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Ryan Dempster reveals what made him decide to come to Boston

Feb 14, 2013|

Boston Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster joined Dino and Gerry on set and talked about why he chose Boston over other potential teams this past offseason. Dempster also described his experience as a stand up comedian in Boston.

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And everybody it's beautiful day for baseball Harry Carrey. And every. Where George's. Well being and caves. And we're going to take a look at some of the most it's -- good Susan day. Dumpster when -- college there that's actually hole and. That wasn't Harry -- that was Ryan Dempster welcome back to the yet new faces in new places segment of Dennis and Callahan program -- -- legal now Ryan Dempster. Welcome -- -- Are you like a little far from time to time. Pretty much all of them all the time you want those guys. Gathered every fifth day yeah even that's the kind of fun so your your approach on game day yes yeah your right. Yep I don't want talk a sure yet -- it's funny because we've been talking about the there's been a concerted effort to change the culture out of something the players to discuss streak in the new guys coming in. But they made a concerted effort to to bring guys in. Who who create a culture and -- contender in that -- also hasn't been -- for quite some time were you aware that that was part of the attraction for number of these people like you would Gomes for instance mom. -- I I. No we street articles are going to -- on the matter where you're playing with who you're playing and I have a good time and -- -- that we're playing baseball right at curing cancer. Moreover on doctors through her surgeries wrote the trying to play came -- on and in the clubhouse is guys that mr. should be that way. I think you know what you guys are really good that you see. A lot of fun and there are. That'll lead to some good baseball feel did you think translates into wins losses that you have to is one thing I never understood that. You have -- a bunch of guys and teams went in a 21. When -- -- in the dugout laughing and high five and have fun sure you lose an eight to one and you're doing that it was a bit alternating series. It it's kind of core laces a more relaxed you are. The more you gonna succeed and mortars that. You go out there and and do well I think he Steelers you prepared you putting your work. To do all those things bulletin success. Did you ever have -- veteran plea is that we're younger and say you gotta take this more seriously Salinger. Little too little loops and goofy yeah originally went home what do senile -- -- right. It was actually it's actually one of my -- stories we -- in Houston and we're losing sixteen to four. And it was a rookie year Anthony. We have I think fourteen or fifteen rookies on the team. And a pitcher on the team now calls from the bus but he told joking it was really funny it was it was one of those ones were. You could not lap right now but it was the really wrong time -- And remember we all laughed and we count on the -- Jim Leyland was looking down the dugout and Dustin Moseley on the board troll. So it was in the game -- wonderful on point four. And after the game of the restroom if he's double doors and he always Wear metal spikes his hardest. -- At the door opened up open. And I can't see what he said he's the -- he let us up but at the end of torture that was really get up for the fifth time. That he went in and now he came back and -- -- -- his office in. I'm when he came out and everybody be should be guard otherwise you gonna call the cops and have -- arrested her first Major League Baseball. So an academy at that point you know obviously when you are losing you -- to respect -- -- he. You know but but at the same timing and have fun out there and and -- -- game -- all the -- You got the joke no I don't -- unfortunately a. I was gonna ask about. It's pitchers taking that -- seriously when you get to that but since the subject is jokes. We have to ask you about the time he took the stage I believe the comedy connection in Boston. A minute it's it's not not a big deal for a sucks Clinton do that Jim Rice used to do a -- -- all the time and and black it all they just a couple of you actually did so a bit I settlers -- -- did stand up comedy for an. In front of a crowd with a Mike -- like -- night before it started he has the rest of our hockey. With a sperm in the -- spur of the moment thing and yes -- definitely spur of the moment. We who I was with my father who came proposed it weekend Mike Lowell and Jerome Avery. And they had they had some comedians are very schedule may discuss today if anybody wants to come often and my dad's been telling jokes and human -- that's -- -- in. We always go to -- -- -- Batman to study -- -- this sort of us began. And he's again a -- Went to a stage so how many minutes as the -- up there for bouts of agreements little nervous very nervous way -- get heckled. Com not too bad I mean he did introduce me as the -- during pitcher for the Florida Marlins at the bats are there. And thanked him for that yet as so are it is Esther conscious as they are you still individual jokes -- I'm a little bit of both. On what your coach who joke. I don't know. By my goatee joke -- pros Leo. It's actually joke it's about a Scottish man they finished in the game about rugby and after the Iraq beat zero sit around their time on the pub. The longest and I wish we're gonna go out above and have ourselves a B and what do you see come out of here with us. He says -- have a very -- -- bring you sorrow we overall he's a great time he says okay every race on. But you guys better not make make fun of -- laughing because he has no -- So not promised -- that we never do. Sailed out above their -- some Beers in the sitting there talking to -- in the first give excuses man room you get big league should look you know you got tree trunks relates particularly those -- you make one heck of a football player. Then again exodus is Monrovia bigger -- -- if that's -- They make one heck of a football -- you take -- -- -- -- -- have recognized since she got gorgeous -- of you know that they're beautiful. You got your mother's face he ticket does -- -- you -- -- February process. -- a pretty bet that's the subtly funny Gergen and -- like that only time that jump onstage. I think so. I've done did did a -- found him with that Jeff Garland. You did down in Atlanta one time on that club. I'm -- Situation which was a lot of fun. And it -- things again and Carriker thing is spot on. That's fun you know for me idea grown up in Canada we get a lot of baseball games writer -- games and games but. Yeah it's a cup games in. You to -- Mary Carey talked about something other than baseball baseball is on. Why. Any trepidation about coming back the American League. -- I don't know. In north at least now you know -- at. At first when I first got traded over to my first three starts in -- sixteen runs. That kind of put a -- -- my numbers but you know figure. You make pitches matter who you Patriots. You know face a DH is totally different facing a pitcher but at the same time. You know it was a lot of good lineups in the in the nationally -- you can tell last three years especially on the rosters so. You just gotta make pitches no matter who you're facing next few good pitches more times you have more censored. Are you do you have individual goals -- 200 innings thirty starts those numbers you're if you look at. Yeah I think 200 innings is really important for a lot of different reasons you know I think a means you're staying healthy. The you're keeping your team in the ball game most times. See your your. You're taxing the bullpen -- given them a break and I think as a starting pitcher those are three really. -- important parts and if you do those things -- got a chance school and went while opponents this is a team has struggled mightily last year what's attractive about it to you this year. Tom bulletin it's a different team yeah you know obviously it's been put together a lot different. You know -- Really really like to -- Earl. Yet -- the all the possibilities of a while their pitch every fifth day for him. And and the guys that they added you know something that appealed to me in and obviously put a boss and as structures on something that's. You know pretty humbling so I've been really lucky to to be a part of to really special franchise now I'm looking forward to going there and try and the projection here. We've always said that the Fenway Park in Boston that entire atmosphere is a little bit different than than most of the places I don't know what he would agree with that or not maybe be better served answer that if you play there. -- but does it seem. Different to you and and we also said that some people are built for that and other people are. If they are and Carl Crawford with the famous example of somebody who wasn't just wired right for. The white hot spot like it was Philly park in Boston you walk. Yeah -- think. You have to understand -- situations -- you have you and I huge passionate fan base from. Who expect to go out there and I think Carroll. You expect to be prepared expect to give a 100% and I think if if you do that is a big league baseball player if you are prepared you give a 100% that you should get the results you're healthy you're gonna get the results that you need because you. You have prepared you know people talk a little pressure I was sort of pressures. As not being prepared. You know it's -- -- -- have done more what he's doing you're supposed to do which are working and you know whether it's physically mentally get ready for the game and the rest will take care of itself and you know I love situations like plain and in -- and a place a fan -- opposing player was something that I really enjoyed -- -- -- -- -- in his own players on the report. When you came up at 21 years old did you think he had this kind of career ahead of you that has held the Brewers littered. We could tell the pitchers and just one day the elbow and some longer in the shoulder and -- the guy throws. 22200. Innings 547. Games that's not normal as. Now there. Know for sure I mean I think when I first came up that I was yard plays this game forever but I. But then right away I got a reality check and realize how -- the big league level was and I think the one thing that I always try to do is just keep -- Comment keep making adjustments because. You know people -- -- field do for him if he can do that work hard. You know pitcher work and so that you don't mean anything to chance and if you can physics they physically ready and make it just as mentally. That's hopefully like -- keep doing this for a little while longer obviously two years here but you look at it say you can do to the 4042 lament what -- -- the number yeah I not allowed to do it -- you know my forties I think that's. You know something in. Is it is a challenge you know as you go along your streak -- -- things -- challenger push you and you know not just -- at a plateau -- push yourself on it now you know but at the same time he got to take each individual you're not look too far ahead -- just get the most I can this year. And then -- career and stay in the community company. A little old for -- how can -- be a Shepherd. -- You know it was a Shepherd who's the quarterback the -- with Brady ultimately. Yeah he's the goat herder. That that that did -- thing and is in the six guys contrast that Brady quarterbacks battalion right now. -- Geovany. And Andy's a -- Is it yoga instructor and Goldberg got it back up is the NFL and if he crashed and burned in the NFL I -- think it affected him in the in just went off the wilderness. That's your plan on August. What. You're a lot of choices with Boston the obvious choice was -- tough choice and what was the factor money. -- the other factor was chance to win. At this point in my career. I wanna when rosters. That's what drives you won in Florida. Now whenever one has Emerson between the two of them so all yes so for me you know a bit of the last couple times of the Cubs -- -- it was three and -- and you know at least that -- while the wanting it. And they that is true is you go along in your career that's only. So -- care where -- major money you've got your time and you wanna go out there and gathering in look at their team in and what they ruled that you would put together a team and I think we have it. As -- a chance as anybody in the back in the -- but would instantly in baseball. Did you think at Texas human and that was that the years -- figuring yeah absolutely I thought bigotry no other news the team was doing great of course they did work though but. You know -- that are really good team down there. I think we got a chance in -- And on good teams that bad club buses and in -- says if these guys were just such. It's sour like guys that could just get along that we could win. Yeah absolutely I've been I think it's a situation where the CK just have a good clubhouse guy out there when games yet that talent whose bottom line. But there is something about it when you have guys that understand why they're there in the right reasons whether there. And do we do things for each other and pick each other up you know you got to pick a guy up when he struggling. Tell how -- he's doing when everybody else on how bad he's doing. You know and and have some fun relaxed those things like man you know we need a break let's go. Have a team dinner let's call goes right to go -- -- just can't tell him about it. What's the standard operating procedure when you go to a new team is that uncomfortable to have to go -- and start putting names and faces lowering these guys are in the clubhouse guys and -- how to drive from your apartment to the ballpark how unsettling is that. Yeah that's it it's an adjustment period and I think you know done a few times now. But you know also to you go to that you can win here. With the team for a long time sometimes Jets internal -- new guys coming in. And you're the other guy on the other side right so you kind of know that -- in that like -- violence against a lot of these guys. And so he's your you know them you're comfortable around them. It's just in the knows some players you mentioned the other opener which is by most people's -- -- as ballclub does that in any way. For you what to pitch differently have a different approach to the guys behind you were solid in all the way to the to the closer. It's definitely nice Phelan. You know you can see here you go from pitch number one right you know I'm not a guy who's ever really set him on the whole back. But always believe that if you put a lot of work in before it yourself stories and just go go from the get go anyways -- But is is pretty impressive when you look at the arms you have down there hopefully we can all America the year healthy he's Ryan Dempster. Part of Boston Red Sox rotation welcome Boston C north we get there thank you are epidemic -- -- with Dennis and Callahan will be right back.

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