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Mustard and Johnson Recap All the Big Stories of the Week -- Te'o's Make Believe, Lance's Admission, and Pats/Ravens

Jan 19, 2013|

Craig and Larry kick off Sports Saturday looking at the results of last week's divisional round football games and talk about the huge AFC Champ matchup between the Patriots and Ravens. They also get into Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah and how he came off still looking like an arrogant jerk. Finally, the bizarre world of Manti Te'o.

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And welcome to the mustard and Johnson edition of sports Saturday once again we are so fortunate to have a football Sunday patriot surviving as we all. Expected they -- showdown of their rematch with the Houston Texans last Sunday night but. Little did we anticipate some people maybe it might be an inkling may be some of those -- prognosticators. Chief did understand. That the patriots would be home for the AFC championship game but both Larry and I anticipated. They'd be in the the mile high city of Denver it did not happen. So another rematch. That Gillette Stadium this time. The Baltimore Ravens working to make it to -- a row against the patriots tomorrow afternoon meanwhile we have. Monta -- and that story continues -- to -- and and convoluted itself will talk about that Lance Armstrong with -- Oprah Winfrey. And and it goes where I'm as shocked when I came in this morning I'm I'm like you throw but the patriots have lived to play Inaba. Another game. Tom but I was shocked when I came in this morning to arm and our producer -- a hoax. It is really somebody's -- with a very deep worries who answers the phone when you Holland and that it did have some suspicions on -- it -- all you -- really says that's a -- -- hologram on the other -- article are all I can say is thank god -- touchdown on the eyes. Could you imagine if this guy -- football. Johnny for a while it means that it Monday when he did when my eyes doric column. Like -- -- ever call by his right name it's -- in Zell is only myself this is only thing I'm requesting. With people -- today is that. Obviously it's patriot patriot patriot we in the stamina and but you -- oh feel free to -- an opinion Arafat to as as the rest of us are trying to fish through. Somebody's kneecap -- yes yeah -- half of this truth -- -- these stories of the past week. Because they got tied into sports so you can call. You can give an opinion on in any one of these stories. And then move on to add to the game itself in the analyzed and dissected I've really enjoyed. Sports Radio yeah -- this past week which DNC and -- in the now because I think of yours which for him like it to be -- in two minutes -- compliment and Mikhail. Know Craig to become so myopic. If there -- out of things going on in sports other than just -- I I'm trying predicting the patriots again Halloween by outright collage how many Carl's junior take like that and now. I like people who can't I don't care about what you think the scores going to be as much as I care about why I think it's going to be that way. Why do you think the patriots can put up 31 point why do you think. Flacco can go to deep I'm more interested in you know all icing it rather than just said here going to the same. Call you know things that we've been hearing all week I I wanna hear from people why do you think something might happen that to me is far more interesting. But I do think going back to these stories from minute -- it it really. I think when I watched the Oprah interview once -- through the whips in the whips and chains in the bondage. I must've missed that are -- the lineup and went -- that's well. I saw a decline what channel is this that and ever right channel is -- which analysts as. But I give her credit. First of all like what a lot of people do -- they say. Will be back will discuss this story after the Brett I hate that if you got a story if you got the web or whatever you have. Just come out way that if you show our program is good enough people are gonna stay with you anyway. You don't ask her crawling hang on the line archivists at the architect -- -- -- a -- we're desperate aren't we do but turn her credit. She started the show laugh in got the questions out of the way that people -- one of the doll and then if you felt like OK that's how I need to hear and you shut the show off but. I'm she didn't do that she she went right to that to other questions that most people wanted. I thought she did our job -- it very complete job she didn't shy away from anything. Now his reactions. To everything I think it's just listening to his answer is yes yes yes yes in yes. I just have different and I just felt so depressed. Because I just felt like what is laughed like what can you is there anything that anybody says. Anymore and sports that you really -- and belief. You know whether it's head of the records whether it's the the testing no matter what it is. Can this guy was going around. Threatening and torturing and tormenting people with lawsuits and every other kind of problem leverage that he had. You'd -- just sit for a minute at least in an Indian -- tale story comes out you just say I -- ask what the heck is going on. While tea Lance Armstrong had to be the most ecstatic person in the United States may be around the world went. This meant to write to us he broke the day before as the night before Lance Armstrong -- a taped interview about Oprah was going on on the of one -- Wow but you know what if it's sort of like jury was more shocking -- well obviously the -- detail what's what's so shocking while I'm stunned I'm flabbergasted that I. I'm devastated by the NATO is that it's our drug might have dope on his way to seven straight to word of France's live pretty well I have. -- but I do think his arrogance and the way he went up you'll listen -- wanting to cheat and be wrong. But then you kind of you kind of part pull yourself into the background and it just kind SATs. That way were that I think Obama my life but this guy is everybody's our trip down dad telling stories and stuff that they know what whatever and he's still going everybody knowing. That he was cheating right and I think that's. Where we go beyond the bonds in the Clemens and the steroid freaks in baseball. To a whole different level were all this character assassination the lawsuits. Of the personal attacks. He tried to explain that I think we all understand that he tried to explain it almost to himself as he was trying to explain it to Oprah. He was so narcissistic as yet we assume that. I -- have you ever. Yes on our tonight there's an element of it's scary -- a dinner foreign has something in the it was just it was scary and I mean it's what you're talking about law firm. Down not -- on the waterfront and I walked in deposition and and the like and everybody's there and they looked at me like what. Where is a lawyer nicest item Britain and -- but what do you mean it numbering one I said because I know what the -- office. And I. I am and I -- -- that they about it Tamika throw. They'd like that their client is that without having a fair to me through the whole thing out but the fact of the matter is. -- for people who really don't have the money it and we got it -- of people to just feel like they want us who you in drag you in court and and in some cases these big corporations can take years and years and drained you have everything you could. I was over we -- so many people I don't even I'm sure we did. But. I have reached out to her and and then tried to make. Those. -- on my own. Yeah that was responsible way to question about them Riley's trainer obviously that was amazing amount of certainly I remember -- it -- have already people I have no idea at all I liked it or call our ticket deli counter attacked it and stand in line -- at it and you know what though as we said -- before -- on his hero. We do I have plenty of precedent. Lance Armstrong we understand. Lance Armstrong we understand that we we've talked about so many times and great piece in The New Yorker 34 years ago in the middle of the Clemens and bonds thing. And I think it was reinforced over the last couple nights and Thursday and Friday night. These guys are not Albert Schweitzer -- there. It is. I -- this guy's very bright though I'm struck its right now I am just trying to stating you too we used to listen and believe it without Larry. It acknowledged that night -- -- -- -- work this just write any new power to -- -- over by now know most of them out of the people working with them telling them what they have to deal right I'm just saying Larry it's it's it's certainly not shocking to anybody who is witnessed this over the last several years. We have to stop thinking about these people as heroes. As moral beacons. They are not ethical they're not men of character they're simply. Extremely and beyond extreme to be in agree. Or do anything they can compete in you have to understand that I don't about it but I interview I'll give view it does is it of morality because obviously you don't have thing you do is field right. But like when she asked at some point did you feel like you're cheating -- them -- -- not. But it's it's like it now because you're applying. A standard that there just not interest me to. Don't have yeah like when you asked about -- tie in the biggest question about him as what do you think -- affect his draft status. And I immediately go back to our bodies famous line Steve Nelson you know what if man -- shows up -- the scouting from buying any runs a 45. Any contentious press you know to 25 by 35 times as something trust -- people think will forget this in a minute. That's all that matters to most people in the competitive world of sports. Whether or not you're a good father whether or not you're you know are you a great deal wife probably make it people actually -- joke surprise players on the road to stop that they're doing and everything. It doesn't matter as long as you can perform. And that's the -- there was that you talk about a brilliant there was a brilliant column. Written. In USA today by Christine Brennan. And she talked about the this is Norman who was who was raped at Saint Mary's by a Notre Dame player. And they did nothing to investigated in fact she finally got a text from somebody saying that. Oh by the way this is Notre Dame football. I wouldn't go near this -- when you. In the -- became so distraught she committed suicide. So it's it's like a whole different protective. World that kid that was on the power went out when during a Notre Dame football practice in the and that and they tell Bob about the weather report and everything but the coach insisted on being up the videotape in the game anyway that -- tipped over the kid died. In an in the -- she was making as well there was no weeping over that well as a matter there was no gambling -- don't why don't. -- by that even sued the university and we were all Notre Dame alarms they consider themselves part of the Notre Dame. Communities so instead of suing Notre Dame for negligence or whatever they could sue them war they actually defect protected and defended. The university this goes back to my points that you mentioned college football and college football particularly the a week football institutions. Circling the wagons I mean there was -- last year talking about another and you're right in the circle the wagons that's why mimic in a movie out right and that's why when Lance Armstrong quote unquote confesses. His crimes his felonies is it legal doping. We've seen at all before we are totally jaded by the Lance Armstrong's of the world. But this is why what it says motive do you think to win. I don't not to look at all right now he called me kooky marketing window he wants to go back and compete. He he wants to get back into any needs. Some sort of Mea culpa. To do that he needs to XP his sins as they say in your business that's one of the ways to do. Well no you know what there are there ways to do it is if you repent and confess. That they show me. You confess surely you repented don't just say you out New York you're asking for forgiveness. Show me you're asking for forgiveness by their fruits you shall know them and in his case. Forget about competing again that's what's embarrassing with him you've done so much damage what he should do -- volunteer his services. To work with the federation. To share all the inside secrets and everything on how this whole thing is being done in manipulated. Maybe just maybe he can add some information to correct some of the problems. But of his main motive is he -- or compete again that obviously hasn't learned anything right but we have Lance Armstrong is just. One and a long line of fallen sports idols. I think he's one of the worst though. I know I know I tell you -- -- because he used his money or crash. Anybody who who got in his way anybody who would be even people we know telling the truth right. He used his money to do that yeah he became. Aggressive. Ought to appoint. Destructive. And we all understand how people wanted to defend themselves and they wanna perpetuate a lie because they're trying to keep there. Reputation intact -- he went beyond that and that is. Absolutely -- is no question about that does me and I have a motive and as I've got to figure out with him now this is why I I -- it to me I'm I have to admit not that I am I'm not outraged by landmark Lance Armstrong with this has been going now for thirteen years right experts have been circling for years old -- it is not -- big -- deal right Thomas like OK so what else is no right. That's what it is it's that jaded responsible -- -- OK we knew it was coming anyway it was it was plan it was going to be another one of these. Somewhat superficial confessions. But here comes -- -- to show that is story. Last time I mean how do you possibly keep your head. Around this because in time someone tried to exploit -- before we came on Jeremy -- interviewed. AO last night off camera -- say India's growth in OK let's clarify I think girls that he got so -- comes on and every shaft was an excellent interview -- are -- great reporter to referred writer. He had a heart tactics. To try to get to explain that -- Markham fields and I was before right IR yeah that's the problem with that and I am I'm still try to to make heads and tails I don't you always. Asked one question I told you one thing right when actor does that this course and church history and Estes professor said. What's the one common thread you've seen -- all you're used to is I was oriented church history. In he said money. In power. Are always to to corrupt terrible things that you'll find in politics and in some of the church the behavior of some people unethical people. And I always ask that question and any of these -- you can look at poignant that they what was his motive like you said money. In power in this instance am trying to figure out let's say his friend -- we just a short while ago but a city he. The whole lives as well honestly I don't know not wait I know you can't keep the characteristic you gotta match every call every program whereas Oliver's so we got -- conspiracy go and here now what you say what what is what possibly could UP EBO motive it would it be to get more notoriety to get people to feel sorry for you. The overall radio you know -- right runnerup to get a Heisman like what. What would be the motive. Let's take his side for a minute let's say the whole thing was a hoax is something well. Even if it's a hoax doesn't make him look good. Well it makes him look incredible player a bit off topic is oblivious to reach out and be absent you know. I mean advertisers your wife had Tagalog drew something -- analysts and you don't have to -- I'll deal which don't worry about it you what you had caught on you say no I don't know even if you don't want to go there are certain its it current times. When you just have to do the right thing in golf. In it if the woman sick in the hospital whenever any -- she says doesn't don't bother coming Ina you've got other things to focus on. You go anyway. If this is the lobby your life. Espn.com. Our college football has some of the highlights of the interview again it was taped. Four audio but not for video -- as a way of yes pardon me -- what do you think you need a lawyer for I don't. Why do you rate notes are faced opposite in my Virginia boy. Well I think it's important to have legal counsel in these situations where and why why if he's telling the truth and he was -- Why would you up garbage in New Orleans why teenagers prudent system why do you need legal counsel that just because you're not to you're telling the truth -- -- -- need legal support -- but I murdered somebody. Well anyway this is what he said when asked. If he had been part of a hoax he said no never I wasn't faking it I wasn't part of this. A city didn't know for sure that would make it cool would ever never existed until Wednesday. When this guy -- yes this -- called they would admitted he was behind the hoax to guys and a girl are responsible for the whole thing Taylor said. Asked who they are he said I don't know. Probably Tuiasosopo. So then he he follows his his line is is chronological -- system on this whole thing in -- gets really can be just a phone call and find out the girl says now Mark Williams throw arrived and after daddy does an interviewer Chris -- I as a man and he's talking about the girl in the past tense and father said he met the girl I mean who I completely didn't throw -- -- let's start patriots are brought into the third is from my Middle -- perspective completely out of touch with with any kind of college social scene. He is probably. The number one stud on and off the field at Notre Dame absolutely I mean does he need to have a virtual relationship with a woman. And that's. Why would you want to try to explain this to me there's I don't is that they had -- said and. And it was an interesting parties that you know maybe the guy is gay and maybe he needed or a community -- something Nick Harper did not -- I'll recommend. I'm a man of faith. So if if if I were. The back of those days -- -- and unfortunately but if I would if I were back in those days acted very easily. Defend my behavior by saying I'm a Christian and I don't want to be tempted by certain situations and stuff. So if he's a Mormon he could very easily defend his behavior and his actions. -- just saying he was a moment you -- NAFTA you would need anything else but that that would be enough right there now. You know I'm trying to go through this time line as outlined by ESPN and it will just give -- -- all right get a -- are ready and and and that -- make believe producer is flashing in the light in the other room or is he really flash in the light. Well I goers. All in your mind -- I think it's in our minds are clear we're gonna take a quick break ninety seconds worth it to your telephone calls. Like I said we'll talk about these plants will talk about they hope will talk about the pick. In the patriot so don't feel like if you call you gotta lock in on one subject it's just one of those Saturdays were a lot going on. And will entertain our conversation I'm really interesting getting your opinion as well because of our we have. By the way I can't believe this virtual producer on the other side of the glass it really doesn't exist. Larry didn't say he's excited about the -- and drop in the puck tonight I -- and answer ranges.

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