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Where do they go from here? What the Patriots have to do in the off-season to keep the championship window open

Jan 22, 2013|

Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway discover the overreactions many of us have after a loss like that in a big game, and try and look at what the Patriots have to do to build on this season and stay in the championship hunt for the remainder of Tom Brady's career.

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These period right after you get one of these games where. You just can't understand can't comprehend what happened -- You have 234. Sometimes separate days. In which is very very different and I hear it all the time yeah as Sports. Radio -- -- paying off the table when it was. I I I admit. That there are some bizarre calls -- Sox got to get rid of he's all these terrible. He kills what are we have like the first right Wes Welker from all over rated why would you bring it back in a free agent. We cultural all of this stuff. In which we take the same individuals. That we watched all year long celebrated all of those victories they've lost a total of four games of the regular season. By eleven points right Levin. And seven of those points came in one game. All the things that you now are seeing off of three and a half then wind. Or nothing that we talked about during the course of the season. We never brought any of the stuff up. Now suddenly it all becomes everything. So this -- three and a half minute game. Now suddenly is an indictment on Indian tiger for. -- well hope right now. Is always look at this. Seven stages of grief. All right now which stage you -- right now I think we're all in net based on what you're describing the plan I think we're at number three major. Anger and bargaining. Frustration gives way to anger. In me lash out Leo where were an unwarranted blame. Please try to control this permanent damage to your relationships may result. -- the TARP for the release of bottled up emotion what do the initials Welker is. A relic of straight questioning why paying. You may also try to bargain in -- With the powers that be for away out of your car. Then after that comes depression and reflection leveling -- the that's on Thursday. Then we get that upward turn maybe that's next though Monday or Tuesday. See what you come up with -- every excuse in the war now upward charities after the super ball you know the one that the Super Bowl pool will ship it back. This that goes back a little bit to see the ravens again it's the great -- -- is Danson and hear all the Super Bowl hype and two in the but -- don't. Works if they lose to Baltimore loses. Then suddenly it'll be they were -- won't even believe that two weeks to prepare two weeks to get ready for that game with the only had eight days for this last game. They will be two gold. They couldn't handle dealing with -- running quarterback that's beat the the the game story -- that -- when we're still has to win next. Two weeks and separate Cisco starts to wind or as we have learned here in New England. They're going to face the same type of serpents apps on her face it if we -- last year. We did him in -- -- -- January of oh -- February of oh wait. Okay yet now clearly clearly people go too far this we -- and Tom -- -- -- bomb and were smokers upon him and Belichick as a on the net everybody's just overrated and get a body here we got to do this and trader. Trade our entire draft for this can get up to the top five in. And take a great quarter because their corners terrible receivers Serb offensive line has bet on -- on backers. But if you look at it I was thinking about this Eric Mangini interview yesterday. Code posted to Joey. For for lining up that interview. With Motley alleging he said yesterday. That the patriots. That that the that the ravens probably look at the patriots the same -- the patriots looked at the colts. So they can just push them around we're at a more physical team will hurt you. You you can't match are for the county thought about that since that time. Thought about it some more. It's a little different. All right offensively. Maybe the patriots are more of a finesse team that maybe they are more of a finesse team offensively. And they were in 20032004. I think that's a fair statement and if you call that cold like sure cold like -- it started in 2007 when he had Welker for the first time a mosque for the for. Or less of a full of finesse team than they were last year the year before and the year bring them. But I think the -- rated run the old now. Right this is why the colts. The colts thing doesn't work across the -- if you look at the philosophy the Bill Polian had with the colts. It was -- why it wasn't just the office. Small. Can you catch was for every -- is Cato June at the linebacker -- -- in 1912 and eighteen pound linebacker. That that C Barnett recorder or write a quarter for the patriots. To put you right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't just the offense they were a smaller quicker and throughout the whole floss between the colts. But I think he does bring up a good point. -- a couple of positions. At the patriots look to improve. Talk about an overall here. This is not a total tear down to the studs and let's let's start over again this is not that kind of operation. There -- two positions that I look at where the patriots can upgrade and become more physical. In become. A little more rugged. Across the board. Start with the safety. Good thing about moving -- according to safety. Is that now the plays in front room we talked about it plays in front of these are gonna get beat deep as market studies of all the right things. Physical. He tackles well. Anybody physical. I'm afraid to come across the middle I'm afraid to come into your territory kind of safety. And you think about it even before. Rodney Harrison got here they have had an orbital adjustments and that's which a look at west of it of -- lawyer a lawyer right out of it. -- which -- that yet you don't have to be that guy is a state T like that SAT who will punish you may become more physical. You're only looking at a couple of positions are their linebackers are physical act as a physical. Defensive linemen they saw on the soft defensive line. OK you can say makes older he's an athletic left tackle. He's not as physical as Matt Light did you ever consider Matt Light that's -- Michael I so so I think eight. It's maybe were overstating it but at an a couple of positions I can see them upgrading safety is one -- acting ability to. A technical guy. Can upgrade a lot of different positions were trying to say is that on the three and a half hours we watch this week -- match -- it is early that he didn't think. That the Baltimore was more physical in the -- I couldn't disagree with a more Baltimore wants for. I don't think that's been their wing was problem this year. But a physical team during the course loyalties. Well that's who we disagree I think you'll -- their offensive line is a physical therapy -- running game has been at times fairly physical. Well that's why I said a couple of positions. I'm not gonna say blank and you can't just say that he is not physical. -- got lazy you know really having a discussion. So I think if you really look at if you if you get into it usually teams have pushed this team around a horse of the year in -- I don't think the team as a whole. Is a soft team and one that I think and a couple of positions safety is -- them right where they can. They can have some more muscle there. As one just an intimidating safety and here's -- they're missing and even look at -- look at for this for three or four year. Not an expert Deion Branch to come back here Deion Branch came was here and gone and here and gone throughout this season so it probably -- me back next here. Like I could it'll -- -- he's gonna disappear next year Brandon Lloyd will be back but they're missing. They're missing that they lost to the ravens because of this well part of this is a problem against the ravens and it was a problem against the jets in a problem in the Super Bowl purses. The giants. Last year. They need the guy who's not fast but -- can do some hand fighting in physical play can beat press coverage. At the line of scrimmage a physical receiver benefited again to be a deep guy. Just the guy and get -- the line of scrimmage. And can catch the ball in the separation -- so that you're you're describing -- I'm -- receiver can do that out well I just I don't at a guy outside -- gate outside the numbers. Who can do that. Because now you wanna jump up the middle of the field then the you can you can take awake rocket you want to have you try to take -- ground. Now that pressure is on the pressure's on an outside guy who can do that and I think Brandon Lloyd is a good receiver. But I don't think he can do that LT he wants to do that right I hear. And we -- -- equity each one of these positions Obama disagree with anything just. I do think what happens is that we do. You go through an entire season when you -- high powered offense in in the you do you'll only scored thirteen points in his game last time we scored thirteen points was gained three. The 2009 series against the jets all seasonal. You put up a lot of points so. Suddenly the that's what people -- they are stereo typing them. As being. So Democrats offered us. Couldn't be further from now there are soft and out of Michael they you know three and a half hour game or certainly the first half they had four opportunities. In the -- to over analyze all the they had her and two on five different opportunities. One of them they convert. In short they always convert that. It was a day in which they just didn't get it done coconuts there -- extend that out now up and suddenly they say while they lack and lack. Don't elect what they do if they got one of those. But it -- were talking about maybe a totally different game but they -- -- something you agree to lack something you know you can't say course they liked -- -- you can go everything like somebody -- go relax something next week. And several more like something it gets overlooked something right now. As temperatures collect something right now they ought to tell what I'm saying there's no perfect team updated its appearance at. This is the team that I'll guarantee is going to win the Super Bowl. Not trying to make the team perfect way of saying news they've got a couple of areas. Is a good place to be. Where -- you don't have to have. The first the first pick in the draft coming up have a top fifteen pick to come up with -- some of the things that that that we're throwing out there and that I'm throwing out here today. They get us to get a physical safety and at that got a second round but Jennifer -- To get a receiver who's not a he'd have to be a one. To be number one great receiver by the way guy who likes physical player who likes the challenge of course we committed very simplistic there. You get one in the second third issue can you can also dropped. And that guy doesn't develop into what you want him to -- So it's not as easy you're sure making it like the second round and a guarantee it for you guys -- -- -- -- to march the one thing. That I think has been an issue with the patriots. And not necessarily dispatched you to -- after 2345. Year period there. When it comes to defensive backs both in the draft and -- free agency which the patriots didn't report job. Well of selector and you know and that hurt them against. And that that's something else. That I would suggest. I think its fullest. I'll tell you -- -- can now. Again to address that problem and that deficiency. -- ninety's you know that -- that's why original enough already think it's gonna be foolish then what do they get it but it's gonna make sense was that the physical style because that's what everybody's talking about the -- man to beat him. There never would be wrong. The people of good arms -- you don't pick -- even play -- reactors but that's. You especially the first three of those stressful -- believe in the first half and the like is that I'm not I'm after a moment effort to recorder some of wreckage that. Wide thing but the physical play in my mind one out in the fourth when actually read more for pitchers a -- too much more physical. I was surprised I was shocked her match -- and says that because. I do not believe the physicality is many problem with the steam over the extension of the season. I certainly think it was a problem in that game on Sunday night at Baltimore's the -- more physical more intimidating. And I'm not even just throw in the in abroad all advocate or whatever is in the way they played overall we seem to be. More physical and I'm not one of those that believes that the the physical game is what he has some people have now pointed out. 'cause it's easy it's appeared to become as an physical stature. Or physical is. Likes the physical player. -- may always physical guy. Is Vince Wilfork a biblical Justin Francis. -- physical wonder how love all of the physical players up their musical now in -- game on Sunday night. Or was the one when the game's over you're gonna put a check -- -- expert who was more physical. Baltimore it's just so -- group host Charlie -- color filters are right now he may not think. These guys are that good that's different story Lilly loses his man coverage okay buddies but it'll be -- -- local. You'll press the guy at the line of scrimmage and are now is he the most talented defensive back he's not. But. You you mentioned the secondary and how it's been a problem. And I think. That the good thing for the patriots is that they've got a lot of people in in different areas. Who can. Help the head coach evaluate players obviously at the college level got Nick Saban got Kirk parents. You've you've gotten in line even though he's. Not doing -- great job about -- Kansas get Charlie Weis got a lot of people with Belichick ties to get Billy O'Brien at Penn State Urban Meyer and Ohio State. -- Belichick ties Belichick friendships. Who can talk about players Chip Kelly just left Dorgan he's another guy who Belichick consultant and and spoke with so that's good and you have people in the organization. And I think. With all respect to them. Did you have limitations about. How far they -- ago. And what they can say in the ways they can say it. The Bill Belichick means to your boss. And I know we want you to disagree with them at times and he won QQ. If you're gonna disagree -- -- would approve. What you're saying but it's still your boss and there's certain bank and she just can't save certain places you can't go to waited. So fortunately for the patriots they got two guys out there. Who are not on their payroll. But who can help them. As consultants. Who can help them. With their with their analysis of the secondary. One -- are branching OK after not ready to publicly. Brief -- it was agent no I'm not I'm not -- pushing and now for legitimately because idols that Belichick bring -- -- I can tell you this that that was tongue in cheek when -- -- -- coming back is defensive backs go. Not happen but. -- Makes a lot of sense when he is talking to when he's talking about defensive backs. He has argued with. Belichick intelligently. About defensive backs what what he likes and what he doesn't like and they've they've disagreed on many occasions. The guys and the guy knows how to teach defensive backs like is to understand how to even be the defensive backs coach. Brian Dave Ball. Let me just to give Brian -- -- -- Forte like Eric Mangini could be a consultant. Brian Dave Ball when he found out he wasn't going to be the quarterbacks coach was at the probable probable and why. The the staff was meeting. This guy put his feet up on the desk in a staff meeting. Folded his arms in an act of defiance and just a mentally checked out in front of the entire coaching staff guys do that here okay. When they got back to Foxboro his desk in his office was cleaned out what to New York. Where he now he's back at Foxboro. These these these fences can be mandated by making this happen managing he's not coming back he's not coming -- as a consultant. Consultant why why would he do that when he's got a gig -- -- how can you be a consultant for an individual team it only -- for network. Can you think Bill Polian doesn't right now. Opponent does well consulting. Unpaid consultant they happen aren't even paid from its unpaid consultant you're sure. Such conflict doesn't if you're ESP and you want to. Etiquette that I'll be ESPN was Iraq conflict of interest. But you don't want it if you're ESP NY that's nice -- unpaid consultant that's why -- and allow you they would Bill Parcells has worked for example. Bill Parcells working for years and -- think he talked to any of his friends -- -- -- I I think you're you're you're you're dealing with something that's probably not going well I I wouldn't I wouldn't say it's as such a stretch. How would make it as the limits of -- -- other maybe I think that's more unlikely than unpaid but why would want a quiet but why would -- -- Why would he want. To make up with the yes. It's like it why can't they just have a little. Out you can do that many inaugural and you can get if not is not a bad thing to be in the good graces your Eric Mangini to be in the good graces of Bill Belichick is not a bad thing. But I'm saying Eric Mangini. Unpaid consultant. And same thing appeal these guys have. Ties to the patriots but you can you have more freedom to talk about players. Since you're no longer. Under the -- umbrella but they respect your opinion. Yet you can be a little more. Can be a little more forceful little more authoritative. And what you like and what you don't like it would help the team I'm. Don't don't don't put it past them Agilent is I -- is that much of a threat to articulate let's get to phone calls your atom at a car out of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've heard a lot of whining about today rightly say going out the field corner are my teacher integral to couldn -- -- -- any exactly locker room. And yelled that when I hit Deon Grant say chip in thought act that way I cringe because yet state -- So early to know why they want a lot. You know what if you don't like it you don't like somebody. That your production at the end of the game into where I I agree with you just when the game I -- promise -- do we want Gaby get away. It's the shoppers before the game can't back it up. That that a weasel but in this case -- one again they have the right to do it. Exactly second. I think that a lot of people right and myself included you look at the -- game Brady quarterback and linebackers that stand to look better when what talent that. And I remember an old regional or it all the team that we would be an acute cults where better than them even a technical issue we're better team than them. -- feel that -- when you look at the count Serb positions. But in the bottom line. All the more like the better team this year and the patriots only one that -- During the course of the season to -- they weren't they were Sunday night. Let me and that now is the one and -- that the strike -- the way it's set up right now it seemed that the. Team in the league at the end of the year -- -- depleted -- best football. In late January and February and Baltimore played. -- all patriots used to write all hold no false starts no turnovers no dropped passes I mean they played. Magnificently. Perfect football they -- -- -- at the better team won at the picket wanna win. It's not a -- -- all they have to play that by law that. Ice water in your pain at all that they used to play when they went. That. I'm like am -- -- argue with a point anything you set. That what happens is in one of these given games. Whether as we've seen it's a wild card game. Whether it's in the divisional game which -- happen once each whether it's in an AFC championship game which is a couple times whether it's a Super Bowl. They don't play their best game. And you need to play your best correct I think that. What you quit now when you talk about better this season. Baltimore wants. And that's why they made major changes throughout the course of the season they changed up their entire offense and one. They changed up their offensive coordinator with four games left in the season there were multiple things they'd changed up because they had to because it wasn't working for that. But in that game on Sunday. Everything you just said was right and that's debate or thought America -- -- -- -- matters to all of -- that 13. Power window. And you gotta you know one and out each one of the three consecutive weeks urged -- Baltimore. Did you. You know -- -- about execution you know that this patriot and need to be play a game that a lot of bubbles. It was a matter of execution and and Michael I will say we we had a discussion before that in my opinion west while -- did not drop a ball in the Super Bowl he did drop all. On Sunday. -- drop out and there was you know an execution issue if you look at. Brady. Get a good game. OK game wasn't as bad game the receivers. Did have an okay can when I disagree when we're talking about the level of Tom Brady. If you look at those numbers -- passing yardage is a very deceiving going into the fourth according yet under two when you're throwing the football OK at that point now. You're you're looking at a game that that they're -- election throw underneath next election pick up an awful lot of yards. In the first half when you've got third and second opportunities. -- red zone four times you come away with three points. Can't sit there and say that a quarterback. A future hall of fame quarterback played anywhere up to his level. And he has to do to win it's the most important position he's your most important player he can't have a bad -- for him that was a bad game. Michael played unbelievable. -- You know he's played out in the last two games. W talk to you betcha you you mentioned Brady didn't play bad game for him and remember what they need from Brady he has to play great for them to win. He didn't. I disagree I mean I think I think he can play OK eight in and have the man. Like everybody else at the play at a higher level that would indicate I agree with journalists at the that. You know in the past it was always the patriots seem to play -- -- that every single person felt that it was their responsibility. To finish the year blocks that make -- tackles and it was going to be up to them individually but the team. -- John. RR I agree with what -- said because his point can be backed up by looking at the game last year. Brady didn't play great game in the conference championship last year the team had three turnovers in the game yet they won a game. So. Yeah you can win a big game without Brady playing. Great you would prefer not to and that's why you paid Tom Brady. The what you pay him because you you expect him to be at his best -- Olympic Games matter the most but if he's not and he wasn't. And last year's conference championship. If you're if you're a good team and they look at me they were able to they were able to overcome some of the mistakes that he. -- I think the clock management. Closer not the first half is is inexcusable that something that we watched Tony Romo do them we sit there and say what was he thinking. Now I he lost focus on the moment you know maybe it was after -- -- -- stayed in bounds I don't know. You know he's run the ball when he knows he's got to get out of -- and the reason I say this is because nine out of ten times maybe 99 out of 100 times. Brady does it the right way that's why it was so off script. You're you're Lazio your last -- John. Let Floridians you know knob on your -- I have to. The plan the menu for the Super Bowl or. Crab cakes that's quite Goddard a I get a lot of credit that's one redeeming quality out of all of this in a graphics pretty good you have if you look at for food from that region. -- A cryptic problem gets efforts just to -- as opposed to two cities man that you know food's pretty damn good. I think the mindset has to be more of going forward how do we make her 2013. Team strong as we can. Understand and of course there's going to be season in 2014 and 2015. -- we can't mortgage everything imported into just one year without paying a price on the other end of it at some point so. You know it's not a one year plan that's going to be you know it's got to consulate more than that. But I think that's really what -- -- look at what is the study -- 2013 teams competitive as you can make it. As -- How quick fix what happened in 2009. First two guys in the docket that will be spent an awful lot of talking. An awful time talking about the next. Couple months will be Wes Welker and keep totally easy decisions -- both of them act if you're the patriots easy decisions and vote. Bring -- back. -- Bring about. Now Ali well under what conditions you just going to blanket. Are you bring about crystal is getting hit the market right now is to look for an awful lot of money figuring that. He resurrected his career here in a short time of the patriot he's gonna try to get an awful. Well -- -- -- -- it it conditions -- -- it's easy to say you want Welker back you want to -- that we both -- these guys back Sacramento what conditions. -- a lot of money for are the guy Taylor fatale. His his first years in the league we're good not great some good moments. And some moments there were some good. There's suspension and there. There's an injury concerns and there for the patriots they have the best of both in in terms of look at them as. A good fit and negotiate negotiators are trying to keep the price down. So they already know that he fits into the locker room -- -- They've seen him when he's healthy. That he has played pretty well and has allowed him do some things. But he also had some injuries here the AFC championship game injured and at the Houston game entered which he has no -- as well so right. So yeah if you if you look at the entire mix he probably has the talent of let's call one of the top corners in the league meet top half amassing the top three cornering him like that. But if you -- Is he in that top half of corners of bottom -- quarters and only in the top guys are re just so question a lot of money the money is not gonna be that outrageous war where. I don't think I tend to agree with you might think that the other reason will be. That there's still excessive baggage here to the patriots had him on their terms contract was expire at the end of the -- guarantee his agent. Drove it into war. Don't want you gotta go play while he got to be good citizen does and Julia a guarantee we'd get the free agency to be nothing waiting for you if you know. But now the conditions changed dramatically for the patriots or wherever else. It's almost like the Randy molesting a few years ago. It's great when you've got a little one year deal would get everything to proving he can't buck the trend he's got a he's got to be that the good citizen. In this case if you give Aqib Talib an awful lot of money suddenly all of the power swings over to him. We -- there's history here we know he's that he's had some troubles in the past. What happens to would suddenly he's in the driver's seat controlling. But I picked up the teams are gonna look at the same way and to me they'd look at it even more so. The -- -- they sit there and say you know want came in and short situation with the New England Patriots only get a fourth round draft pick next August 7 so. He's going to be looking at saying. I don't I don't know we Brigham and -- team. He's going to do the same thing he did the patriots this is a strong personality team able to keep my under under wraps I agree with you. Yeah I think he test the market and finds out the markets are offering -- an awful. He comes back I think he's back you're welcome it at the Welker thing what Welker Welker I think he comes back to announce that the money under what conditions out -- their money's going to be bankrupt anyway but before we get there. The -- says. I'll let Welker go and bring in Percy Hartman and an upgrade while two things and Percy -- and -- is a terrific player but you don't know how much he's going to be on the field -- in if you talk about instant upgrade. Percy -- and isn't isn't all around player. But if you look at look at the number -- person apartments production verses Wes Welker production. Maybe he'll surprise. And Wes Welker after the catch Percy -- after the can you think Percy Hartman. Apparently this text whooping thanks Percy -- his numbers would be greater -- they're not. And here's the to bring in -- -- and Wes Welker. -- have to be indoor Welker I think is going to be hurt by the fact that there's still bias in the National Football League against slot receivers. It cost -- and called wide receiver wide receivers receive it stuck. It back to pay them money it. -- -- key is that he fits with the patriots. Better than anybody else. Which could lead to another -- maybe he's a system guy maybe he won't be the same without says he -- with the patriots. That's gonna work the patriots have vanished the west is disadvantaged. And the money won't be as great as he expects it to be which will make it very comfortable for the patent on that he's gonna have trouble finding the market out there. That matches up his New England production. Com and need the other here's the other he needs a pinpoint quarterback to -- -- that the thing with him is he's a small guy who makes and sells smaller on the field. But he has a quarterback that has pinpoint accuracy you -- place that would scare me right now. The -- he might go look at Stokley and look at his age right now when you look at Denver -- and you say your Denver. If you see. What you're running your system that you're running and you plug him in there he fits in perfectly with what you'd. -- out there and age that's one team that I don't worry about. Is that the Denver Broncos go in there it's at now but the jets and all these other teams. It would make zero sense for Wes -- unless he's making an actual killing his jets too stupid. They just get the ball all the money which right now they don't out there -- the flexibility but if they did. That would be the only reason you go because if you've got to Sanchez or somebody. Throwing it to you a question what was gonna end up 46 receptions. Wes Welker can you imagine -- -- awful they're going to get gore from Tom Brady to Mark Sanchez right over Tom Brady to Peyton Manning can see him doing that and it's a fit their that would make a lot of sense. Announced I was talking earlier about. Physical receivers weren't necessarily ones but this fiscal guys where's the guy. Cool I don't know if you consider him -- one for Baltimore. -- -- -- -- -- -- not fast enough though right to be faster -- -- that was slips but now you look at him he's yes fast enough he's big he's strong guy he's strong he's got good hands. It and you can press that he likes it. -- -- -- -- -- Receiver but I've got the mentality of a defensive player -- to meet a guy like that guy like that here. -- squabble and really light light light light light light light light equitable if people get it twisted -- on the radio. In a state is compared David give and crumbled. It crumbled and superior player to David Givens but it you're talking about a guy. Who can get open. Who -- and who. Didn't mind the contact from cornerbacks and safeties became. And can -- -- get it done. Against one on one coverage. David -- was a guy a guy. And he's he's often miscast as a slot guys. Who had a month he was talking to Troy Brown. And they called him a slot guy. And -- in -- -- missed his game. In the slot guy for me for some years but he also was an outside receiver. Any got a -- is not that receiver to boot he's he's had only 32 young need to know what you're about short brown music of course. Now brown remember I -- that the Panthers in Super Bowl 030 with the first play. That is nose broken. Came back -- -- as well. -- you Rick Reynolds ESCO what was the deal. So Cingular -- -- -- you -- play it point no big deal is you're naked Weymouth Doubleday. Yeah yes and good. What struck by the last. Just think and -- and the rest of the season. That the teams they had to try out the trouble with where physical teams Seattle Arizona well Arizona -- really quite a -- but Seattle Arizona. Frisco and Baltimore twice so. On what I wanted to ask you to list. Miami's physical I -- -- is over that but what about that and that the defense is. Yeah well yeah in India and again and placement in neck and on public so most defense was was physical. Yet again while just that at bat well and a lot out at bright sharp and that that those notes and you know that's what I thought the wealth or deaths. -- -- -- -- -- addition by subtraction but I thought that dot Crowell was supremely coached look what he had when he was when he was with the colts but. I thought he did a pretty -- probably did distract you with one way to try to aid and it was what it could. And knew what it was -- high tower was gonna that would that would like that but I liked him in any call that went in but. -- I thought they did improve and I thought that PS would be a factor although we weren't sort of an end of the game -- previous game. But I he was a good actor and I thought -- down to wanna -- well and I saw. The -- in my at least it's up an early in the -- tech receiver that -- looking for the patriots. On that date you have gronkowski. He could do something like that once they and is. There's nowhere on the patriots could make the catch is that Bolden made on the middle. In those those twenty yards fifteen yard shots wait and wait in traffic with a real small window of -- the throat and didn't need somebody like that salute to that. And out. But that's yet. Etiquette like at some stuff but you know they got no problems in his division that -- be back there again and I'm sure looked like up -- ovals I think what. Okay yeah that's -- -- to going to be right back in the mix it's amazing because this is again the mourning period that everybody goes to one when this happens got to get rid of -- got to get a Rocco got to -- little gotta start again you have those people to say that. Our I don't know I don't know what they're going to be able. Is there anybody out it's not willing to throw up their only 1213. Twenty. During the regular season. Question is the same question we had this year and last year and the year before. Can run the table in the post season it's a very difficult thing to do extremely difficult -- that and Iran. I don't know. Do they -- are due to the due to what they ran into Sunday night. Or they want these games who knows that's what I mean it all comes down to that 13. And a half hour. Game that you just don't match up or things don't go right -- in this case something that they've been doing all you want they want the best team in the National Football League by far. In converting third down situations. And they get killed but in the first half their defense did the job. Baltimore story about that first death they were what one in 5105. It in third down conversions. So the defense did their job the first -- yeah I was there offense didn't do what they did all year long. Ties briefly address the AT&T tech's final two things one which -- a physical receivers couple attacks are saying ours and they haven't gone bankrupt. That's the tide in talking a veteran and a receiver. Outside -- Japanese born in the tight end for our nobody -- he's fantastic he's great we know that put. A guy who will. -- is often not defended by. Corners corners are -- not lined up on a Darrelle Revis is usually not on ground that's probably have nobody who can actually matchup that's fine but -- -- -- -- about -- back roads even better so get a receiver I'm talking about a wide receiver not talking about a tight end. Like rock even though he does some a wonderful things for -- and he still plays that position that -- talking about. The other thing is it and somebody said to me on on Twitter earlier today talking about Greg Jennings -- Greg Jennings I don't like him. But you know Greg Jennings for eight games this year. He played thirteen games last year -- point 930 years old. Didn't have great production. -- commercials but didn't have great production this year so. I'd be careful you shall go on to Greg Jennings he can do this he could. But in the last couple years you've got to wonder a little bit about what he how much he has left.

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