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Kirk issues a challenge to the callers: Step up

Jan 20, 2013|

Kirk takes a weird call from Baltimore, but from there, the quality of calls he takes goes downhill quickly. He then calls out to his listeners to put up some championship calls on championship Sunday,

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AFC each NFL championship I guess Sunday conference championship Sunday as the work patriots ravens a late one on CBS and here on 937. It's 630 and caucus 49ers lead off on fox for pocketed them. And boy -- I mean a patriots ravens can actually how bad is Phil -- beat analyst Paul I was awful -- lost. The -- like in Bush's third language that's always been the case though but now he's clueless when you watch during the games ask yourself this thing. Watch the game and ask yourself is Simms telling me anything I don't know. That's remarkably great analyst I see John -- Tom Chad Melbourne it's only guys in the second. Before -- forget this remarkably great analyst. Is that he tells you something you don't know any also first guesses. It tells you something before it happens the best analysts in all sport. John McEnroe is one. Johnny Miller for golf is still the best. Chris Collins worth I know some people don't like is a great analyst. He watches the game differently. He'd give Jewish perspective you don't have. Phil -- bubbles in stumbles. -- speaks and never takes a stance on anything in the world and before Phil Simms critical quarterback but -- -- -- two of eighteen. 23 yards and nine picks today in a -- always battling he's making good throws he's working art. He stinks. Terrible it get to the Super Bowl here to reject the deal with that and Nance is pretty good. Brawl is an unmanned systems he's pretty good Phil -- is. What you know you look at the CBS list of analysts and better real thing. Awful apple. I did you get to deal with him today for three hours might feel what it thinks. -- it and same thing you know what is he ever say. What is sacred. If they. We're treatment he was average NFL quarterback -- back up NFL quarterback he wouldn't have the job he does that he has -- because he used to be good quarterback. That's why he's good -- something stupid. The best guys sometimes he's under the radar its ultra there's not a great player. You know the best and most of sport are always have the best players. Your reaction not the case surprised when they are. Back to the culture Jon Frankel is part of the game a -- There are going. Turn your original reporting from Baltimore Ravens raven nation right -- corporate upgrade. Good luck Jonathan and ravens venture radio on the back. Loves Ray Lewis which I can understand. -- coming in with a picture or for -- -- -- -- choice announcing I mean true. Want your -- if you listen at Denver game that was he. You know you know you're right. -- I'll probably take on my head that you weird scenario when her I would probably take DN -- or two called a scheme today over -- and I would as the national -- of the sideline just what did you more information. In his -- and half today on the air it since would you be in three hours. -- -- it was breaking down at Texans come back to when performance left last week knowing that decision to kick a field goal that final drive. If the ball back and not psychic -- south Philly partner. Let's look at how much that spot in Iraq GM's -- a -- -- Nick it's referred to give you better ask what's going out of their neck or use one. I'm. I wanna talk about right now you really -- only art teacher at second match up against he's physical heat sensors like. The giants are still. And the Baltimore already dictated -- actually -- really don't -- large guy that we have Turkey are our offense is pretty small. -- -- I can really power rooted in and make that. You know catches in the middle we're getting hammered. Are on the -- -- -- Wes Welker to make catches over the middle. Prominent figure out well what apple a lot of Wes Welker Aaron and his -- catches over the over the middle and he did last week he has before. But I'm saying without unpopular here and Super Bowl and against you know the forty -- this year. These are the different now yup. Although -- I -- your your larger point is not obviously. Not shock you the same offense about Rob Gronkowski and I don't think I'm hearing a lot of that this week from people. That you know the patriots will be just -- yet they're gonna miss Rob Gronkowski shirts not but yet this guy this canvas -- write this -- and is a replicating stepped down without gronkowski. And I think it's a big advantage is reads defense no shock again not -- -- he and his -- -- in Fall River he's stage yet. -- Well hey good morning you I don't -- -- I'll have a quick question. Are actual. Which I'm back on the Arabian cute book club and he had. Yeah that's a big point I mean it listed at the start Chad you're right I guess a big advantage for the patriots would it mean especially Ray Lewis. In pass coverage is is really slowed not mean you know even his best I didn't think he was great pride at that. Now he struggles you're right that's a spot where the patriots should be able to -- and I grew to a 100% there. And one -- thing. I want it at all about how. Bomb I think the fact -- it to a lot of blog plate today. Because they've got to run it up acting and it will I think it's well that -- -- right. Got too much because at them they're running backs and blocked what or even eight. -- could help us and could be. The backs I think you're gonna be a big factor the patriots. I think we'll stay committed to the running game will be interesting to see. You know last year mister -- they wanna wait for now the running game is better this year. Well they consistently trying to stick with the -- like they have all -- not a -- jobless imagine it will -- we look at how the ravens have struggled against. 617779. 7937. As the phone number and get back to the calls a year and go to Tom was in Boston Tom are you. -- One more time -- Right on the -- -- -- good morning start that that's a bit award. But yeah yeah I didn't really diehard patriots and manned. You look -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- other playing really well you all out. They've had a good run -- play well against the colts who were dead obviously not the class of the patriots. Offensively and play well. Was that. Nick was on we don't. Melvin -- Baltimore accelerators are gonna win this day -- no. Barrier. They're under our -- some things achieved our guys have really opened looking. Here and -- the fact that it is not a coincidence. That the very president this year last year in every year. And then it because I didn't competed. And the number one pick your there's been -- They'll try to calm all the Baltimore right now. That we have to. Things people want. Are today and tomorrow. Do wonders that we -- going to win the AFC championship during the next witness the inauguration. So -- about government -- get this -- you think they'd be affected President Obama is going to be inaugurated tomorrow. Is he going to play factor in this game to. Well which they elect has spoken. They -- he. The force behind the ravens get them there every year is saying in -- that the president and also I know because I didn't get to these. So -- I've left out I believe I believe I do think he deemed to be so what is that what is that I was -- with a hobby of -- against you and I together. What is that what is that -- You're a Baltimore I've been a Baltimore many times. Okay who -- the main difference between the Baltimore Ravens. And the Patriot Act Baltimore has taken the ravens has the personality and attitude. The Baltimore. He argued that if you get your weight will not. So what happened caller. Let me ask your system -- -- and again on -- and -- are some public ones. But I would just say why do we want when championship in the last twelve years what's happened every other year by what happened. What happened there. -- terms -- I don't fully and that's my energy into it. This year again and you'll want to see it are eagerly trying to present it to go to court to get what's gonna have -- When you consider are quite what to look into tall trees are well what do you Thomas Knapp you're looking at her pathetic. Can choose individual. Why is -- it while that happened in the third quarter went up the second. -- couldn't take it on the technical -- for the release may get a -- here as well again. You are you strictly results or you don't have to check my work. We're all melt atlas Melvin Melvin Melvin Melvin did this I'm with you you'd think being sarcastic -- you've won me over here. I forgot about the inauguration night I forgot that was tomorrow I listen I was -- the patriots and remembered presence can put his hand on the Bible. Indian officer four more years to seek an effective football game the day before played 300 miles away right. It's going to. Since this has our disciplined and they say. -- back to back Super Bowl. I don't exactly know you're right now listen yet Melvin -- tomorrow. A cold tomorrow at the same time I'll talk do you -- that won't blow coming vulnerable to a previous operation two German journal of -- actually hit it thank you know. That's finally called -- two cents at dopey callers here for the first 45 minutes finally Melvin from Baltimore Jackson and straighten things out. Yet. -- a couple of lines are open a couple of guys trying to BS -- call its books and talk about this game. 6177797937617779793. Seven's number 37. 937 at Texas a flying in some people like -- some people don't I like -- If you wanna call fall Melvin is reason to be some other reasons why the ravens are gonna win this game to an upset or white and the pictures you're gonna get. 6177797937. Mike is in the car. Mike -- morning. I got -- -- you. Well. And I heard Obama manga inaugurated tomorrow. Did not -- going to be huge impact on the game he's. And listening and never known Lisa this is it was a different angle least -- -- inhabit this week. Must have been but it shortly -- -- -- make a lot of media mental ward of the well this could be yet. Here's a question you'd think I would do it but they don't even speak do you think in more up tempo. And good. Offshore from the patriots -- Mike I mean -- even if they were young defense you're gonna see that from his Patriots offense this is what they do in the ravens you know. Yeah I thought he'd see more of that from the Broncos last week they did their hurry up obviously with -- but it was almost a a slowdown aria that they took their time I think the pages will be. Up tempo fast fast I think that's gonna be a real challenge for Baltimore -- Yeah I agree I think good good Politico quote where I look -- got on the the -- Yet I think I think that's something you thanks for call Mike I think that's something that the patriots are pointing at -- you're lined up her at all week it's gonna be tough against him in -- defense who. And let's be fair I mean. You know a difference between this year and last -- the ravens. At a biweekly -- They shouldn't have won this year you know -- -- political but the minute don't play 77 minutes in unbelievably intense football game. In terrible weather against the Broncos in high altitude and fly back to Baltimore. And prepare for this patriots games so it's a big difference. In other gets a big difference -- you look at these two teams. But. I don't think it's going to be something that's going to -- a block for the patriots and people. Don't see it. I see a three point game AB seventh. I don't see this is a 101417. Point team like others. From Connecticut and Claiborne -- how are you today. Hello. Awoke this morning or you. Good note that your on the radio. Oh OK I was the listen entry abroad and now we're in Melbourne. Earlier we like -- a bit period view. Our almighty needs to wait no we're not used to sleep well listen we listen well maybe he's right all the rest of us Iran knows. I believe New England is vulnerable to rate -- -- Why have do you give me this CDB three reasons why nothing to do is actual football reasons why the page it's a blow the ravens. Or worse. New England -- are all. There is -- more. Of what -- more experience. Okay that's a much sure that's that's that's actually not real that's actually not accurate but okay. Well Brady has more experience but. These little -- -- maybe rush should radio has more experience. Yeah -- very light when told that ball. I don't know that much -- ravens. On the team that I was more concerned about what New York but you don't out of. Yeah -- were Burke answered but the jets and the giants giants. -- there have been good at your -- the giants and you don't know what you want you wouldn't let me ask you aren't you follow the NFL. All of their lapel all followed it much should because of what I do you don't have to -- I'll follow that just saying I mean you don't know much about the street and -- they've been in the mix here for a decade. Partly the ravens have been in mixed here for a decade you'll know much about these guys. What do raven and Albany -- at Wimbledon do what people don't know. It makes everybody think that -- again duke it's like -- likely. These episodes of humor about it you don't know one thing at least amuse me out -- can take. Reasons the patriots and ravens they win this game sure elbit. We gonna do some entertainment the inauguration. Of thought is that this AFC championship here eight hours. And you're calling and what it called Sports Radio station. Talk about the game. -- the ravens but -- urgent problem because -- more experience but don't let the other team. Ray Lewis -- played five playoff games organizations better -- or in the playoff mix and about. Step up myself here the next two hours please join me that's fine -- welcomed a welcomed. 677797937. Welcome to join us okay that's fine. Not here predict more calls actually giving Matt. I like. Like eight OK step. Opt for the next two hours and show you a -- -- Sunday we championship Paul. OK -- like our odds today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- To the worst thing in the world would get that idiot later this stupid the end of the week. Dumbest guy in -- plan to bring them here why don't we sexes more launcher or why not. We get to Africa -- Peter will bring him. The pressure's -- Well. Were you well why don't all of our all our guys got real -- -- now. That the government gave air but he. I thought -- earlier. Well and blow it out. -- -- -- it. Obviously yeah I -- -- -- expected. Pertinent certified. And not well at all. -- into it -- it and -- you look at peace just. I'll call -- a special help shore -- that they were destroyed o'clock oh yeah sport yeah. Greg -- Let's -- -- I think you're right that you targeted good guy called while he has the -- A really good game here today for this to be a competitive game I agree he's spent the real question I would say Peters. Will he stick to be running game if the ravens fall down 613 three -- We can tell -- Ray Rice who. Ordered earlier before we kick it but we think additional. What they think so they don't block the wire virtually flat collar sort you don't get well. On the -- the better -- offensively. -- -- Flacco put her record in my church but that it couldn't get it sparked the. They have big Elvis I guess he's a guy can look at Peter obviously sounds like you're easier ravens fan living out in the west from. Ellison that. Good luck outside -- a good ravens fan -- like that could call. Peter. That's like when you're down seventeen points right there. The other teams when the bad callers is fifteen to run -- stepped up into the three right there panic settle everything down the run is over. Peter from Wilbur and I think you see my scene -- the next two hours and I know next to callers -- next caller next two hours can be great. Bill Randy Mike all the rest you guys 617779793. Said the we're gonna get your culture after a break. Any Mike Leslie that right. Who's always he always steps sports that we get.

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