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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots Ravens matchup

Jan 16, 2013|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the AFC Championship, Ray Lewis, and who he thinks will win.

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-- -- -- -- You know they're they're good or do you not think they still -- they're gonna attack us you know. In what they feel like he's gonna put pressure -- and enterprise. You know column put pressure on our receivers they've they always. You know throughout the years like to get up and not allow our tight ends -- it's like guys get off the ball very well. And you know play over the top outside guys and you know we'll see we'll see if -- match marked warrior -- -- anything like that. I think if they split -- yards in the in that area but the same time they do a good job playing very well. And played -- man underneath him like I said get pressure get their hands of those guys kind of reroute a little bit so would be very good this week. Head out of combating and a little bit running crisp routes. Bigotry that we don't well the -- well. Joe Black golf. Jumped all gel that is the quarterback of the ravens you'll hear from Ray Lewis. Just after 130 month living on three point seven WEEI Tommie Harris. On the -- beef for CS and auntie dot com he's brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker haired doctor. Doctor Robert -- call 1800. Again here Tom not look good afternoon. -- -- -- I promise let's start with Rob Gronkowski is. Arm which are you have a story first yesterday Tom to give you full credit. Up -- the people you're talking to it's not a re break what happened it's a new break altogether. And somehow on ball with pressure and the plate that was guardian there is that correct. That's it broke at the end of the plate it was installed collection stress they cause the fabric that's what the people quote I'm talking to open. Well I think that it did the point is and we talk about before is that the the initial break is the question was was he healthy enough to play the initial break. Was healthy enough to play correct but the stress because -- different fracture. -- would come back to you know it's the nature hinted that it the actual surgery was there the way the plate was putting and is this common. It's common after the Mike -- 2003 when he broke his. The collection of stress that built up at the end of those plates if you -- at the wrong way it's gonna break the same way as if you know. Walking around in the purest ski boots or something like that we've all that we in the greater risk of pre never -- restricting. I mean anything -- it does not allow your. Your bones to I think what sort of normal fashion will cause of the break but you look at the speed at -- the break was it pat. And that broke it different -- -- Very fortunate for him but do you think about the physics of it. It's the guys who may at some point out to adjust to dial play when you're 66 to fifty. And you're jumping and landing gold among foresee you're bringing down on the spot like that. It's expected to compete at this -- somebody like -- in a -- -- Or Wes -- is secure bigger person you might have bigger -- but not sure they're going to be able to experience. That level -- I think it will come a time when he -- that seriously consider what style plate he's going to to partake in that. That's beyond. The break. That he Caribbean that -- obviously beyond that -- britney's on -- extra point but. Either better player when he's on the field. And then like the kind of start to see what I'm sure they need people that have on all the people we could get Washington last year. I'm on one out yet on how to how concerned is it that move moving forward because this is a big Fella but he just he just fell on his arm. Right I mean moving forward they confident that entire offseason listing will -- keel and it won't be concerned. Just the arm itself. Well the point remains I don't know to keep depleted broke -- -- beat them but the wait till there. The favorite -- that occurred the other day -- -- the way to prepare at the end of the -- collection stressed. That could cause it because you have an area that supported in the for a and if you smash bad area all the protected area is not gonna break. But we're pretty clean and collect a delicate topic plate and they let him he would take him pick played -- -- that's what it would equate re not happen without broken ankle is latest audit or it is still that we completed for a period but eventually we'll take it out if you just need a little bit -- flexibility. In -- way. To avoid this type thing happen. My last question for you doctor -- it is Rob Gronkowski expected to be ready for the started next season. Well I would definitely think so and I didn't get tied it -- with a given that the other Clinton -- 48 week injury and -- that reported initially. And that night that he broke it was. The anniversary of the eight -- anniversary of the first break so you'd have to figure that. They'll be able to live within six weeks an appeal to be active. You know and participating in things and eight weeks. Don't say a defensive said the big on the football here for the patriots attacking Baltimore and it is so much talk about the deep ball that's what they do but. But he -- before Bill Belichick they offered to -- and takes away. One other team does and and Philip according back -- Gregor feel better about them but I do feel that guy Dennis Qaeda in Ray Rice out of the backfield. Could probably come and play with all the attention downfield. I think people -- all that pit the bigger concern to me because people really compete for the ball. And -- that you're going to be here feel stretcher and adapters definitely employ extra attention to him and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't see. Can keep to -- strict on him and probably -- appreciating that side and then. You'll have to -- and one -- on the other side slowed -- a very competitive player and you know it's going to be interesting to see how they deploy against those guys. Because better this practice today. We're -- -- not a out of the media portion we may just be limited but. At the top matchup pits. In global energy rich and Pitt are a really top players. Cadets success the first game was shot at Cleveland according to Steve Gregory book combines -- were touchdown. And Ray Rice. It is painful we see the patriots feel well. Generally. With guys coming out of the bats elicit a -- got a little very sharp to deal with that. Oracle settlers last look at -- hearing Foster. And I thought it was different game one that is take advantage of a thought they did a better job dump it down him in this last game. Yeah but 28 yards in the -- that really quickly decide you. A fairly risky play I think that would really get -- interpret getting it loose and he was a real threat the week previous. When -- -- The angry at first Indy. -- instant oh seller at this point -- at Cincinnati didn't know enough about the reruns. But the other part of this with Flacco is I know we like the deep ball we just heard cut for him. How I don't trust them to get the ball up and down the field to be asked you first down at the first down expert that I think they go deep. Because that's their best approach because when he is forced to go intermediate and short consistently. EA Mark Sanchez biopsy that consistency -- -- the patriots best attack against him best approach against him. Is to make it work the ball the field in five and ten yard -- you know. Five and ten yard chunks and avoid that deep ball town luxury can deal. Now and I don't either and I think like that to that point about how the patriots were likely approach. If you look at what all -- -- last week. They freight ship in seven minutes of football -- -- -- pleased to reap profits plan. 65. That to me says that their -- -- pigment. Previously and it'll run its going to be three not a public -- that they get what touched out. And they remote 55876. Minutes. Despite the fact that it -- special teams touchdowns. Giving the ball directly back to the office. So you're exactly right it's not a lot since it's built to -- -- the on the field -- worked extra. And you get off the field on third down the patriots have done it -- -- -- -- 28 that 96 opportunities point 9%. Since Thanksgiving. And you have -- -- -- -- 36%. Third down conversion came in the regular season which is below average. Not a good recipe for the -- the game until lap so it's going to be out played by the patriots he -- -- asked Obama -- what makes his defense tough I believe you arrested and he just. Gave you tickets are obviously you know a great players at all three levels what exactly is accused of this account that they play with a wide receivers and outside. I don't think they're really really that -- honestly I mean I asked them because I wanted to find out whether or not. You see that good that he's too and it's our vote has got out in the sense that -- -- but because we saw the first game. What Gary Williams had done to him by Brandon -- for the first. 45 minutes of the game we saw last week with the various public that the carrier -- of his. He did not over on the left inside. You have that if you couple that I think with the idea of okay -- exportable. And you have an LLP. Courtney Upshaw who else slowed -- -- real loose trying to cover Welker commanders over the middle area sports arena -- leaking out. It's just. Not a good recipe the other two guys ultimately talk about the on the middle of the defense -- we're not all are innately. I don't wanna talk about it -- take your name in -- Please not quite as best -- -- Pollack was never really sort of mismatch nightmare I think for them the patriots strides for them outside side. There -- some target numbers today that the point out Rob Gronkowski. Is not in the game that it Hernandez -- indices as targets go from about 7% of the offense to. Point 2% and in my mind he has become Tom the most important offensive guy because the match up against and l.'s Baltimore linebacker you -- them. They're old they're slow and if he gets 11 what those guys I could see Hernandez having a huge game on Sunday. And the only thing it might not even. Designed for help he he crede take the -- Deciding on the third step of the dropped. Who gonna go to -- upon which way the defense to -- in between the matchup is brought. So it might be -- -- -- if you look as though it's an edit on elevate it to the other players pretty -- right now we're gonna leave that alone if it read -- Hernandez. Let's go to Welker instead because we have -- strategies. Feel literary. A look at the night before the -- these but the snapped and they -- -- running away from. It's not suitable for that is the patriots have not gonna run directly -- we will seat she'll wonder if you can tackle and not. -- -- -- They're gonna run around them and irritate one thank Ayanbadejo has been in that look a little more year is already sending out -- tweets. Everybody to watch out for the patriots from the chemical. Because they know -- the -- he undressed. Well do you expect them to make is I actually do you call it bitch ass -- whenever you wanted a veteran. Ray Lewis at that -- defense ready unlike with Houston Texans -- that complete this really can never saw her before. But I do expect this this veteran group the kind of underground little bit longer -- an injury I just expect to see it. I think we'll take a little -- to declare itself I definitely do and and when you have a home run hitter. Which Flacco is right now the -- -- could silent slow down into three you know liquid to respect court because they've been used electric car. What they -- -- -- want -- to keep expanding the emotion kicks whatever that Earl kept asking the court into the system political. Not going to be good -- Baltimore in the second half. Well by about 830. People would separate -- thirty. I its yearly in -- patriots in the AFC now is that a rematch with separate Cisco -- Matt Ryan. Tom Brady Super Bowl the and we don't. I'm not I don't know what opt out if you're patriots in -- I think you would rather see -- Francisco 49ers in Atlanta. The civil case in Atlanta it's. Two of the best wide receivers in the week inning opening and you can put Gonzales. It's going to go for play very much anymore particularly in teens the -- and delicate tight end -- So I think that that's more difficult matchup for the patriot taught me but I just don't think banana is which -- a shrewd enough -- -- to deal with. Cannot predict especially inside on her. This is so much involved and beat the patriots are are smarter defense certainly them screamed April -- a lot what we saw last week. -- over here. I think and I think the patriots who played really well against DiFrancesco give it another shot up. I used Tommy current quick -- tomorrow AFC title addition -- Oh yeah mail was tremendous again bring it we have Mike Florio -- well. And yesterday at the consulate. Will be their top thanks as always talked next week. Are these the best Tommy current brought to you by Tom and Wes -- here doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get here as promised ray lewis' thoughts. Brought about this game you'll hear those snacks.

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