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Pete Sheppard is not impressed

Jan 20, 2013|

Pete opens the show by quelling a bit of the hype surrounding he San Francisco 49ers in their matchup against the Atlanta Falcons and the Pats being favored over the Baltimore Ravens. He also tears into Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and how he handled his press conference before the season-opening win Saturday night.

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Good afternoon everybody welcome. Each ever -- -- you know it's a championship study are not at three point seven FM Sports Radio WEEI man. How can you not reject and -- for a day like this starting and it just a great weekend so far. Besides the Celtics heartbreaking lots of balls on Friday night it's been a terrific weekend. Bruins -- an outstanding win last night they looked at mid season form notes only one game and obviously a long way to go bullet. That was I was just citing hockey game last night hundreds would happen before the game. And in a little bit I do want to touch on mr. Jacobs performance last night was that Bob was abysmal. In that pre game pressed numbers that he held. It is going to be 99% football today which early -- guys wanna call up and talked about Barack Obama always mom always app to do that you know we're a big hockey guy in my -- And I was I was quite impressed with -- they played last night I guess there are very good New York -- team. It's -- deliberate over seven on the power play. Rate of over five more players well so but the Bruins had a ton more quality shot a shot and opportunities and really -- If if not for a -- play. What was that would have advocate of that success that Goldman was ousted. I took was one point one -- stops on one which shot but anyway lots of football to talk about today. And we will I want your all your predictions for both games. Kurt -- got the register calls in the 10 o'clock hour today effect acted bid that could bin. A new opening for the white line for Indian big joke that first hour I mean he had a whole set -- wonder why calls our first hour and Kirk little gasket. -- he wanted to he he demanded. He demanded championship caliber call. That we demanded. -- the other hand -- a nice humanitarian I embrace. All. Morons minions and you know Mensa Mensa candidates all of them you're welcome on my show. Welcome. I didn't have a -- Melvin call from Baltimore. It was interest -- disabling. But. Propofol like right away 6177797937. -- beat 37 under threes that so much to break down. With this -- patriots and Baltimore game of course San Fran I guess is automatically go to the I don't know if anybody knows that called up the NFC chip to game at 3 o'clock. So don't worry. They're not playing they canceled the game in Atlanta they've already you know given 49 as a free pass to the Super Bowl or toward the apple watcher but what UFC title game. Sampras won by 87 a cap nick is already inducted into -- -- It's just baffles me it boggles my mind I realized that that television stations and and to what extent radio you have to you not not the station but other nationally syndicated programs. Have to -- really pop up. Or try to pump up. Guys like happened -- -- -- monopoly doesn't deserve a lot of worries but I find it amazing. How somebody's national hosts have not learned their lesson over the years that you just do not automatically -- wore a team. You know -- super ball. Just because. Of a couple of you don't really good games. A rookie quarterback at that. You know try to warn people last week about Seattle. About their defense I told Kirk I said I don't care we pointed you're up fifteen look at the steadily played. I said you can double whatever the points they gave up double ensures that sure enough it went ahead thirty could have had more. But you know -- some bad turnovers on their point. It's -- we talk about the way Pete Carroll coached that game last week. I guess I'm saying it's -- I picked Atlanta last week Kirk left Seattle in the Super Bowl. To -- it would Denver's defense that's why pick Baltimore went went over the teams they played last week. People we're just automatically most people just automatically assuming that Baltimore's gonna lead -- crushed in that game. And people are doing the same thing with the Atlanta Falcons this week absolutely. It's like they don't have and -- it's about the only guy I've seen -- come SP Briscoe which scares the hell lot of -- CBS sportsline. Get the falcons by three. I like I like the 49 is -- regarding its going to be one hell of a game the fact that people think that the propagandist -- over and and not show up I think it's insane. I think it's insane bloody separatist not a better team overall yes I do that's why -- the gonna win the game. However. I don't think Atlanta is they get blown out -- -- -- can keep it competitive has come down probably a last second field like Libyan talking in the hallway. And a lot of patriots I do wanna say want to quickly. From last night. With the Bruins. And I'm sorry again this is not this is not personal on Mike this is professional. Because I do the same thing in -- the same stuff from the Red Sox and Edward record size that it is but it's about. It's it's about once. Product on the field in the way to conduct themselves pressed Robert it's not personal don't know all of them. All that personally only I had an out and have dinner with a lot of these guys you know lakers -- -- general Larry -- when the bond it's retreating every year and all that stuff. I mean -- I criticize and I'm a professional level. And what I saw last night I Jeremy Jacobs and a pregame show I had -- turned out of 530 -- -- the -- the boys to c'mon. Barry tutors and I mean I was watching the flyers and penguins game most of that was exciting. -- hockey's back it matters here of the building was sold out last night it was buzzing was a great atmosphere. But just witnessed that precedent that it ever shown that press -- to live at 530 of course it never was. On the Jumbotron with fans in the stands. Doing that with chuck tomatoes up the Jumbotron. I'm telling you. Jeremy Jacobs rushed the ball how you need a prepared statement after everything is beyond me. I don't know I just they ought to think about -- whereas if we're brought back was up there or Robert Kraft. They would not have these that would not every prepares to do you have to have a prepared statement to say. We screwed up we all screwed up you know I'm sorry you know I was that you know and and my apartment July the early part of talks in July. You know might have contributed to this thing being that extended the possible don't study comes on. And he beat twenty minutes he blames all the placing blame the players. Which they have this year as well don't get me -- I'm just saying the way he killed himself last night I was very disappointed. And you could actually see you know to -- and the reason why people don't like Jeremy Jacobs. He came off to me as so arrogant. I guess I should be all that surprised I guess I should be all that surprised. I just thought he could've handled self help a lot better I don't understand why -- need a prepared statement to say I'm sorry to the France. I thought came up a disingenuous I didn't believe it it was great you know afterwards no message shown outside chicken had a cameo -- Kenya port. It to be a break. Five games out of 24 and have discounted prices would -- -- the -- yeah -- five games out of 24. There are really nice just sort of an all 24 games. -- point four days but he just came off as arrogant I didn't like what I her idea I just in a despite it was uncomfortable listen to. And Charlie sit next -- and trying to you know waiting. One of those -- -- tight screw ups which I would have to come in -- bill -- It only happened once the pressed -- but I just I just thought I wasn't happy with what I saw and -- -- -- -- on the ice and they were fantastic. It happened at all about it until now but I just thought I'd get that off my chest I don't think I'm alone I think everybody I've talked to today. It was very -- Disturbed at what Kim Roger reject its mouth and oppressed Roberts he came off looking like. Just arrogant pompous ass in my opinion. I feel about. What can -- tell you. Certainly it didn't affect went -- way to -- Julian and a lot of those was that played. -- in Europe so they were they were pretty good shape that was that that was an outstanding game last night. By the birds with one. That's it to wanna get that off my chest if you wanna. Because sought wanted to talk about it I'm plywood that I guess the media overall results on the ice is what really matters. Are real and right that we all realize that Jeremy Jacobs has never really come across as a likable guy. Whenever he's made some of these press comes to which Iran or -- -- Dem ago or album which is rare anyway. I just that it was handled all that well. And I just don't understand how you need a prepared statement that way I could never see Bob Kraft over gross -- up there of the situation were reversed. Haven't prepared statements to basically apologized to fans. You know you can't speak from the heart that matter I mean he came up with some elect a robot. Some liquor robot Dan Duquette asked that's what it's not elected to get every time -- get him out of his mouth when he was with the Red Sox was completely disingenuous. Completely disingenuous and pompous. And arrogant. And that's our journey tickets came up last night. All right now to the patriots. Now to the patriots are seeing Kirk in the across over. I do think you know the old cliches of staying within yourself what -- depth we got to come into play I think emotions. On both sides today are going to come to play and by that I mean. Don't want anything stupid. If you were particularly on defense if you're a patriot player or ravens player because I think. Any kind of personal foul penalty today. You know whether it caught up mouth and off for you know something's stupid late hits. I think that really in a game like this to come back by -- in the bought real quick. Absolutely. So I think emotions are going to be key to keep emotions in check and certainly I think the patriots are are very well battle tested team. They usually don't screw up and AFC championship games. They won most of them. Exceptional -- six in an Indianapolis where they were down to like their ninth linebacker. So I I like their chances a lot I think fatigue is gonna catch up with the Ravens Stadium motion on. Of what they went through last week and it may not come to a second half practical problem won't come until the second half. But I do think it will be a factor. I do think the ravens are gonna get tired I mean I know -- to Jack the pump the -- little Udall is stupid. You know pregame stuff and and waste tons of energy elements -- But in the end in the fourth quarter the -- going to be the tougher team and they're gonna pull away that's why I like him today 31 to 23. Certainly I think most people have made the case this week I think the game would be somewhere between three and seven -- eight points. No question last week about the patriots win by double digits I said the went by at least ten. And other up -- three touchdowns which account and they're gonna give a couple garbage scores you know that was coming to -- by thirteen but it was a very at a being -- was 1713 at halftime is a very. Other -- came right out of third quarter and and scored and that it was basically over after that drive. I don't think what happened -- three had any relevance. Ball. All about what's gonna happen today. You know I know they know it means absolutely nothing what happened in week three you know that game too horribly officiated. I'm very very questionable. A lot game winning field goal by the ravens which many thought. It was wide bright. Certainly there's some horrible calls -- to dissipate with the replacement reps met game. But the killer was at the end which action was a good call when Flacco dropped one of the Flacco floaters and unfortunately McCord he. Outer caught the pass interference penalty and that's really what -- to the patriots in that the fact that they could not get African first down with five minutes to go in a ten point lead. -- -- Or nine point -- whatever west. I just on the defense is completely different now the secondary that it was back in week three. So -- and that's in and I think it favors the patriots and people keep talking about I think the lack of but disrespect the patriots -- for quote -- not being tough or not spoken about as being atop the prints. Look I'm not saying that the 85 bears but -- defense right now it's Baltimore wrist may be better. I think they're deeper right now is go to the Baltimore what -- Baltimore on that and so spectacular yeah I know last week's special teams the only they only a lot Peyton Manning. You know it was two touchdowns. A fourteen points allowed our specialties I understand that. But I mean why the ravens being concerted. You know being talked about like collector and the glory days of 2000 that was a really good defense -- the best ever. In my opinion that's what I wanna Super Bowl much reverend Louis was MB big. But where does it mean to kidney. It's gonna run the ball right down this -- wrote today. It -- -- back and we three again doesn't mean a lot but I'm telling the patriots are going to be able to run the ball today. I think the gusts of wind are going to really hurt -- I held a lot more debris. Now again we appearing to could be anywhere from 25 to 4850 mile an hour gusts at times tonight. In Foxboro. If anybody thinks. That black -- gonna throw up these if Flacco floaters and the -- complete all of a much and not complete any government. I'm not that arrogant or ignorant of course he's gonna -- -- -- make some place. What if that's what they're relying not that that it's gonna chuck it up deep like they did the last game and Torrey Smith is gonna go off for a 127 yards. Act. Ain't gonna happen. Ain't gonna happen. With -- back here and also an Afghan national media talk about -- shut down court shut down corner. We've just shut down court what he does is solidify the papers defense case and -- and Democrat played very very very well. When they've been helping. It allows a genome according to play safety and -- play nickel. And everybody else. It makes the defense better the front seven. I can do some different things now going that. That they average. Pretty reliable secondary off their Gregory I think has been outstanding over the last month very underrated know what's talk about him. I think he's played terrific. And eight and this straight out to the once that we'll tell you today again go up -- talk about turnovers. Patriots lead the AFC they -- plus 25 and plus 25 -- connect twelve interceptions this year. That led the delay the AFC. They are going to pick Flacco at twice today with some ups and what I'm -- twice. He will get picked twice today. Market down. Market down Hollywood type -- Donna Gregory might that's my prediction Greg Reid there were two picks today. I just think when you factor in everything all all three phases of the game on both sides of the football. Are being the patriots and the B ravens. -- better team. Is Baltimore derby scared -- the battle tested yes they play the patriots topped most of the time yes. Yes. That's why don't think the game to go any more than once or game and I have a as a touchdown and two point conversion part. I don't think you'll be -- more than eight points I like the patrons by by 83123. They went to pull away -- You can certainly make some decent case it's for Baltimore. But that all hinges on how the going to be able stop the patriots and I deceit -- lot of matchup problems again for the ravens is still at a stop to their defense is what. A lot of people making it out to be. It's just not. And why Barack is gonna have a -- part time to keep up the -- that admirably and marine I said last week. On the wild -- not people around here a while sudden actually now the patriots finally getting some recognition in the running game for one of the top in the league the entire season. Finally people are getting. That's going to be a major problem dollar like rock beer or -- as -- -- -- say yeah. Always -- with -- on the -- no question about it no doubt about it but this team has won a lot of games this year without cal ski they prepare without him for most of the season. Or big chunk of the season anyway they've done fine they have more than enough weapons out there. But to do damage against the ravens. And to me I think the pay to go after Ray Rice at the Ray Rice -- to touch the ball thirty times in this game thirty times plus -- about last week when he played every did. Adding it's going to be the same if he's not effective. In that today he's not effective today. Then the ravens could find themselves in some serious trouble -- Beckett out thirteen nothing today like they did last time in week three they've done. They are done in my opinion but I don't think that's gonna happen -- I don't see that happening at the nip and tuck game right until the fourth quarter. At a -- to simply -- to separate team in the W 20 you know they'll be able to make that that one particular place. Can we please stop wanting to somebody coughs up and says sterling Moore and Lee Evans on the -- Why people think that. Average dropped the ball as opposed destroy more knocking it out of his hands is beyond me why people think that that. Automatically met if condit's conduct makes the field goal that the ravens automatically when -- -- totally tied the game. Where where is that I don't know where that mentality comes from a really don't but the bottom line is. That's at issue that plays -- -- to see that play over and over again the short again recently and ESPN. It. They just write more plays that won the game. The reason why the giants beat it treatable and the last in the two Super Bowls that one little seven last year they made a couple more plays at the end. That's otherwise we talk about the patriots haven't two more Super -- may be great sport if if if -- dogs in it and -- -- the -- Dallas Clark in 2006 at the end of that game. But they made in the didn't admit they made more the -- made more plays the picture made more plays last year then the ravens. People often get the third down by the fourth down and one a sneak -- Brady had over the middle. With a -- with the ball to move at the time needed and obviously had a sub -- game incorporated. Last year and it's -- game but the patriots did enough to win they made more plays and that's why. In the ravens do that today are much sure. A much sure about that.

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