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The steroid debate rages on

Jan 10, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny debate the steroid issue and how it will affect baseball and Hall of Fame voting for years to come.

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Okay. The Major League Baseball people have finally agreed gentlemen to in season eight TH testing -- any predictions. Numbers go down this year yes and that they met predictions on players who test positive everybody some red numbers going down this year everybody. Not everybody. Some I'd name somebody whose numbers won't put out. Will middle Brooks. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have the punitive VH TH thing since they were testing -- right to me they have yeah known as the first time blood testing my son now. Now nobody can go that group in -- in order cheat that's good. You had -- a good thing you would think. And -- is this someone's a step ahead some lab he's a damn fine thing that it's this a step in the right direction and it's. It comes up or -- my plan of course which is for the voluntary you know. Website -- of missiles you know where everybody can just do if they don't then you can just condemn them. Amid don't know Dudek is too it's too have you know. That are going to be still want to be a martyr and a TrailBlazer -- -- catching crap for the rest of the year Joost teammates. But I think it's a good thing and I think it is the announcement -- and I think is remarkably timely considering what we just went through with -- hall of fame voting. Yeah while I mean I was so. You know. You can tell I was coming down the road and they timed it right after that it's kind of -- -- it's just like. You know a document -- on the way in time with the Red Sox in this struggles and maybe. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- close to 800 I don't know what I think that cut it off at 802 because they cannot deny that hit 800. Right to say. And the next day it's non -- lolly get the nice it and write this somewhere along hey Zachary 800 yeah right so you -- little beyond that wasn't 801. The career gold told career goal total for Gordy Howe when Gretzky broke. How's that could do a basement stayed at 1800 anyhow. 801 doesn't come up too much -- they -- -- on their SATs easy eight hundreds and actually -- each each debacle analysts and hey you know maybe it's a game season they may announce -- not a sellout and that's. A distinct possibility to you know but the bigger problems than that that's for sure. They have a lot of these heard some of them leading to. -- on the hot stove show and of course the Red Sox always fodder for discussion on this radio program. Anytime you want that's 365 days a year we will talk Red Sox baseball with you here on WBAI on the planet my job. There's no question about it. But more so than ever -- think gentleman and that -- includes Lenny -- John. The Celtics are actually. Evoking positive talk. In the last seven days might not only should of course station in Alaska but of course I had a mine neither one made stumble just about. That really is that's not import you had -- we could talk about that some others that that's about the time. You got to get ready abetting Jones you really now it's just that it obviously you enjoy life here and believe me there's no serious money involved if if any. -- come -- problem guests here tonight. -- filling my tank. But he had a service uniform. No doubt that was me -- -- and and cities service rhetoric you struggle white suits that's not giving Kennedy -- -- your voice search center. Now and does that anymore never -- are you kidding me. What if a guy speaks English. So. Anyways so the Celtics now have one and by the way just so you know use Celtics fans out there and there are millions of they have the longest winning streak in the NBA. They do count four games yes. And that's good that's a good good thing. Take this -- to finally have a four game winning streak this season nine they had won three prior you know they have distributed they -- -- before last night in his chance expense and time you know -- was next in Minnesota tomorrow night. No it's just sort of without Kevin -- no not that Houston's its fuselage and I think you're Cameron Heyward is Minnesota and hope they get a one calculus but now they're going to because I doubt pretend week he's yeah -- -- and I heard and they get terror Houston got -- last night. It relatively well what it is they really don't have much to Boston warlords now that ice current team. Embarrassing. -- -- -- -- Also the ones you just mentioned -- -- Rosen and and -- Now -- seven yet while Minnesota it's too bad for them except that they were there are going to be a playoff team yet again not now it can't be easy breezy day. Sixteen points eighteen rebounds a game or selling and that is about 20152014. While. I love actually John's favorite player leads the league in rebounds he's out to. Resented that -- I would say is my favorite player. He sure. You know the bottom line and now lives. We're we're -- public Cleveland plays in Cleveland. And now Andy I said in oh -- -- and indeed I think -- Berisha. The odd way you've got listening proposition -- -- -- what are you probably. Let's start again yes. Okay about that all star vote. A way to read all of it out we got to open lights for Iran -- 10 o'clock. I noticed that -- her meeting hand turned off the text machine would maybe twice in a lot of complaints. We sincerely always. Played so he turned it off completely during the during the hot -- -- which is crash. Last night it crashed on me it was work. He won't get any worse and I get the other night. On the hall of fame Texas -- yeah I did you see some stuff like it is stuff about my mother for God's nebula that. I'm not an additional credit and I just got. I heard. Live by a mob did -- -- -- right I did. Six point 77 tonight 7937. Or imagined this for those of you there going to be one of two great cities'. This coming Sunday for the game. Now a lot of people go home watch their 55 inch big screen TV or whatever they get the news about your friends who watched games when I do is I go from bar to bar. -- -- but Reuters stuff representing representing bad lies you -- and represent don't you -- -- as you know this Sunday. Because it's you know we knew we had a plan is it took a lot of typical plane get the stunt. At 3 o'clock while the other games ago on -- And before the patriots game right up until the start of the pages came I'm going to be at the pizza shop in east lawmen don't know that sounds like. Just some little corner store on policy sports bar. The pizza shop. Shaker road east -- -- -- third of the try to confuse people at that title. And then after I leave the pizza shop be slowed -- on shaker road at 430 minute jump in my car drive. While listening to the game on the radio on satellite I have satellite radio is extremely Ford vehicles -- support him. I just couldn't get a car drive in -- the first half one and a habit are my DVR on soaring home to watch. Drive to the next place which is the whiskey republic in Providence, Rhode Island and other public appearance on yes the same day one day on south water street Providence. I'll be there at the half. Till the end of the game. While so I think about how I'm gonna feel after 77 Budweiser -- bring a driver. -- have a limo at -- seems like you bring a driver with me get a room there yet he can do shots. No that's responsible but -- -- it to -- long meadow until 430 and then -- reading about halftime until the end of the so the pages you know would be. At the written whiskey republic in Providence and that's that's my -- myself. Good thing Budweiser as a big budget -- use these big bucks. Well you know I don't get to you -- don't they don't let me -- on the Jamaican and that's pretty hefty 50000%. Notes made. So that's coming up Sunday what are you guys doing for the game. Watching it. By noble we have -- home watch that are you know out non nope I just focused doesn't shine while watching the game bra. I -- I -- right now I can't begin to fathom. Patriots QB and he even registered in my brain a shock to me it's like okay we're gonna win this game is going to be fun we're gonna have. And every move on there either it's either Denver or somebody coming here Baltimore right. Correct one or the other yet there's only four remaining back so it's got to be one idea. So that's exciting and you know I'm I'm very very much you know acute in my mind's say oh what if they lose -- you know I deal with that. How can -- do without him -- -- dealt with in 2010 -- -- -- when it was the jets drugs that. Jeremiah is in Maine Jeremiah you're the first caller on tonight's planet Mikey a classic edition. Get a Mikey -- like our -- Jeremiah. Well I am -- litigate I'm listener I'm usually home by now backed -- because -- couldn't beat him and even now. I'm I got a question about that Boller America like sports in general but this whole. And LP are in Cooperstown angle. -- Yeah no disrespect you guys are just I can't wrap my better on the -- that. YE a deduction the media. To vote these people live and Larry because it I think it should be judged by a jury of your peers. Okay players. Former managers we weren't we talking about here. How about hall of famers. Yeah I I don't understand why -- white media you know -- riders are -- in the -- aren't supporting people and again it's right. Why not keep our players today don't know. Ballplayers and the -- Reason the reason why. It is when it started it was writers because they want unbiased. Opinion and they were the only people. With the working knowledge you know -- -- before there was television we were talking awaiting -- good -- -- 3930s. It. These are the people or on the road watching all the different teams -- -- recovered one TB is still got to see the most travel around the team. They were probably the best suited to beating guys who did -- the did the judging aside from the people you mentioned maybe people actually in the league. Who would be their peers but. You got friends friends and favoritism amongst in other words if you got a guy that the league let's say. Let's say nobody likes Ty Cobb or Albert -- or anybody or take nobody likes. They're not gonna vote for OK the players themselves they hate him for whatever reason that I gonna vote for. Maybe you take that isolated away with and and by the way I think the media members. Should be able to vote. And I think anybody that should be -- if you can qualified for the vote. And in order to qualify for the vote each be able to show you know a little bit about baseball may not just some act or somebody who just started following it in -- three years ago. It's got to be something that you. Qualify for to have that honor voted no -- of course would pass with flying colors but there are other people out there like -- woman who voted for -- She spoke where noted the our original order for shocked angry and another was. How do you vote for -- -- -- for strong green Jill painter and openly and -- Sierra road in check eager and Israelis and access to embarrass. I don't we should question my it's little things are different and the data type -- academic is now we have. We have public opinion and we have beat it beat -- yeah. Media -- this Twitter FaceBook everything I think so now we have members that are charging. Obviously your entire -- who's getting it -- same. In the capital steroid epidemic well I'd say I never played in the big -- I've never played our. I don't know how common it hits but I think for an outsider and media outlets keep voting people and -- really don't know. As to how common in this steroid. Or why would you think that. -- via I don't think that anyone didn't know Dario was there was there appear at a time when people ignored would -- with their eyes were telling them yes. No question about it. But but I am not saying that the writers the BB WA 88 is is. Not qualify a little while but Jeremiah why would you think that current hall of famers or players themselves wouldn't have biases. What no world where we're at anytime you involve human there's biased and actually I'm like I guess my point is. I I just I don't understand. I don't what what would be negative -- tapping. Readers. Are of course and the like they used. Stupid they all start will want which is take an example Lara how much baseball he watches right -- series and the hall of fame. It is is he checking out all of Kenny Lofton games. They are talking about guys on the ballot credit. -- -- Good credit they're better ways to qualify someone to be voted off him what I don't like him as the same thing applies to what an electable when they vote for all sorties is that you can go in there. And the only qualification you have. But to vote for an all star player is you bought tickets of the game and they give your ballot or you have a computer that signal wanted to vote that's your only qualification. You can be -- numb nuts never saw a game. You know the name Derek -- see your vote for him as silly -- you know and you just go through and and make a pretty patterned on your check boxes on the players know it. If they're gonna make this matter so much. They should allow other people took Kwame what's wrong with having the more the merrier really becomes to beat the consensus of Lewis hall of fame. But I -- all of the all star game balloting right. Gently of the play is that people wanna see and most people would agree on fresh straw to showcase game really I know it determines they you know a home field for the will series now laugh but you know who cares about that. The players don't care about so why should -- The players who play in the well you know -- don't have all star clauses in their contract or whatever but that that's that's not -- the porn is that someone can be totally unqualified to be an all star. Having a crappy year and still make it on balloting and to be the starter next game that's -- -- -- well the other part though is the all star game is nothing like was even of the 1988 Iraq I mean -- players don't care as much they skip out on it if they want -- they still get the all star of money and. But but you usually the people this universal opinion of who the best baseball players it's not right. So if you're plugged in it and Derek Jeter and go a hundred times from that Franken he's probably gonna you know be on the outside team anyway okay. So. And its debt it doesn't square it's not the same thing it is voting for the hall of fame notice -- -- a -- policy rushed right and and the players don't keep up on that contemporaries anymore. -- care about sketching pitching missed the grain every two weeks thank you very much for checked that's that they care about that don't really want to get a final and again that we find qualified. People that are in the BB WA a who have ignored very viable candidates overtime. You know I think perfect or -- they. Well that's our active that's objective viable candidates right I mean look at the issue is about right to with guys like -- -- the that's. An and I know that this. Steroid cloud over them to a lesser degree too but -- is gonna have you know you -- gonna have all time favorites that you think should be in the hall of fame I mean is no question. -- Jack -- it was a great great pitcher right. But he's got one well yet again in the hall of fame will was that bias against them know both right design note thinking you know is terrific pitcher. But in terrific and be in how I'll faint terrific. Analog demarcation. Erickson a car and you are. And. I Lebanese I don't quite see -- wouldn't put -- this Sunday at 3 o'clock go beyond there. At that pizza shop you know the spot. Where I know what I ordered my friend -- look reported saying all right Max -- you know what it looks like. Are you that I do OK okay I'll be the one with -- all the Budweiser girls around me OK that'll be unified. And BB -- hey okay who who topics about -- all say a bit by Iraq. Or if I'm wrong in Major League Baseball. I'll put a bit on steroids in Dalton for is -- correct might recognize here I'm not sure those before that it. They did the testing and banning it in two separate thing. Well here's my point -- gotten what they put put the pin number you're not you're right verbiage. It was illegal drug in the US anyway correct so it doesn't matter whether baseball had that in order. Why would turn -- people should have been doing it whether it was banned by M I'll be here -- -- -- the US. And remain illegal steroids yet. -- -- doctors have been used institute their yelling nobody -- only -- prescription yes and I'm not well -- made it sound like it was banned then you know as you know the societal well without prescription it's illegal okay go ahead natural substances any. -- -- an audience and really got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- that now we're getting -- or morality though right Amanda and I off well but no there's a clause in the contract if there's a clause in the description of the hall of fame you know were criteria including integrity and character it's part of it. Well it was it was all steps and for banning stuff I mean and drove it. And throws -- mark McGwire's locker and someone's side there -- -- -- -- and leave it ends up team has banned substance and there's so many different steps because McGwire Edison. Okay well -- -- was I don't know all the way up but I appreciate your art art metal parts they know what was in front regret. -- a big favorite as you would never wage. 15100 these almost five -- her own words. I think if you look like in the top fifteen all -- OP yes I mean that's a guy who dominated he has never went steroids. I didn't think you will never get close all. -- we don't know his promise. Yes he was a 490. Home run guy in an era of 600 home run guys that was probably -- on the other problem was likely Smith played for so many different teams bounced around so much. Given your ears in the Internet though. Wouldn't play -- our court -- you don't want virtual baseball strikes. -- the strike in ninety Jordan was that are now in orbit averaged right at you would have been what all of our former home. Yeah a lot of guys -- their proud you know like collision MS Wright and he didn't have a chance to do it now might again gotten him and no question about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- is the focus on someone's overall career impact when their run a lot of different tees because his goes from one market to the other the other he's never. Vick he's never quite valuable enough for them to keep a ten years -- in premier teams either or talking -- -- -- -- -- -- you raise. Wellness coach is still look at that number is what is -- yes -- percent of all of -- but I'm saying I saw bright -- look at why don't they let you know what -- I don't think so I don't so I'd like to think of Seeking Asylum deal -- Amazon can't replace the twelve team he's below Sheffield though -- -- feels like comic called knowledge that the 500 home runs and you can make the hall of fame and it is Woodruff at 493. Who knows about -- I mean who knows Bagwell. You could say this about any of these guys don't say it about Craig Visio. -- -- Yeah you probably won't he won't and the first one single put you could say about him to.

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