with LeBron James and Kevin Durant and Eddie Jordan probably believes that. Obviously is a logical decent toward the end with the wizards when he was -- couldn't real rally then it was okay it was sort of sat. Out because that. It was so weird -- it just we see all these incessant highlight packages. Although the course of the weekend. It was actually -- remember the very last point he made in the in the NBA it was a free throw for the Washington Wizards yes and anyone out of the game -- -- -- and easily. You almost forget. And then you see imminent wizards uniform is like what is wrong with this picture -- it seems wrong. Like Bobby Horry mean it just doesn't it does Blackhawks -- just doesn't it it does not Willie Mays in a message yet permit the -- yet doesn't. It didn't work and it was a it was a bad for him out didn't you know -- I think Michael Jordan price probably believes he could play. 1516 into game for -- BET a sort of music. A shortcut they have -- to -- play a couple I'll take it all back he wants to play for the Celtics having -- I I I loved it and if you know what it is. They're trying to show the man respect in there and they're trying to -- knowledge that he's the greatest player of all time -- They rollout this tripe about all while ago he could still play no he couldn't they'll. On average around the cover Sports Illustrated. Well in the early 80s83. Before we stuck a cup comeback at the rate these guys all you know the truly great ones. Early birds -- greatest. Is back was obviously a factor too when he's done -- -- did and never even hinted that there was ever any interest in coming back -- -- guys -- better he knew them as Marvin -- isn't some guys just don't come back and some guys like Sugar Ray Leonard. Or Magic Johnson in the or Jordan and they just can't help a comeback in Favre and come back and back -- but I don't think Michael Jordan playing basketball this year. I don't know how much probably not a lot that a lot to the all star game one thing I'm working the Bruins just that but they face off at six. Will be pretty much done by the time they they finally get around -- capping off the the NBA all star game is supposed to be at eight won't be until 825. Right by the time they all he's done break dancing. And you know mobile and -- things they predicts -- idea and I just threw that out there -- by the time they get all through all of that stuff. You know it'll be 825%. Before they finally to put off right. But if I was sitting in my living room tonight at 8 o'clock at. How much -- watch you could put me in center court tonight now we don't want to -- We got on a book closed my eyes are -- Because it's just it's after while it's guys on defense he just stand there and watch guys throw balls off back portly guys don't -- you know. Obviously Dwight Howard -- 36 times mentally Jimmy Celtic it I -- I don't need to see just. -- Howard Jordan who -- -- and a -- it was funny because we had John -- on yesterday to talk about the silly season. Which is what orient in the NBA now and it has nothing to do with the all star game as it with the our state trade deadline and I'd look I'd love trade rumors I love trade deadlines in leagues that actually do with the NFL trade deadline means to me right. -- in leagues that actually do with the NHL Major League Baseball the NBA I like it yeah. But some of the stuff you read it and you just yet. Almost -- Well I mean this trade and I wrote yesterday -- the Celtics we might disagree. About three seconds. Like there are ninety reasons why the Celtics are not gonna trade Rondo for Howard in the lakers are gonna trade Howard for -- just does it's it's one of those both first and foremost. You wouldn't even considering if you're the Celtics unless you could get Howard to sign right. And I don't see anywhere in the world he'd ever signed here right. And if you thought you had a chance of signing you don't have to give up Rajon Rondo to get him he's a free agent at the end of the season what Simon if you think you can I don't think they can. The best reason I heard. Requiring him yesterday it was a caller who said. If you could get them then you've got the possibility of a sign and trade. Next offseason where you could sign and trade Howard and get you know some valuable things in return that -- Send shore and -- one of those guys I know stock is down. But he's one of these guys you can build a franchise around Orlando did -- they -- the draft him first until the French restaurant so again but also the lakers you can -- Toronto right now. No I don't medicine exchange where we're moving and I don't think you're gonna see what place in other seasonings cook anyway right. The difference does it make if he can't play this year they're not on what was at the same player well that's a legitimate -- -- powers are real chip so and also you're saying you can attribute we know that might mean but. Archive at that point value of Garnett rumors you have peers rumors you have Rhonda rumors it's hard to filter through and see -- legitimate and what are -- I believe Kevin Garnett when he says. -- -- -- -- -- I you know I bleed green on on the live and -- self animals go anywhere and and you know as Sean pointed out yesterday don't forget it Motley Minnesota. -- this is not a guy who you know like Dwight Howard wants go here go there you know won't meet. Wine and dine me I I wanna get out there and and play the game he didn't want to lead Minnesota to come here and when he says he doesn't want to leave here. Even because he's got a home in Malibu so we only go to the clippers or go to the lakers. East -- -- Japanese back here came back here for a reason they -- thinks his team could still do some things he wants to finishes. Career at this franchise that's true but I would say that they present him with a deal to look we have a good deal. Chance to go to clippers have a house there your buddies of collapse this -- -- championship would you. I say right now he does he would not. Take that no -- might they present a correctly I. I don't think so but you're right it's all yeah I mean but I don't think you know -- can happen and think any decency and the Celtics are gonna actually add. Some rain and garden -- the discount finish the year these guys it's vital to Dallas but yet I'll add -- and probably not worth. Potential risk now when he -- from as the league team. I can't play that. Art I mean he was probably upset that he wasn't going to play in the the illegals -- game as part of deals are weak and I was -- -- -- the crowd for that in CD game nor the crowd. Did you watch otherwise it was thought I was a -- -- MB TM BT BS odd looking for the Eagles documentary on showtime and next thing you know there it is a Sox announces so. -- host. Today at least they want a Marcus told even when Murray was we're first in regards Terry always -- and he would do whatever you have to do to -- to team better. Then he wouldn't put Gaza but the team. That was a foundation and we all understood that I never had a problem where there have always told -- the well was this for us minnesotans. My expectations were not to come back can be traded we both understand that but this is a business CO Princeton. Cannot do -- my preference -- The tie ourselves to -- He billion dream and that's where -- but this forced to organization with the Phillies where they wanna go and the vision for the future. And I can't speak when you have. As -- -- for right now this whether it is in if it's changed and there was. That's Kevin Garnett the big ticket I will say this and I saw this on Twitter over the last couple of days and to me this is a no brainer. I know how little time he actually played here. I know that you know was acquired him came in here and they won a title yes you retire his number. Despite the the brevity of his Celtics career yes I would retire Kevin Garnett number. Oh yeah I don't think that's. Well it's Ron -- number two. That's why -- retire I think actually yet at the lets you know I never thought of that arm this is what his sixty year. I am I would look it up I would guess Dennis Johnson played seven years maybe. -- is number retired. Maxwell seventy years had his number retired would you say it again Reggie Lewis played here six that's different but you know and obviously a retired and -- charity in calories out. You were the first team on the players that championship year. Game seven of the finals another time I mean what Garnett has accomplished here. Mean dad so he played three or four more years they weren't great seasons he'd say OK boy ten years we can retire out I'll take the six or seven really good years. Oh definitely I think. I mean having to listen I'm ray Allen's numbers -- tire iron and that's gone well known on an but yeah obviously pierce and Garnett I retired gold is still. -- pierce is a no brainer obviously. But yeah. If -- been wouldn't come off three years fewer than four years maybe not but six years. I have always said the the Red Sox retire too few numbers in the celtics'. Retire to -- and other too many retired Celtics numbers you look at them out there and read used to use it. As a way of honoring you know. I mean to last the top has his -- retired right because the only -- retire his number but you know what I'm saying it then there were there were there are too many retired -- -- I understand. But off this team well it's pretty easy to think about pierce anyway but I would absolutely retire Kevin Garnett number for what he did. To change the culture here. What he did have to you know not only when a championship but changed the perception of this franchise this. Those of us who lived through how bad they work yeah and what it was like around here if you were Celtics and it was as low as you could go not only that but this ownership group. Is gonna feel late debt of gratitude to pass to Kevin Garnett and as they should and they're gonna -- honor him. It got there it's their team I if I were them I would retire. He's been a great -- -- great Celtic and he deserves to have his number retired -- I'm convinced that did that. That's gonna happen I'd be shocked if it didn't happen almost immediately after retired you know next year -- I think that's definitely yeah. Now he says he doesn't wanna go anywhere I I actually believe I I truly do believe them -- some guys say stuff and you say oh yeah right. He he seems to be you know don't ask the question if you don't want the answer kind of guy. And I believe when he says that he doesn't wanna go anywhere now I also is you just turn -- that cut -- -- -- a little wiggle room that if Danny -- to a woman you know -- He went out of his way to say. He and Danny had an understanding when he re signed here. That he wasn't resigning here to be traded. Now I'm not sure how much that it's -- -- to be honest with you or. If at all I mean effectively has no trade -- Danny can put some proposals together like I said if he goes to Garnett and in in positions it. Sort of you know with some we've -- this is better for the franchise for the future you know you can go to clippers trying to win a championship you live near the area friends new organization. That you might wanna do it may be Garnett will think well they don't want me here. So maybe -- government maybe you exercise -- and that's it it's it's it's his right. Up with eggs that come that I just I don't I think he's going to be around here in nature may be different. -- -- and -- Well both for the NBA all star game takes place tonight you do have the possibility and I hope you. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch NHL hockey tonight the Bruins are in Winnipeg to face off against the jets. Other will be no Milan Lucic each in tonight's game. It was one of those strange situations they played in buffalo Friday night spent the night got up yesterday morning got on a plane flew to Winnipeg. And as soon as they got off the plane went immediately to the practice -- to have a practice this yet so few practices available to you in this compressed schedules so they. They flew to Winnipeg. Went to the practice -- Prepared to go on the ice Milan Lucic each apparently got a message from home. And immediately went back to the airport and hop on a plane and flew back to Boston yesterday. I've Claude Julien said it's a personal issue he said we all have personal lives and and this is a personal issue so Milan will not play tonight. He flew back here. Unfortunately after you've gone all the way to Winnipeg the second promising getting from Winnipeg to Boston is not a on nonstop quick shot -- so he flew back here last night will not played in 98 and all fall will apparently make his Bruins debut tonight. And and the Bruins will play the Winnipeg jets for the second straight road game the Bruins are gonna go on the road against a team desperate. The Buffalo Sabres had a a boo birds out the the people were cat calling in and you know calling for Darcy -- job calling for Lindy Ross job they've they want everybody on. And especially through two periods of the other night it sounded like they wanted to -- gone before the game and sabres to their credit put together a great third period beat the Bruins. At the Bruins were horrible on the third of buffalo played really well to yeah you've got the almost identical situation going on in Winnipeg. Where the Winnipeg jets fans are all over the honeymoon of all we got hockey back were just so happy you're here we don't care right now it's like but he kept me. They've lost three in a row at home. Bruins command tonight there are kept calling for Claude no wells' job the head coach and the GM and see you should have a desperate hockey team again facing the Bruins. In a road game for the Bruins and missed the second of five game trip -- gonna come home tonight after the game 'cause they don't play again until Wednesday in Tampa. So they'll come home and then continue the five game trip they've got the the Tampa Florida swing -- -- and they close it out with the game on the island early next -- he had this is this is the ice show it's in towns so. Both teams got to get the heck out of town road trip that we have every year Pandolfo has won their fourth line. Probably yeah what they did was put cleverly. In two. That spot. Portland teaches spot -- and and -- at -- always the way they were skating yesterday he was on the fourth line. With Campbell on form. Hi I am I guess would move up to the third line under those circumstances and they go from there so you do have NHL hockey available to -- at 6 o'clock tonight. Then you have the NBA all star game available to you if you want. -- -- Or thereabouts is that generational I mean did her twenty year old kids going to watch in the NBA all star game tonight we're disorder mocking it. Is -- one of those things I you know it could be I don't know but I just feel like it's just so goofy. Now in my I was younger it was it was still goofy but you know semi competitive. Now it's just evolved into basically guys just -- setting up guys for dunks good question I don't know the answer. Whether young -- young people are. Flocking for the opportunity to watch to count the number OBM sure to be you know much higher for younger viewers older viewers -- Is anybody can sit there and say you know they give 48 minutes of basket but tension forty minutes about going on -- striking art picture Obama. And out Red Sox by the way in in this is another cheap plug for my my primary employer. This morning and NASA is going live at Fort Myers -- this Red Sox now so you can watch spring training. At 10 o'clock with the sound Jenny Dallas there while we can the sound up we were working I'm saying people watching television all sound and listening to -- yeah shore course and and it's funny because there was a time in the aftermath of World Series championships. Where I think people were they couldn't wait to watch. Pitcher fielding drills and things like that PFPs and analyzed over two years ago area. I'm not sure if there is the same interest level this year I'm not sure there's the same. Excitement about the start of the new season. This is probably the most pessimistic I can remember Red Sox Nation being yen. Ten years. Yeah probably after the carry on year rate since Dallas yeah. I mean it's it's usually you know been for decade or so used to patriots handing off to Red Sox and Bruce's Celtics keep ricin arrested near term and now it is different people and not listen I was on the radio. Almost all last week people are into the -- right now. They're just not to prove it to me team they have to get off to good start and then maintain their people right now. It's -- -- meaning good. Self serving though this may be ultimately it is there is a brilliant piece on WEEI dot com by Allan spear sorry -- I am. I mean I'll get to yours. -- great effort to die if the there's a brilliant piece by Alex -- on WEEI dot com -- be tightly as the blueprint defining the path to the next great Red Sox team. And as only Alex can. Because he's got the space in the time in the abilities deal it. Because into great depth about how bench Harrington has set about the task of rebuilding this this franchise to have to re -- past glory. And as Alex points out all of this rebuilding is made possible by the fact. That they were able to make that trade last August. With the Los Angeles Dodgers and that is the deal that allowed all of the other things to happen now. I think most of the offseason acquisitions that chairing -- made with the possible exception of -- Hanrahan -- pretty underwhelming. For most people yeah. -- -- Within the Specter and Alex is talking about and wrote about. It makes sense yes no five years six years three years okay because you're waiting for the younger guys. I'm just interested to see organizationally. If there in a close spot here in in the wild card race if -- a game to open the -- line will they continue to be disciplined. If they think they have a chance to -- Well -- Willis ownership allow bench Harrington to maintain this and they get they get a call from some team has some -- ID really like. But he not can not mean I forgot the top prospect maybe the fourth or fifth passed prop prospect of Ben Stiller as -- one. Well as -- or Henry -- any of these guys in the strong arm and say well you know we need. Ratings are great in is that gonna happen or they gonna say -- This is your campus here for a couple of Beers it's up to you right or wrong this is your chance. Will see I mean. I think that they have the luxury this year of if they go 8470. Or 82 -- it's a huge improvement last year that and if they're good guys and they stay out of the way and it seems like they're playing hard at least that's perception. I think fans will be OK with that they missed the playoffs like to be overwhelm and be okay. I think there are zero expectations not among the fans this year there's none of this got a lot of big -- -- -- did compete with the Yankees. -- Red Sox fans have given up the ghost. Of competing with the top teams in the AL east this year for the yes yes that matter of fact it was before advocating not signing these guys. Yeah I remember don't go after Josh and -- don't don't go after the fact cranky if Josh Hamilton editor freeagent the year before. Ever been a conversation or two years ago to them why how we saw this. What's wrong with ownership now it's changed so bad is that they give any really. Good opportunity here and -- some wiggle room which. -- Red Sox -- lot of wiggle room too often. So -- he doesn't but yeah it was a good piece by Alex. And you know I feel it for the first time now this is clearly chart Christine alt -- mistakes I think wiped out with that trade up to him -- I have no idea whether he's up to the task they have -- zero. Knowledge of whether he he -- -- early returns I'll say I like the offseason moves yet. But early returns given you know. The trade for for Bailey the trade from the Lanston. Competition for -- -- say the early returns are not quite a figure saying while this is you know the second coming of you know Branch -- yourself for. No but I'm okay with tallies yes but doing ticket system so far given that which once they break it that's a big should be nervous if your Red Sox. Six. On 77797937. -- telephone number text line is always available to be at 37937. I promise we've got -- long enough between us text says the only thing I ever enjoyed during all star weekend was bird winning the three point contest. We used to love the NBA all star weekend back in those days I mean back when the slam dunk championship. Yeah actually knew for your for the names that was and it was the best player in the leak was was hit it out I mean you actually knew who the players -- Forget the real one you would have -- by Jordan. And Dominique and Clyde Drexler and Ron Harper. -- I mean real players obviously that bird doing the three point contest you know that we can in Chicago is sort of the peak of it. But I -- think it's 'cause it was new then you know still relatively. Infant now it's just been going on forever -- right I mean the normal. Sports going fan who doesn't pay much attention the NBA does not know these guys. The slam dunk contest they don't. Mean James White doesn't have a burgeoning fan base ahead of the embassy -- one national commercials no.

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