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ESPN's Chris Broussard says Pierce would be a better fit in LA than KG

Feb 5, 2013|

Chris Broussard joined D&C to give his take on all the Kevin Garnett trade rumors. He says a Paul Pierce deal would make more sense for the Clippers. But if the Celtics decide not to make a trade, Broussard says they'll still have some success.

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The final hour Dennis Santelli at Google cope with ESPN's -- start in a minute or two let's get a couple of phone calls -- are very quickly before we do that Jackson western mass Jack would have forced. Well -- that this is an interest in the same since -- not been heard. Nobody ever brought up the question about. What are the ratings. The ratings as viewers we run those not playing nice buying. I finds itself the. Particularly earlier this season. When they were walking the ball up the Florida first is it is in -- first quarter and when he wasn't playing. And it was absolutely pouring blood who whistled for a unique fighting what about -- absent. In the attack that lose. That you get just that that's an act kick out of the back. Then the actual basket. And how exciting to think they have been since -- was left -- they've won four in a -- I mean you know winning is exciting is Ronald -- is gonna take a backseat to nobody to appreciating -- those albums but to win some basketball games 6777. It's 7937 joining us on AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT our friend for ESP Chris -- -- this morning Chris how aria. -- Worked on finding out water in terms of the trigger on the trade any trade. To what extent is Danny -- handicapped by that after mentioned success they're having without Rondo is at hand up by the -- while the women can really -- this -- gang up. Yeah me if I don't think he's handicapped now that you've visited Syria Lebanon hello or. An album well or something like that you've beaten some really good team. Then that's one thing but you know -- win streak. You know Miami. Obviously got a good seeing what it's like you know Miami can be up and down and Sacramento. Orlando although reporting in the -- of course didn't have group also. They know little or gaming industry like that it would not handcuff. Danny Ainge. It's hard to make it betrayed because even though it -- that plays well and end. So they don't make the playoffs. There's not a championship contender. And that ultimately -- me -- Doc Rivers of the have both novelty duplicate copy. Chris I stating the obvious when I say KG the clippers would signal LA is going for going for a hard -- the -- it would be waving the white flag. Yeah that would be the case but it. For what I was told they're not less troops in the rule would not be any doubt that broke the clippers coach. He would love to have a veteran like Kevin Garnett com. And he knows that that self exile will leave the break things -- if if they get a good deal. But the front office with the clippers. It has been threatening -- if everybody knows he's a very good player happens you're seeing but. Is -- two years or new contract after that for the work 23 million dollar -- 24. That had the clippers would be I've had it invaded they don't want to take cattle. Sold that -- this deal really isn't. From what I'm told it really isn't anything to get excited about it but all rule that out there will be included -- But yet it would happen certainly it would be exactly you stated what it does help you oughta bring him bled so buried very coveted rapidly. Mean that would Alltel you know life in the kitchen -- remove rod I don't know. No problem but I don't think this visit would not happen everything -- so this doesn't happen. What about -- obviously he's he's only do four or five million next year very tradable guy could help a contender. See him get moved before February 21 -- Well it than just it would. My gut felt that you won't be traded but certainly. He has a movable -- and you know you could fit in to a better paying the ticket. A championship game of the type that are considered the apathy that don't work here. -- -- the question what that you really getting back. It -- to execute and not let me give you a member of -- hole or most likely. And it got them while we have great wrap it is being like that -- so. It if they can get a deal that makes a lot of sense for the LP I think ultimately. They would do it but I I'm not strapped in the ideal opted out would it interacting. Because there is actually admitting people who are including murder. Up better fit with the clippers big art. Because they need to get free spot is in war all the way -- -- -- -- It would appear weak spot as strong improvement everywhere but that they could definitely you broke off here as we know he's from law and a bit. I would think that felt it wouldn't initiatives will play he would want to go about it -- -- it out well. That would make it but again equipment they're really -- looking ahead the -- -- -- Younger colleague that can play with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin forward you know several years rather than older better. Is Eric Bledsoe definitely getting traded by the deadline. No no no in fact. I've been told our -- -- he's not going to be traded before the deadline eve -- page right -- they're not elected but it promote more likely to happen. -- -- Odds. Or before October when he's eligible apparently happened it you know they have to decide we signed him to a long term extension. It is not because they don't like let omitted because. Date -- work as star. And they know he should go somewhere are equipped at all. Who would let told mr. It basically monitoring it right out but it definitely as partners in this league probably -- here elsewhere of course. When you're gonna be a starter in the -- that are trying to get ready for that group -- -- ability. I think what I understand that. And they want to maximize his value they know they can't time it won't hurt they don't have that I'd put money. -- would Max deal when the Blake Griffin beyond that you would make it to millions into the corporate all of them resize. So if you don't get traded but probably not with a deadly network they want to make a move this year. -- but the championship. So they know he held him in that regard they got a no brainer deals certainly they would probably make the move but the second reason is that. Even no indication that it Chris Paul will be signed with the clippers. It will -- -- -- that may have about a lot of eight somehow laid out early in the playoff. That could hurt her at all law. Oh yeah and hate that law the city. They have that you might lead they wanna keep Bledsoe had -- insure against that so. Why. I don't think you'll get moved before the deadline although you know you can never happen you know. We're talking with -- ESPN's Chris Broussard and -- as you can imagine there's a phenomenon taking place here quiet you know in the weeds got a phenomenon as the winning streak goes to four. With certain people saying hey they look like they're a better basketball team without Rondo in the backcourt and I wonder if you have any theories as to why and I know it's a small sample. They get their assists are up scoring is up defense is up shooting percentages up what's going on. Well few days. I am not -- -- -- is it that the very hospitable. I'm new witnesses and you know beat up wore their adhesive to quiet a little bit too involved in the undecided. I'll end it did not -- There are a lot of you -- -- it felt -- -- would kind of good player prospectus about issue dominate the basketball. But I don't think they're better is certainly not -- -- game to a liberal group both oppose right. I don't think they're better without a lot of it when it's hot or guys in the lead. And so I think definitely. Are better off with invite the. We can see happening right now. Is that is more ball to Rondo but they dominate the bat we bought the boat got pretty much him the ball make an obvious decision. How you got out of the fact that he. Because Avery Bradley and accordingly neither one that is true point guard like -- out of necessity. We have much more involved will be you've got play makers like a populism could make great decisions may play -- teammate Kevin Garnett the same way. So old that why you feel optimistic enough because there is more -- -- -- what player in the -- everybody's getting -- it and there are more about -- -- Avery Bradley. -- Arguably the best perimeter defender in the league -- as much as -- no it didn't you know. Reputed to be a great defenders. In -- scalp and coaches around the league and update you. You don't even got taking in the accolades and makes field. Think the only gambles like in. Eight out of position -- got back and so I didn't put up better defender on the floor. Without a lot of that loud would be better about it over them -- -- lot of the group who. He's proven that you can win the championship with being able to see you put it is not a great thing historically great. Report written up in the playoffs. So this is the guy today he definitely -- have you bought -- they can take some would it back and I know that's a long way away. We continue our permit you know it would be -- You can make them -- -- make sure you get more involved would they might. Yeah I was gonna say you took direct my next question we know Rondo likes to dominate the ball we know Rondo likes triple doubles but what could have a blend of both styles Rondo in that lineup playing a little bit more like they're playing now with ball movement is that feasible. What I certainly what you would try to do now a lot of times. Today you do have a lot of point guard that dominate the ball crisp all clinics that we know these past dominated the ba. In Phoenix. And you got some players from new birth -- -- -- to -- a lot of players nowadays dominate the ball. But it can look they even -- Miami. They have gotten better over the past couple of years because that Brad and way have learned to move without the ball. And it they've gotten horrible merit -- -- the court LeBron dominate it. But they're involved -- it has improved greatly and their player movement. And they are just sitting around watching knows who dominate the -- why wouldn't they were able to win the championship itself. It can't be done it's a little more difficult of a point guard because you've been to a net. For his whole life perhaps but it can't be done and that's certainly something. I'm sure they would would incorporate. A win Rondo get back that if it can be difficult as well because I guess they've gotten so used to play in that way nowadays. Give us a name Chris that we'll get more of the big name or two that will get moved in the next. Sixteen days. Work hard to give a guarantee of course but you know Atlanta it is certainly looking at his options would not submit. Trying to figure out what they're going to do with him you know they keep you -- move into would change but you know it's tough. You know a lot of seeing light chop -- work also a Max deal. And you wouldn't be a free agent so you really absent is scene. And no you can -- -- -- and is willing to commit that -- say you know. After the -- and so. That that game that I've been in our everybody wondering will they do about deficit. Well they didn't -- -- that one of old guy or maybe they don't do anything. I'll let go they have got there is not a big name against Toronto Andrea Bargnani. They would love to probably -- -- handled the now initially. They wanted to see it was a -- how the world. Now of course able capital to Detroit. But still we look at Toronto. On the perimeter that -- how loudly. In -- the road to the day you might have been involved in that lineup in all but that's not a pretty good -- Are especially immediately purpose not the lakers aren't that interested in Andrea Bargnani. -- you know he's certainly been a good fit for my game is on the system so all of our type of scenarios that are out there. A lot of people address the mark and what's hot -- -- -- -- cared about -- as well. I'll believe there -- other maybe you'd -- moved JJ Redick of course is if he got a lot of people think will be moved from Orlando. An obvious contender would love that have been out of. You'd -- Chris of the Celtics do stand pat and don't make any major or minor deals for that matter can they get higher than eight how how far into the -- do you think they can get to avoid Miami at wanna -- Well. I'll wait -- the eastern Kirkland who -- for yet. You know and silk. They're peers they're fair game and half I'd walk you know the -- is a very good team but they've got a -- backcourt. Brandon didn't work out a little bit -- Brandon Jennings. Now I'm not so sure about that but -- they if they do believe they could see it drop. And even if they don't bet that the senior. Certain whether they can angle and at the -- that they're playing they're playing the bat well and let it will they move jobs that that they do. Maybe they -- all sold. -- and seeing that -- ahead of them I don't see them getting tired then the spot where I didn't say the Brooklyn. -- they are laughing all the hoopla possibly lead I think Brooklyn Chicago. India in new York and Miami will visit this subject -- when Patrick -- and I think again it would be -- and and then of course in the Internet and read the you -- boy Miami in the first round even though we know the Celtics you know. Have matched up fairly well would -- in the regular season but certainly. You want to avoid Miami. Good -- I think they're very good scene but I'm sure they wouldn't air assault since. Enacted -- itself it will have a hunters chipped against anybody does because of the veterans. Is because of the leadership the great coach Doc Rivers I'll bet if you definitely get out -- at seven NEC because well why didn't make it. Yeah you're probably the column so you want to try to get up to exempt themselves. A final question -- in your mind of the lakers finally turned the corner. Now I wouldn't say that is that. I still believe they'll make the playoffs and it pitches and because when you look at it promised and what do. Wow they need to win like 26 days ago when Nixon. I would have remarked you. Hey I don't think they can do. But what you realize the only real happy about an eight spot. You don't you you at all you know -- older music started doctor that you could you talk Portland ahead of him as well. But I wouldn't say they will be turned the corner -- because you know. We've -- great Dwight Howard back. Even -- you have a better scene -- and how that would affect how the I'm -- -- looked like they can be the probably every bit. Actually they're culled from there Tony one of flight. Woodgate. And poor perimeter got on the three point. And they're better off when they're always slow work employee and their big battle broke out on the -- hours. So we don't like I was back out it looked at the ball is -- met with -- you know or. You know it -- yes they don't know they are they still don't have an identity. And that lives -- They haven't found themselves I think ultimately the terrific job. In getting everybody involved in. You know didn't sound of -- and make sure -- involved and passions so well that you can play -- the ball next to Colby. But I. I think they're probably wouldn't they would they're -- what they won their front line. And it's settled. I wouldn't say they found themselves but I am still figured out needy kids in the play. He is ESPN's basketball's about Chris Broussard Chris thanks the -- that I appreciate the congress a double check up down the road. I doubt it Chris Broussard doesn't LL on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE.

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