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Actor/comedian Lenny Clarke grills Rob Ninkovich on the AFC Championship Game

Jan 18, 2013|

Pats linebacker Rob Ninkovich gets a surprise on his weekly D&C appearance: Lenny Clarke is asking the questions. They look ahead to Patriots-Ravens this weekend and Ninkovich gives an inside perspective on what we can expect from Baltimore in the AFC Championship.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan on eight patriot Friday our pal Lanny Clark along side to help us up some information out of Rob Ninkovich during the patriots rob joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE you're in trouble now probably gonna grill you this morning I don't want trouble with the rich and good morning rob -- More -- will see us help -- paying attention who leads the patriots in sacks. Jericho -- -- again. I'll give you -- PS eight. Exactly -- and sex. Or not -- -- -- apartment I would pick. Our argument -- and other question -- same answer who's tied for the Patriot League in forced fumbles with five. For quite. A Euro for three brother. Who is tied for the patriot lead in fumble recoveries with four. Well or not but this will work him. He's got appeared he says got a beard wears number fifty and he doesn't care about stats suggest it's about wins what are you doing down there. Hard to play -- well. Should. You look like you fill out a whole lot that he had a great game last week. Well thank you sir yes you -- That actually helped me recover. Little mind games so -- pretty crippled well. You know they're going to a certain. Don't put it solid game. Based on how you were taken off the field not a new girl power but assisted off the field. It's surprised the hell out of me that you were a available to the next game and and and as. Effective as you work did your recovery and your performance surprise you Robert did you feel it coming during the course of the week you were. You get over that injury quickly. You know it I was lucky -- you know or not have had anything major so you're saying. You know the first couple days not so better so. -- -- get a lot better every Tuesday which salutes. Encouraging and so you know while -- -- have an actual results. Already know me you know -- -- so they don't home. A game day you know super good notables -- you know but it sort of search. It's estimated that the plays -- the patriots. All did they wanna play no matter what I mean like Ted Bruschi played at all that is. It's not that I don't -- get a bad -- -- and all its. And grunt like I would -- the -- and again and and you will lose you have was that was that it would hurt. And and you come back -- flat out lack of it's is it is it peer. Pressure run when you. Guys player you don't wanna let your teammates down. Well I mean that that's one saying we also are you have higher expectations are so certain. Circles here so in the year that you don't. You know I don't want you watched from the sideline you'll be out there. Are you -- you can. To -- teammates. And you know it's too. You know. Your self satisfaction on the that are in possibly can chew on. Who knows. Of your teammates and help yourself no BitTorrent. Well I'd I'm glad I'm glad you're backing it and you ready for this week but measurable goals if given the -- that you've reached. Yeah yeah oh that's what I do well I make a really easy like you had said to -- to get -- people know. -- I did that was so I took and that at a at a certain. It. There are out of high school -- the right down gold where a year on. Cecil but I do -- I don't wanna get into the specific goal but I reluctantly reached a few years which it. A date of personal stats they winds and is it money I wanna make money I want him play certain I don't know years. Well good money you know Weiner. Money could go wrong. It was a month in the end he's very good is that that and I blocked it a bit of an out of my bat. -- you know that there's there's some things -- Home. You know. Personal -- -- when you can get through a place that you never thought you could be. Notes it's pretty good series so. Our -- you know become an -- my first year in the league by more models to -- -- starter so which could be. Are years where no religion that so -- pretty pro. Let's give us an example of another one another Google. We're. Regular life and it's only tell us. Just -- to bring its operative Flacco said you would never heavily detainment was on a descent. Couldn't pick a date for doctor -- but we are going to each other for. He's telling my far -- are always seems -- -- -- anonymous. Calls from opposing quarterbacks that are talking about it. But you know what yeah that is right did you you know I care what committee you're dead but. I mean that's Flacco is docket so much traction. Yeah I saw in the senate dues like. Farming school and say in the nick of it was a funny name. It's just for stuff I first time first -- -- -- the schedule got lost -- didn't do much statistically but this time. You're going against Michael or have it will what do you know about Michael other than blind side. You know absurd. That -- you know glorious term. You know pretty much all ain't so. You know their song. History of the server and you know last last game we play this year are. So which starts ordinary game in order against them a little bit sort virtually on guard against simply -- -- -- -- policy. You know -- where is. -- other guys but you. Trash talk with what Michael -- and make fun of them because of the movie and he's the most famous. I don't I'm -- -- sir I don't talk. A month -- -- You know make. Make plays you know tomorrow's performance hybrids like like speech were so. You know that's so -- -- There on the field. You're always there's always going to be a player here -- there you get. Our current bush you know our story goes it's going at guys that are in number for both players -- also I don't wanna. Talked to anybody and and they used on the me in the they're able to come back at me you know. There which lawless. Michael -- -- great things about you but -- -- He has no respect I I hate to keep bringing it up like -- dad but I Joseph -- so much different. It's lovely at the web you -- They've robbed the more the more success you have on the football field. Does that make as you raise the bar where your game is in in the contribution Jamaican this football team we talked about it at the outset you leave the team in sacks with eight. Forced fumbles five fumble recovered with four. Do you and your teammates expect that level play all the time or because you were playing well is more now expected -- you -- that wraps. You know all week one week to week three. But there are coming down. And governor making place. There are consistent basis. On they're expected to do those things are consistent basis so. Long -- -- -- that the bother me at all. I've been able to vote you know consistently. You know make plays. And toes. You know first Eric Roberts or activists in hopes for more opportunity in our confidence. You know more so then. My teammates and coaches revenue. -- that I even more profit to broker -- well. It -- started they're calling you a latter day. Mike Vrabel who wears number what do you think about that when you hear people say yet to give it to Mike Vrabel just a few years later. Update I mean you you that they can't compare it certainly you know differ players. You know. In my in my closest call you're so. That's what does -- -- so that we -- home there are and never have met the guys or they don't know. You know personalities that are used you know. Pretty Smart guy in the you know go go after guys. You know made it you know he just. It figured got -- have so you know it's certainly. An honor to be compared to them but again you know it's so that a lot more to do to welcome quote. -- final question rob just between the four of us. Is there a play in the patriot label that has Rob Ninkovich lining up like Vrabel did and catching a pass is a tight end because you did -- Until the orbit aren't -- are does that play exist I guess I don't know why have I have a question. We have a lot of tie it and I mean I think -- credit situation that would differ from the very lows here to do it. -- -- in the past. That's where that we surgical -- -- sure. I have a question -- when you're in college did you ultimately -- for an huh huh huh. Oreo. -- lets it -- it's not as it is -- surprise you that the Notre Dame guy Matt Light and the Pentagon says it you know. That's what they do -- what they do note -- -- but you know they lie they cheat and steal you surprised all in the name of god Allah. Can note no column I did their battles are going to understand that. Some news when it's. Pretty complicated our roster these -- this black Sunday talk about it I don't know I didn't watch. Rob exhibit Dennis Kelly analytic Clark on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GLT he will be right back.

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