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Tuesday, January 29th Whiner Line

Jan 29, 2013|

Ray didn't do it unless the Lord told him to do it! Plus Brady calls the fans, and live from our 80th consecutive Superbowl.

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Music music music expressed and expressed. The -- -- -- my knees aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution. -- -- discretionary supplies still don't totally Morris and now losing Laura you're alive. 'cause I was driving. From the former. Seat of all NHL power Montreal through the free and independent states of for a lot New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Is strong we want an odd thing royalties. And now on royalty in modern times is something that is perpetuated by those. Who didn't actually. Make those great conquering achievements and establish their rains but rather those who find themselves because of a certain location and history and an accident of birth. To -- in a position to carry on the tradition WEP guy who ordinary lying there yet. Those royals sit there on their shiny trolls and friends in their hand mirrors. And try to dictate morality. According to them dial 6177793535. And the rest of us those four -- masses are just supposed to take it whiner line well a couple hundred years ago but -- rowdy radicals chart chart has some Boston bars went down to the dock until the king's -- into this'll be seeing and in doing that. It struck a -- That rings true even today and now on one confronted. -- imperious conceit. Waiting that court flight. It's not only the right thing to do it can be a heck of a lot of fun and who has more fun than us at WB ER I mean whiner line. Now back to the poor filthy masses. I think you -- a lot of comic books. Thanks so yeah so did you get that momentous delivery on all of his -- -- -- Vince Wilfork being with us trade -- -- silent. Gravity pulled chickens. How close. Are we retirement -- is just a demo cars chicken -- -- yes. But what a huge ticket we're talking like millions are not like one of those things we know each chicken's name he can walk around -- -- clearly I am right now -- -- -- that's gigantic -- maybe maybe Jack Edwards was in Pink -- Made -- My replica by Roger Waters nobody really cute I talked about Jack network ashes like because people are questioning may have been an imminent that the mavericks and stuff form. He ordered can't you can't hear Jack. Have become a couple of quick. -- -- very articulate our top. -- Go far. I'd I don't. They usually tell you it's one. Of these days of yours alone let's not forget that the retailer last three presidents of all smoked pot in. It bush and Clinton. And of course Obama team use that comes with a apartment that surprise you his teacher he -- changed -- -- I didn't -- No pictures we have golf predictions. I sure finalized powered by ETW. I -- it's available -- -- Blackberry device. Do you buy pizza so much faster that yet AT&T forgy LT -- now like you which. I think. Times faster rate. AT&T rethink possible. In -- Well how about -- You know I don't get it about eleven year old and cut is just don't. -- -- Call I'm ready. Well -- -- -- -- and the -- probable well guess what hit it great that's not good literally every cut category. Look at things like rush got ready yet or cut down he's got oh era in particular god this nut job. -- -- -- it really well I don't like that you. Why don't act like want to go back now would you -- stop it everybody. -- -- -- I'm on absurd argument you'll have your world that -- -- Kevin winter. As eleven year old kids chrome argument here lately downloads you know illegal music art and movies and this is it you realize the 7-Eleven and a positive. Well just weird people called to argue with the rule of -- I don't. Patrick that they have that they. And the I. Not at. -- forthcoming with details about -- injury -- better what happened that brought about injury Sunday. I have a part it would have a lot of room. -- bravado. And I haven't -- -- -- -- about that kept hoping and waiting yes I've been resolved and then try and particularly. No and about it and it's helping your opponent isn't yet but they've been bombarded every other topic. I've got Benedict the -- And just doing your job -- that's all we could never see that happening page do you imagine out. During the game and I'll never lower body injury for -- -- -- somebody would be shocked if they were on that locker room trying to figure something out -- -- -- what Arlington and Robert get a shot at him from dedicated men and -- -- -- -- at the Belichick was it was -- the other health records and -- for questions. It. -- I am I ever want to -- -- leg. Kick back and raise good. I know are you content which you. The truth. And it is why didn't we didn't. And that's -- his girlfriend and different as a woman. -- I don't think I am like spike like you go -- -- -- to think about it. You can think about all -- What's else is convinced he said it's a place called little girls clusters of restoring a little early agency. He's heard it was a very DJ in the laurels and lost you were a little girl friend at random little -- I did some work there -- there actually a little early. There tomorrow -- -- -- -- implicitly and teach -- little who's bigger. Little or was not little -- -- don't tell the world. I recall a perfect I thought it was a fat -- out -- sides were used to what -- was that was the deal literally gotta make himself -- -- -- -- -- You should be in the -- did you have the plan I would feel in it was a regular -- really I would fill in everywhere give us -- rather than if this is launch. Right that our hospital thing that was but this is even cool. -- -- -- Yeah. Yes but at this commercial yeah for I've grown. Door -- where I'm wondering what exactly is VMware. And how can get some crowd broke. And Michael weapons -- you wanna get it's not BM where it's VMware -- isn't Victor as -- since Victor mature virtual machine I believe. What am -- working her hand. And. Great pick it up and that that -- away. Pit pick -- Very little. And that message. -- Some sort of scary substance. And it's different for -- years over so. That was a positive if you were spreading its. Does bill extends doesn't work by the way. Works sauce and it works -- and work for him in the actually he was recruiting remember he was recruiting. -- snowboarders but I don't either Mickey in the bathroom. Hey buddy let's take some things. -- wait for it but I just thought what can noted that period -- break. -- but also work and advocate of blood stain removal of a drive by and if you. Do a couple of important fact that almost as -- -- Magic Johnson recovered from. And just -- But didn't have -- of course is that they notes each agent. They paid me no way moon after all -- -- thought we -- that live in the big band. For the ravens who did the Broncos on the pat. It's called because we know that double murder -- -- that have been committed while good -- friendly but it is also -- And to which the rich rich guys like advanced Marjorie there was no elegant. Like there -- -- That you left -- -- You don't get -- laugh at that there's -- -- of struggle for now. It's just OK okay left to people destruction -- anything -- -- -- -- -- So did some good join -- here -- -- in the -- by the fact yeah that's crying. I think we've been caught -- and in the senate and. And that message content to secure -- -- spread out what your morning. Dead deer. Antlers we don't need to know about you personally there's a good little dull and again on -- side. Yeah -- begala about 25. And the only collier. Offended. -- dig a little bit of an -- -- -- you can't open it don't grow up wondering what our ability guided. Robert Gordon. Wasn't that happy you know based on what -- duck it would be available game before we go -- back into Alabama and. I'm sorry it's phenomenal all of them have been very impressed with the scenes footage which you're you're the greatest of a -- you know it is -- you know you you're responsible men getting compared -- Bobby -- completely prepared and ray -- obstacles -- snow -- ray -- start Ray -- get a tremendous -- -- -- card fees are similar stories taller taller this year as a -- -- -- -- -- that felt good to wake up program what have you added that -- again. -- does he recently had an ordinary -- You ever see there. Our. Luck to him. The keys are glad that's right is allowing its mesmerized yeah and yeah. It got up and brokered bureaucrats know to. There's a video of Kate opted to outages but I did I start. -- -- that. I'm sorry -- I've -- -- I wasn't you know what I was -- maybe that's the problem she. And -- -- for four hours and usually -- complementing. That's him on the planet as I was just I was just amazed by -- -- and she wasn't naked video she might as well -- it was very you can tell she was there with another supermodel would you say that it. Now there's supermodels that next -- that's right watch a week commercialization of the Super Bowl commercial she's in week. -- now I can keep Justin Verlander. It used to be Mark Sanchez right. Smart Smart football movement I think. Such that. It. It was a -- And it can't live -- Coke before it accurately reflect with a bit. And being kept in check. And so what is that I didn't. And -- and I know we were talking a lot about that accurate January. An hour we work that turned a lot of but one of the Rob Ryan should remember the -- view of the latest. -- do with the rams he thought he had the job. He did that you. He was showing up -- the -- and everything else so in essence he had the job but now he's -- in the moving onto it to rod. Let me get fired. -- we had a job and got fires he was in the major leagues. It was going to be the defense supporters -- when he leaked it out that he had the job yeah picked up the job has actually. He had signed the papers -- -- makes him look silly for saying. I have a job in five minutes he did an awesome job in five minutes. Exactly more than that it was if it was the fourth three they doubled over the -- -- one out of three and make you wonder about the ranch. -- interview. Apparently not think he just did he say it all before we got to get the job and then all of the job of five minutes they -- five minutes c'mon down. -- the thought man a man who is six foot eleven if you didn't call his whole life. Nobody go back with 24 of the boat that month he was north you know -- up -- mobile but. And nobody does it broke apart. David or you know maybe David Robinson right you generally -- the same it's not that -- it's gonna probably. Seventy to Albany right now that's a fair question 100 salzman needles and number of apps. Probably Basra for a second that you did it did something. There Brandeis that power. I don't know that -- I thought occur Tom -- -- and an -- And let without moat around animal out tomorrow and next here at the way it will get hit the ball and make -- whether it. Will be didn't vote. We lineup -- -- that I'd protect the -- Back. And the date went great it was just an average guy just -- all of us you know about moat around. What happens to opt. And that this -- evictions and other. Spectacular. -- -- -- -- -- as a supermodel wife he's a multi millionaire and the most popular quite gotten -- and its option don't you know the house -- -- -- every shot you see the panoramic and authority that got this just to get asked the satellite actors can't be like a simple snapshot unbelievable house. Topic on what your iPod it. I don't know what are coming -- ago -- third or or yeah. And then sort of you know let me get a word in edgewise. Everybody's. Coming. Here I've been here it's great. -- -- -- And definitely out. Hello patriots season ticket all the horror series all golf dump more of the -- candidates on the -- -- government index cards -- -- -- They don't you know I'm always wondering why you never made it yet been apparent on the thing. Phantom Cormier. I'm. And that message I don't know that never has yet you'll be asked ever asked if. And I hope I have had reportedly hit a detective who -- flight for Cancun Mexico. We have an expert here and make -- well this week. Yes that we played a game called martyrs who was bench. What a test it would try to collapse of water and see who appropriate -- have flat. But when it was one detailed picture I don't know -- -- has left 86010 minutes. Unfortunately. Fiscal exploded and that. So we will be given pride -- -- don't take kids -- can't open the cash with anybody owed about and what today we decided to defect and we went to -- mind though it didn't. A professor of course that it would like to account added twelve point would. -- ran out of paper. Probably -- diamond came close critic proposition McCain and he has supported -- over -- -- of that being the number of Mexican. Who try to take over the border that particular struck at halftime during the big game -- well that's the wrap product unprovoked attack. -- and dignity and. Join a lot of my money to -- AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up -- -- done faster than three GMT. Rethink possible.

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