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John Saucier has his first hosting gig today and gets things started with some background on how his Sauce-man style has been wrecking things on the Boston airwaves

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If you got the -- Massachusetts was in a state of emergency war. Guess what. It's a real one now my name is John south CA this is the -- radio program if you're sitting in your house note in -- got a great drinking game for you to play tonight. Every time you hear the words osment slid down because of course. Mobile -- -- people on the radio this this osment radio program entered in here and pretty much every single clip we out tonight. We are taking your feedback throughout the evening you can tax that's 37937. Wanna know what you think about my first show here also be out on Twitter and that's really the best way to get in touch at real sauce men don't go outside osment back guy's -- The real Saltzman. If you really wanna call phone triggers 617779. Seven not 37 but between you -- -- of the phone calls just a little bit awkward I mean come. Who really actually calls and wanted to Morgan's 2013 but once again 6177797. -- 37 or text number 37937. But -- we pick up the show yours thoughts on sports and everything else. Once again it's all really want to -- old -- all these days. I think my mom and dad. And that's about it -- Anyways if you know me my name is John -- -- bend on this radio station for jealous -- the past three years in one form of another so that name her voice sounds familiar to you. That is possibly why. These days -- the afternoon sports -- update anchor on the big show Monday through Friday from two to 6 PM. And thanks -- -- that children was listening right now you -- -- let's show you may have heard some of the stuff we've done recently. This -- 77. Seven and 9376. Wants. 77 now. That bed at 93. Seven. -- -- We'll wait for it. -- -- It's it's also exiled so anyways these days once again afternoon drive here on WEEI supplies Skype for -- and Michael bought. As well that one out there are no it always wasn't like this. Make your way up the radio world in the radio business takes a lot of determination a lot of guts a lot of great as Kevin Garnett would say. So I just want a real briefly as kind of an intro to you give you a little bit of the back story here. On my rise to if you want to call this the top riser where we are right now it's -- for a Saturday night when the huge snowstorm. The time slot and help. I want to talk to you about my first day ever on W -- -- been here for just over three years my first day on the air here was back in September ninth. 2009. The reason I know that because of the date. 999. -- -- on -- debut here on WEEI but first sports last person I ever did on the air here was on the old dale and Holley show. And -- muted sports slices horrendous it's I listened to it now it's -- it's real bad. And so once again this is much for sports -- over an hour show you -- -- column. Sport slash. This update run by New England Baptist hospital knowing about its arsenal but he official the hospital Boston Celtics were 23 -- a lot more visit any -- dot pork all right this is this absolutely this is obsolete or redness actually -- a -- -- tonight at Fenway gets a raise young lesser. -- on the candidates who are really screwed up. They've Springfield an -- -- about -- they've -- we don't listen -- isn't blowing the posts. This Robinson John Stockton longtime jets head coach Jerry Sloan would have gone to go to C. Vivian Stringer on jobs out the -- that's -- sports flat and. It's also called over and over modulated right there once again I apologize for that but my first ever sports flies it's what makes sure the you know were discovered from -- back on September ninth. 2009. In -- -- sitting. With my own show so they -- was as a weakened flashpoint there nobody knew what was maturity -- does now bullet. Literally nobody knew what was outside of course my friends and family was barely make any money you know those jobs don't paper ball. Walking to work many times earlier early in the morning in the cold I'm not lying about that either. I eating macaroni cheese and hot dogs -- Miller high life. Wearing the same socks over and over again. Up the wrong about the right so let's say it's been about a year like that but the good news is Mike -- did begin to get a little bit better slash. Call -- trying him for all your auto glass replacement needs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- straight trust that one what can I say so I was not halfway through my journey through this radio on a wonderland if you wanna call bad and -- It's still pretty good about their seed Ohio was on a regular weekend shift to a pretty well and something that every radio announcer hopes for actually happened here full time -- opened up for the mid day. Sports flash I was so excited. And I applied for a game. Yes you're right I did not get it. And big fat failure. And I was down in the dumps -- audit results restored folks. Things were not going well for me then I didn't really know what my future held luckily for me that very same time regular phone call from channel seven. And they asked me to become their afternoon traffic reporter and that really helped me big time. Abstract traffic let's check with the softness. And -- that. The latest for you looking at the worst afternoon commute we've seen so far your twentieth thirteen this is downtown Boston -- -- liberty right there by the way great guy if you do watch 7 NEWS second outsold -- wasn't the 7 NEWS afternoon traffic announcer which. I still lamb and I'm just small and along. After awhile. During the weekend shows and then one random Sunday it was all the flies for the Pete shepherd should just bored out of my mind. And not because of -- just because you know Sunday and I was you know lazy. And I decided to make this little gem hey this is something to. It might be afraid -- -- got these seven. Don't call him maybe. It's hard to. Code Red Sox lately. It's extreme -- Now I did that as a joke for that she'll -- to convince the producer to play at I'd really begged to produce of the weaker producer to play it. And the next day on Monday at a or call us some sort of big break but. It ran on every single show on the airwaves here on WEEI finally someone outside of replay -- but he knew what one's -- truck traffic. Let's check with a -- -- -- so many ways on. After a good little while I was promoted given a nice sizeable raise and put on the big sure every day. Hey it's the big show and it may sound crazy. You know their number of so called the may -- Michael hall leads dreadlocks and used to pieces away. Now he's called -- doctor letter. So here I am the last year or so -- the flash guy on the big show once again monitor chronic two to six here on WEEI. And we've been having a great time pretty much every afternoon discussing the most it's important sports topics and religious news of the day and I've really tried to put a lot in my flashes. In terms of journalistic integrity -- -- telling ABC's Katie Couric. That he did in fact live for a short period of time December after -- the woman he thought he was having a relationship. Was not in fact real -- offer. So rather great -- and so anyways thinks artists snowball of reforming and all of sudden I was on the one line. Director board blaster in the bank shall know them by age kids who want to -- over at the -- elated that they. Getting help just like I don't know that I did not reflect broader about the come up I think they could get a little bit. Technique that's Johns. In -- -- Johnson us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a good thing here get mistaken for upper. Casket that's got that writers -- excellent these guys all six classes so. Yes it's true I'm six feet eleven inches tall once again back bending Glenn and Michael really didn't know what was bought the wireline kind of kept me going. Cart increasing its did some kind of sparked brokerage fountain. In the article. -- I would quote. Which they are there are bad we know whatever it was based book. And -- People don't realize it so sees all of the value of put buttons and you confronts us he'd do exactly where this news that's. The not an exact date -- -- on track. -- -- -- Police say get his own show well they did in once again thank you to whoever that was yes in theory on 7 NEWS is wal. Every afternoon and this is from a paper one -- Not bad -- that -- you know classic the Bob via the Internet that you -- you know why did nobody. The -- that we can't stop bad pick. I got out back out erratic Cadillac statement epic superhero but nobody cared that they don't feel like the Olympics boiler gold belts. -- -- -- Current at this a lot of thought to create. Impersonator as well of. So anyways that's gone now went on the big show for me for a little while and things have been good. Lately -- -- up much thanks once again Michael England those guys to be supported the program at so. Finally about a month ago I got called on doing my own show here we are as you've heard it's been a long journey. I promise you work order on this particular show than anything I've ever done in broadcasting. May sound young but I would say -- Would -- some of veteran broadcasting but I've done this ever since. I know ever since economic college against really always wanna be radio broadcasts -- Here we go twenty something -- to two rankled the ordeal of chasing skirts of sports and not afraid to say it -- probity trailer in Bangor Maine and regular basketball scholarship to play prep school and was -- After that Nova Scotia -- -- Kohlberg Brandeis university in Waltham Wallace there we set the school mark best marketable time my senior heroes team captain. Fortunate enough also play in the NCAA tournament -- -- junior. -- senior years and it was great at 611 Lotta people say you know what he knew it and playing in the MBA. And it's my firm belief that some people are born to become a B players other born to become radio broadcasts are so. While school no I never scored a thousand points by. I'm in the record books for drinking 2000 years so I know is hang my I don't now one like yes. I played basketball in Italy France Canada Croatia all over the United States wants to get a -- radio TV broadcasting it's what I do every single day. And a promise from the bottom might argue were going to thoroughly enjoyed issue though if you don't you can acute -- -- -- -- rest. To -- be -- 37 and 937. More importantly please hit me up on Twitter wanna know what you think about the show. My Twitter handles real saucepan. And if you do wanna call once again I think calls -- bit awkward -- phone number. It's once. 77. Seven and 9376. Wants. 77 now. That bed at 93. Seven. You don't arrest by the way that was done live during afternoon drive. No big deal sort of ways of -- -- to notice here in Boston and -- all over New England. We've got two feet of fresh powder are out there right to the skiers are happy about the commuters are not. I've been locked up details of intelligence studio the last two days working on the show would also. All sorts of the -- last night at the absolute height of the blitzer I was out in government setter. I knew it was really wanna get people's sports opinions and you're about to hear those right after this.

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