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Jan 10, 2013|

Michael and Glenn discuss KG vs Melo and why Anthony only got a one game suspension for what appeared to be multiple incidents worthy of a few games off.

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I -- back here at a big jump. 67779793. Several talked game means here in two seconds. -- his two -- about all of the hoopla here over the last few days so much made of the -- situations so much made of vote. Carmelo Anthony and KG people forget the teams actually won four row and they have got some home games here. Were they compare that little but the Houston's playing very well know get them tomorrow night. But it's a team that certainly is playing a lot better since the last time we talked to a -- about it. And we go to the and he right now mr. -- we don't. I don't like. -- Danny door great. Awesome note don't out of doing great -- its loss to an. I couldn't I couldn't be better outlook will get to -- gone there. And Gettysburg feel that way too that he had little -- -- -- before we get to the team let's get to the off the court or. Well in the parking lot -- stories right now. The situation first the ball was run that we surprised that he was suspended. For one game. Yes yes so what life. Arm I just didn't believe that it warranted it. Do you think he was -- suspended Danny. Because it's so called an automatic. If you -- the official or do you think it was his attitude. As he described it being on the phone and then literally hanging up on the on the India. Oh I think that it works. The companies you know -- those. History with the officials and with the lack of of cooperation with the investigation yeah. It's up a little bit above them that tell me of this despair though if if -- if you're -- sister event that. -- that this that this way of that would have if that had been any regret the there's I don't. Think that we we even have a -- but he -- noticed. Yeah yeah you're probably right so in Italy's mean this -- to this earlier in the week. I think the MBAs inconsistent when it comes these things if you're going to. Suspend Rondo for being emotional whether it's. Talking to an official too closely or. Being emotional with when talking to the MBA you'll as the NBA can't turn around to make an emotional decision because your feelings were hurt. When Rondo hangs up on you -- -- is that. It seems counterproductive and kind of silly to me what you think. Yeah I think that I think could perhaps an over reaction personally but you know I wasn't involved and in the investigation -- all the -- elected talk with the league about all this. And you know I don't know what their decision wasn't -- -- what I believe it was the I think it was a combination of both and I don't agreement. I'm. The does -- have to change his behavior the way he deals mostly with the league the disrespect as you have to be. A lot more careful because of exactly what you said there is a history here another player probably gets nothing. And he gets nailed with a to -- changeup. Yet that Roberts had a best you know they they asked him how he would respond to settle adapt. And he needs to adapt. And you know but I think it's more than that I think it's -- in college meant that this is the guy that runs the league he's been run it for thirty years. And I don't think anybody's out to get Ron -- he's put himself this position and I think to get himself out. What are we are readily for thirty years but they're getting retirement coming your thirteen -- -- that. Not that I'm counting the thirteen month away Michael's campaigning begin a model or army commodity. They yell at what your feelings about Danny Ferry and if you ever stitched. I've never snit snow and I don't know I have not even gonna comment on that I have no idea it's what has was reported. Does any validity to -- so. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Well along those lines has been reported that KG system things for Carmelo after that next gamer during the next game that caused. Carmelo to have a very emotional response and and chased on the team bus. What what do you think about those reports and what did you think about the incident in general. Well you know I'm more so I'm not really concerned about what players saying on the court I mean -- I've been involved in so many big games so much talking going I can't. At first -- can't imagine that anybody -- any. Bet anybody says I don't care what hideous. Home on the court heated battle poppy that's the first thing. So I'm not worried about that from -- standpoint our players. Second ball my my concerns are more just security. And issues. Revolving around post game and the safety of my players I'm not so much worried about all the shenanigans that are going on. You didn't think rod goes one game suspension was warranted how about Carmelo is one game suspension enough for not enough. I don't know I don't know I wasn't there at that at the scene I've heard the reports Smart people again I haven't heard what do with the leak out that you know. Or give them the benefit of the doubt it and as it doesn't really matter what I think. I think they'd come. You know that there should be some some sort of recourse and correction to. Allowing that kind of behavior go on -- I don't know the details. A duck has been emphatic and throwing it out there of that what is being reported. Was not what KG said to Carmelo Anthony on the floor of the fact that he's being so strong and in. And vocal about this one's read a bully of the -- is assured that this did not happen the court not -- you talked about it. With a trash talking Michael and I were talking earlier about the old days when Larry Bird would go -- to -- -- doctor Jerry the all time great players and again. I think there's less trash talk going on now DNA. Then there was years ago. Do you think so. You know I think that there is yeah I mean I think there's still guys that bit talked trash but I think there's probably fewer players. -- -- -- And down you know again I just when the year when -- at a college. Environment and you go and on the road and even some high school environments you go on the road where they're now. The stand they look up everything on Google they know things of there that have gone on in your life that there's anything controversial. Student body knows everything. And I can understand how that can give them groups under players' skin but usually not to do right someone says things on the court. You know can play in basketball. Grown up on the playground older kids to meet. He's bidders nothing's sacred and you just have to get used to tuning out what people say look -- say what that. What the players say he's got to this place. So why is it that there are a lot of people that are condemning AG. Because they believe that he and subway and nationally have been talking about this on some of the shows that he initiated it because. He was the one that started talking -- The machinations. I don't know I mean I'm just don't in my perspective my perspective -- that would be embarrassed if I have somebody says something that threw me off like aid. There parents are forward that there had but the missing. When you talk about the security in being concerned about the security. The one thing that worries me about only giving a guy one game suspension talked about -- And Rondo is history okay I understand that they probably hit him with a higher suspension and they would a normal player because of this history Carmelo as history fifteen game suspension is well. So why wouldn't you try to set precedent right now for fear that down the road somebody else I don't know what to do something like this. Well you know I think that they this Tuesday up first time incident this type of situation. Com and they're they're making it. You know the first time. Warning to the hole lead you know -- you don't. Confront players in the locker room by the -- after gains should be -- -- that the next time anybody doubt that the opium which figures suspension Hampshire. Let me ask you this it seems like I'm switching gears but I'm not there's a reason I'm asking this question. Also smartest guy in terms of basketball IQ doing the right things on the floor and just that just being brilliant on the -- the smartest guys you've ever played with their coach. I'm. OK see you -- that the -- -- like you have ever played with yeah. Present company excluded. Where there's a lot there's a lot of guys Perry passed well see that that's cult and I mean obviously Mary had a great basketball IQ. And Kevin had a great basketball IQ. That's that's talked stump the lot of B Kevin Johnson at a very high basketball IQ what side. -- -- -- I expected Larry and Mikhail. And I'm not surprised by Kevin Johnson Marley surprises me well I never would have never would've -- them but -- -- and again as a great basketball IQ. But this is there's this the recent past and no. Our -- sparked Charles Barkley has a great basketball IQ was well. -- I'm not surprised by that. Because he he's he does at all he's funny but also when he wants to be serious or make a basket make a legitimate basketball point. He got into play that game and high level -- and he also has done it. He was a lot like Larry and and he future's so bright on the court I mean he gets really -- things to do things that were that magical that most players can't even think of doing. I'll think about it 64 and three quarters -- -- always seem to be in that -- -- that offensive board it's almost like. It was a magnet on his fingertips of the ball came right tool and innocent there this is the reason I asked you that daddy now last nobody's gonna remember this in. Two months they'll say game against Phoenix in Boston and January big deal. Celtics win but I'm telling you the fourth quarter to go back and what got a first five or six minutes. Of the fourth quarter. Kevin Garnett. Was brilliant. -- that was just brilliant basketball blocked a couple shots. Couple of assists making some plays made a bad pass and beat himself up for the bad pass going to the bench and just really. Letting everybody know how he made the mistake. I mean just unbelievable he is he's a brilliant basketball player and we talk about KG in the mouth in the intensity. We don't talk often enough about a house Marty is on the court. Now Kevin insist you know he's he's very good. Instinctive player and very in need is greatest asset rather than justice Linkedin and shooting ability means. As how he is accountable for his mistakes and how responsible he has professionally goes about the job and he's not afraid of except in accountability and keep takes pride in every possession. And it's it's one reason like Kevin Garnett has been one of the best players in the game because not. He can't look at the stat sheet a lot of times since he -- and great. And now there's very few players that they are playing sort of -- stat since four. The fantasy league you know top ten that you are KG. It's truly. All about winning basketball. And he has an impact on and them whether he scored ten points or twenty points beat the guy has an impact on the game. Well well. I don't I don't another one -- another player last. Forgotten that you just reminded me by saying that. Coming down on defense to set the defense -- is about two feet out of position to repeat out of position. KG physically moves into the right position as they're setting up the defense and double teaming and instead -- up to trap I mean he just. Just knows what he's doing not there's some -- -- a stats can be deceiving but the one thing if you look at his plus minus. And that can be you know Obama's lead the league leading at times but you look at when he's on the floor when -- off before the numbers just. Jump off the page are you a week ago you said you wanted to wait and see what it was gonna look like with -- Avery Bradley out there. Bradley has come off and obviously gave you defense from -- one. He's -- offense into the equation but is he making everybody feels better defensively again. You know Avery -- rival was. Was huge because our art our defense is now back to the sense that we were last year. And we were one of the top keep it to teams in the league last year and you know this year we were 21. And by putting Adrian back in the starting line up. All of a sudden our team is playing at the same level that better than we did last year or so. And hopefully or -- sample of five -- sampled by. It's pretty impressive the defense played against very good competition as well. So I think that you know you have to say they've -- impact has been huge and it obviously isn't just Avery. But because that they agree every other person's. Defense has picked up it's almost like its worst -- -- that little that sort of KG like. I'm. Exited the things that Bradley does best is that the limits the shot clock. For the other team that by the time they're getting into their offense cross the timeline into their offense and as much time as they really need to set it up. -- that that's a factor at play is the biggest factor I think is that because Beckett plays so hard. He exposes everybody else on the court they're not playing -- despite your play you out can you not see -- -- how can you not see this guy you know working so hard fight over every screen. Defending every dribble and every pasts and if somebody else isn't doing that they're exposed. And I think that stands up to and I think that elevates the play has teammates. Hi nice week and he gets the -- home games to have an opportunity to win a few more we'll talk to you about it next week have a good one. All right guys thank you aren't getting any change president of basketball operations with the Celtics back to your calls next.

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