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Pats linebacker Rob Ninkovich says he's feeling better, won't say much more

Jan 4, 2013|

Rob Ninkovich is dealing with an injury and unsurprisingly he's staying very tight-lipped about it. The Patriots linebacker does concede he's doing better, though. He'll be watching the games this weekend to scout potential opponents, but it feels good already having film on all three.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE on this patriot Friday Rob Ninkovich joins us good morning rob. I'm doing well and I know based on bill Belichick's philosophy what you guys are allowed to say -- not allowed to say we're not gonna get much in your injury but that just a quick question in that regard a lot of patriot fans rob. Were pleased and surprised to see you at practice yesterday. Based on how gingerly you left the field vs the dolphins with help by my dad are you surprised her up and running this quickly. You know obviously some good every parent and two. We'll be back as fair as possible so. I'm just working harder now -- -- barricade and our security protect weaker. Did it seem worse at the time that it seems now. You know -- only did. -- -- -- -- -- Is currently -- of them so it. Appears that -- -- worsening -- and I feel today. Q school group are improving and are there. Better. You expect to play this weekend. Barbara with your well trained in the in the ways -- Belichick. Calls us the other week businesses services are like a self scouting self improvement things and you don't know who the opponent is going to be yet. -- the home finally this week Lou's book that the paper are all here artwork on the exit. We need to improve farm and individually just kind of go over some techniques so that each person -- the workarounds for this -- program or. How would you watch football this weekend the same way we will will you be on the couch with your feet up to watch all four games. Exactly dramatic next -- that there would be. In my house with my dog. Reward option to Korea and. How much less do you see watching a network broadcast vs the all 22 is there anything to be gay from a football. Acumen standpoint by watching the TV version. You're up from actually like horses he heard it here from our corporate the corporate America. Are eating Turkey. And there are currency little bit more common replace what what their parents are all are also. Do you understand the playoff ramifications as much as much as we do I mean we we in do you know that you know yeah. -- Cincinnati winds stood -- can't play them because they have to go to Denver that you can only play Baltimore in new York and Houston. I have -- that you're -- did you. But really understood rated Sunday although we're gonna put it so. Our public reports her arm for -- certain you're right normal course. You might know as early as Saturday night if Houston wins. Here murder -- right and that is it all whoever order a rule. All changes do you get up. Although the the video you can get on Houston and and start -- and that on Sunday. Yep or are aware of you know using his greater -- possibly or so our hardest part -- great. That we are you know began to -- your players. How much easier is it in terms of of knowing -- tendency is of a team that you play Houston. On December 10 you played in the on November 18 and he played Denver wave back on October 7. Bill I mean typically helped plan I was being because. -- because. Go to the game that you played and then look at the -- the paper up either either say that they truck -- you know. Improve -- so went unanswered Earl Everett -- clearly of the opinion. And you know reformer with Baltimore so. If we put everything cruel cruel possibly. Is a pretty safe to say that Houston -- joint played him three or four weeks ago a month ago. Will be more like they were then then maybe Denver will be sent to solve October 17 -- other words more changes since October 7 sevenths to since Denver. I don't ever mean they've they've. You know -- -- -- so there'll be obviously be doing the right thing sold. In their peak corporate target or improve throughout the season. -- rather than they've been doing well or here or property region you know. Target to reverse the murders which won't be here. All right enjoy your weekend -- get that leg up and good luck hope to see you on the field next weekend. Our partner Rob Ninkovich with Dustin -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible I told we get everything out Wall Street. We didn't get something because the if you are hurt and not planned he wouldn't be on the air he wouldn't be on the air any wouldn't be that. Danone conversational. It would if he were on here it would it be miserable the only -- you know have his head in the oven while talking as he would be bad. Right that's a humorous in the playoffs -- a veteran like mega -- I think you can read in the when he says that he's playing bright. Is -- -- -- descent now an obvious nobody is in the public you're right the policy down -- -- at the guys injured he doesn't Somalia it's true right be talking to Matt Cassel right it disappears. It -- it would be they be given us our eyes Trevor Scott Trevor Scott rise got to cross the -- Francis he's client. And he's got a lot of time he'll let you know by NFL standings with a lifetime. And he's also -- and back and watch the game on the couch is not. You know and hyperbaric chamber in the cold I'll -- -- -- in the hospital -- gonna have like outsourced by the end outdoors yet to outsource our Ford DNC straight ahead.

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