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Red Sox injuries continuing into 2013

Feb 12, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Red Sox getting spring training underway. They talk about if the injury to Clay Buchholz is cause for concern and whether the slimmed down John Lackey can turn himself around in the eyes of the fans.

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Yeah. Yesterday's. Game we gonna do abuses. Abraham Lincoln's birthday. -- -- Should be. We don't we are gonna sprinkle in Osama. Abraham Lincoln trivia tonight. Passing Lincoln songs Lincoln logs that type of thing I know all about you know I know everything there is to know what they were Hamlet on the bragging here today. Writer I don't do you know -- like that very humble guy. But I don't everything there is to know about Abraham Lincoln did you know he's terrific at a sport that the Olympics are thinking about eliminating. Chopping -- Now splitting rails no. Neither of those things. Ugly beard growing splitting it -- what is it wrestling great -- all he was a wrestler. -- castle bear. They could wrestle five guys who wants. Watched yet civic and notes from down south I don't know I'm just I'm just talking like that are from southern Illinois he has an. In fact he -- boarding Kentucky. Okay darling really confuses and Abe Lincoln because he was father for country. One of great emancipated. No question Gettysburg address donated letter addressed my -- no I do not my favorite or how far you go number four. A strike current four score and seven years ago yeah it's -- a -- support his cartoonish it's Hitler data brokers don't agree very created. Games say it's a choked up every 1218. Or nine if Lincoln born he'd be -- ordered four -- if you were alive John Wilkes -- at Chatham. You might even listen live to be to -- -- we don't know -- Star actor John Wilkes Booth jumbled who shot him yet crazy freak. Confederate you know one spy -- -- really you know. -- shot of its -- at the F Ford's Theatre in Washington I think it's on twelfth street. And you know midway through our American -- Around 10 o'clock. And it took them to about 7 o'clock morning and it -- actually passed away after two close -- brought him in the house across it. I don't like everything terrorists to know. But I'm sure we'll get many questions about that -- people have already gotten over that you see the film. I got a text theory if Lincoln was not the front of our country Washington was a -- joke. Eight joke I was hitting you think I don't know that -- techsters you know. There's a guy texting already have an Abraham Lincoln Chia -- got to get one shows. She impact. 617779793. -- -- we -- talk about that why we should get a total baseball tonight as well as obviously means god is our post that the last thing here we go you know writer of this team right this Celtic team and not by a break. You know is amazing to me last damage after the game. More people seem to be up in arms and upset about the -- -- injury in the Rondo injury. Well open arms I mean there's just there's saddened by what I can understand that came as well -- I'm saying. That they think this is a more pivotal injury than Rondo is -- that's just stupid but the fact not everyone I'm saying -- there -- as a percentage and those polar stupid. Because they should nobler and I know we've been here about this now the streak is over okay and it's over because the team was hired last night. They got to the point where they got -- -- fourth quarter. Barbosa goes down adding insult to injury late in the -- their hired they just he would possibly. Do it's. Eleven seconds remaining users and I'm not you don't hear about mr. Celtics excuse maker you know better than that and no I'm not here to make an excuse for the team -- -- -- -- win that nip and tuck game down the wire but. That they're they're they're back -- guard situation and that he gets hurt. So now you're going to deeper into the depths they played three triple overtime game fifteen extra minutes -- with 54 minutes. The night for dinner guest they were hired OK you know analysts is caller what it is there's not anything good that they were tired. We'll find out how to do -- the bulls were -- they are the candidates and big of people themselves and including joke you know. TD garden -- game is 1730 game -- it is. And we'll have the pregame tomorrow December meanwhile tonight we -- look as little information trickling in on the Red Sox as they get ready and -- Let's kind of get the halls. Of the Red Sox -- audience of witches it's a vast -- -- we have the Red Sox fans out there because after row of the flagship station of York. Boston Red Sox but let's get our let's get our fingers on the pulse of people in and gauge just how pessimistic people -- because right. I surmise. That this will be the most pessimistic season since. 93. You know right around there in a winter Jack Clark leave those before that it seems like he was still there on that team. 93 let's just let's go back twenty years. If we can't imagine young days yet what wanna find -- because that was a (%expletive) poor representation. Twenty years ago and has been a long long nice run. For the Red Sox since obviously since the new ownership took over they've had a nice run and tool like the last. Year and a half I guess. -- -- the leak 2011 when there would seem to be rushing to. -- put on his team I don't know what you wanna call it the chicken jinx the beer and chicken. Jinx the Josh Beckett they know whatever was. I heard Glenn say today would be really really know as much as we're thankful for the Dodgers from. Stepping in rescuing the Red Sox from salary futuristic hell -- they were about to embark on my particular players makes. There's still some dead wood on this team. And more importantly there's an attitude from people. Of dislike. Are even even a guy who wonder why I don't understand how you can not like Pedroia dad. And I'd like to hear from anybody who doesn't like printer market crusher. To talk about it. Tell us why but tell me why. And what is about Dustin Pedroia that you don't like now it was if you're talking about you know go like Lackey. And another thing with with what Lackey de -- Lackey right now I'm getting all the cause. At least -- what they need -- -- why he hasn't pitched a single damp pitch but he lost some weight OK so maybe cut pennies to get light here now or something but. This team has got to go through this a little bit tonight and talk about. What are the futures for this team. What can we expect my biggest fear writer is that even if they play well as well as they can't. And you know they -- 88 games. That might be good for last place in the American League east on I 88 won't be last you don't think so well now you think they'll be somebody under 500 the American League east. Could be a slip under five under really yeah I think so. That we would be more up to its epic Red Sox if you're gonna if he advocates he I had the Sox finish and endurance of a threat and ahead of the Orioles. Man I mean I don't know but we're gonna talk about the Red Sox roster and talk but the competition will be tonight what's going on what can be possibly expect these guys -- -- well -- -- -- How does not pessimistic are -- We're gonna find that out like this negativity and like I mean and negative but I'm an optimistic guy -- and offset some of this some of this -- his -- will be responsible for all of it. I -- for the first time ever I'm not picking the Red Sox to win the American League east is for the World Series order it. World Series. But I am gonna try to maintain a positive outlook on this to give the people who were coming in here gonna give -- their ball. And I talked and Jonny Gomes here. Okay I'm really not really key cog he's out there left villagers started in left field how we do know for example that. That will middle works is even better than he was last year. Maybe he's a thirty home -- hundred RB I guy out of the box this year depending on -- -- let's -- so. Maybe he's going to be one of these guys who can almost single handedly lead the way to -- or inspire other people to greatness. On this team there are problems there are holes. There are question marks that corner outfield seems like an issue to me. The -- Always spot Victorino in right. The -- Gomes and and you did you know the back ups in novelists we night I'm not gonna go as far on limits to to via optimistic about what -- gonna produce those red sexting. But I will say -- -- victory. And two of the guys at all. I think just having -- in right field is going to help the pitching staff. Contains some runs Korea welcome on the hired victory on the goal and. He's pretty quick. And pretty pretty recovering ground and they need gap in right field they needed desperately had it would Redick but they -- they lost that they gave it up for bullpen. Area -- that was damaged goods. Another noted two were by the okay for those of you were twenty years ago this year 91993. I was working at NEC and I was at spring training. I sent down to spring training by that network and at Fenway Park all the time doing live shots and covering his recess team butch Hobson was the manager. Expect expect all right guys stop there. Which he was the manager god bless some. Tony Pena. Mo Vaughn and his first year he drove a hundred runs that year 29 home runs he was like those first full season point five years. Scott's lecture -- second base -- -- short. He was a youngster and until Scott Cooper. Third of perennial all star green he left Billy Hatcher in senator. Carlos can. And Manning first in right field and the DH was Andre Dawson. Right in the very end of his career for those who don't remember. Andre that year at age 38. Thirteen homers 67 RBIs clearly on the way. But they have such other names as -- -- Even worse even called her approach of manager Bob Melvin was catcher then for the Red Sox rob deer he had gigantic holes in his back. When he swing -- Jonny Gomes -- him daring. Luis Rivera. Greg mosser aren't allowed these names I don't know is this like refinement of twenty years ago out of pitching staff are you ready for this. Clemens obviously. Eleven and fourteen with a four point 46 does that sound like it sounds like westerners last year's numbers kind of in a way yes. Danny Darwin frank frank Bayh dole who was eleven and eight he actually integrity -- rate errors see -- Ceiling at 23 starts Sealy John Thompson he of and I asked if former expo it weird years. Greg Harris who threw lefty and -- Kenny Ryan Tony Fox's did you dispense yes of course I remember him Greg Harris taken the tee to the ballpark. Twenty years ago when I was just -- here's the question with high school audience is this year's team. Going to be better. In the 1993 respects. Eighty and 82 they were okay that's a nice middle ground is this year's red -- -- going to be better. Or worse. The 1980s and 1993. Regrets. That's good because I think many people feel there are around their eighty dating him yet roundly lawsuit people say 617 -- have a 797 of the things talk about tonight. Also from this year's Red Sox play buckles of the -- -- -- -- -- in mild. Hamstring. Pull or strain. -- David Ortiz -- off a little bit on Bobby Valentine today. He said you know we -- that quote. You know a lot of managers have a lot of issues with -- manager let a lot of players have a lot of issues -- last year we have a new manager guys familiar with your organization. A guy who we pretty much grew up around that's John sorties barrel parenthetically. An organization team is like the human body if they head is right the body's gonna function right if they had as messed up in the body's going to be all over the place. It seemed like that was part of our situation last year guys were comfortable with the -- that we had guys were struggling even situations as a player you need to handle better sometimes get confused. You get caught a situation we don't know how are you gonna react to -- Basically he's saying. Questions problem was Bobby Valentine. And let's not mistake what what was a reluctance on his part to come back earlier than and we hope last year probably based on knowing damn well. That team is going to write down the poop shoot. And that Bobby Valentine was the reason he did like -- it was gonna play for the rest of the team felt the same. And now it's all different so you're you're thoughts on that as we get to the phone 6177797. 937. Our first caller is from -- lovely town Steve are you there. They're like it don't hi Steve are you doing -- My call I just say I like the back. That the perception and at that and on the Red Sox get a lot of upside there you know you don't happen at all are ranked higher every -- -- you don't. Role players victory you know Corey really hot at all -- like Pedroia I -- Better than to be better than Carlos Canton and right field and today. -- content -- right. That -- you know that they need guys like are you look at church right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- battle you start -- -- I think -- at the top spot that you that you are. No use for any matches at giants and and they they're they're number one player last year got kicked off the team for uses steroids and they still 102 to well. I I don't like to comparison because. Matt Cain is better than Jon Lester look at their starting rotation. -- Not healed better last year yet but he overall Z he doesn't have I got to take Matt Cain over Jon Lester like Lester but I'm gonna take McCain. Yes -- -- -- like that it would my I noble Roger Clemens was on the 93 Red Sox he wasn't their best starter. Danny Darwin ones. So you know and had taught when I remember that year did -- have he had a great win loss record -- fifteen and eleven yes yeah. And and you know Lester talks about -- be in the now via the -- you're looking for from a -- it is nowadays -- so so -- -- so let me give -- that we have a scale of one to -- hundred where's your pessimism -- your optimism ratio what is. I'm like. 530 -- -- to black -- and -- surprise people they don't know. Or -- -- several losing your cell signal but thank you for the call. He's got a pretty high percentage of optimism based on what I think he's gonna here tonight you know what I feel is gonna happen Mikey definitely will be some negativity at first. And as we get closer to the season it would close in on the season. There's going to be people predicting. This team is a wildcard team were first please stay in power always happens that way Alessio out there on the field -- just during the guys. Outlets to bestow. Based on twenty years ago 8082. Victor -- definitely wins over cantata so let's give the Red -- of this year plus one as we talk about each position jacket. Jackson Braintree. And Mikey or Ajax. That he or you don't get he not the direction and actually. What the problem with the Red -- leadership and you know. Is there. In Iraq or anywhere Pedroia. They'll you know oh well -- senate budget on time this sort of controversy. -- to -- is you know the court what we go to Canada and around in this way the group players' meeting in New York. You know today they interviewed them you know while. Numbers guy that we can talk to. You know -- perception I don't know the guy like. It seems like he's part of the issue well. Now let me ask you this did you ever say that prior to the Bobby Valentine here. There are part of about about Pedroia yeah -- I mean -- important I mean those guys were there and oh seven's -- is there a chance greater chance that all of this negative equity. About the record these dark in the most commercials -- employed currently you -- -- OPEC. You know I guess think that -- kind of resistant to change. The end I think he's a leader in the club policy -- and I'm not sure they don't follow them. -- can I offer different alternative view of him I think he's I think he's not opposed to winning mean to losing I think that that once the team starts to lose. It dread because they be different animal as to a lot of players. I -- was he great friends that Francona absolutely they were very tight. Francona adored him Francona told us a dinner. If I 24 more Pretoria as we never lose a game that's how much she believed in it. And going Pedroia you know what I don't know where you'll likely. I don't their global. What's the you know referral Africa you're just you're just regurgitate everything and Pedroia likes by. I'm sure that the way to -- and he give -- away debris. 0100 per hour now and and so kudos situations where he artist. -- -- -- Well what's Oakland develop their -- the red sex really haven't developed -- chest to rattle and it always develops it all right. I don't believe only get this straight year all right everyone. Is a fan of Terry Francona and defending him because of what apple with -- ownership. Now Dustin Pedroia is defending Terry Francona and everyone hates Pedroia I don't -- -- We're going at the time this time ago. Well you know they leave their church. You know adept resort once they do it war -- a year ago OK thank you could. But I think that if it indeed at one whipping -- Q questioning you on here is you or lack of liking Pedroia is based on what again. The comment about Youkilis to them for. Okay well into the woods and we don't do things around here's -- way Houston -- ever that he's a hockey -- its properties -- and they think he's cut his cocky that's part of being him you know me that a lot these -- you go back in time find people cocky in sports and they're all good. And if they're not they're not -- never -- now let me just do this though because second base -- right field clear. The 2013 Red Sox have a point advantage on Carlos can time -- 93 -- Scott Fletcher in Pretoria I think most people gold Pedroia -- so right now. Rat costume based on two different positions like -- Scott Fletcher is personal for that person right answers it. As well as he says I don't even know how we do things on --

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