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Boomer Esiason recaps the Patriots and Texans with Dennis & Callahan

Jan 14, 2013|

It's "pick your poison" for opposing defenses against the Pats' hurry up attack according to Boomer. He also weighs in on the other playoff games around the NFL, saying that Russell Wilson is a more polished QB than Matt Ryan and it's too bad we can't see Wilson against the 49ers defense one more time.

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Welcome back it is a patriot Monday Boomer Esiason is sponsored by DC you digital federal credit union and by little -- that's always boomer joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- Roger enjoy that divisional weekend. There was great for our guys and it was from the pitcher -- in the last night no question we've been down this road before with them India the ravens but overall I mean just exciting young players. -- obviously has gone on and Russell Wilson. But the bonehead mistakes like coaches John aux Jack Del Rio. -- Manning no longer in the playoffs are writers know Auburn applause Mike -- probably get in his chance to go to the next round I mean there's nobody -- or this week. Let's deal with the living first of all and as an overview it strikes me. Interest rate of three of last year's or final four are back in what does that say about the National Football League -- specifically about those three organizations moment. Well those -- organizations are pretty damn good -- lot of good bit of a lot of good lawyers. You know there's there's a special ball more going on certainly looked weary Lewis and I think Joseph Flacco has grown up here the last couple years when you take a look at us now have to go to new. You understand you know how they know that we're all human how many really where pars are on the human cloning now. They have quarterback couldn't post things that need the previous quarterback TJ it. -- -- brings out so many critics also plays. On the course you have what you have there -- going -- just it's been great at the end of the -- it's been going on 2001. Might have been on the an -- day yesterday what when I look at them and patriots from all -- to respect of I do the well made that we won't become used to and of course Aaron Hernandez. And to realize how good at all on line as I know I I would sit here and argue with anybody over the the white the lady. Belichick on the gate here that if you really don't really but I feel very confident that as the best all got a. -- minister reason Ray Lewis is retiring do you think you've obviously he's lost the step and no team has veteran ace in the game up. Or or be funding the receivers over the middle -- what in that weakness. You see them doing something to the ravens have to do some and may be that Lewis out of the game maybe it just their coverages. Because he's pretty slick in his chops right now he has -- Well I would think you would be. You know. You know that it's such an emotional game you know a social put on general on any level -- emotional and what they'll play about the ravens well -- well they're resilient and you know railroad had seventy tackles last week. Our nominee behind the line of scrimmage like Robin Wright chat last night. No I mean I don't tuned I am going into the game you know they had already played 85 place that we war it was sure we rest. You know without those. To -- us -- touchdown while I thought the what what defense played I -- against Peyton Manning in that building and of that 87 late last week deuce -- -- talk about what honored -- -- -- what it ought to which you plan yet another area all -- There's from the -- -- -- -- problem probably thought you were split on that -- on the -- that about playing against Ed -- and and railroad they've been may have slowed down and maybe a little friend. But you know what -- There's more. Maybe a couple of years but well we're -- delay certainly has played well here now on the last two years in a row. -- that's -- eight times Peyton Manning has been one and done in the playoffs which is hard to believe. It would all like come weavers and he's an unbelievable career in a great year I think he was the MB he put and we all. Agree now rumored that the pressure gets to him. You know I I don't wanna say that because. I I am now part of it is to do what he did a person coming back from -- surgery is changing teams burned wires and I -- and I -- play that became violent and government Tom reviewed more on the right path from my god you know you you -- forced out at the end of the game. And in all its system back all the other places where. Every game could have been one for one of the -- ultimately -- where most of the discussion as you know the end of the first at the end -- regulation. -- -- -- at all why not throw it why not go toward the end of the first -- It's thirteen agreed that it's freezing -- -- -- -- well and I have a decision by you know John -- who walked you'll go into -- -- that'll only gives. -- repeal position and they and the only scored so there are so -- -- -- doing -- and I understand that. Manning is bigger than life and he's been the league by a true professional and -- massacre. Never missed like I can -- vote for the rest of us to do. I mean you feel -- national and anybody. It -- should warm you know bring to the discussion in people's wanted to know the Denver Broncos in the playoffs and then Peyton -- -- one. It's flat out ignorant and it doesn't understand you know how work and how great eight and yet -- he's got a one of them be -- -- today and it. In this league if I bet that it law that would want to -- area. Pump radio Pete Manning game in Denver. -- portion you know he's gonna do all the criticism now over the next you know 67 weeks and he'll and so on and off the Apocalypse -- while Baxter. -- if you're unwilling to say Peyton Manning allow the pressure to get to him are you willing to say based on what we've seen in the big picture overall in the body of work and what we've seen this particular season the Tom Brady is the better of the two quarterbacks overall lot of members. For that you know I'll have a problem for him and never happened problems for him in the fact that he had bottled Joseph Montana. -- -- -- Buick and this morning. -- a pretty picture because your life and I. You know there's not much more that I can tell that authorities said about common. His record and his record's gonna continue to get better whether you know even if they lose next week you know they're going to be in -- house because with the publishing on talent. It was on this roster and I'll look at this offense and how it's a league a long and even without lockouts -- there's still a forty point two games so. And all that is do you know large part of quarterback that is the ringleader of all of this and can point with a -- to -- that received yesterday. If there's no question in my mind that Tom pretty much like Joseph Montana you know construct your quarterback you know I don't know what brought about who's better here or there. You know winning and and championship. You know are the ones that will find that Tom Brady I think all those numbers that he has and he's compiled thus he volumes and you know. What challenges that present for Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady given the game plan and installed all week long you produce a million times next and now I. It for clocked out yet they're not like in a couple of formations you could to where -- was going to were not fond of slow for the linebackers. Either against clock out you organ arena and and -- there was you know it was Marines haven't fought. -- brown. Had a day like you know yeah yeah I am you know a -- and don't want amber to put on this and I've done that. But now the rest of the NFL and the rest of the the world would receive exactly how could I am partners I'm gonna make the most out of my opportunity. And it's it's so typical patriot like expelled and quality in the music player. Always like they were yesterday. You know you got to give credit -- check him his. Instead of bringing players and -- seemed. You know loses -- -- anything after the player that that that there were placing so I -- a lot of it has to do it to a culture that has. Built up there there's an understanding that when you get your number quote got to make -- -- -- -- Certainly you know whether it be all the little Ripley or read or any -- head or Julian element -- -- -- about the main -- gave you. Don't you know who -- people afford it became patriots or they went out on the field Tom Brady not very many. And you got to give credit we're ready to do that the people who were so -- Quarterback in Josh Adams and it last year was all Ryan. Off to war veterans getting the most out. When you look at -- hurry up offense and in particular -- that quick snap thing beyond the obvious of the defense not -- entirely set. What advantages does that give the New England Patriots and what disadvantage is does that do for the -- Most of our guys is not new to Maine I did this in 1990 level. And angles quartile -- to -- back -- court on -- for you know Warner forty yards in the game and -- -- regard you know every Ramos on the field with -- and I know exactly what I'm doing when they can read a play on the field. Whether the you know after a -- on the one month you know from the boy had that I'm -- What he's doing you get the ball a requirement off their chances and you move from right down the line of scrimmage to be parents have been natural let down unit to give up they play their product. On the ground what they're doing -- wondering whether or not gonna talk to. Pitcher to do on yourself rooting. Our world while Roland you don't know on the fly so somebody makes -- play their incomes. New personnel group and Thomas so Smart get my line of scrimmage capital to be running their. To be -- and I think when you have a quarterback and they -- two or better. How much what I would commit they would Kenny Anderson who was mile or better in my career batting all of a sudden you'd. OS and all that and doesn't get to -- -- the -- number one is that though number through this -- in any of the block. I -- say -- right way. Utilized what I believe is your biggest. At. Not the quarterback's ability to do Walt you know you have to be if you -- yet to be a ball after you gotta be somebody -- in personnel who understand formation. Who understands how to call plays. Quick whip of one of scrimmage and certainly. -- -- They -- everywhere in Iraq everywhere like this and the only way the -- -- on instead what it is like where it was this week. Yeah how'd you guys I think there are they play a lot of scrimmage and make sure -- aware or going on your eighties because gonna go. And you know people that -- led by. Older players more experience wears sometimes on -- overwhelmed that is obviously to be -- that well. Evidently I didn't understand boomer white Denver didn't do that I mean they they can go no huddle but they get let. Catch their breath that was it was a strange way to run the no huddle he'd be wanna run it and and and get back on their heels or you don't. Every time Manning would start going with the usual histrionics. I'd say oh good you know slugs and Louis they're all they're all catching their breath now with the patriots isn't the hurry up. Even more -- and and and harder to defend. We do especially when -- that it would get you there were let somebody get the games and you know for whatever reason. You know could be you know heavily could be an -- commercial break you -- a million reasons why. May not work and I and I called one of the reasons why. Never never really got into an offer to rhythm because of the return for touchdown that -- the holiday had. They're great return there -- their grandpa that he won't want to play. Then you're -- of sitting on the front line mostly -- thirteen degree weather. So I would pick and that may have had -- -- -- -- -- upsetting a little bit of the rhythm but we've been about -- many big guys you know he. He's 88 you are to put an end. Late in the game. And then unfortunately on that left that it would they were -- ever. You know he had it all on the other play call it was going to be a pass play. He read it he read the people and the Czech who area of running it because -- -- game -- -- All morbid place -- -- got the ball back just enough time left. In order complete what I would consider is there is nothing but nothing short of of a miracle on touchdown that we don't very often they. And then in your right you have to put this on Raheem Morris and the defense because all flat -- do just thrown and hair I mean and this I don't understand why they were. Three -- -- DB's over there. Well it's -- thing you know you watch the that you watch we -- closely. -- -- -- Joan V on the we've built -- court such slow down a little bit in between quarterback and bring you more state. And bring you more on you know. Thank you you know on pop album -- it to -- that offer their they won't let them get behind you I thought the -- provides a powerful vision. You look and Rahim he's looking at George cope account that he thought the quarterback. And Jacoby Jones current -- around a little bit he's slowed our and then all the footage of the child takes off on Romo. -- with all the or it was just something about how important -- Jones and the and the Baltimore Ravens but it -- nature major mistake. So -- that game he was so distraught. I mean he was applying you know yeah I mean it was Tuesday. Absolutely awful players what -- my heart goes how can it -- that -- that warm. But unfortunately this is -- loyalty and commitment that quite at a can be won out over and over and over again. And an unfortunate for Manning. It now puts them in overtime and he makes just. I don't know rookie mistake on the ball -- obvious question one arm not nearly what was -- -- -- not not rookie. -- Barbie and Brett Favre -- you like your idea of organ market through their good run on them. Yeah the few times I was I would have been many times and opportunities those guys it to make it. Looking at the S Seattle Atlanta -- final playoff win -- a playoff win when you haven't had -- like Matt Ryan New Hampshire -- pretty sweet but does that really get the month the office back based on the fact that he had a chance to win this game in seven consecutive plays before he went interception three and out and then three and out again and I know at the end. Drove them you know down on the field with a just a half a minute to go get a field goal but does that really in his heart of hearts at the monkey off his back. I do -- think it does not -- even day today it goes to pay every or matchups that I assure. You there was well what a what a monumental moment corruption there was in the game in the fourth quarter graphic a lot of that had to do interception and he grew up in just. Totally go by strong in the tribe or ball go up five line onto Roddy White general Thomas comes over make the interception that. Clearly -- their cable around. I tell you I know everybody's got an -- and everybody loves contact record for why he was he was great against green vaguely bit of personal doctor anyway. Russell Wilson and more polished up to quarterback I don't care what anybody says. It is the real deal and that I put him. The way that he plays from the boys the boys were compound -- -- machine that those lawyers are now playing in an NFC championship game this week -- -- -- -- world war three between those two teams. And then war you know though the -- Why and then not their at her and all that all the turned yet there are about 3334 your outline. I mean it's -- little people who want to tap into this game. To a large or the the Seattle Seahawks not having their -- available in this together or not in Washington. -- head coaches get realized that if you want ice the kicker go ahead ice that like maybe five seconds three seconds before they snap it not as things now. -- you know within that argument that's gonna walk forever won't coaches continue to do this. I mean. About how about he'd be potentials would. Atlanta iPod user looker who I man -- Jacqueline what happened here. If that happens all the time. Coaches -- -- that would not technically now washing it did not go home. That would Leon Washington. And they'd just -- way he can it would have been a waste of my right Seattle could that would have been enough I'm. So that -- And I don't know what my boat -- so gazans would. So now it is -- it. Like it was on my -- different things there's an onside it. And then there's -- with Americans would occasionally want that is real. -- on the ground bounce -- around around the twenty or. You guys get you to get down to whether -- pick it up so. I completely another hail -- like it did against Rebecca. You like separate Siskel and New England to meet in New Orleans. I do I do I do I. I mean I knew what -- for goes a really good you know I -- realize that and watching the game the other night. -- they're going through. You know there -- their roster and everything in their recourse rumors on the on the off but the line. We just. No even though he's only about them I spent all the -- Ahmad wrote that -- -- and we are all men and departure will. -- of defense yeah. And they got quality all of the you know wideout so -- that pretty good I think and they're running -- are -- -- really -- all these guys question as. It's now called -- got to go on the road the last on the play on the road was in Seattle did not look very good. So that always going to be a while court when you when you travel the young quarterback -- Somebody doesn't you know didn't play that well wrote the last -- -- like -- the -- knowing what night. Not -- -- there was going to be closer than a Monday night game and if you block a little bit but I. Key to the different between Eritrea and we -- Quarterback position accurately showed until yesterday as impressive as -- knicks' performance was should we be saying the same thing about half -- as we used to say about Vick and we said more recently about RG three -- that mobility and making plays -- your feet is great but it's gonna get you killed them. Yeah well that's why I like Russell -- the most while I can't well. -- had been better in jeopardy and and are cheap rate to it because. ORG three and I -- when they're running the option like you know. And you saw Wheldon the linebacker or read baby of the night you know it was that all of what you got what would have an outlaw. We have a guide how to contact predicted or alt plus. He's not textbook or -- thirty pounds. And he's like shut out of a cannon and he is is that what are not only. Run the ball away years we also Rose Bowl. On the deal well our and his accuracy down the field is really good but. You know Russell Wilson he's the guy and Andrew -- they used the it's its own company won't let the mind games but he's -- while the global war you know -- really aren't -- -- game and everything else. That brought the world to block it what he has some special I mean he. I don't know this whole personality after the payment and the way he carries himself the way I guess they are really came away. Extremely impressed. Over final question from us I assume seven games without gronkowski -- Gives the patriots have looked inside as to how you can play without this guy how does his absence compromise their ability to do all the things they wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take a look at the numbers with him and without -- -- not much different and it just means that other players have other duties and where yesterday. You know everybody talks about you know Denny wouldn't it going out and Shane Vereen replacing -- had in my nation Shane -- -- place on -- And when he would want to as a wide receiver and he's going against area along about that -- what we're almost gone out the match up. Because there's not there's not a linebacker I don't think in all of the staff. You know right now publishing and read what I want may be one of the guys in Seattle they're pretty quick. And I'd -- continuity of the linebackers aren't you go to on the linebackers on Atlanta and that's certainly not linebackers are. And ball more so now with you have another mismatch and not despise it what it is he did Gary Kubiak. Know that boomer -- I don't I don't I want why did you leave the line back on all game was but I have to tell you would like report that we -- patriot. This is -- that would -- yesterday. When they are they were there what their athletes and they're running the ball while our league now. You like what you do he's got. To put to death then you defensive back on them. I thought that may be bad backs -- to be put the cut back out there are a lot about core appeal what you gonna do -- got -- ball. Not when he's all the way he's outside when he's outside the numbers that you think could put him in motion. Was when you have I -- -- look at all the different personnel groups to an apple when you have Hernandez that there are Brandon -- out there. I I you have less well or Al. And then you throw Sheen -- now they're here even written in the back field. I mean he should I don't know -- public people smoking advocates say the other battle and you -- -- him. You know and put him on chain re not that they the end and there's nobody in the middle all of sudden it's covering Hernandez. You know how many times can Jackson get fooled by west well. I mean throw it wouldn't let you know I. You better -- -- my patients in the lead. We're Green Day and and new England and the reason for that athlete to these two teams can put out there quarterbacks that are playing in the corporate it. -- right behind so. It's a bit to what you guys and they should not enough players on the net Wheeler to go around when you are -- -- on the deal or well. Has always -- great stuff at the -- down sonic a little premature Jerry and I look forward departing new party with you know guidance that it can chew on a few moment here I guess that's a I mean I have a that you could achieve this morning governing well it's hard to duplicate. I guess he got -- -- progress that we enjoy your week sizable Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. AT&T four GL TE our conversation -- boomer. Sponsored by DCU digital federal credit union and a little bit.

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